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What are your general opinions on the sonic franchise? I have been play sonic games since colors and i enjoyed the vast majority of them.

Adventure vs Modern vs Classic


I've played some of the classic games briefly, I never liked them, I prefer more traditional platofrmers


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give sonic adventure 2 a try


i like sonic because he can go fast
but i also don't like the direction that sonic games ended up going in when they switched over from 2d to 3d
im not sure why sega decided to compete with nintendo, maybe they were too greedy or the fans were too demanding which led to their downfall


never liked any of them


I believe I was likely influenced by growing up with a SNES instead of Genesis. It was always secondary in quality to Mario to me; I have played and owned the classic 3 by now and consider them good platformers, but kinda "floaty", and as for the other games, I never was much into 3D platforming to begin with, I played Sonic Adventure from the sore on 360 and "meh". Some Sonic games I feel satisfied in never playing because they look so objectively shit from so many people and angles. That said, I just bought Sonic Mania Plus on PS4 the other day and it will arrive in the mail next week, because classic style comfy platformer is what I need to augment my PS4 gaming with right now.

I don't understand why Sonic more than other franchises seemed to have attracted utterly insane people and fetishists to it. I'm not going to go on and on about it but come on, it's a thing. I sometimes wonder what is it about Sonic?

Overall, eh's okay, is important to gaming, I'm looking forward to playing more classic style Sonic soon to break up the tone of games I have.


Play SA2 its the best sonic game


What's the best about it?


Best soundtrack great gameplay and the best story out of sonic games


Sonikku himself is more interesting than any of his games.


I agree


Grew up with the classic sonic games (had a genesis) and had a lot of fun with them as a kid even if the later levels were fustrating and generally the later levels relied way too much on memorization to actually "go fast" since if you didn't it would actively punish you for going anywhere full speed blind. Like put spring boards directly into spikes kind of bullshit level design.

After that I didn't play sonic for awhile as I got a N64 and PS2. I did get to try out the sonic adventure games when over a cousins house, and from what I played they were fun though the controls weren't as tight as I would like for a 3d platformer and there were glitches but nothing too bad and I chalked them up at the time to being caused by disk scratches or something (later found out they were actually hardcoded glitches but whatever).
Played the GBA games which were fantastic. Sonic advanced is probably my favorite sonic game that I have played if I am being totally honest.

Have played literally none of the modern games, or really anything past the gba/gamecube gen of consoles or handhelds so I don't know how good or shit the series got from there.

While most aren't the greatest games in the world they are solid games (the ones I played at least) that I mostly enjoyed.
While I get why some say they are over hyped, because they are, I also don't really get why they get so much hate outside of that shitty sonic 06 game.
Unless the modern games are somehow worse I don't see why one game would sour the whole franchise. Though I haven't played them, I have heard that most of the modern games are ok to pretty good, with nothing anywhere close to as bad as 06.

Maybe one day will give sonicmania or colors a try, but my backlog is already huge as fuck so who knows when that will be.


I like how most comments are "you're just bad".
Sonic 1 sucks, there's no way you beat this game just going fast and rolling like most people there seem to think, and when the game slows down it plays just awful. I haven't played the other games but if the first one is any indication it is indeed one of the most overrated game series.


It isn't a bad game and it controls fine when you play slowly and with timing, which is what the second stage teaches you with all the lava rock waiting jump puzzles that make it so you literally can't go at max speed like green hill zone.

That said it is more satisfying when you are able to actually go fast but that requires absurd levels of memorization in the later levels so you probably aren't going to be going all that fast on your first few plays. Speed in the first game is something of a reward for mastery in every stage other then the first.
Except the water level. That shit sucked and was literally programed badly so it would lag and be even slower then what it was intended.
But other then that level it is a solid game compared to similar games of the time.


File: 1596591310508.png (288.75 KB, 815x604, 815:604, sonicchristian.png) ImgOps iqdb

I used to play a little bit of Sonic when I was younger, but the moment I found out about how insane its fandom was/is, I was just beside myself in awe. I know all fandoms are insane, but holy shit the Sonic fandom is not only the most insane, but I feel it set the bar and made the case studies for people in the future to look at in reference. The cringe of all fandoms is now made in reference to Sonic. Sonic is the gold standard of cringe.

Attached picture is what I now think of whenever I think of Sonic. I know there's the really insane shit ("Tails"…."doujin"), but to me this and CWC encapsulate it all so much better. Stuff like the attached hits me with wonder. How did this get made? How disconnected was the person who made this? I want to believe it was someone who made it to be funny instead.


The community is not too bad, you are just talking about a minority of it.


I played sonic generations a while ago, it was my first sonic game since sonic 3, it really blew me away, he runs so fast it feels like I was piloting a fighter jet and there's almost no slowing down

iirc I actually felt adrenaline


O.K., but I think the point still stands, go anywhere on the internet and say "Sonic fandom," and they'll immediately understand the level of insanity you're trying to convey.





lol, so true

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