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Thoughts on this remake? I've been having a blast with it and it brings me a ton of nostalgia too. Just wondering if any of you guys have played it but I think I'm gonna go for 100% completion too. What were your opinions on this series and which one was your favorite?
All and all it's been good so far the remake that is.


Waa waaa humans, bad!


I don't play games if I have to pay for them.


Looks good but waiting for the inevitable steam sell to snag it at a discount.
Probably will pick it up during the winter sell.


pay $13 for a vpn lol



i can get this for free on my ps2 so i play it on my ps2


the original game looks better


I downloaded the two xbox games lately but haven't tried them yet, they looked like good, goofy fun

I heard something about "the package", a double entendre for alien penis jokes


The furon race can't have sex. they create themselves by cloning.


big head = more cute
more catroonish = more funny
more appeal

guess that was the thinking behind the remake. I agree with you.



it seems like they got a female to play crypto. just the way he moves seems female-like



i mean the new crypto


I don't think the animation is mocap.

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