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File: 1597949371015.gif (57.44 KB, 388x256, 97:64, Peek 2020-08-20 11-42.gif) ImgOps iqdb


Just inaugurated my arena. People in the tavern can see through wall grates. Haha at how the dwarves all ran. Gonna have to lock off the tavern so that they have to watch.


It's been since like, 2016 or 2017 since we're had a Dwarf Fortress thread. I haven't touched the game in months since my fortresses just keep getting worse and worse as time goes by. I've had so many corpses around the fort that everyone gets depressed and I have to banish them. There is constant war and I have recruited most dwarves to train in the military in order to take over the nearby goblin fortresses. Soon, there will be no more crafts, no more games, nothing. Only blood. I will bathe this continent in the blood of my enemies and I will construct the greatest military that has ever been known in the world. Goblins will fear me, humans will fear me, fellow dwarves will fear me, and the gods themselves will tremble under my adamantine high boots.


File: 1598162820601.png (17.88 KB, 498x468, 83:78, simplefort.png) ImgOps iqdb

Got overwhelmed when I got over 35 dwarves. I decided to kill them all.

Got a simple fort going now, for one dwarf and his harem only. Killed the rest of them after they finished building all this and hauling stuff.


I've heard this game has an adventure mode, how does it compare to the classic roguelikes? Like nethack and such.


the game's unoptimized and overhyped
open ended, no mission, you make your own quests and fuck around, huge detail, can cut off individual fingers, can be tedious


File: 1598416834121.png (7.73 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb

I think I'll mod myself a playable race. Based on an old doodle I made in highschool of a eusocial humanoid species. Sketch is the queen, large womb for many offspring.


Absolute abomination



lmao never mind. Because of the huge amount of bodies I've accumulated + the huge stockpile and uncovered, scattered bodies in my fort stinking up the place, my fort has become a hell hole I guess.

It only takes a few animals to come in, attack some dwarves, get killed, and then everyone gets horrified from a dead ANIMAL. Well, it serves me right in a sense because I had problems taking out the corpses in the first few years, but the stress system is definitely wack. It's gotten so bad that I've expelled about 30 people + including a few people dying.

I've considered waiting until stress was actually fixed because it's absolutely terrible. I've also considered just setting up a new fortress nearby. I don't play much because of the stress since it's incredibly un-fun and unproductive. All of my dwarves end up becoming super stressed and tantruming. I'll need bigger jails, more guards, etc. to combat this. My soldiers are unhappy too, so new soldiers are miserable and regular soldiers are miserable. Them tantruming would be a horrible thing to happen.


but yes, this here. Also, the game has been in development for 16 years. Luckily, the game will go into steam, so there's literally NO reason to get more programmers or anything. The actual development releases are okay for such a complex game. One or both creators has like a masters (or attempted?) in mathematics. Still, I don't think until now, when it became for sale that it generated enough revenue to get programmers. Now, with the steam release and possibly a million dollars, they can maybe afford a programmer or two and get this over with. I don't think they believe in that or will, but getting this over with would be great. But then, who will give them money? I feel that's a huge problem with games with constant updates. You give them money and they have no reason to finish the game. I would rather have to pay 20 bucks for the game and have it finished within the decade than wait two or three decades.

So yea, it's probably unoptimized and overhyped because it's been in development for so long.




Ha ha ha looks very sexy anon!

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