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What were the best, more immersive games for PSP i can download. Good storyline, lots of gameplay, good soundtrack and such


none, it's pile of shit made of three poligons


valkyrie profile is quite somber and dark, that's a fine title. Every Ys game is quite brilliant, has tons of gameplay and the top jrpg music, so look for oath in felghana, ys chronicles+, origin. They control better on a controller, but it's fine on a psp.


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megaman powered up


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The other day I beat Peace Walker, it was good. Some of my favorites are Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles (Rondo of Blood remake), Persona 3, Dangan Ronpa, Katamari Damacy, GTA: Chinatown Wars, Patapon


I played a few of them and I can say those are the 2 you should give a try:

>Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7

It gets lots of hate for making the FF7 lore into anime faggotry and loading it with every single possible animé cliché you can imagine but let us be honest here, Final Fantasy games always come with a good portion of cringe. FF7 was whack also in many ways. Overall Crisis Core is superb for a PSP title. The soundtrack is bombastic I loved every single of the major songs. It has the Materia system of FF7 but dropped its turn based combat system for a more real time oriented fighting system. Crisis Core tells the Story of the events before FF7. I don't see it as a prequel but more like an addon to FF7 that answers the questions that FF7 leaves open. Graphics are also good for that game if that is important to you.

>Metal Gear Peace Walker

Like this guy before me stated already, simply a superb game, by far the best of the series and for me the best overall on the PSP. There are stealth missions like in the rest of MGS but in this one you get to build your own mercenery nation off the coast of the Seychelles. You recruit soldiers, build squards and send them on missions for money. Money is invested in upgrading your base. I loved this aspect of the game. Other than that it feels like your typical MGS3 cold war agent thriller.


God of war chains of Olympus and ghost of sparta both are worth it


There was a list of the top 20 PSP games posted on wizchan earlier this year, but it went out of catalog, i couldn't find it


Try Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, there's an english fan patch out that works for emulators too. It's really good. You can go questing, harvest materials, killing large monsters, etc. It doesn't have a good storyline, but it's got good gameplat and the soundtrack isn't bad.
>Metal Gear Peace Walker
That sounds pretty good, I've never played it but I'll check it out some time.


What sort of genres do you like OP?


what is a reason to get psp over a normal console


My only reason is you can play in bed, they're also pretty easy to pirate and they're cheap. You can emulate all the games in pretty much any pc so if you just wanna play the games you can just do that.


Any i'm not picky, i normally like games like FF and GoW but those are just the A+ PSP games.

Adventure games, good dialogue, good storyline and such


Draganronpa was the only game series I really liked on psp


File: 1602281147069.jpeg (191.59 KB, 693x1193, 693:1193, iu-3.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Ys the oath of felgana. That game is amazing, if you play it in hard mode you are obligated to memorise and perfectly master the bosses, i love that.


Hell yeah, I recommended it in one of the first posts too. Falcom make some really phenomenal rpgs. Been really immersed in trails in the sky lately, while taking a break from Ys. My one advice of getting into Ys would be to not be afraid to grind for an extra level, because having a proper level and gear make bosses way more manageable.


Tactics Ogre
Test Drive
Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters
Parodius Collection
Prinny 2
Persona 1-3
both Ace Combats
both God of War
both Wipeout


Is FF Tactics better on PSP? never played it


File: 1606388909195.jpg (75.96 KB, 500x864, 125:216, final-fantasy-tactics-shis….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The first one is, a re-release of the first one, actually, since it came out for playstation


was a reply for >>51839


what? I know it's a remake, I want to know whether it's better than the original version.


I remember the Resistance and Assassins Creed PSP games being really solid, but that was a decade ago so I have no idea how they hold up


Too bad there aren't Tactics games based on individual FF games, like IV or V.


File: 1607078453643.gif (5.69 MB, 515x289, 515:289, 20201213.gif) ImgOps iqdb

PSP has the best version of Street Fighter Zero 3 (Max Upper). Too bad that version of the game is only on PSP…


Midnight Club 3
Midnight Club LA
Persona 3 Portable


I remember PSP with Dragon's Crown on long train trips. Good times.


It's on vita not psp.


I've heard good things about a game called "No heroes allowed!"


My bad.


would you recommend getting into it if you've never played any FF?


Aren't they both the same thing? Portable gaming by SONY? I assumed they were compatible with each other.


no they are not. the vita was a psp 2 essentially


Undead Knights
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
Armored Core: Silent Line
Rengoku 2


File: 1636359405282.jpg (119.28 KB, 640x1093, 640:1093, 959937_172512_front.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I really liked Blazing Souls a decade ago. It's not a very good game, objectively speaking, but if you like tactical RPGs it can be pretty fun. I liked it more than Tactics Ogre or FF Tactics. You will definitely need a guide to complete it though because it has some pretty retarded mechanics to advance the plot.

3rd Birthday was also a pretty good game. The graphics were pretty amazing for the time, and I loved the few sexy costumes (especially the cheongsam). Gameplay was fun even if a bit easy, but the plot was utter garbage (it was written by the same guy who wrote the plot of FF13, so go figure).

Disgaea and Disgaea 2 were also fun.

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