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If you're not normie then people refuse to socialize with you past small talk, and books like 'how to make friends and influence people' require you to turn into some elite manipulator. In the end I've found media to be the only thing to learn the intricacies of socializing. Bloodlines the masquerade was great for this, but I haven't found any other non-cringe socializing videogame. Any recommendations?


Dating sims


Multiplayer games of course.


visual novels

they are basically games with as much gameplay removed as physically possible in order to maximize on the dialogue and socializing and shit. there are an absolute ass ton of them, you can think of them as practice for a variety of social situations, marriage, combat, magic school, dragon wars, normal jobs, dating, they range from normal stuff to absurd fantasy stuff but it is fun to pretend i suppose


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>Learning social intricacies from media

Why would it be a concern of you to find media that will help you socialize past small talk with these normalfags that have turned down your social attempts?


So I can understand the world better and not be fucked over. I can't be neet forever, will have to re-enter society at one point.


You have to practice with real people and put yourself in situations that you want to get better at, wiz. Reading or watching can only give you a vague idea or feeling of what's right but it won't do much and you will forget it or won't be able to put it into practice.
If you are only worried about being unemployed when your neet time is over, and you are already able to make small talk, I don't see what else do you need. You ask questions, they respond, if they are interested, then they make more questions and you respond, and so on.


I'd rather understand via media how they fuck each other over, than have to be fucked over to learn through experience.

>You have to practice with real people and put yourself in situations that you want to get better at, wiz

Yes… real life interaction is scary and difficult though, and I'm too cowardly to have regular interactions with them at this point.


Media oversimplifies interaction for aesthetic reasons and doesn't reflect reality. Ever notice how in movies, the characters never stutter over their words, never say hmm, always perfectly understand each other and always know what to say to sound cool/edgy/deep? Yeah, that's not how normal people talk.

Autists think that emulating their favorite character from movies/tv/anime is going to make them more interesting and charismatic but 99% it's just pure cringe. There's no real way how to learn "social intricacies" without spending time around real people and noticing those things. You can't even learn basic cultural intricacies and I remember /tv/ threads where people make fun of a character for ordering a drink by just saying "beer".


podcasts are a form of media. they do talk weird with pauses and weird speech mistakes, like it is natural speech, at least the ones i've heard where they talk to other people. maybe that's acceptable


The problem with podcasts is their scope of interaction. They're usually either in the form of interviews or a group of people discussing some complex topic which doesn't offer much in terms of social intricacy (I assume most people here know how to handle a back-and-forth dialogue and wait for their turn to talk).

Also, the fundamental aspect of any kind of media is that the people know they're being recorded. Even if you record a reality TV show that is 100% unscripted, it will still be tainted by people explicitly or implicitly acting for the camera.


>doesn't offer much in terms of social intricacy (I assume most people here know how to handle a back-and-forth dialogue and wait for their turn to talk).
i just realized i dont even know what social intricacy… i thought you just meant the boring back and forth that is normal conversation because that's the extent of what i've learned. damn


>it will still be tainted by people explicitly or implicitly acting for the camera
Which is a great big problem these days due to every normie being always online and addicted to their beloved social media. It's like there is always some camera to act for. People are desperate to be the star of their own private show, affirmed by a popularity score measured in strangers' comments and upvotes. Even if someone isn't trying to attention whore at the moment there's always a risk someone else could be either recording them or commenting on their behavior. Everyone needs to be more guarded and fake than before. Can there ever be genuineness in a world like this? Can there be true trust between people without the security from public repercussions provided by privacy of personal exchange? Even more severe consequences can be imagined. It goes all the way to loss of self, or some kind of surrendering of sovereignty of one's mind. By following the drive or pressure to submit every personal thought and detail of one's private life for the public to see, scrutinize, criticize and put to popular vote online. What are the implications for original, independent thought, free will, peace of mind, the social contract, trust in self and confidence in all trust-based bonds in general?


Technically, all social interaction is just conversation, but there's different kinds of conversations, with different goals and intricacies. The podcast convo is usually "what do you think about X?" and even autistic people are good at that, just talking about what they're interested in. However, you might be surprised to find out that most people get turned off by long-winded discussion or debates, it will seldom make you the coolest guy in the room for knowing a bunch of facts. It's very impersonal, to say the least, and you often step on people's toes if you're disagreeable.

Consider the basic rapport building kind of conversation, when you need to get to know someone better. The goal is different, you're supposed to find common ground and sort of implicitly affirm to each that you're OK, trustable etc. In that case, you're not going to go off into any kind of controversial topic, because 9/10 people will think you're being a deliberate an asshole and attacking their beliefs or interests.

Then consider maybe flirting (yes, irrelevant for a wizzie). It consists entirely of trying to convey sexual/romantic interest, without outright saying it.

There's all kinds of intricate games people play. It's really simplistic to think that's just a back-and-forth and saying what you think.


Unironically dating sims and adventure games where you have to "win" conversations to progress.
It is some of the things that helped me dip my toe into interpersonal communication skills as a autist.
That said you have a totally wrong idea about what books similar to "how to win friends" actually teach. If you are going to be so aggressively wrongheaded about the subject of interpersonal communication then you are dooming yourself to willful ignorance. A place no one could nor should help you from.

Anyway even playing through the old flash games in the genera can help you get started with super low risk practice.

You also really should pick up a book on interpersonal communication and practice the skills. Preferably with a family member or friend of the family (aka unofficial family).

VN usually don't have enough interaction and very limited choice so I actually wouldn't recommend them since practice is a lot better then just reading conversations.


These books teach nothing but insidious deceptive trickery.


So now you have chosen being aggressively willfully ignorant.
The only trick here is the one you are playing on yourself.

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