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If I see an rpg starting off with you receiving a letter from a dead relative I swear I'm going to scream.

What's your gaming gripes /games/?


Not just gaming but in general
>character gets shot on the hip
>"don't worry it went in and out, he'll live"

Every single time


The creepy trope, hard to explain what it is. I really can't stand the "creepy" in western games especially. I'm talking about creepy mechanics/spooky secrets/easter eggs, it's such overdone trash that you can get from literally any media, but casuals just can't get enough. If you wanna make something actually creepy, go balls out and make a drakengard-like or adapt rape of nanking the way some vns do macabre, don't do another mother 3-like. I really dislike it.


I can't stand it when there are quests where you have to find an item but the game offers absolutely no hints at where to find it. Instead of finding it by using your brain, you end up randomly finding the item somewhere in a dungeon. Seriously rips away all sense of achievement. Cant stand when a map is pointlessly obstacle coursed. Traveling ends up being a chore. I hate rpgs that are completely incremental in the stat point section. Finally, I think I'm beginning to hate rpgs that arent streamlined. Most often times, it's just a question of killing people but in a different way. Also, streamlining actually makes the game feel like it has a sense of progression. Not just you allocating a random skillpoint for a skill and instead you learning a new skill is directly influenced by you training with lesser skills.


Dying Light. The story, writing and characters were all terrible. It felt a bit like one of those GTA or GTA-like games where you'd rather screw around than completing the shitty missions the game throws at you… The side stories weren't as bad though. I wish the game had less dialogues and cutscenes. There are a few times where I'd skip them out of disinterest and end up right in the middle of an action sequence, which is just lousy design imo.
Oh and the game has one of those shitty scenes in which the character is hallucinating, or under the influence of some drug, or losing their sanity for a while and you have to slowly make your way through some weird level. Is this supposed to be meaningful, artistic, deep or something? No it's very badly done and boring more often than not.


>Total beast when playing the game
>get kicked around like a pathetic bitch in the cut-scenes

>Beat the fuck out of boss

>he wins in the cut-scene

on the flip side
>Suddenly can use and do cool shit in cut scenes that you will never get to touch in gameplay

Also get a little tired of games that don't flesh out the motivation of the main charicter at all nor give them much of a reason to do things.
>I know you are on a quest to save the world and all
>but you need to collect 5 dingle berries from the brown bear in the woods over there for my stew
>"but why the fuck would I do that"
>because the next area wont unlock until you complete a set number of quest for the town people
>now chop chop bitch

It isn't so bad if they are optional side quest to pad out the game, but if they are apart of the main storyline it takes me right out of it.


I hate cutscenes almost anywhere they appear, and in most cases they could be replaced with ordinary dialogue and zoom cuts instead. Twilight Princess is an example off the top of my head of cutscenes that aren't too bad, they always feel necessary to the plot and almost never feel like they should just be normal action scenes for the player. Unfortunately games these days go cutscene>scene>cutscene>scene>so on instead of allowing the player to explore and discover the story through dialogue and game mechanics.

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