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For more than half a decade I've done nothing with my life but mindlessly browse the internet. I want to change that and get into games. What are some games you think everyone should play? What games should someone who wants to get into the medium play?


Have you never played any game before? Any genre you might be interested in? Are you looking for something easy, relaxing, story rich, short etc? This is tough to recommend anything to someone with no experience with the media.


As a kid I played a lot of mario, I also played cuphead a couple of years ago and I enjoyed it. I like sandbox games, but I don't like the steep learning curve they usually have. I played minecraft, factorio and terraria, but minecraft is the only one I seriously got into. I only played 1 metroidvania, hollow knight, but I liked it a lot. I liked the sense of exploration it gives you. I recently played portal 1 and 2 and half life one and I enjoyed all of them. I also sometimes download walking simulators from itch.io because I find them comfy. This is pretty much it as far as what the games I like are. I tried getting into touhou, but I couldn't no matter how hard I tried.


If you like metroidvanias of course you should play Metroid and Castlevania. The first two metroid games are pretty rough so I'd recommend start with Super Metroid of Snes, then move on to the game boy advance games (Zero Mission and Fusion) and maybe the prime games if you can emulate or own a gamecube.
As for Castlevania you can start with Symphony of the Night, then move to Aria of Sorrow, Circle of the Moon, Order of Ecclesia, Portrait of Ruin and Dawn of Sorrow.
If you liked Hollow Knight maybe try out Dark Souls, it's not a 2d platformer but I've heard it has a pretty similar feel and it definitely gives you a sense of exploration.
>As a kid I played a lot of mario
Well I'm pretty sure there's some mario games you haven't played because they release games every single year.
>I tried getting into touhou, but I couldn't no matter how hard I tried
I know how you feel.


>I tried getting into touhou, but I couldn't no matter how hard I tried.
Because of difficulty or because it isn't fun? If it's because it isn't fun, the 1st and 2nd games are pretty good.


Mindlessly browsing the internet and gaming is exactly the same thing. If anything the internet might be a better use of your time if you're going down the right rabbit holes.

If you want to change your ways don't exchange one brain drain for another. Walk away from both and head over to /hob/ for inspiration.


This board is about video games. Don't like it don't use it.


And this thread is about a wizzie looking to change his ways. Video games are fine but he's not going to change anything if he exchanges one for the other.


I just don't like the genre I guess. I don't think bullet hells are for me
The internet is extremely addictive and time consuming though. Popular websites are designed to make you spend as much time on them as possible so they can show you as many ads as possible. I feel like video games are a slightly healthier time waster. At least I'm having fun instead of watching the same 3 youtubers and browsing the same 3 imageboards every day.


I don't want to replace the internet with games. I'm planning on starting working out as well and programming more often. I just want a better time waster


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I'm guessing people will eventually post lots of good games that are fairly long, like the classic rpgs, adventure games and so. This little game right here is what made me interested in games again, quite funny how this 30min rpgmaker title made me realize how I enjoy games again.

If I were you I would start with shorter games to get warmed up to the longer, more time consuming stuff.

Anyway I hope you enjoy it.


thanks, will check it out


That's how most games are designed these days too. It's not just the internet.

What 3 imageboards are there?

Don't plan, start doing. If you want a better time waster try games like Tetris or 2D platformers on the SNES. Games which have very short game sessions or little replayability. Enough to blow off steam then be productive again. Vidya can become really unhealthy and most modern games are designed to make you addicted to their shiny baubles over good play experiences.


>What 3 imageboards are there?
The ones I use are wizchan, lainchan and sushigirl. I also recently started using 4chan again even though it's shit because all the boards I like are extremely slow and it helps with loneliness.
>Vidya can become really unhealthy
I guess being productive would be better. The reason I wanted to get into games is because everyone I know or talk to on imageboards consumes media and has things they like and dislike. I however never consume any media and I don't have any tastes. If I got into games I would at least have something to talk about with people and I could use topic boards like this one


That's a very feminine way to look at things. There's plenty of things you would be interested in you could discuss on different boards. If you aren't interested in vidya for the sake of vidya don't force it. You will just make yourself miserable for hours to chat about something for five minutes. You would be better off finding art threads and boards and posting on those. Consuming is worse than creating.


>change his ways

Very nice. Thanks for the off topic replies and advices no one has asked you for. Do you also go to the jp and music boards to tell posters what to do with their time?


Tell me later what you think. There are a few more of these lost, short and interesting rpgmaker games out there.


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I use Bamco games to play dress-up

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