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File: 1607263194599.jpg (57.78 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, Cyberpunk-2077-1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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We're only a few days away now from the release.

If you're playing on the XB1 you can try changing your location setting to New Zealand to play early. Apparently this has worked in the past for some players of games like AC: Valhalla.


>Shills shilling shills


they make worse rpgs than even the japanese, are you insane to play this? Go rewatch texhnolyze for real cyberpunk


I'll take a look. Thanks for the recommendation, wiz.


File: 1607269455931.jpg (25.86 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, cyberpunk-2077-corporate-9….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This is going to be my first playthrough lifepath. I love Deus Ex and Bladerunner, so this seems like the best bet.
>Corporate, along with Streetkid and Nomad, is one of the lifepath choices in Cyberpunk 2077, that dictates V's background during the game.

>Corpos are most at home in the board room after rising the corporate ladder of the Arasaka corporation. As such, this often gives the benefit of being able to read people and read between the lines when trying to do business with them.

>During the prologue V starts off as an up-and-coming employee working in the counterintelligence division of Arasaka. They work under Arthur Jenkins who covets a promotion recently given to his rival Susan Abernathy.


>Cross platform
How about no.

Shit, just like Bitcher 2 and 3.


I can recommend Bladerunner. Ryan Gosling was amazing.


They gave it a 9. "Feels like an RPG through and through."

I don't like IGN for several reasons, but I hope they're right in this case.


He only reviewed it on a high-end PC and says it's fairly buggy but nothing game-breaking. I saw a little bit of gameplay footage from a console (I think) on YouTube and it looked pretty rough graphics-wise. Unfortunately, it's already been taken down and I didn't have time to scrutinize it.


I found another review, this one by Laymen Gaming. He said the bugs were bad, that it did disrupt some quests and even a bossfight.

There's some good news, too. He said the game is very atmospheric and almost noir-like. Very glad to hear this.


>buggy mess
keep beta testing it for me thanks guys ill pick it up next year


What's impressive is the amount of people that are ok with this, "well it's such a big game that's expected blah blah blah". It's pathetic


Very negative PS4 review / rant. He's done three of these videos. Amusing guy, though I get the impression he's being hyperbolic for views.


Yeah I'd think he's doing that because people give him money in the chat


Just hours away. I'm going to be trying to play it on an XB1. I know I should wait for the bugs to be fixed, but I don't think I can. Here I stand, I can do no other!

This guy says to make sure to play the sidequests. Apparently they open up a lot of things down the line, including new interactions and endings.


>more people will be playing Cyberpunk 2077 in ps4 than pc
More people will probably buy it for ps4, no way more people play it on console


I think this game has the most powerful marketing campaign ever. Am I mistaken? It's being received like the best game ever made even before the majority played it even.


I caved in and bought it. This is the biggest purchase I've made in a long time. Now I just have to wait 12 hours for my crappy internet to preload it.


Have a feeling I'll have heavy buyers remorse but I have a right to refund it if I want to. Or maybe it's going to be alright I don't know but time will tell.


I've played about 8 hours on the Xbox One S. I like it, having a blast. The character creator and the first building you're in had practically Xbox 360 graphics, which made my heart sink. But once you get out in the world it looks and runs better than expected.

Night City is amazing, but feels like a pretty set so far. Writing noticeably weaker than The Witcher. Good lore so far. Noir-like, lots of meetings in dark, smokey, high-tech rooms. Great music, including some Bladerunner-inspired pieces.

A few disappearing pedestrians and it froze for a second a few times. One time had to lose ten minutes of progress due to a glitch. That's it so far, wizzies.


Daily reminder the GoG copy is DRM-FREE and therefore requires no crack or online connectivity for singleplayer.

If a company needs to spend 18 million dollars and two years campaigning for you to buy the game for full price, then there's a good chance the gameplay and content isn't actually worth that 2020 standard $90.00AU price tag. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!


Anybody playing it? I watched like an hour of a no commetary gameplay of it on Youtube and looks like very expensive, fully voiced garbage.


>Writing noticeably weaker than The Witcher
Original or 2 and 3?
If the latter, how is that even possible…


yea it's a great game if you actually like the cyberpunk aesthetics

if you are just another bandwagoner hopping on the next big AAA title you'll probably not enjoy it and just focus on the wrong parts

it's like when GTA4 came to PC and retards were screaming how it's over for Rockstar because an NPC clipped through a wall or they died from an explosion that wasn't near them


Played about 5 hours so far. It's pretty good, although I think I'm getting too old to play video games like this, since I just feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff going on. I thought it was just a meme that you could make a dickgirl with customisable genital size, but that turned out to be.

Not really having as much fun as I thought, but I think it's mostly my current mood that's limiting my enjoyment. Writing is okay, gameplay is okay, only one bad bug so far, but it was solved by a reload.


I do not think that penis on a female body is a necessary element for a videogame.


You'd think gameplay is a neccessary element in a video game, but some would dissagree, the same people who think penis on a succubus is.


File: 1607644339074.jpg (18.71 KB, 460x245, 92:49, 1607450421288.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What a disappointment. I wasn't really hyped for this game and in fact I largely went in blind but….is this really the "revolutionary" next-gen open world game as they put it? It's very average.
>Awful AI that barely functions.
>Driving is shitty and feels terrible on PC.
>Gunplay doesn't feel impactful and you don't feel the difference between any weapon you use.
>Melee is even worse.
>Stealth mechanics seem like an afterthought and with the atrocious AI it's not very engaging.
>Character creation is bare-bones which for an RPG isn't great. You can't even change appearance after. I remember hearing CDPR advertising it being very robust and detailed. Liars.
>Minimal RPG systems. The skill and perk system isn't as flashy as it first appears and when you really get into it many options are negligible.
>Crafting is pointless. Weapon and gear drops will scale with you so why bother? There's nothing special to craft that you can't just find.
>Cosmetics don't exist. You can't even "transmog" your outfit so you either take the hit on armor and stats or look ridiculous.
>Lifepaths don't matter. At all. Or rather they matter for the first 30m and then they become redundant. The unique dialogue choices change nothing. Your character is always going to be the same.
>The story and quests are HEAVILY illusion of choice. This game is very linear until the ending.
>The world might as well just be a set-piece/backdrop to the main story. It doesn't feel alive or immersive to explore otherwise. NPC's are robots.
>Bugs. Bugs. Bugs. That will all take 6 months to a year to iron out.
It really needed more delays on top of the full year it had been already delayed for. Although frankly I don't know what they hell they've been doing for the many years they have been working on this game for. I can only come to the conclusion that CDPR aren't as talented as they appeared and struck lightning with TW3. A phenomenal marketing campaign and Mr John Wick can only get you so far until your game is put to the scrutiny of the public and it's found wanting. Going by the general response of people who have played it, it's not pretty. I guess the game itself does look pretty though under certain lighting and when you're not suffering from bugs. Or playing on a console.


>it's like when GTA4 came to PC
Well that port was pretty fucking terrible so I'm not sure what you're getting at


try actually playing the game instead of watching streams >>52004


File: 1607666546787.jpg (Spoiler Image, 68.45 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, cyberpunk-corpo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I loved the song that was playing in the club during the first Corpo mission, "THE CORPO-RAT." It really got me in a cyberpunk dystopia sort of mood.

I tracked down the artist, a succubus who does dark electronic music under the name "Gazelle Twin." The song is called "History," but it doesn't appear to be on YouTube.


>Driving is shitty and feels terrible on PC
nope, I disagree, driving is very nice.
And I played a shitload of gta 5, and similar games with driving.
Driving is cyberpunk is "just right"

I suppose it's not as arcade as you wanted it to?


Watched a bit of gameplay. Feels like an interactive movie, except all the dialogue choices are lame and don't really mean anything. There's nothing new or revolutionary about this game, just a lot of content that might or might not be worth exploring.

To me it just feels bloated, like they were going for quantity instead of quality. Oh, you can customize your dick size and you can pet a random cat on the street, so much attention to detail, wow!


Go back to twitter or whatever hellhole you come from, shill


It's strange that arguably simpler games like Arx Fatalis feel like they have far more features than these new massively bloated games. It isn't even nostalgia goggles, I played Arx Fatalis after Skyrim and it really felt like there was more to do in Arx. Maybe it's because the features feel like they're part of the game world instead of random cruft and minigames tacked on?


It was uploaded this morning. I think I like it better when I heard it within the context of the game.


Can you make loli characters or only panders to the same old people?


Yeah the big letdown I think is people were expecting something mechanically interesting in the city and npcs but it’s actually just a background; and in some instances last generation open world style. I remember marketing pushing that angle so it wasn’t totally wrong to believe that.

Guess we’ll be waiting for gta vi for something new in that realm maybe since cyberpunk is not that type of game. Once you accept that you can evaluate it as a standard RPG.


Some of the in game ads and commercials are vile, while others push the usual agenda stuff in our face. None of them have any artistic merit. And why are there so many sex toys everywhere? It's all way over the top, like some nihilistic artist trying to shock people because they're jaded and bored and don't actually have anything interesting to say.


Looks like a game for transsexuals so far.


Maybe SJWism is implied to be one of the dystopian components of Cyberpunk 2077's world.
Well obviously that isn't what they intended and it doesn't make up for the garbage gameplay.


This explanation became very popular recently for some other games too.


The obvious implication of this is that we live in a dystopia.


File: 1607707074010.jpg (75.5 KB, 1280x826, 640:413, Cyberpunk-2077-Is-Judy-Alv….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Sometimes they appear to make clever choices to try to head off diversity criticism. For example, they have prominent Hispanic characters who speak and sometimes act like the mestizos I grew up around. But physically they mostly resemble full White Iberians or possibly castizos. Example image is the green-eyed Judy Alvarez.


Do they have a luddite faction or something in that game? If I played I'd just want to RP as a kaczynskist with other luddite NPCs and destroy the techno-dystopia.


File: 1607707983644.jpg (66.03 KB, 894x894, 1:1, blade_runner_joi__ana_de_a….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Movies seem to do this, too. Like how Cuban actress Ana de Armas (racially 100% white) is still somehow tacitly accepted as diverse. White Cuban Senator Marco Rubio is another example.
Not that I've seen so far, but there is some anti-tech lore stuff I liked.


Also, far as I can tell you can't join a faction à la Fallout.


Is this what Americans think Whites looks like? I don't know what she's supposed to be but she is most definitely not White.


>playing the game at a fairly leisurely pace
>decide to google how many acts there are just out of curiosity
>only 2
>i'm already halfway through the second act
That was incredibly disappointing to learn. I haven't been rushing the game by any means, and the only reason I've done so many main missions is because I assumed I was only like 10% into the game so far. I remember The Witcher 3 being like an odyssey even if you ignored most of the side missions, so I was expecting something similar from this game. Also, without making spoilers, Act 2 pushes you to go sanic speed with the implication that if you aren't quick about the current issue, something bad will happen.

The pacing seems very strange. I assumed that I'd have a break after this act where things would be chill for a while and I could tick off boxes around the map, but apparently that's what I'm supposed to be doing now while the pressure is high to move my ass on the main quest.


I hope you're getting a refund. Everything about this game screams low effort shovelware.


Yeah I've seen it mentioned elsewhere the side missions don't mesh with the urgency of main story. Not just you.


You are welcome to just keep replaying Bible adventures games or whatever you people larp is not somehow degenerate.


I played an hour of it and found it soulless and bland. Deus Ex HR and MD weren't fantastic but you could see some real heart in them. In this all I found was blandness and forced story lines.

You play your prologue and then instead of giving you missions to do it shows you about 10 missions V does without you in control. So you never play as the character you start the game as. It rail roads you with a fucking montage!

It's not even fun in a GTA way because the police respond too fast and hard. I did laugh when the game locked off a bridge from me because it was too early in the game to go there. And then had 50 cars all lined up going down a dead end into an area they couldn't access. It was dumb as fuck.

It's as over hyped as Witcher 3 was and even more soulless. It's so pozzed up on trannies and niggers it's not even parody of a dystopia any more. It's just modern politics through and through. So I hope you enjoy nigress soldier tutorials and nigress hackers and niggeress job givers.

It can't even do cyberpunk tech right. If you have translation software it should translate everything. But half the stuff the spic says is left untranslated and the other half is. It's confusing as fuck from a tech point of view.

2077 is at best a poorly written self published amazon novel in terms of cyberpunk quality. For the love of fuck don't pay for it, pirate it and laugh at the train wreck. TLOU2 and this will push gamers and journos even further apart.


I had this weird deja-vu since the start and only now realized what it was. Does anyone remember Saints Row The Third? Badass niggaz and gangstaz, forced over the top lines, writing and buffed male characters, females with sidecuts, everyone is swearing like they are had time in prison for 20 years, weird sex emphasis for whatever reason, plastic world and characters. Except Saints Row never once took itself seriously.


Saints row 3 was a shitty game but you could still dick around in it and have fun. You can't do that in cyberpunk.


The montage pissed me the fuck off and I was close to ready to dropping the game there. I was barely maybe 20 minutes or less into the game and I started as Nomad thinking I'd get to actually BE a Nomad. Instead I drove down a road, had some scripted dialogue and I was teleported into the City and "6 months had passed". Like fuck off. Not to mention that almost all of the cool shit in the trailers like dancing in the club with Jackie, getting drunk and hitting on strippers was taken from the montage. You can't even do any of it in the game. The world is lifeless. Soulless. Yakuza has a more interactive and honestly better open world for fuck sake.


do you think there will still be whites in 2077?




Well if you trust the UN whites will be less than 5% of the global population by 2070


That's in the case that growth rates stay the same and there aren't any wars or major disasters.


The corp intro is even worse. You're given a job to assassinate a succubus and her lesbo (or bisexual man) lover. You meet up with Jackie to do the job and 2 corp enforcers come in and fuck you up. They disable all your augs and you can barely breathe. Jackie asks if you want to go to medical and then tells you the wad of cash you have will help you get back on your feet so your life starts NOW.

I expected to play out being on limited augs and doing low level shit with Jackie to start earning real missions. Instead I got the montage and then I was forced to sit in a car with Jackie driving. The ambush to teach you car shooting mechanics failed terribly because the guns I had couldn't kill the thugs shooting me. I am almost sure I only got through it because of dynamic difficulty after I died 3 times. I literally could not do enough damage to fend them off. Then I had to listen to nigger beats while Jackie broke the entire world by sweet talking a female cop who didn't think a car full of bullet holes might be too suspicious to pass a road block..

There will still be whites in 2077. I don't mind the multiracial shit hole aspect of cyberpunk because it's part of the genre. In the 90's it was all Japanese fetishism because it was the 90's china. People thought Japan would become a super power based on their production economy. Japan got replaced by China who could do the same thing but cheaper and now Japan is basically irrelevant outside of making children's cartoons for global consumption. Which brings up my issue with 2077. Japanese cyberpunk themes are clearly present and often in your face but it doesn't make sense for them to be. 2077 is much more of a Mexican / Black version of cyberpunk. Japan has no influence in our world, which in turn means the cyberpunk world we're seeing here (because cyberpunk is speculative fiction) has no reason to have that influence. The writers saw that Japan plays a large role in the classics in the genre and took that for themselves without understanding why Japan had that part. It's a theme which runs through the entire game. They understand the genre's themes without understanding why those themes exist. But then what else would a company as large as CD project red releasing the biggest game of the decade hype wise be? They ARE the mega corps they pretend to rail against, watering everything down for mass consumption with little to no choice yet saying it makes you free. Maybe that's why cyberpunk fails so incredibly hard to be interesting. It's mundane for people living in 2020.


That's with a permissive definition of white. It's 8% of the global population today if you exclude Mediterraneans, and by 2070 it would be 3% globally. I've already seen internal conspiracy theories circulated among non-whites that Scandinavians are aliens from Mars, because it's "impossible" to have blonde hair. We are already a subject of myth to them.

I'm not sure why anyone worries about percentages when countries with white majorities still lose in racial politics because they refuse to play, yet as a racial minority have historically won when they played the game.


pre-90s X files grey popularization, most alien abduction stories involved "nordic" aliens. Blue eyes and blonde hair humanoids who abducted people.


just shut this off after 40 minutes. dreadfully boring so far. the gunplay does not feel good whatsoever. maybe my computer isn't good enough to run this (2060 super). i'd much rather play witcher again than pick this back up.


Enjoying it so far 60-80fps on 1440p. Condolonces to all poorwiz and witcher wizzies out there.


it's awful, soulless garbage


Just a terrible cinematic story-oriented game. E.Y.E divine cybermancy is a way better cyberpunk shooter, so I just replayed that over wasting my time on this. Getting too old to play rpgs without meaningful gameplay. How come falcom or larian can make rpgs where every single npc has lots of servicable and in case of the latter all voiced dialog to enjoy but you can't speak with any world npcs in a triple-a game? Walking up to an npc with their trash triple-a oneliners do I have to imagine what their life is and write them myself? I don't get this. Why even bother having any npcs if it's all fake, just do a wasteland open-world game like borderlands if you're creatively bankrupt to write anything outside of your trash lore tablets. I get that this isn't an rpg, but even deus ex:HR let you choose different dialog choices right away and it was meaningful. CDPR doesn't respect their audience's intelligence, and I guess that they aren't intelligent enough to want decent gameplay from games.


they should just make it fully on rails. Prey had this same issue. What should be a good game is bogged down with garbage side quests and unfun rpg mechanics that force you to break any immersion with menus.

I absolutely despise bullet sponge humans. Games like borderlands, division, now cyberpunk where you can put a magazine into an npcs head and they are still alive are complete trash. universally. red dead redemption had it right to just let you kill anyone with a bullet to the head.


I'm playing this game right now and am enjoying it. The combat is pretty terrible and unsatisfying, but thankfully most of the time you don't have to fight if you do not want to. Pretty weird since this is coming from the people who made the witcher series, which had satisfying combat in 2 and 3.


>witcher series, which had satisfying combat in 2 and 3
Tell me you're joking and I am to dumb to understand it.


If you walk up to random people on the street they will blow you off though. It's not a game problem that needs solving.

Cybertrannies 2077 will kill you for reading dialog boxes. That timer on responses is a quick time event. Read the selection and pick one or some scenes you just die. Meeting Royce I died because I was reading my options, so he just shot me in the face. That's how bad this game is. It kills you with dialog choices.


I was kinda excited for this, so I pirated it, it barely runs on my shitty computer, and the combat/jackie just weren't very fun. Maybe I'll try again later but so far this seems like a huge waste of potential.


File: 1607901323329.png (1.3 MB, 853x792, 853:792, delara_auzenne_b_02.png) ImgOps iqdb

I like that one of the writers seems to be a pessimist. There's that data shard with the Schopenauer passage and then the description for the mission "Killing in the Name" includes this: "Humanity is nothing but a pyramid scheme hidden behind a facade of tears."


File: 1608130468977.jpeg (194.26 KB, 895x691, 895:691, skellige.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

How the fuck do you make the exact same game twice and not only learn absolutely nothing from the first time around, but somehow end up with a game that's so much worse in every single way than the one that you made 5 years ago?

On another note, I'm really sick and fucking tired of open world games. It's not even inherently a bad thing, it's just that fucking no-one ot this day knows how to make an open-world game. So they just make a linear game with an open world tacked on that amounts to absolutely fuck-all besides an endless bucket list of irrelevant chores. Cannot fucking comprehend how people still eat this shit up so fervently.


Can you push succ downstairs like the madman did?


Finally, a worthwhile opinion on wizchan.


When your management and shareholders are retards.


Sony removes Cyberpunk 2077 from PlayStation Store and offers refunds to customers

>The technology conglomerate announced it was removing Cyberpunk 2077 from the PlayStation Store until further notice and that it will be offering full refunds to customers who purchased the game digitally. The move follows a week of issues regarding the game's performance on last-gen console


This game looks so teribble



File: 1608312943016-0.jpg (523.94 KB, 1920x1202, 960:601, EpOt7oyXIAEwbcz.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1608312943016-1.jpg (125.25 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, EpOt7z3WEAUymrk.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Look at this team



File: 1608330846444.png (33.31 KB, 684x514, 342:257, stonks.png) ImgOps iqdb

>I know, I know I've let you down


The company will reap what it has sown.


It works mostly fine on PC and "next gen" consoles. With a patch or two they should be totally fine.

It just plain doesn't work on the old consoles and shouldn't have been released for them yet, if ever.

The ones to blame for this are the retards rushing them to release now even going so far as to issue death threats if they delayed the game again.

Overall this just reminds me of Vampire the Masquerade. That game was good but rushed, bugging as a result, and had more then a few issues. That said people will keep coming back to and enjoying the game for decades. Especially since Cyberpunk has open mod support.


The game is clearly not fine on any platform and that's without discussing how bad the gameplay it's self is. It's a game made for no one and is no fun allowed because MUH STORY which is a bad story with annoying characters.

Bloodlines wasn't rushed. It was ready for release before HL2 was but Valve wouldn't let any one release Source engine games before HL2 so it sat on the shelf for a while.

>People will enjoy the game for decades

Who's paying you to be this dishonest? It's not an enjoyable game. It's not as good as Deus Ex is for cyberpunk RPG and no fun allowed means it's not even a good GTA clone. It's just a miserable triple A game based on shilling you an actor who was never very popular or interesting. It's shilling.


Accusing everyone who dissagrees with your intentionally extreme opinion of being a shill make you look retarded.
No one is a shill here dumbass, they just have a different view from you.


>Extreme opinion
Yes, it's so extreme it's the current most popular opinion on the game. It's a fundamentally broken game with little enjoyment to be found. Unless you enjoy staring at Jackie's ass as he walks you through yet another hour of dialog so you can play a find the hidden item mini game using security cameras or time rewind.

What an extreme opinion it is in 2020. Saying modern games which force long story elements down your throat aren't enjoyable. I must be so XTREME I have blast processing in my brain.


Microsoft gave me a refund even though I played about 45 hours. I'll probably buy it again next year if they fix it and have good DLC.


If you're on xbox just wait till it comes to gamepass which it probably will. That's what I'm waiting for, even if the game was good I still wouldn't buy it if it comes too gamepass a few months later like many games do, it's easy to see if a developer has one game come too gamepass really high chance their later ones will as well, so Witcher 3 came to gamepass, Cyberpunk will as well eventually.


I mean you are being as obnoxious as you can despite it sounding like you never picked up the game or even watched a review of it.


>staring at Jackie's ass as he walks you through yet another hour of dialog so you can play a find the hidden item mini game using security cameras or time rewind
I don't know what game you played but to me that's a pretty apt description. It's essentially a movie with occasional on-rails shooting segments that almost play themselves (in some instances they literally do, like the scripted van chase at the beginning of the game where it drives into a wall and explodes even if you didn't fire a single shot). I don't see what about this game could possibly appeal to anyone besides lowest common denominator normgroids looking for a netflix series that comes with the illusion of interactivity.

I mean for fucks sake ignoring the visuals (which aren't even that impressive for a game released in 2020) the game is objectively less sophisticated than GTA fucking 3. It's objective, you can't even argue against that when Cyberpunk gets absolutely embarrassed in the AI department by a game that's just about two decades old, now. In fact I guarantee that every single individual system that exists in Cyberpunk 2077 has been done a hundred times better in a different game. So it's just like, why the hell would you ever play this shit? Whatever it is that you wanted out of this game, you're better off playing something else to get it.


I think his complaint might be that Jackie dies early on, but then he's replaced by an even worse character. Jackie is an okay generic "mentor" character. The guy who voices him can act.

Keanu cannot. And what's sad is when you play as Keanu after 5 hours of slow walking it's pretty fun. Enemies drop fast and your punch becomes a hadouken. It's sad that 2077 would of made a fun 10 hour FPS instead of a 50 hour shit show.


File: 1609440874471.jpg (143.09 KB, 857x767, 857:767, tk6er6psxi861.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Gb2 Twitter/4v


It's a legitimate complaint and adequately represents the "tacked on" nature of many features and stylistic choices. When player penis configurability takes priority over actually modelling prevalent NPC characters, it shows how the devs were grasping at shock and meme factor rather then aiming to produce a game that is fleshed out in the most essential areas.


Or that they really don't give two shits about kids in the game world and they were clearly a after thought added last minute.

Projects are all about priorities. Kids weren't a priority.


>Projects are all about priorities. Kids weren't a priority.
Which is why I gave an example of their priorities… I spelt out why I felt kids aren't a priority to them. Where does this "Or" come from?

Despite the game being a "massive world full of rich and diverse characters" as developers and reviewers have testified, the ability to customize the user's ballsack prioritizing the easy development of a unique child body and face mesh set (Or even just childlike morphs for the adult face) shows that the devs disregard the most fundamental solution to diversifying crowds, which is to have a variety of armatures representing different body types, which goes double for the most obvious difference in human body variety: Adult Vs. Child. It's not that they don't care about kids, it's that they know Twitch streamers and other varieties of transsexual only need to see BIG DICK kill LITTLE DICK to be swayed in to paying $70+ for this hot mess. All other aspects of the game can be overlooked and underdeveloped, as they have been, resulting in a broken experience from top to bottom.


>easy development
>Something that takes weeks in man hours to properly do
>And then has to be tested in QA
>Only for the models to be used a few weeks from launch by pedos for gross shit since the game is openly modable

Honestly they should have just not had kids in the whole game at all.
It's the solution most open world games choose and they clearly didn't have the resources to spare.


What a disappointment that even this place isn't free from shills dispensing industrial volumes of copium. How can anyone defend this kusoge?


I dunno man, I enjoyed it. It's not perfect, but I had a fun time playing it.

But yeah, it's a pretty much a "pretty picture" for high-end PC systems. Otherwise it's meh


What will the next let-down be? is that vampire the masquerade game still in development? I could see it being underwhelming as well


File: 1610560315773.jpg (191.06 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 75.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Excited for Hitman 3 on January 20. It looks like it may be smaller than its predecessor, which is the only real criticism I've heard.


3? Blood Money is 3 (Contracts IO pretends doesn't exist).


The newer games do nothing for me honestly. They look kinda sterile compared to the older ones.


I know what you mean, they lack the atmosphere of the older games. But they are very intricately designed and they really grew on me over time. I don't really pay attention to the story and I instead try to roleplay a more noir-like experience.


Why would anyone play cyberpunk 2077 when we all live in cyberpunk 2021¿


Vampire was supposed to be released late 2021 but I wouldn't expect it to. Hardsuit went dead quiet for now. Back when I paid more attention to it the studio staff was busy ripping itself apart in a contest of who me-too's each other harder. Rumours abound, the game appears to be in shambles. It doesn't help that Paradox is being Paradox and White Wolf tailored the latest editions of paper VtM to appeal to a certain demographic. I'd say expect nothing.

Personally I was looking forward to Dying Light 2 like a year ago but since then it was also exposed as a garbage fire in progress. Recent trend of general failure among the bigger eastern european studios was almost shocking to me. I used to believe they were heralding a better tomorrow for games. Looks like all the praise and attention they received over the course of 2010's led them to believe they were part of the extended cosmopolitan Game Industry™ now. To fit in better they westernized their mentality (and employees) and got rid of everything that used to make their games interesting and unique, despite being eurojank. This unholy union of western postcapitalist and eastern postsoviet resulted in a cursed mutt which seems to possess the advantages of neither, but faults of both. Just sad.

But my dear anon, the game is an integral part of the Cyberpunk Current Year experience. Without subjecting yourself to CD Projekt's product you won't feel the full weight of soulless corporate tentacles strangling every remotely enjoyable aspect of your life.


Just play Deus ex.


Lots of people have already done that.


On a similar note, are Human Revolution and Mankind Divided any good?


Human revolution isn't that much like the first one , but if you like stuff like dishonored you'll like it. Mankind divided is a major upgrade in the game play department, but is much much shorter so it feels a bit rushed sometimes. Ultimately it's more of the same though.


HR is just like game of the topic: bland, boring, console oriented.

Funny thing is that the much bashed Invisible War is much closer to the original. In fact only thing wrong with it is the UI made for controller and fairly bad voiceacting.

Do it again, with Shifter perhaps, which throws some random elements into the game.

I've played Deus ex probably 50 or more times through, half of those enjoying it, others speedrunning.


On a side note: Deus ex is the first and only game which linux version I've preordered.
Or bought for that matter, if you don't count quake 2, q3a or doom 3, of which you didn't need to buy seperate linux version.

But alas, Loki went bankrupt before finishing the port.


They are good from a gameplay perspective, but their narratives are much weaker than the original Deus Ex. The story in both the newer games is just burped at you and doesn't really provide as much room for thought as the original.

They're fun to play though, Prague in particular is a pretty good hub to dick around in.


apologies for the long reply
mankind divided… that freaking game. maybe i'm stupid but i didn't know you could throw things at the lock to break it, shooting it also works.

i broke into an apartment, punched some boxes and maybe the person that lived there was trying to hide the vent but it lead me to a previously sealed off area that required me to go through a checkpoint being guarded by some thugs.

well not really off limits because you can
a.have a shoot out with them
b.snitch them out to the law enforcement
c.do the side quest
d.pay the fee
e.tranquilize them
f.all of the above
g.find the vent by accident like i did
perhaps there are other alternative routes i have yet to find, maybe i'll try the sewer system next.
if it were a rockstar game that would mean its mission failed


I don't expect anyone to remember but there was a time when CD Projekt were swearing on their mums that their scam of a game would be exactly like that except in an open world.


It's so bad it made Crowbcat drag himself out of retirement for one last job.
By the way fuck the term "immersive sim." Buzzword + buzzword= retarded newspeak. Stab anyone who uses it.


Nah I would rather just stab you for being a jackass.


Please stab me so I don't have to go to work tomorrow


File: 1611179926650.jpg (21.77 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, HITMAN3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

They botched the opening today. You can't carryover your progress from Hitman 2 and now the servers are down. Very disappointing, been trying to play all day.


Why does HITMAN3 need servers?


To force people to buy, to ensure that pirating it will not work.




File: 1611529833165.jpg (322.1 KB, 821x485, 821:485, Screenshot_20210114-121145.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

They'll probably find a way


File: 1611746968241.png (62.27 KB, 508x239, 508:239, Sin título.png) ImgOps iqdb

Well that didn't take long

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