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is it okay for one to make a doujin game based on existing franchise as a portofolio and takes no commercial profit?
what does this falls under? education, parody?

just asking to make sure

thank you very much




"Interactive Fan Art" is the label that lets people in the US make fangames. You can do anything with any franchise, so long as you include in the media itself somewhere that Franchise X belongs to Company Y. They can't sue you outright, but they can issue a C&D if they don't like you.


>>52127 ok tx
>>52126 thank you, does C&D also can happen even if i have included proper "franchise X belongs to company Y" ?


>>52127 i have never heard or seen "interactive fan art" label


>>52128 like said, if they dont like you you ll flip, if they like you then it s fine. anything in copyright range means its all "bootleg" if not made by original owner

are they licensed is also question. logically if there is no license you can get copied even tho you r the owner. like lupin and monkey punch


>does C&D also can happen even if i have included proper "franchise X belongs to company Y" ?

Yes. Warner Brothers is notorious for using C&Ds to shut down Lord Of The Rings fangames. While those games were free and therefor legal, the property owner can still take the creators to court for any potential damages to their image by the fangame's maker, but not without first giving the creators a chance to back out on their own with a C&D


thank you,
what kind of brand image damage can you do with LOTR?


If you make a parody/satire then it could stand up to a fair use case but that wouldn't stop you from being sued. Just that after spending a lot of money the case would most likely end in your favor.

You can also just make it and publish it, then be willing to take it down if the IP owner complains, knowing it's already out there on the wider net by then.
But depending on IP and how widely your work gets known it is unlikely to get negative attention from the company any time soon.

Please keep in mind I am not a lawyer or expert and this is not legal advice.
If you want accurate legal advice you should talk to a real lawyer who specializes in copyright and/or fair use.


That isn't even remotely true legally speaking.

Where did you hear that nonsense?


proove it


okay thank you technjcally im just trying to be invincible in any legal matters regarding my art




What country are you in?
What country is the server where you plan to put the game to be downloaded?
Copyright law and enforcement are wildly different from country to country.


>>52146 it s a drug addict thrid wold cuntry with alot of poverty

well the product will be placed internationnally like internet so i think therell definitely issues?
not that i ever encunter

okay maybe this question is about how to sell fan art in the most profitting legal partnership i suppose

like…how do i make a star wars game legally? asks for license from disney and clauses? how do you write such proposal


>third world country
People in my third world country sells pirated movies in full view. I don't think media companies care if it's small scale enough. Violators are difficult to track down, costly due to corrupt and inefficient bureaucracy and it doesn't bring much benefit to the companies. Worst thing that can happen is it gets taken down and you can just reupload somewhere else.


well if you do it here you need to pay the police or something they say as it s completely illegal.

otherwise, you need to reach disney for license?


You need a license, and especially when it comes to something like Star Wars, it's very unlikely that they are going to give you one;

Some companies like Games Workshop (the creators of Warhammer 40.000) seem to hand out licenses easily, others like the owners of the Dune franchise dislike doing that even when it comes to large corporations where they have a chance to get lots of money from it.

So your best chance is to either hope that you get ignored by Disney (sometimes companies tolerate other people doing things with their intellectual property as long as it isn't commercial, occasionally even endorsing it) or, if you want to be legally on the safe side, to think up your own franchise that could be similar, but not the same as Star Wars (the more differences it has, the safer you are). Star Craft for example is a massive rip-off of Warhammer 40.000, but Blizzard still got away with it because it is different enough from it.

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