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Does anyone here have problems with overspending in in game spending, such as freemium, free to play, microtransactions etc? As well as problems of addiction? gotcha games etc.


im poor so im always the f2p chad that compensates by never missing a daily login and grinds like a lunatic


Pretty much this. I may have a problem with how much I play games, but piracy and f2p games ensure I spend very little on it.


I remember shareware from the 2000s, basically the early form of f2p, and i'd never buy the full version.


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What an utter stupidity, everyone knows that the best console is a PC with emulators and ISOs.

Does anyone here know PSCX2, Dolphin x64, DOSBOX, VisualBoy or even the Vizzed site?


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i've spent over $400 on Rainbow Six Siege cosmetics and will continue to do so. these are some of mine.
i dont enjoy playing any game except this, so there's nothing else for me to spend money on.


Imagine paying for pixels.


I mean, do you not pay for your internet access?


Only succubi get cosmetics for their barbies.


Some people say its no different than spending thousands for gaming PC rigs and hundreds on AAA games



If you think about it fancy GPUs are just another way of paying for pixels in games to look nice


Are there any free to play mobile games that don't suck? I need something to kill time when I'm outside


The only time I really buy micro transactions are shit like 4 cent CS:GO skins so people don't think I am a bot or smurf and auto kick me.

Never got into trading or buying keys or any of that bullshit.
Most I spent on a single micro-transaction was like 25 cents for a cool skin on my favorite gun. Which is like the cost of a sticker or something in a gumball machine which is similarly just some dumb slightly interesting thing to look at for a bit before it fades or falls off.


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Soul Knight is pretty good.
Isn't pay to win. It's pay to remove ads or pay to unlock special characters.

None of the guns/weapons are paywalled and IMO some of the best characters are unlockable for free. Like the ninja and wizard.


Mobile games will always suck. My only suggestion is to use emulators and play PSP and Gamecube games or something. That said, there are a few that are OK if you are into "rogue-like" or strategy games:
>Cataclysm DDA, It's an open source roguelike but it's complete autism. Don't play if you don't have cripplingly severe autism.
>Unciv, an open source strategy game that is a direct copy of Civilization V. When I say direct copy, I mean it's a feature complete and mostly bug free Civ V already, just without the expansions and 3D graphics.
>Mindustry, like Factorio but much simpler.
>UnNethack. It's nethack.


I got a free panzer general clone for my tablet. Ads are bad enough on a PC, but on a small tablet screen, taking up 1/4 of the screen its unplayable


man I have been playing League o f legends, and I am horrified at some people that pay for ALL the skins.

even if I was rich, this is insane to me. I know I felt the urge to buy skins many times. but the poorfag within me thrives like a phoenix, and soon I feel too cheap to spend on this shit.

and I never regret not buying. I feel like I can quit this game whenever I want I won't have wasted my money.


I've also been sucked into the league machine. I only play like one champ though so I bought her skins, and I'm considering buying the chromas too. But I play her so much it doesn't feel like a waste. Though some skins cost like 100 dollars for one skin.

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