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IDK much about MOBAs other than they were the peak genre a couple of years back. I used to really enjoy RTS especially the combat. And I understand that MOBAs grew out of the hero battles from Warcraft 3. So I thought this would be the best one for me, since I know the Starcraft and Warcraft characters.

From the YT vids I've been watching it seems really team-based and voice-based. But then I saw people complaining that no one uses the voice chat.

If I just want to be a loner who fights bad guys, can I do Moba? Or is it neccesary to join teams/clans whatever, be friends, coordinate closely?


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MOBA is a genre that induces a lot of rage and brings out the worst in people.
They tend to have the most toxic communities out of any video game.
Queuing single player is a painful endeavor.
Even if you make a couple new online friends, expect them to defriend you if you play bad in a match.

>Heroes of the storm

That is the worst choice. Either play DotA 2 or league of legends.

I played mobas single player for about 16 years and it's awful but addicting.
You will get more abuse from your own teammates than from the enemy team. Every few minutes they will continue to berate you and you will have no choice but to mute everyone and play on silent.
Most of the players have been around for years so you will consistently stomped by better players.

It's not worth getting into. Play something else. Anything else.


You can play alone, i did, most people play solo, especially if you intend to grind lp/mmr.
Team coordination is important, of course, but you are not going to get it with regular team of randoms, even with if the game has voice, like dota(there is no voice in league).
And because of it games are going to be really long, frustrating and boring.
You can still enjoy them, especially in the beginning, when everything new and shiny, but on 1 good game there are dozens of terrible ones, from my experience

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