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File: 1613887442285.jpg (41.54 KB, 670x384, 335:192, Among-Us-.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


There's an unvirgin(impostor) among us!

This thread is to organize a game of Among us among us wizards(heh)
How? First, someone who is interested in playing makes a post and if 3 more wizards follow with a reply a person can host and share a code. Simple as that.

For those of you who don't have the game, you just have to download from one of these links and that's all you will need to play it online:





The links are from igg-games, btw.




File: 1613918801690.png (593.99 KB, 732x568, 183:142, mm5m.png) ImgOps iqdb

any wizards up to play?


is this game even fun? I thought it looked like zoomer shit or something normalfags play for 15 minutes during their break


it's okay if you play it with the right people


is renge/shita here? imd13 (sry for writing in here guys tryin to find a friend;;)


It’s a social game. It’s about as boring as fucking can be for wizards who’d rather play something silence, because the actual mechanics are tedious mini games and the point of it the manipulation and social aspects.


it's a social deductive game, so the point of interacting with others is to find who are the bad guys. The tasks are as simple as they can be and take less than 2 secs to complete.
This game is simple and accessible to any wizard.




There's much better social deduction games out there.


Unfortunate spacemen is a better game in practically every way, but it didn't blow up because you can't play it on a phone.


I know but I want to play this with other wizards. So wanna play?



okay I'll wait for another wiz

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