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Should I get a new gen console or a gaming PC based on the fact that I only enjoy a select few games. No offense, but I'd rope myself before playing a lot of the stuff you like. Maybe I need to broaden my tastes because I used to enjoy a lot more games as a kid but I really can't bring myself to give a fuck about most games.

Games I like:


I remember a few years ago, I bought an original Xbox system so I could play my childhood favorites out of nostalgia. I didn't enjoy them and they felt very dated. I was an obsessed freak, too - buying a CRT TV, several controllers (in case anyone would play with me), component cables for best possible graphics… and none of it captured the nostalgia and just made me spaz out over recapturing the old feelings to no avail


A PC of course. Emulation is a thing.


Almost all of those games have pretty good ports so emulation isn't even needed.

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