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Over the last few days I've been reading up on World of warcraft drama. Different guilds which fell apart (often due to succubi) and how various guilds fell from grace and disbanded. It reminded me of a time when guilds were a thing and people made friends with randoms in game and adventured together. It's made me wonder if any games exist today which still have a social aspect at all. Has discord destroyed in game communities and text chat to the point where it's possible?


I think people just stick to their discord groups now, I never had a single person talk to me in world of warcraft, actually most people straight ignore me, but in like runescape you can definitely find people to talk to randomly since it’s more of a social game and people still play it


holy shit this is so true.

I played WoW just because of that, and couldn't interact with anyone once. actually was treated with contempt on their discord when I tried to ask why people were like that.


>reminded me of a time when guilds were a thing and people made friends with randoms in game and adventured together.
I never played multiplayer games and until reading your post I thought this was the only real attraction mmo games have? It's really weird to me that people don't interact in those types of games anymore. What even is the point then?
>I never had a single person talk to me in world of warcraft
Why are people still playing it? If you're going to play solo, at least play a single player game where you get to be the main protagonist.

The fact OP is having a hard time finding social interaction on mmo games is so odd to me. Wth people are doing in those games nowadays?


is almost as if people treated it as work.

they grind day and night for the shinny bidoff, and the glinting horse.


Games like that are complete cancer. Video games should be just like real games, with a clear start and end. Either with a story if singleplayer or a match if multiplayer. A never-ending grind to build up points cannot be called a game. And imagine how many people have wasted their youth on such bullshit. It's a crime against humanity.


These games still exist in the form of private servers. The problem is most of these games didn't age well so if you have no nostalgia for them you might not get into them as easily. Ill name a few.

>Endless WoW

has a new fresh tbc realm coming if you don't plan to give blizz money
>Return of Reckoning
WH40K ps
>Path of Diablo
D2 ps
pre-renewal ragnarok
>Eden XI
Final Fantasy 11 pserver


bro I played tauri WoW, and honestly it was all about grinding for items.

how is this server different if you don't mind telling me?


it's a different expansion which is focused more on group play and content, tauri is MoP which is when WoW was already a single player game


Almost every game with a large community seems to be toxic. Ironically teams bring out the worst in gamers when we're supposed to be on the same side.

1v1 even though you're enemies, are generally respectful end with a GG. If he wants to own you, he has to do it with his skill in beating you not his words.


OSRS still had some of that last time I played, but it wasn't quite like it was over a decade ago I think.

I second >>52667 idea that people just stick to discord now. It's kind of perplexing to me. I mean, how do these people even find each other anymore? I remember back in the day you'd just play with a bunch of people, eventually you'd get sorta familiar with your corner of the game and if you were particularly good some clannie would notice you and invite you to try out or something.


I am this fat boye


I have no idea why no one interacts in MMOs anymore. What the fuck is the point of playing a MMO when you don't bother talking to anyone? T he game that revives the MMO genre is the game that gets people talking to each other in game.


You gotta join a discord or some shit man. Everyone's cliquing it up beforehand these days rather than making impromptu clans with randoms like in the good old days.
In my opinion it's not even worth it to put the effort in just for a boring mmorpg though.


I like soloing in MMOs.

I like the gameplay, progression, and exploring the world. I don't play them because I want a shitty chat room or to socialize.

The only time I was "social" in a MMO consistently was when I got into the market and trade side of things in one MMO and was in a guild with like minded merchants.
But again it was less socializing and more trading market information and the like.

If I do group content I just group up with randoms or use the inbuilt match making to aid in finding a party.

If I wanted to do the whole social thing then I would play a purely social game like VR chat or to a lesser extent second life.


I played OSRS from 07 - 11, there still were lots of bots, but people would actually chat.
Last time I tried OSRS it was just quiet, probably a mix of bots, and people just not talking anymore, just watching Netflix or something


It is sad to think there will never be the same community experience in any game again except maybe VR in the future.
A big part of RS used to be just playing and meeting others and sure now you can find people to talk to but it is not the same at all and the only reason OSRS is probably like that is that a lot of loser types play it and do not use discord.


I have been told that WoW classic is better. But they talk on Discord. There are people that have been playing for 10+ years and take the guilds quite seriously


The grand exchange definitely changed things as well.


Warflame Fashion


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I used to play this game called Tibia. It's sort of a european equivalent of Runescape. It was almost like an IRC server, with gameplay as an afterthought, but nowadays it's either bots or grind-focused spergs who don't talk to anyone. I miss MMO communities man.


Anyone prefer non-verbal interaction? Emoting, getting people to understand what you're doing and having them reciprocate. Just messing around really. It always fun when a I get a huge crowd to start playing along. I've gotten a mosh pit happening before while a group of bards were playing through the fire and flames FFXIV.


Nah voice is easier


When I first played RS since being a child the thing that stuck out was what a ghost town it felt like with no one talking really. In the RS I played as a kid when we were all pretty much kids or teens new to the internet you could have adventures and experiences that you cant program into a game. People now just talk on their discord and rarely even use game chat at all. Iron mans use game chat and just to call you a faggot for fucking something up for them.


FF14 legit killed mmo's everyone in that game is either a tranny or some kind of fucking autist (well im not surprised since final fantasy attracts), no one actually talks in that game and its all forced out kindness, the community is seen as "wholesome" but the minute you start asking more questions than you should or simply play a different way that the casualized version of the game that is encouraged, or simply even remotely, dare to call out people on their wrong doings when raiding/doing dungeons etc, the absolute ugly side of that community comes out and then you'll see what hides behind all that pretentious kindness, honestly when i think about it, its alot like reddit.
There are guilds but they are absolute cancer, its either erp or a bunch of troons going afk and doing dance emotes on the main town hubs, its very hard to actually find a guild that actually plays the game.


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I wouldn't want to be a part of any (gaming) community, competetiveness even in pve-games like mmos turns more and more into a toxic real-life reflection, except online people don't have to deal with real-life consequences, which makes trusting strangers online harder.
I made a few coop-partners many years ago in L4d but lost touch as I stopped playing, when I join a match nowadays it's a shitshow constantly, people kicking, insulting each other, making death threats, being elitists, no wonder it's getting harder making friends, but my guess is part of the problem comes the older games get.
Someone here compared mmos to work, being part of a guild requires constant being online, being sociable, joining voice chats, so I don't think the question should be what games have social aspects, more like what games are worth it for you to become sociable. Guilds or communities for games I believe are held together out of necessity more than finding friends.

If you really want to make friends with randos I don't think that should be too hard, as long as the game has chat features you can always try to form a connection, or besides games join some discords or subreddits, but for me that would be the same as going to the manga-section at the mall and asking for friends there.


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This. Single player games are where it's at. Everything else becomes an imitation of how horrid real life is.

…although, I have to admit, I've always wanted to play Secret of Mana with two other people who took the game seriously. I think that's a pipe dream though.


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Any wargames with good communities?


One thing I've learned in the past 6 years or so is that online communities are mostly harmful and the Internet in its currrent form offers little more than dead weight on the soul, especially now that useful places like wikipedia are being scrubbed. Look at the monstrosities that materialize in the real world as a result of the psychological contagions these communities incubate. They're like portals to the realm of lunatic elder gods who wave their tentacles and turn real human beings into raving mutant insects, unfit to live anymore in reality. All these words are fake, constitute a shroud between you and reality and the Internet is just so many words and illusions.


project reality if you end up in a good squad and not with milsim larpers, they try too hard
>look before we go any further I want you to know I give the orders here, oh you have no mic?
gets kicked vs some random russian in a different squad where everyone is welcome, full of noobs without a microphone
>manage to cross some rapids one by one
he says putin would be proud lol


about to contradict myself but I hear good things of the IL-2 sturmovik games. og devs were russian but they quit and now they have two different dev teams. you can play il2 solo, coop or dogfights/tank multiplayer fights.
Rise of Flight is a ww1 dogfight game made by devs or modders? of il-2 and it's free to play

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