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What are some FPS you like?

What are some casual and easy FPS?

Which have the most massive epic MMO battles?
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I tried COD Vanguard for the free weekend. It was OK and at this point it seems like COD is the only FPS I'm comfortable with so I'm kinda stuck. But I enjoyed it a lot less than BOCW.

I'm not usually the type to have gamer gripes, but the no factions is a real detriment. Its ironic Battlefield V got so much hate as the ultimate SJW game just because it had succubi soldiers. While the supposed reason COD doesn't have an Axis faction is they don't want to sell Nazi skins. Which B5 had no problem doing.

I've also heard that it was purely financial decision, so that you could be the skin you paid for 100% of the time. And evidence for that is that BF2042 also doesn't have operators for each faction. Despite being a less controversial future USA vs Russia war.

Beyond that the quicker to die TTK kill time, is detrimental to me, as I did much worse in MW19 than in BOCW. I know some people claim quick TTK favors noobs and you can just ambush and the skilled guy doesn't have time to react. But in my experience its worse.

I'll probably still end up buying it, if it drops to $40. I figure if I get 30 hours of playtime its still worth it from a $$$ POV. Although I think I will primarily stick with BOCW hopefully its playerbase will be sustained.


File: 1637559842491-0.jpeg (106.65 KB, 775x693, 775:693, 6DD06F1C-33F9-4601-9B84-A….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1637559842491-1.jpeg (103.58 KB, 737x693, 67:63, 681F373A-56E3-430F-8BA8-E….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

EA Gets Outed For Paying YouTubers For Positive Battlefield 4, Need For Speed Coverage
jackfrags, levelcap, frankieonpc


That was way back in 2013, things have changed


jackcrabs made a video about 2042 calling it "attention to detail" but you fellas can see through all the blind praise.
did you play the original UT mod? I think rising storm started as a mod for red orchestra 2 but tripwire worked with them, I wonder if they did the same with the ro2 in country vietnam mod and that became rising storm 2
>paid skins
not trying to be that guy but I remember hunting for secrets to unlock multiplayer skins in rising sun, deadly alliance and let you buy characters, stages and skins with in game currency ;-;



so I played for a little while and it's not too bad, might be better with a mate but how could I know
I almost dropped it when I found out it's one of these games where you can wander around the map forever and find no one and suddenly you get shot down by some asshole with an overpowered scoped rifle. there's a pve element here but honestly the enemies don't feel threatening at all, and the bosses you have to track down and kill are little more than hp sponges just aimlessly wandering around some house, barn or whatever. I get that it's mainly a pvp game but the enemies are such pushovers it's disappointing.


I tried Halo, it was OK. tbh I'm new to FPS and not so good at em. In Halo I have a tough time taking down bots, even with infinite ammo and health.

I'm glad there is a bot mode to practice and improve on, especially in a free game.

I just dont feel much motivation to invest the energy and time in improving. I guess I do kinda care about the setting of FPS. Be it historic or near future. I like to roleplay my own scenarios, from my own knowledge of history and alternate history fantasies. And when its just generic scifi goons battling each other, it doesn't mean much to me. Even Star Wars I have at least some attachment to. But I know nothing of Halo lore. I remember all the cool kids in high school used to love it.


Yeah same, I am not fond of the art style and the universe, I find them atrocious tbh, but the game is fun so I ignore it.
A new Timesplitters would be amazing, if done well, but that franchise's in the gutter I believe…


File: 1638302177105.png (882.52 KB, 665x498, 665:498, 05.png) ImgOps iqdb

do you guys play 1.6 still?


The whole blowup over BF2042, made me want to a play a scifi BF with mass battles with bots. So I went back to BF2. Maybe I'm really stupid or just influenced by the Star Wars films. But I played 20 hours of BF2 in the past without realizing that the blaster guns were automatic. So I was firing shot by shot. A huge disadvantage.

So I switched to 1st person mode, and started firing automatically and am having a lot of fun.


No, I'm kind of over CS in general. Pretty boring and stale game. I do play GO sometimes with a friend but I can't play more than 1 competitive match. I also surf sometimes


Yes, and with no luck whatsoever reaching even k/d-ratio, when you haven't played it in couple of years or so.

There really isn't any other game with better or improved mechanics in this what became a multiplayer fps genre of its own.

CSS with is rubberbanding is completely different, although it retained the outer shell of the original mod and final (1-1.6) release.
Even so, there isn't a SINGLE vanilla server that isn't also non-steam server, joining and frequenting of which can lead to account ban by Valve. I quess most Source players went to GlobO or back to 1.6.

Now about GO I don't really know much, because I played it for just few hours (and that was after it became free-to-play) and did not enjoy it a bit.

So yes, for a dose of ct-terrorist -action, CS1.6 is still good to go, with decent amount of players, most of whom are skilled to the extreme and offer brutal multiplayer experience for newcomers and those out of the loop for a while.


I've been enjoying playing with LMGs, I really feel like a 1-man army behind them


It seems like all 3 of the major franchises, had trainwreck launches this year. BF 2042, COD and Halo. General consensus is Halo had the best gameplay. But they also had that crazy battlepass system that made it impossible to advance without paying.


They fixed the battlepass and now it's easier to advance, I may actually buy it tbh.


don't you love it when team mates completely ignore the objective and only go for kills instead?


I wonder if it was like that in real-life WW2


no because the objective is boring, I just wanna play deathmatch


i don't think your average rifle man killed much


Then play a game with deathmatch and stop dragging down the team.


everyone is just playing to have fun dude, youre the only one tryharding the objective…


If the enemy is bleeding losses; shouldn't that make it harder for them to hold Point A or whatever?


Wining the match is fun, being a loser isn't.
In most cases in practice it's not helpful and the people doing it only trade kills rather than be in the positive anyway.
Rambo play in a tactical game just gets you shot from 3 directions since the other team is working together while you mess around.
Just play a arena shooter or something if you don't want to play the objective. They are fun and could use the player population boost.


>the other team is working together
bullshit, we are talking an internet rando team here?


Ok but what if a Rambo is successfully getting a lot of kills? even its far from PTFO its still draining the enemy of manpower at Point A


a good rambo player obliterates the enemy team since they are constantly rushing them. fuck vidya


In a tactical shooter it doesn't.
Even if it did it would be suboptimal at best compared to using that effort to play the objective and work with the team. More often than not it's actively detrimental in the attempt.

If you want to just run around like a idiot or play without tactical forthought then play a arena shooter or deathmatch mode.


Well lets say its 6v6, if 2 rambos kill 3 enemies. Then the remaining 4-obj players should be able to easily overwhelm the remaining 3 enemies and do the obj.

Even if the majority were Ramboing, it would still leave 3 vs 2 to take the obj. And this is a modest level of success. If he's really Ramboing, the ratio should be even more skewed.

A high KDR isn't always good, if the absolute number of kills is low. But if both the KDR and absolute numbers are high. Then you have no excuse to blame the rambo. He is giving you a numerical advantage at the obj, that you should be able to exploit.


I do not agree with most of the things to do with your premises.
The answer is still no.


If I wipe out most of the enemy team, and you can't complete the obj against what's left, its your fault


is support frowned upon and not allowed in fps? don't like using guns and creating a helper was my favorite thing in cod. can't do that in verdun or insurgency source, even the last of us multiplayer had perks to choose from


I had no idea COD ever had a support class. When was this?


It seems like healer supports are very popular in hero shooters, it even became its own fetish



I wish I could beat you up IRL for posting this garbage.


When I started with Battlefield 1/5, I tried the medic, but it was rather challenging reviving allies in the heart of the battle, and using a submachine gun for close ranged combat. I find the support class is a much better support role. Just spraying fast LMG fire without having to aim precisely. And constantly recharging allies with ammo.


not officially but devs allow you to create one with perks, gadgets and killstreaks. call in crates with supplies, all I do is deactivate traps and throw smoke on chokepoints. this was in bo2 and earlier games though, not sure how cod is these days
maybe if they didn't get taken out out in the open it'd be easier to help, guess they don't let you drag teammates to a safe location and then revive/heal. no smoke cloud for cover or anything?


We both know you wouldn't be able to do that in a tactical shooter.
When you run out away from the team trying to play rambo and get shot without doing anything productive it will be your fault when you get kicked.


i always played healers out of necessity since nobody else wanted to, but i kinda like playing healer on games when they don't strictly make it a helpless pocket healer slut. medic/support on older bf games was cool because the weapons were nice from what i recall, and medic on tf2 could be really enjoyable (feels godly when you toggle invuln on 2-3 teammates at once). i played some fun characters on mmos and heroes of the storm too.


File: 1639270194557.png (220.93 KB, 488x317, 488:317, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I hate this, I dont get why there is not more male healers, I like to play healers but these people are gross


One of the few times I enjoy a healer class/role was bad company games.
Mostly because the lmg in those games were pretty good and didn't give you a huge movement and accuracy penalty. So I could actually move around the map properly and didn't have to use hundreds of rounds to hit something longish range.
Healing was a side benefit.

What I didn't like about the class is it had a hard time dealing with vehicles.
Overall all the classes were really good in those games.
Too bad battlefield games are mediocre now.


Its strange to pair the healer with the LMG rather than SMG like in B1 B5. LMG is a distance weapon, while the medic needs to be up close and personal, reviving right where the enemy killed them.


When I 1st started getting back into gaming I was wondering why FPS were so ridiculously popular. Like even games very far removed from the war or action genre, had to shoe horn in carrying a gun into adventure story-driven open world games. I figured it was a way to make the player feel like he is doing something, actively participating and being stimulated. Rather than just a point n click adventure or running sim.

But now I've started getting into casual FPS games myself, and I see the thrill of it. I always thought of FPS as fast twitch reflexes. The sports jocks of gaming. But these days they've dumbed down FPS on easy level that even an idiot spaz like me can enjoy it. Its practically on the level of those old pop up ad "games" where u just have to aim the bubble. And you're also a bullet sponge against enemy fire. So you can just stand in the open carefully taking aim at your own pace.


Quake III and Metroid:Prime


R6 Siege is going free for the week. Any thoughts on it? Is it playable without a mic?

I might fool around with the single player and coop a bit, just try it out


There really isn’t a single player aside from a handful of tutorial missions that are all in the multiplayer maps. You can play without a mic, but lots of people use theirs. I got a lot of good fun out of it but I don’t think it’s worth buying at this point, though see if you like it. It’s a big game to install.


It's a very fun game, but it's multiplayer. It can be legitimately scarier than most horror games.


Damn, I am actually getting somewhat close to getting most of the achievements in CS:GO.
Only have like 30 to go. Got most of them because I use the bot modes to learn maps and practice my fundamentals. But so I play the bots so often I slowly racket up a lot of the achievements. Including many of the rare ones.
Maybe my next day off I will grind the two rifle achievements I haven't got yet, then focus hard on getting grenade kills so I can get the super rare all weapons mastery achievement. Only like 2% of players have.

I think the grenades ones will be the hardest since even a direct hit only does 80 damage to someone with armor. No clue how I am going to get a 3way multi kill with one other then a total fluke.


Just download a achivement map from steam workshop and get them with minimum effort.


*any achivement


Why the flying fuck would I ever do such a thing?
The whole point is to play the game more not less.
It's fun earning stuff that makes you work for it. Plus it it pushes you to play the game in ways you haven't before. Like I neglected the AK because I was never a fan of it's recoil pattern and how finicky it is about how movement effects first shot accuracy. But in going for the achievement I am pushed to master it.
What is even the point of a achievement you didn't earn?

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