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What are some FPS you like?

What are some casual and easy FPS?

Which have the most massive epic MMO battles?


should I buy zowie fk1 mouse


>zou zou jumps around the corner
>hitbox melts melts into the floor
>AEK spams spready reset to nail you in a head glitch

Really brought back a lot of memories the BF series was amazing but sadly the developers were actually retarded when it came to gamplay choices and listeed to reddirers.
>be DICE
>either release a game broken and fix it later
>release a good game and break it later by listening to reddit

I liked some shootem vidya but I am too autistic to enjoy shooters now because I will play a new COD and I can instantly see all the flaws in the design or intentional ways they have lowered the skill gap and skill ceiling.


I remember planetside 2 had some pretty amazing large scale battles and the gunplay wasn't too bad either.


I liked pubg but it's mostly dead in North America nowadays. Takes forever to queue up for a full match with no bots.


>What are some FPS you like?
Call me a fucking casual but I think the Modern Warfare trilogy is pretty good.
What are some casual and easy FPS?
The modern Warfare trilogy


Why is CoD so ridiculously large compared to similar games?




Yes. That number is determined by total copies purchased not the current number of players. 99% of people who bought it don't play it anymore. Install it and try to queue up for a ranked match at any time of day in North America.
Unranked matches are filled with bots and have as much as 95% robot players.
The only games in the lobby list are in Asia. The game is big in China still but no one plays it in Canada/USA anymore.


File: 1618366337529.png (16 KB, 745x105, 149:21, Untitled.png) ImgOps iqdb

There's even more people playing cybercuck2077 right now than Pubg.


You kidding? Every normalfag knows and has played some CoD, they're pretty much sports games.


classic CoD is fun


>Call of Duty 2
Considering that every Tripwire CoD after United Offensive have been downgrade gameplay and content wise and because CoD2 is still very good looking game, that is a sad joke.


>CoD2 is still very good looking game
At the time it came out it was mindblowing I remember, very well optimized too. Played it a couple a years ago and still holds up.


That comparison to the newer WWII CoD is hilarious. Modern games are so shit.


does anyone play Overwatch?
add me on bnet:


I vastly prefer single player FPS games on xbox 360, there were so many good ones, I like the fun linear ones, open world ones are fun too, but not the same and not worth replaying generally speaking. There are almost no linear singleplayer FPS games anymore, last gen had only some COD games, which were far worse than the ones on xbox 360, I only liked Infinite Warfare and also Titanfall 2 and Halo 5. Apparently the new Bioshock is open world so I guess the trend towards open world shooters will continue.


File: 1618695172067.jpg (22.67 KB, 506x539, 46:49, how queer.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



Last I heard that name was during the old Cytube drama. He was gay EPRing there.


File: 1618699173337.jpg (22.05 KB, 225x350, 9:14, 56596.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



postal 2 and counter strike source


i only enjoy fps games where i can completely dominate other people and get accused of hacking
i love when people shit talk and its okay, i also love when people can get mad and just spew racial slurs and no one gets banned

these types of games dont exist anymore

i spend most of my time playing wolfenstein enemy territory and im as racist and toxic as i want to be and everyone there loves it

the players are also super skilled so its fun and challenging, sadly the community dies more and more every passing year


>wolfenstein enemy territory

I remember back in 2004 having slow ass dial up internet, and attempting to leave it on for a whole week while my family was on vacation just to download that.

it failed


I was addicted to Insurgency: Sandstorm for the greater chunk of last year. Got pretty good??, see clip. It was like what you preferred until about a week ago. It's a CQC milsim with heavy focus on voice communication. Most guns are 1-shot kill and full auto so it is easy to mow down a wave of real players if you learn the maps and exploit them to your advantage.

The other team could hear all of your voice chat and it was very directional and simulated echo and distortion. If you knew an enemy was in a room you could call him a faggot over the mic and hear him tell you to suck his dick, revealing his precise position, then shoot through the wall to silence him. Guys would run around blasting Welcome To The Cum Zone over proximity, and if you were defending you'd be able to hear it muffled in the distance, getting clearer and louder until a group of tangos kicked through the door. If someone's character was black it was customary to call them a nigger and throw a smoke grenade at them. If someone had a Twitch(dot)tv link in their name you'd quote FBI statistics to their audience.

The dev's solution to the fun times up until their latest blog post was to just remind players that they can mute any one person or the whole team with a button on the scoreboard, but now they've outlined clauses to the rules to include racism, homophobia, and specifically misogyny as bannable offenses. They'll be reviewing game demos for these things said over the mic from now on.


I just watched a clip of gameplay and I have to say it's mostly good. It would be better if most of the guns were semi-automatic not automatic (most guns used by the military are semi-automatic, although they have the option to make them fully automatic) and if there was recoil which would nerf the automatic guns and give semi-automatics some usage


also make it so the rebels are less experienced than the normal soldiers (e.g. when reload when their current mag is 5/6 they lose all those 5 bullets although that could work if it affects both sides, also dont have an ammo counter, you have to check your mag to see if you have enough or not)


The first retail Insurgency was (or is) a polished up version (except for the new shitty menu system of Valve) of the mod with more maps, but Sandstorm is absolute garbage: levels are simply too big for intensive cqc and the performance is abysmal (or at least it was year ago).

The 'milsim' is quite casually used today: OFP, Armed Assault, ARMA2 and their military training counterparts are real military simulators, but Insurgency, Squad (or Project Reality mod) or say Ostfront or RO2 sure as hell aren't.
They are just regular FPS's with cherrypicked realism elements like somewhat realistic ballistics and bullet penetration (present in CS 1.6 and CSS too, by the way).

But why in the hell's name they use Battleye. Is there not enough intrusive software running with Steam alone? And the game uses VAC too, so what's the point? The playerbase is so small compared to popular multiplayer shooters and there is very little change for monetary expoitation, that the Battleye is really overkill.


Also the audio in Insurgency is really great, but they really shoudn't have changed to mongrel English with the rebels, but to use Arabic, which would be more realistic.

It's a real shame that Armyops was butchered: up-to version 2.5 it was a great semi-realistic multiplayer shooter, where you would always play as the good guys.
In fact I think it is great concept where the player always plays on one side. No need to ponder wether to play as a Kraut or Ruskie or some other such bullshit.


looks like a game for campers


Seems like all FPS favor campers, unless you specifically put in a mechanism to punish it, and I'm not aware of any that do


Battle royales have that bubble thing that forces you to move. Usually fps that have open maps and fast movement don't get camping because standing still means you'll just get killed faster.


Defending is camping and mechanism to brake that in large and open maps is artillery and/or air support.

For example in Red Orchestra 2 it works, but can be extremely frustrating if you spawn only to be blasted to hell almost instantly.

In Ostfront there wasn't spawn on squad leader and the times between artillery (and in RO2 there is both mortar and artillery with lower times in-between) strikes was longer.
Unfortunately it is now completely dead. Some of the changes in RO2 are just annoying and do I hate all kinds of zooming, damn it.


And boy do I hate the fact that Tripwire had things worked out for them in regards to weapons balance and tank mechanism with the Darkest Hour mod for Ostfront, but nope, they went their own way with RO2.

Playing Red Orchestra Ostfront for decade or so was probably the best multiplayer experience I ever had or ever will.
Day of Defeat 3.1 beta before it comes close, but it didn't last long.

So now there is the half-assed RO2 or fast, slightly fun and completely unrealistic Day of Defeat Source to play. Or WW2 Online, but that pill I'm afraid to take again, it will take each and every hour of the day.

This in regards to WW2 multiplayer shooters. Great War one would be nice too and I think there is one, but it is still in development. The Trenches mod for HL1 was fun even with the limited classes and maps of the second beta, but that only lasted two years or so.


well the Battlefield series has some of the largest maps, and folks are always complaining about camping snipers across the series


>Seems like all FPS favor campers,
just like a real war.


>meanwhile in 1915


Campers in games like that are often pretty bad so they're not that difficult to deal with in many cases.


CoD? I prefer Battlefield.


File: 1623601249090.jpg (27.35 KB, 397x407, 397:407, war varg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Play Call of Duty , Squad or Quake
Everything else is cringe jank claiming "realism" to get out of making a proper game.


i cant even play video games im too retarded, i literally cant understand spatial awareness or teamwork
i cant play fucking video games im literally the lowest of the low


Well this isn't /dep/ so go be a self loathing bitch elsewhere.


go be a normalfag in this thread then.


File: 1624068728929.jpg (43.35 KB, 640x960, 2:3, fat_sip.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Uh, I guess I will. The fuck does that even mean.


I started with Half-Life games, then played CS:S, then went into gradually more "hardcore" games: Battlefield 2, then Red Orchestra, then Arma 2/3. I think it culminated in me wanting to join the military because no game was realistic enough. Then I found out the modern military sucks balls and they won't let me in because I have asthma anyway. I almost started developing my own super realistic game in VR until I suddenly lost all interest in vidya and now I think I want to learn to hunt as that's the next best thing.


Started FPS with Ultimate Doom. It was the only shooter I had until like 2003 aside from Duke 3D, a demo CD of Dark Forces, Check Quest and the ROTT shareware.

From there, I moved onto the Halo Trilogy, Doom Collector's Edition, Doom 3, Doom 64, Quake, Heretic, Hexen, Strife: Quest for the Sigil, Wolfenstein 3D, Half-Life and its expansions and Half-Life 2.

Some others included Quake 2, Quake 4, Day of Defeat, Counter-Strike, TF2, AvP 2, PlanetSide 2, the original Call of Duty and Metro 2033.

Currently, I play none. It's something to behold how mental illness just drains all of ones willingness to do anything.


>I think it culminated in me wanting to join the military
lol what?


What's some good PC FPS you can play with a controller? Something like Doom or Halo, fun games where you don't need twitch reflexes to have fun with them.


Call of Duty games as they have aim assist and usually fun campaigns.


Was hoping for something a bit more free form and less army men with guns.


File: 1626177582917.jpg (116.41 KB, 1090x1024, 545:512, C9.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



tac FPS - CSGO or 1.6
arena FPS - quake
single player - bioshock, deus ex (OG or HR) or MGS
never used the zowie
glorious mouse and logitech gpw did well for me though
people still play that? i quit like 2 years ago. game went to shit after the tank metas and forced 2-2-2.


It's more powerful than ever in vanguard basically aim bot


MGS isn't a fps dude.


So it seems like both COD Vanguard and BF 2042 aren't going to have factions this year.

Two armies of clones with the same faces and outfits.


File: 1634055773145.png (945.49 KB, 1146x810, 191:135, ideas.png) ImgOps iqdb

Disgusting. Clones are great if they're made to look sufficiently mook-ish and indistinct, un-individualistic, like archetypes of a class, then it looks fine and cool when there's 20 of them running around.

I have absolutely no interest in playing any modern fps game that forgoes these core principles for cruddy "hero" characters with shit designs, cringe bios and zany one-liners, to sell skins and appeal to waste people. Unfortunately this is pretty much all of them, so I don't play the genre anymore. I used to love R6 Siege until the art direction went down the complete shitter for this exact reason, in the case of that game it's not even just bad, it's straight up offensive.

Though what you're talking about is slightly different, and equally as retarded (how the fuck can you have a ww2 game without factions?) it goes hand in hand with the above, which is almost definitely why they decided not to even include teams, because the characters aren't just cool army soldiers anymore, they're tryhard turds. I blame TF2 for starting this garbage, even though it was done well, it was the precursor to everything I hate about modern multiplayer games.


Same, there's so many cool designs that cover faces, tech limitations or not, old games figured that shit out much better.


you can go first person in 2 3 and 5 and shoot, so its an FPS retard


FPS is strictly FPS otherwise fortnite is a FPS game.


what about in halo you go third person to drive and shoot from turrets


3rd person with "vehicle" does not matter because technically many FPS have this as an option.

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