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File: 1619385385339.jpg (64.34 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1654983.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


So what other Wizards think about it? Personally I played it completly and I liked it.


game is great, fanbase is cancer though.


-great soundtrack
-memorable characters
-innovative gameplay

-saccharine "power of friendship" story
-youtuber bait
-memes/pop culture references
-too short
-excessive pandering

Deltarune improved on some of these things (aside from being even shorter than undertale) and yet it had less of an impact on me

I would like to see toby make a single, 30-hour-long rpg with lots of exploration and worldbuilding but I think the most we can expect a short, linear movielike experience in the vein of Deltarune.


>excessive pandering

Could you give me and example on how it's pandering?


>furry characters
>gay characters
>lesbian characters
>nonbinary protagonist
>implied FTM character
>ironic weebshit

deltarune kind of cast all of this aside from what i can remember


I think you're asking for the game to become some typical triple AAA prefabricated trash.


>I would like to see toby make a single, 30-hour-long rpg with lots of exploration and worldbuilding
Isn't it just one guy?
Do you know how much fucking work that is for one person?



I guess what I mean is, I would like to see an installment in the Undertale series actually live up to the title of being a spiritual successor to Earthbound. To achieve that, it needs more substance and exploration. I don't care if it means Toby has to accept the help of a few trusted people.


I think that's just unfortunately how things are nowadays.


>I think that's just unfortunately how things are nowadays.

yeah, we're in a time where everything has to sasisfy every possible group.


The pandering kind of fits in with the anime theme of the game, I guess. Anime has included LGBT characters for a long time now. I still think it was mainly Toby trying to appease his patrons. One patron in particular was such a blemish on the game that he hid his OC away in an impossible-to-discover location.


Well, you're asking for the game to be this typical corporate crap in which the content is made with a checklist in mind. Because "oh, is has to have these things because every normalgroid thing has it". While the game is good because how special it feels.


My opinion is subjective and if I had been the one to make Undertale, probably nobody would have played it. It is, in essence, a short-story driven game with an anime plot (which is apparently what the world wanted).


short, story-driven*


I liked it, it had some kind of charm to it, genocide route was more fun for obvious reasons, took me a few tries to kill Sans because I'm bad at games.
Sucks about the furry shit, people complain about the "fandom" but I don't participate in any fandoms so I wouldn't know.


> Anime has included LGBT characters for a long time now.


File: 1619446050612-0.jpg (94.25 KB, 640x640, 1:1, aids.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1619446050612-1.jpg (80.62 KB, 640x911, 640:911, gay.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

He's not lying.


played it when it first came out. i found it annoying and not fun


Do not conflate LGBT illness with BL pandering.


It's faggotry and degeneracy.


Yes, it is. And the thing is the japanese know this, while LGBT is an attempt to promote and normalize it.


>japanese know this, while LGBT is an attempt to promote and normalize it
lol, stop acting like japanese are some le epic based anti-jews, they suffer the same crap we do here in the west. To even say yuri on ice isn't homocrap propaganda is ridiculous.


I never said anything related to jews. They just know that it's all fetish crap.


I enoyed the humour and gameplay. I got up to Undyne? (succufish) and couldnt win. Might play again. I imagine the protagonist is a female. Not touching the fandom community with a 10 foot ethernet cable.

nips aren't pushing the lgbtqsa2÷ on children though. it's accesible, sure, but schools aren't having kids write essays on how they want to marry their classmates of the same sex


I respect the ambition of the guy who made it and think the music is great but hate everything else about it, nothing personal just not my thing


>I got up to Undyne
Killing her is pretty straight forward. Just git gud and don't die.
But sparing her I needed a guide because it's anything but straight forward and I wouldn't have figured it out if I didn't use a guide.


>I imagine the protagonist is a female
It's supposedly "ambiguous" enough that you can self insert if you're a male or female. But I agree with you, it's a succubus


Am i the only one who can't play as a female no matter what the game is? I simply cannot. It feels unnatural. Used to play many h-games where protagonist was a female though, but that was just to jerk off to h-scenes, playing as female seriously simply takes away all the fun for from the game for me. I do play Overwatch as female characters sometimes, but thats it. I have not completed any game that forces female protagonist, ever.
Normalfaggots seem very different, for example. I mean, videogames are fantasy worlds where people can fantasize about being someone else, a powerful warlock or something similiar, living lives as fantasy characters and yet normals chose succubi characters because 'they don't like staring at mens butts'. What the fuck is this explanation? When I play games I don't stare at my characters butt, i am him. That is why it feels weird to play as succubi. I am not one, neither I wish to be. Guess there are different types of player mentalities.


Some people just don’t self insert very hard.


When I play games usually unless it's first person I view the character as a puppet or tool I use to interact with the game world.
I feel no need to self insert at all so playing as whatever doesn't bother me as long as it responds to my inputs properly.


Well, seems like my gaming escapism is stronger. When I play games I simply disappear from this world and dive into the setting i'm playing.


I like playing games were you're a succubus, but only if they are cute.
And I like playing games were you're an incubus, but only if they are cool.


So you perceive all game events from outside perspective, which is different when you self-insert like me. Whatever floats our boats I guess.


If I am really into a game "I" looses focus and it is just manipulating the game using the tools available.
I mean do you just not play games that aren't character focused?
Like puzzle games or strategy games?


Nope, my favorites games are the ones that are character heavy. So I feel very inmersed in the world and in-character when I play them. The game on the OP of this thread is a good example of one I think.


It's okay.

I replay the genocide route sometimes. It's easily my favorite part of the game.

Gameplay: It's fun some of the time. Mostly during boss battles. Omega flowey, Sans and undyne the undying's fights were the high points. Pacifist is the most boring route, despite being the true ending.

Story: Generic. Maybe if the game was longer they could've actually done something interesting with it.

Characters: Pretty annoying. I like some of them.

Music: Maybe i've just heard it too much, but it's gotten boring for me. Prefer deltarunes ost (I like deltarune more in general.)


I haven't play it yet, but so many people like this game. But I watch screenshots and after watching do not want to play because it looks so uninteresting. I know that make opinion only looked at screenshots is not good idea (barony too looks like a shit, but it's good game). So can you tell me why this game so good?


It is refreshingly unique and most of the different or creative things it does is actually pulled off.


I agree with the first post, but really due to all of the tropes in this game that many indy games have, I would consider it plenty pre-fabricated. The cons listed are what make it and many indie games extremely pre-fabricated and stale.


the game is very good but the people who play it are idiots


people who play it =/= the dumb elements of the fandom


I played if for 4 hours after reading this thread. It became stale very fast due to the constant witticisms and gags.


For me pacifist and neutral are far more fun than genocide. I love the emotions and story in genocide but I hate grinding for encounters


Played this on release date, which I almost never do. I was expecting cheap indie bullshit, but found it was well made and interesting. I'm really glad I played it before the hype because the fanbase is extremely cringy and I probably would have avoided it on that basis alone.


For me it just hurt all the more watching something I enjoyed being perversely fucked with.


Yeah, I feel you. I had a similar experience with mspaintadventures. I liked the dumb, quirky comedy of Problem Sleuth, but when Homestuck got big with a cringy fanbase of ultra-horny teens, I felt embarrassed for myself. Maybe it is something about media in the Andrew Hussie / Toby Fox style that is good, but is also irresistible to cringe.


this is accurate


I don't get these posts. Undertale was fully funded in like a week because it already had a huge fanbase from tumblr where the author is fairly famous and posts the same type of stuff you see in the game but as illustrations and comics. If anything, this title is an odd case where the fanbase already existed before the game did. oh well whatever


Yeah all the homestuck guys gave him money, but it took a while for all the underage little faggots to start spamming “ITS SANS UNDERTALS” and just being generally insufferable. 8chan had lovely threads on the demo, but as soon as it released and all the contrarian retards caught wind those were over too.


gave me some RARE childhood feels, pretty immersive too
I absolutely hate the faggy fanbase though


30 hours is the perfect length for an RPG in my opinion.
more is too much and i get burnt out, less is too little and i dont give a fuck about the characters or setting.
Considering this, i genuinely have no idea what people's obsession with undertale is about.

hans wormhat's wife says she thinks it's a fake game created by a jewish think tank. i agree with this notion just on the basis that there's no logical reason why someone would become obsessed with a character from undertale–a game 4 hours long–yet millions have.
Chara is on-screen for like 15 fucking seconds hahahahah. Do you have any idea how much fanart, tulpas, and theories were created regarding Chara, despite their 15 seconds of screentime? there's NO CHARACTER in that game that speaks more than like 10 sentences total.

Undertale just does something to fuck people's brains up and make them attached to like a store clerk character that has 2 facial expressions and speaks 2 sentences. They're ugly flat 8-bit sprites that aren't expressive at all and barely say anything. i'm convinced there is evil afoot with this game.


where did my post go, i can still see it in the index but not here


I liked it and have had no exposure to the fanbase. I didnt notice the things people seem to complain about. I couldnt care less if there are LGBT things in a game


oh wow if some nobody's wife says it's a jewish conspiracy it must be true


>hans wormhat's wife


Undertale is not some jewish conspiracy its just a nice fun game holy shit anon


game tries a bit too hard to pander to the SJW audience with the designs/ambiguous gender/pacifist message but it is a fucking good game, and i respect good games


dude its not the jews lol


> tries a bit too hard to pander to the SJW audience with the designs/ambiguous gender/pacifist message
the game intro needs to have toriel dressed in lingerie giving a bj to the protagonist ala duke nukem forever, protagonist should have a wizson like kratos and be a mgtow masculine manly conservative covered in scars whos goal is wizsaving the wizrace.
all male characters will have to be single mom experts and hold frame, stages will have the player rescuing helpless succubi as the red white and blue flag waves in the background (a fitting ending).
hans will have to be remade and instead he'll rant about the elites and crack mortally challenged jokes. everything must be political, all dialog choices will be edited and replaced with say his race! only then will the game be a masterpiece.


>leftist humor


>leftist humor
but seriously, if you dont think there is tumblr/sjw culture and/or pandering behind the game you're deluding yourself



wizchan 2021


are you being sardonic? that guy looks like a typical retard mgtow nigger


how is a mirror or playing a recording mocking in any way when the devs actually added that to gow and duke nukem forever? the line is blurred so I can't tell mgtows from wizards from polcrabs anymore


people come to this site expecting all 30+ male virgins to be exactly like themselves

you won't find that community of people where everyone thinks exactly as you do


I have no idea what the video is about, the guy just looks like a mgtow goobrain with the stupid trimmed beard and muscles so I cant watch more than 10 seconds, I assumed the person was posting the guy to mock the people he is replying to because of the the previous mocking post about generic macho MCs


I was under the impression that posters here agree to disagree agreeably
in my reply to 54667 how is that mocking when all I did was describe some aspects of those games or did they patch those features out? what the single mom expert is saying is very similar to some of the comments on this site lol


feel free to ignore this post but thanks for replying ^^ maybe my messages are in some language that some wizards don't understand thus they call me leftist and so forth.
idk how to crosspost but I keep seeing this pattern where a few wizards see everything as political, sjw or leftist where there isn't any :/ please just watch from 2:05 to 3:15…


those guys are fags


Genocide route is rubbish. What are you talking about?

It starts out normally then you realise how much busywork it is to grind that many enemies (that aren't difficult either) you're supposed to. The characters and the story do change a little and that's good but forget about the puzzles, they're already completed before you reach them. Then you'll see how shitty the grind gets by the time you reach the waterfall when you have only a few left but they just won't spawn since the encounter rate decreases the more kills you do so you just run around for 3 minutes until the next one it appears. You do get 1 new boss and a different pattern for Undine but that's it, Mettaton EX is just a cutscene. The grind remains just as annoying later in the core when you have to kill 40? enemies. And that's it, you beat Sans and get the ending then you look to see how much the route took - 2-3 hours, half an hour the actual game and the rest is padding.


You're right.

I just like the boss fights.


my sentiments exactly. I enjoyed it.


>half an hour the actual game and the rest is padding.
that sums up the whole game, the characters barely talk at all. people have these autistic obsessions with characters who have 3 whole lines of dialogue. it's insane. >>54619


I enjoyed it the neutral and pacifist runs were enjoyable I liked most of the characters.The genocide run left something to be desired though.The two superbosses were an enjoyable challenge,but the rest of it was extremely boring.I get the point the game was trying to make,but it could have been executed better.Deltarunes Snowgrave route was what I wish undertales genocide route could have been.


I would be extremely interested in an alternative universe where instead of a child falling, a grown ass man fell. Even better, a grown man with anger control issues. I can just see him pick up one of the monsters in the ruins and throwing it against the wall. SPLAT! I'd like to see him just yank the spear from Undyne and throwing her off the cliff then going on to just beat the shit out of Asgore for killing those children then becoming the true king of the monsters.


So, just genocide but with a different sprite?


I think he would also like the game to be easier for power fantasy reasons.


I liked them too, but those great moments were too few and far between to be enjoyable. I like how Sans behaves differently early on along with the few different story bits, the music that changes the pace once you reach the kill limit in the area or the much better boss themes (especially Undine). Those encounters were fantastic but they can't justify another weak playtrough in which you run past puzzles and a ton of plot, while grinding a bunch of "press A to win" battles that get boring very quickly since you can't even spare.



In some ways, yes. In other ways, I'd also like the thought of exploring how an adult would fare vs a child. An adult would be vastly more powerful and probably impossible to kill. On the other hand, what if the dodging was only possible because kids can dodge better? Would an adult need to dodge or would they just one hit kill everything from the start? It's an interesting concept. There's also no way asgore could kill an adult and unlikely an adult would be swayed by the "kill or be killed" or "only pacifist" that the game presents. Adults would probably find it moral to kill in self defense which would change the Sans meeting at the end when he judges your stats. Also these stats probably wouldn't be swayed as much since adults are more mature and already set into society's thoughts on morality. They'll be unlikely be more able to kill or find it reprehensible. The game will become way more gray and nuanced.

But yea, primarily for power fantasy reasons. I could see myself getting angry at adult monsters trying to kill a child or anyone. Same with Undyne, though I don't really remember much of her. Pretty sure she was totally ready to kill all humans or something.


Fantastic ost. Toby Fox really sharpened his composing skills during the years when he was a part of the Homestuck fandom.


>furry characters
Well, they're monsters
>gay characters
>lesbian characters
They were written back when faggotry was confined to just tumblr and wasn't rampant amongst fandom culture yet
>nonbinary protagonist
Frisk, Chara, and Kris are whatever you want them to be
>implied FTM character
When was Mettaton ever referred to as female when he was a ghost?
>ironic weebshit
Can't argue with that


> They were written back when faggotry was confined to just tumblr and wasn't rampant amongst fandom culture yet
Bitch undertale came out in 2015.


i played it in 2015 and didnt enjoy it. i think i would have enjoyed it as a little kid playing something like undertale on my gameboy. it wasn't fun playing on pc and i didn't really like the story.


And 2018 is when tumblr banned porn and it’s culture moved to Twitter, becoming widespread *everywhere*


I have still never played the game, I can't get over the fanbase being retarded plus the weird tumblr characters, and I doubt I would even enjoy it at this point in life. From what I've seen in gameplay clips the pseudo-deep story looks like it was made to appeal to kids and teenagers, and I'm getting well past that point now


File: 1645227341209.jpg (35.07 KB, 736x568, 92:71, 0286872469be5336723697b5cf….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have beaten Undertale at least 5 times. The first was completely blind, where I feel I 'messed up'. Went back, did it 'right'. Then did it 'very wrong'. I still wanted more. I tried beating hardmode, but it turns out that isn't completely implemented. Then I beat it on pacifist again just to try a few more things. I bought it on switch and beat it 2 more times, once for the exclusive content and another for completionist sake of trying to find everything. Its one of the few games I ever felt like I really wanted to explore. And yet, for Deltarune I just am not very interested. Maybe I just want to play the full game when its out or something but I have no interest following its development beyond chapter 1, which kind of felt like I discovered everything on the first playthrough.

tl;dr phenominal game, best game of 2010s


The story is, from what i remember not that good due to the lack of advanced plot elements like tension, urgency, cohesion etc. You fall into the underground and your goal is to go back up but for that there is way to much dialogue and way too many characters that have nothing to do with you (All except Toriel) that exist just to pad the game with endless dialogue (that could be easily compressed) especially Alphys. 1-2 hours in and you will forget what was your purpose since your character (Frisk) has no character development or dialogue by design. No one else cares about your mission until almost the end, except Toriel which stops being plot relevant after the first area. If you were to remove the references to the underground/overworld you could have a totally different plot based entirely underground and the later parts like the core could be set up for a different goal.

Contrast this to lets say Cave Story which does this too but with a smaller relevance and for a limited time before remembering you what you're supposed to do through plot progression events.

Its structure is unfortunately made in such a way that if you end up liking it like i did, you will certainly enjoy it till the end. If you didn't, you will see the issues that you otherwise wouldn't see if you were imersed, which also happen to start being visible on the second playtrough. For example i remember how annoying Alphys is calling you every 2 steps in order to tell you something you will forget 5 minutes later, even though this wasn't a problem on my first playtrough.

As for the depth and appeal, when i played it as a kid in early 2016 i really felt that the story is unique and interesting but i didn't put much brain tought into since back then i was too dumb for anything story related and would pretty much skip all the talking and move straight into the gameplay if it was a different game, but not for this one since i really liked it for some reason. If i were to play it for the first time right now i would still like it but probably wouldn't go past 40% of it since i have much less patience now.

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