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Previous thread

Was a pretty good thread last time just discussing what you guys are playing.
I see no reason not to have another.


I’m playing Skyrim again. I always get so bogged down with mods so this time I’m limiting myself and not installing anything with a dependency. I’m actually enjoying myself quite a bit.


WHhy would anyone want a razer desktop background?


what eye cancer


no hate intended, sorry

but FUCk razer products. I will never buy this shit. My keyboard is razer and it cannot change rgb color scheme unless I install their shitty "synapse" software.

I was also getting blue screens on my win7. After uninstalling synapse…guess what? no more blue screens

fuck this garbage company


File: 1620874605563.png (Spoiler Image, 5.45 MB, 1920x1732, 480:433, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

off-topic i personally find razer products are alright, my stuff is now over 5 years old. all ive had to do so far is take mouse apart to solder on a new left click button, and it has looked like absolute shit ever since but it works fine. the headset broke at one of the connection between the band and the earpiece, but i used jbweld to fix that

on-topic i played taur today. i thought i was in a tutorial mode or something, but nothing new happened when i reached 100% in the campaign, you just keep fighting battles, and no new tutorial info popped up. i hate the controls for that game. left clcik for your main attack, mouse move to aim around… it's like a pure mouse/aiming game most of the time… but they put the secondary attack not on the mouse but F or something. weird. one of those games where maybe the idea of it is more interesting than the actual game


I have a couple Razer stuff, don't really think twice about Synapse because it's pretty fun to fuck around in. No blue screens either.


great picture choice op, it's as if you've done it on purpose to get as many (off topic) replies as possible


It depends what the product is their controller they made the razwe raiju is actually amazing and worth every penny. People love to hate the brand because it is popular often however I would not bother with their mouse


how do people even use RGB at all I cannot handle any lights on my PC and block the light with tape etc.


I also wonder this. They are gaudy as all hell


It is very normalfag in a way as it is showing off but to who when you are the only one to see it. It is impossible to watch anime with all these flashing lights and makes no sense to me but I have younger family and when I talk about gaming with them they say they want RGB badly even more than good hardware they just want it to look cool.


when you type ion the dark - it's easier to see this way when keycaps are lit. It's not that hard to get why it's useful.


Yeah its probably just a younger kids thing idk. Function/practical use > style

I just keep a small flashlight on my desk LOL. Used it to type this


Don't pretend that RGB is so you can see your keys also I do not even know touch typing and type in the dark fine I am doing it now.
>ohh I need 100 flashing obnoxious colors to see where i'm typing
no you dont


Why are you so mad about some silly lights on a keyboard?


If you like lights fine but do not pretend they are needed for any reason.


I just have solid red lights on my keyboard. They came with it, and you know what they do make it easier to see the keys. Even after the paint wears off too cause the light still makes the shape of the letter. Of course it's not necessary.


i look at the keys to type, and i type in the dark

i simply dont use dark mode BS and so my screen illuminates my entire desk with glorious white light


It ain't my fault you are triggered by dumb irreverent shit and can't stay on topic.


Mostly more "mainstream" stuffs like PDX grand strategy games and the Total War series. Picked up Holdfast for a while, purely for the fact that I found a game where you can use 19th century weaponry interesting.


>Picked up Holdfast for a while, purely for the fact that I found a game where you can use 19th century weaponry interesting.

how is it?


It's a nice FPS/TPS if you're interested in the era, but its also clearly a multiplayer game, so unless you're also a history autist like me who nevertheless gets bored of painting maps from time to time, don't buy it.


File: 1621110336590.jpg (34.77 KB, 466x548, 233:274, 71e5h9M2YQL._AC_SX466_.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm playing pic related, I'm at the part when you arrive to Atlanta after Joe gets brutally murdered by Abby I would say that the game is OK at this point, it pretty much plays like the 1st game and is not as controversial or bad as I thought (just a bit of lesbianism and some minor Jewish scene) the game is fine, I don't think it's a masterpiece or anything (the 1st one was a good game but not a masterpiece by any measure) It's good, it's fun and I'm having a good time.

Maybe things will change later on but for now I'm satisfied.


File: 1621112269060.jpg (314.88 KB, 1439x860, 1439:860, mc_thaum_mocreatures.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I was with Stardew Valley. I got a barn, some hens, some cows, last level of the mine, some bundles at the Junimo's Hall and then I grew tired.

I am now with minecraft again but can't even enjoy it properly


File: 1621129246699.png (220.74 KB, 752x502, 376:251, 222.png) ImgOps iqdb

I've been playing megaman powered up, it's a decent game, if a bit easy, the only thing is the controls are godawful; megaman feels extremely slippery in this title and I don't like it at all. If you've played the original megaman games you'll know every single one after 2 has had very tight and precise controls. You could say the controls are rightfully slippery because megaman 1 had kinda slippery controls, but I don't think it's comparable; megaman 1 feels bearable, but this, hardly.


File: 1621150336132-0.gif (70.91 KB, 230x156, 115:78, 20210000.gif) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1621150336132-1.jpg (131.08 KB, 1689x584, 1689:584, amaze1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Street Fighter Alpha 3


File: 1621182413722.png (1.61 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

is slay the spire any good? art kinda looks like shit. i've also got fell seal on my backlog, i'd like to try it but i'm turned off for the same reason: it looks fucking awful


genesis alpha one is cool for a few hours. quickly figured out the solution to infestations appearing randomly on the ship. you just build ship with a single max length corridor and have everything coming from that. so as you run back and forth you inevitably hear the noise from aliens and can eliminate them before they cause problems. also tons of turrets and shields alone the corridor and doors. anywhere that your robots go, like to pick up things at x or drop them off at x, there is a chance it spawns aliens. also in the tractor beam room, and hangar. so just put turret in all those places and it stops them from spawning essentially. i liked the idea of this game a lot, but it's really just some indie game without much depth. it could easily receive updates/dlc and become vastly more fun, but i dont think that will happen. hopefully a bigger game with similar mechanics will eventually be made


I've recently started playing fast-paced competitive games. Even though it's a dead game I play Quake Champions almost everyday (soon-to-be used to play since I've switched to linux)


Tried Days Gone and played it for 2 days straight very thoroughly but uninstalled yesterday. I can't say I hated this game but there were a lot very annoying elements. It is also very boring and uninspired. Developers wanted to copypaste Witcher 3 and were not holding themselves back, except their open world is very secondary, locations are not interesting, enemies are generic without any variety. Characters are not memorable and their lines are very unnatural but maybe it is because rural american culture is very alien to me.
I was surprised that this game doesn't look censored and there were a lot of brutal, violent scenes. There is cold blooded stabbing and cutting, hanged people, beaten people etc. I do not enjoy looking at such things but don't mind it either, it is reality, especially when everything is in chaos. But why does our MC kills everything in sight, including the same drifters who mindlessly attack him is something I didn't understand. I think they should not be enemies by default.
In general I thought this is a very boring, grey game which doesn't have anything that can motivate the player to finish it. I personally did not care about anything that happened during my adventures.
Completely subjective of course. Has anyone on this board played it too?


anyone know of a website or resource where i can find 'ball games'? not sports games, but games where you literally roll a ball around or something similar

ive only recently realized it's a genre/game mechanic and find it interesting. things like kula world, hamsterball, monkeyball, kororinpa i know of. are there any new stuff perhaps?


Just got around to part 3 of the story in pso2.

According to the steam achievements most steam users really don't bother with the story mode.

It isn't great and it has major pacing issues but they throw star gems and titles at you for suffering through it and it adds context to things. Plus some of the characters are more interesting then they first appear.

Like the ingame idol/pop star having a double life as a secret agent supersoldier
Or Risa the ranger trainer turns out to be capable of pretty deep insights and has come to the conclusion that the best way of life is to be true to ones self, which in her case is a unapologetic gun crazy kill bot who revels in the suffering of those driven before her (favorite character so far).

I probably should be focusing on leveling stuff but whatever.
Even on "hardcore" the story gives fuck all exp. Which is probably why no one does it even if they are into this melodramatic jrpg bullshit kind of story.

Whatever, I mainly stick around for the world building and boss fights when it comes to the story.
Smacking around dark falz or whatever they are called is fun.
Can't wait to beat the snot out of Gemini, they seem to be the next big bad on the asskicking chopping block.

Also the SAO crossover is going on so damn near every male PC running around looks like Kirito, which it pretty lame.
Did appreciate them getting the voice actors over and it's clear effort was put into this crossover event so even if I think SAO was kind of a shitshow I can't complain too much.


File: 1621776481162.png (47.84 KB, 220x251, 220:251, 220px-Mega_Man_(Mega_Man_9….png) ImgOps iqdb

Has anyone here played Megaman extensively? I am obsessed with this series, it's possibly the most fun video game I've ever played. These are the only games that I've come back to to beat multiple times, and I'm currently in the process of beating one of the newer entries. I wish there were more games that replicated the classic series, I'm not really a big fan of X-style Megaman, though the X-spinoff Zero series has really fun bosses.


I played 1 through 7 in like a couple of months and then never went back to it really, should really play 9, 10 and 11 (wasn't a fan of 8 mostly because the voice acting)


Play 2, 3 and four regularly on Famicom. Usually 4, since it is so easy, but has almost as good levels and music as 2.

X2 I've finished once on SFC and it is good, but already has unnecessary new gameplay elements.

If you like the difficulty of 2 and the style, try playing Taito's Power Blazer, which was released heavily modified (in the process losing the difficulty) as Power Blade in the West. Music - which is great - is the same, but the similary to RM/MM is lost because of style change.


Ok, I just played through power blazer, I didn't really like it. My biggest issue was that upgrades/drops can actually make your weapon harder to use, and it's already really janky in the first place. Other than that the bosses were pretty simple, the dragon boss in particular was just awful. Stages were not very complex, straight hallways with an enemy or two every once in a while, also some simple disappearing block sections in a couple levels. Most of the trouble I had traversing the levels was just due to the floaty controls combined with poor contrast between back and foreground textures, some bad hitboxes, and pixel perfect jumps. I think the quality of megaman 2 greatly surpasses power blazer in pretty much every aspect, they are both non-linear jump and shoot type games but that's as far as similarities go in my opinion.


only mexicans like megaman here


Rockman 2 surely is a better game and especially more polished one, no doubt.

Normal weapon is better against some enemies and the super against others, but you can beat all enemies and bosses with either without great difficulty.

The controls are tight and very simple. There is few parts where pixel perfect jumps are needed, as there is in RM2.

Pretty much only major level feature not found in Power Blazer that is in Rockman 2 is the trap part of Quickman-level.

The bosses in 'normal' levls are more varied in design and style of attacks compared to robot masters in RM2. The more complex boss battles are to be found in the Dr. Wily levels and there is, what, four?.
Compared to that, there is only final boss level in the Power Blazer, which has a double boss fight, first one which is very similar to the disappearing yellow turd found in the first level.

I don't find any contrast problem with original hardware, AV Fami outputting to CRT. Maybe the parts where there is sky blue background, I could see the player character blending because of similar colors of background and character, but there is obviously similar 'problem' in pretty much all Fami/NES RM/MM's.

There isn't any 'hitbox' problems related to enemies, only in the doors and ladders, which require you to be exactly at the middle of them.
Some if not all of the bosses do not indigate any health loss with sound or anything else and that can be confusing, especially in the beehive boss.

Humanoid robot fighting against more animalistic robots, futuristic levels with many similarities, some evil human siccing these robots against the Utopian society. I see many similarities to Rockman/Megaman.
Latter have much more weapons, gained from robot masters, but which are mostly useless or not needed (except in one Dr. Wily boss, just like in 4's final Wily fight).
Since there is no sliding or megabuster in 2, the basic gameplay mechanics are just as simple.

Plus, they both have amazing music.


>you can beat all enemies and bosses with either without great difficulty.
I believe that for every boss except the dragon, as soon as you enter its boss room it can instantly fly into you and damage you and there is no way to know when it will do a high jump or a low roll, only way I beat it was just spamming short range red boomerang and using a health tank
>The controls are tight and very simple. There is few parts where pixel perfect jumps are needed, as there is in RM2.
I wouldn't call the controls tight, they were just 'ok', somewhere in between super mario and megaman, I had trouble inching the character forward like is possible in every megaman game
>Pretty much only major level feature not found in Power Blazer that is in Rockman 2 is the trap part of Quickman-level.
Well, most of the stuff in power blazer was just extremely simplified versions of stuff you could find in any megaman NES title, for example the yoku blocks in power blazer were just used as a hazard with no puzzle or memorization aspect like what you could find in megaman
>The bosses in 'normal' levels are more varied in design and style of attacks compared to robot masters in RM2
Most of the bosses are really slow with a simple pattern, I hardly felt moments where I needed to pay much attention, a boss was either a kill as fast as possible boss or a boss where you have to bait, wait, jump and shoot, repeat
>I don't find any contrast problem with original hardware
I got used to it after playing a little while, but there were a lot of points in the game where I couldn't tell if a block was a piece of scenery or a background and ended up in a pit, I definitely never had that problem in any megaman game
>There isn't any 'hitbox' problems related to enemies
I was thinking of one part in particular with the falling spike ceiling on a chain things (basically metalman spikes), there is an inconsistency where you can slightly clip into the side of the spike while it's going up without getting hit but then get hit when it falls down, also it wasn't intuitive right away on how to approach these spikes because you'll notice part of your head can clip into them without damaging you
>Some if not all of the bosses do not indigate any health loss with sound or anything else
Yeah that was awful, I had to watch a video on youtube to make sure I was actually doing any damage, no idea why there isn't a health bar for the bosses
>Humanoid robot fighting against more animalistic robots, futuristic levels with many similarities, some evil human siccing these robots against the Utopian society. I see many similarities to Rockman/Megaman.
Sure, they have a similar theme, but they play a lot differently, power blazer surely lacking in polish
>Latter have much more weapons, gained from robot masters, but which are mostly useless or not needed
Arguable, the only real useless weapon in megaman 2 is crash bomb, the rest I find have their place(s) for clever usage


I've been playing megaman X3 for literally the entire day and I think I'm ready to put it down now. I'm at the final boss and I can say that this game is insanely difficult, X1 and X2 come nowhere close to this level of difficulty. In X3 everything does a crap ton of damage to you and enemies are placed in levels in such a way that it punishes you for trying to go fast, which is annoying. Common enemies in stages are no longer dumb cannon fodder, they will dodge your attacks or put up shields. Maverick weapons I actually ended up using a lot more than any other megaman game just because it felt like the game was designed around them, each weapon has more than enough ammo and are for the most part great at clearing levels. There is a system in the game where you get to collect some ride armor which you can spawn in at certain pads in levels, I thought this is stupid, I never really used it except to wiz through a few screens without care because operating the ride armor basically makes you invulnerable. All in all I think X3 is a decline in quality from the previous iterations, everything about it is just wrong, I wouldn't be surprised if the design work done on this was outsourced.


I just finished playing both of the DLCs for The Witcher 3. I'm impressed at just how much content there was. The only real disappointment was the rune crafting stuff. I paid a boat load of gold to upgrade his tools and ultimately none of the enhancements looked better than the alternate of just putting runestones/glyphs into the slots. I wish I could live in toussaint, it's so beautiful.


Been playing Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Beta 2. Despite terrible amount of bugs (it is a beta after all) and tedious, stupidly implemented armies and battle system (something like very primitive Heroes of Might and Magic), I greatly enjoyed the game and on full release it should be much better than the first one.
The illusion of choice is very well made. The story changes depending on what mythic powers you choose. I played through beta twice, first time I chose Trickster, there were special dialogue options and NPCs reacted to my choice. Didn't finish the playthrough because of bugged quest.
Next one was a evil demon playthrough. Mythic quests were different, instead of being invited to the council of tricksters I was abducted by enemy demoness and then saved by succubi queen Nocticula, who became my patron and in general plays important role in the fourth act, it really impacts the story. In the Trickster playthrough I had to bust my ass to Nocticula senpai to notice me and grant me an audience, in the second it was a breeze.
Companions are better than they were in Kingmaker. Didn't like the nigger paladin, and the nigger faggot cleric was whining to much, but Wenduag, Camellia, Daeran, Arueshalae and the tiefling thief were interesting.


File: 1622369436949.jpg (122.53 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, pathfinder.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Have you played Pathfinder: Kingmaker? I'm curious about the Pathfinder universe and I'm wondering if those games are a good way to go about it.


Yeah, i have. It is a good game, very long, like 140 hours or so, but enjoyable. The combat is fucking hard sometimes, pre-buffing your entire party to survive a battle will be necessary later on, it can get tedious. Time limits on quests are also retarded, but you get used to it. Companions are a bit bland. Liked the tiefling sisters, you can even make a three way romance with them, which was interesting.
I recommend playing it. But Wrath of the Righteous will be much better once it is done.
However, the taint of modernity is rather obvious in both games. Shit like feminism and homosexuality are subtly promoted, and in the Wrath there are even lesbian spymaster and half orc lesbian military leader that are married. But I guess that can't be avoided in the western games nowadays.


It's a fantastic game but might be a bit overwhelming if you're not into CRPGs or tabletop


I'm playing it right now too This game is way too long for no real reason. Basically the same gameplay loop as the first one (except you encounter more human ennemies than zombies) but for 30 hours of gameplay. I'll start rushing through the rest of the game now. TLOU 1 was bearable because it was short, I'm already bored with Part II and I'm just halfway through. Also, I think the plot is less intresting than the first one.


No exp. with Razer but I'm disappointed with "le gaming" label in general after buying a gaming mouse and a keyboard (firm is ZET GAMING; I think it's middle-ish in price/quality) and having them both fail after just 15 months, almost right after their 1-year warranty expires. Didn't abuse them or anything, didn't use that much at all in fact.
Now it's a wireless set by Microsoft. 3-year warranty, much less wires, convenient for chair/bed switching, works just fine. Haven't tried it in speed-sensible gaming but really I'm not even that good to feel the extra quick response or something.


Thanks! I might try that out, I see there's only two games based on Pathfinder right now, I'm thinking about jumping in as soon as possible.

I've played a few crpgs. I'm not particularly good at them but I'm quite the patient type so I think I'll manage to get through, hopefully.


If you are looking to get spendy with your gear always look at the quality of components used and overall construction rather then the brand or theme.


I've done nothing but play dragon age inquisition for the past 4 days. It's pretty standard fare fantasy but done well. I wish I had superhuman travel speed though. These ridges of rock with just one single unmarked path through are starting to get old.


File: 1622827991213-0.jpg (1.22 MB, 3000x2250, 4:3, 123.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1622827991213-1.jpg (872.26 KB, 1314x1018, 657:509, wizard's dream.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Decided to play Ghost Recon: Wildlands and spent the last 3 days in it (offline campaign). It is a third-person shooter sandbox, set in Bolivia (though I don't know how authentic the map is). Gameplay is very repetitive in a manner of "tower capturing", but I think it is not boring because there is good attention to details. Shooting and weapon handling feels good, there are fun and satisfying combat situations and good special ops vibe overall. If you like military genre, customization, really existing weapons, open-world, crouching, taking out assholes with silenced weapons, amushing etc., give it a try. There are a lot of weapons and gear. There is a lot of brutality, and it's pretty graphic scenes in this game, like torture, hanging, dismemberment etc. I can't say this game is difficult but it still requires at least primitive tactical approach because shitters will scream, alert, call for backup in any suspicious situation. I'm playing on a high difficulty and they kill me instantly, the same way as I kill them, mostly one-shot, so it's fair. Cartel higher ups are charismatic and more or less well-made as characters, I think. Not too forced. I am sure devs were taking a lot of inspiration from "Sicario". Voice acting is good, gangsters and military sound believable to me.

Cons: dead bodies disappear quickly for some reason; AI could be better and it would be a pretty hard game in this case; thin walls, like wooden ones can't be shot through (maybe mistaken). Some other insignificant cons but I don't remember. Graphics engine is good but not very impressive. Physics are average, especially when driving.
I think it's a good game with a big budget if you enjoy such themes and non-intrusive wandering around.


Don't know where to post this, but the steam port of Romancing Saga 2 has no audio options, and although I can lower the volume through the windows sound mixer it resets to 100% every time I close and reopen the game. Does anyone know how to lower the volume for good? Fucking square and their lazy ports.


Have you checked the forums using the seach function?
9 out of 10 times someone has had and found a fix for most issues and posted about it on the steam forums or somewhere else that can be found pretty easily.

I don't personally know about that game though, so I can't offer direct advice on a fix.


Yes there is nothing besides "tinker witn the windows volume mixer thingy" which does work but not permanently. You have to manually adjust the volume every time you boot the game. Again, it would not matter if the game had damn sound options.


File: 1622855053827.jpg (67.62 KB, 494x675, 494:675, PaulPhoenix.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Tekken 7. Holy shit, at chapter 13, the campaign went from "i'm not even trying" easy to very hard. This is the 2nd game to make me sweat. The first was osu!. The 30 gamerscore makes sense now. Online play is really fun, but I don't want it to spoil me before I can finish the story.


replaying the mass effect games to see the renegade path stuff, love these games, don;t care what anyone says, no real ending in MA3 sucked though


GTA IV, I really enjoy the writing and the characters but the gameplay is boring and has the typical rockstar problem of padding everything out with ridiculous amounts of driving all over the city


After wading through tons of garbage on epic's game deals I finally found Far Cry 3 for $3. It's supposed to be the best of the series so I bought it and started playing it. It really brings home just how little graphics have actually advanced in the last 10 years. It's perfectly immersive even if things aren't quite as polished as they are now. The only thing that is really bugging me is how the game keeps trying to connect to servers without being able to every time I pause. I unblocked it in the firewall so I assume their servers are just dead.


It’s a Ubisoft game, so it’s trying to connect to their shitty platform, or the servers really are just dead cause Ubisoft kills their online services like a year after a game launches.


Playing Griftlands. I wasn't expecting to like it but I am, although I wish they hadn't changed it from a proper RPG into a fucking roguelite card game halfway through development. There's 3 different characters to play with different campaigns but they're all 4 or 5 hours long and feel like prologues to an actual game that never starts. I guess this is supposed to be offset by the inherent replayability of a roguelite, and while I have managed to build up some really fun decks I still don't think the gameplay is nearly good enough for what it's trying to do. The genre of game they've decided to make runs completely at odds with their attempt to tell a story and as a result the whole thing is just neutered. I really wish they had just stuck to making a real video game instead of settling for a fifth of one and letting RNG and procedural generation handle the rest. I hate trends.

I almost forgot to add, the soundtrack at least for combat and negotiation is beautiful. Each character has different music fitting for their personalities and all the soundtracks have multiple variations that play depending on the length of the fight and if either you or your opponents are low on health. Very satisfying to take a chunk off an enemy's healthbar and listen to the music flare up in reaction.
I just recently dropped my second attempt at playing through it for the same reason. Great writing and voice acting but there's just so much fucking downtime and the uptime isn't fun enough to be worth all the waiting. It was the second time that I got right around halfway through the game and burned out. I also think at around the point that I quit the game starts throwing way too many contacts and sub-plotlines at you all at the same time, the pacing is not very good. Always either too slow or too fast.


Dragon Quest XI S. I just got a ship and can sail around it's a fun game but the music is obnoxious. I've been playing for 20 hours but I think I'm still fairly early in the game.


this is ongoing but I have been playing the oringal NES releases of rockman, I am trying to note everything in my head, I want to learn exactly what makes these games so fun, I've played through the levels many times at this point, still have much to learn


can't you replace it with draqueVIII's orchestral music?


I am playing Dark Souls for the umpteenth time and am still enjoying it and feel like going through the sequels again and again for many hours. I might have clocked up around 1.5k hours across the whole series (incl. Demon and Bloodborne)
How I wish they would port that one to PC. Have any of you got individual games or franchises you keep going back to?


Are you excited for Elden Ring? I thought the trailer looked a bit like DS2


File: 1623422791262.jpg (469.52 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 11307BIJ4de5DmyNL8v2ZejrtD….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Playing Yakuza 5, I think the graphics and gameplay are a step up from 4, although it seems to be easier.
And the driving fucking sucks, people just run in front of your car, it's so aggravating.


Oh the trailer is out. Feels like I already played 500 hours of this before. I doubt there will be anything new for people who played the souls games to death before, but who knows.
The fluff material looks really uninspired, too. I guess I'll wait and see.


I’m not sure if I’m just jaded but I feel the same way. I mean I like dark souls, so I’ll buy it and probably have fun, but I’m not excited. It’s just more of the same.


Fighting system is slightly different from 3 and 4, but I would not call it step up.

Graphically it is or at least the PS3 version was better and it runs like shit on PS3.
Does the PS4 or PC version run at least 60fps?

People running under is part of the minigame. Driving isn't really integrated into the gameworld, just another Sega 'game' ported into the game, much like the actual arcade games inside the game.
If that makes sense.


Still slogging through all the challenges in Hitman 2, underrated game.
On my 50000th playthrough of dark souls 3.
Trying to get the 29 min speedrun achievement in Katana Zero
Any lesser known recs?


playing underrail
isometrical western rpg, think old fallout
there are a few little things i dislike, but overall im enjoying it, seeing your later, better built chars doing better compared to the first blind playthrough is satisfying


Would you mind telling what you dislike about it? This game looks really good but it's probably 100+ hours long the way I play it so I'm still on the fence a little bit about it.


Not that guy but it is very long indeed with a lot of replay value, and I have barely touched the expansion. I sucked at the game but still had a lot of fun, although I have never finished it with any of the three characters I have created, either because of burnout or because the last portion of the game is kinda shit (some enjoy it though fwiw)


1. the turrets dont have something like overwatch or reaction or whatever, so you can cheese them extremely easilty by
>move out of cover
>move back in
they cant respond

2. i had to spend a lot of time hauling stuff, although maybe thats cuz im bit of a hoarder

3. constantly getting load times for changing zones really fkn suck

4. lack of branching endings, theres one final boss and you gotta kill it, no other way. i guess im a bit spoiled by new vegas in that aspect

so far thats at the top of my head


>Does the PS4 or PC version run at least 60fps?
Yeah it runs smoothly on pc, has a framerate lock option, I put it on 60 and it works pretty well on my not so new computer.
>If that makes sense.
Yeah I get what you mean, you get used to it after a while but at first it was pretty annoying.


>constantly getting load times for changing zones really fkn suck
no SSD?


with an ssd it prolly wouldnt be an issue


Defrag the HDD it is on, that should help some and if not it's good for the drive anyway


By the way I remember I've seen on a forum that adding the game to windows defender's exclusion list helped with the initial loading time when starting the game. You might want to try that if you can and haven't already.
Anecdotally have you played the game before they patched in the option to speed it up? (2019 along with the expansion)


Playing Red Dead Redemption 2 for the first time. I gotta say, this game is annoying the crap out of me so far. I hope it gets better.


yo dude wanna play coop? no homo, I'm not too far in anyway. just completed that first mission and one of the radio towers, I can afford the basic pistols and that's it


File: 1624305708706.jpeg (104.34 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, satania.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>Don't know where to post this, but the steam port of Romancing Saga 2 has no audio options, and although I can lower the volume through the windows sound mixer it resets to 100% every time I close and reopen the game. Does anyone know how to lower the volume for good?

function set-vol
{ param([switch]$down, [switch]$up)

  $a = new-object -com wscript.shell

  if ($down) {
    1..50 | % $a.SendKeys([char]174)
  else {
    1..50 | % $a.SendKeys([char]175)

set-vol -down 50
set-vol -up 50

This script hits the keyboard media keys to raise or lower volume, save to thing.ps1 and run it. You may need to do set-executionpolicy remotesigned to permit execution of local powershell scripts beforehand. I would try:

$a = new-object -com wscript.shell

in a powershell prompt first, which should mute sound, as a proof of concept. If that doesn't work try the other solutions in the SO link.


care to elaborate wiz, what annoys you about it? I like reading and watching rants on highly praised games for some reason, nothing is perfect.


The most annoying thing is that the button to talk to someone and the button to point your gun at someone are the same button and it makes it annoying to try and do either of those things because I invariably end up doing the opposite of what I want to do. The context options that you are presented with are not consistent, sometimes you can press right mouse then left to draw your weapon, at other times pressing right mouse will just make you focus on the person with no option to draw the weapon and you have to use the weapon wheel. Also it's impossible to keep your weapons equipped, they keep unequipping automatically and I have to reequip them in the weapon wheel over and over again. There are also a lot of temporary quests with no indicator on when they expire and if you do one of them the others will often be expired by the time you're done that one. Then there's all the unskippable cutscenes for things you have to do over and over and the food eating which add nothing to the game but make it more annoying. People say the witcher 3 has bad controls but I found RDR2 to be way worse.


no and even if I did I couldn't because I can't connect to the servers.


Bah tan ain't>daddy
Fix your chronicles



She want Bagtan. Probably a relative of Bagdaddy.


thanks for the help, it is really appreciated. Unfortunately it does not work, and I am not sure it is worth the hassle at this point. I'll figure it out (I won't) or deal with it some other way.


Played a shit ton of Breath Of The Wild a while back.I beat it before back on the Wii U,but I decided to play through it again from scratch on my Switch.I got all 136 shrines(16 extra With DLC)and maxed out almost all the armor sets(Took several days of grinding to get all the materials)I was thinking about trying to find all 900 korok seeds and 100 percent the game before the sequel drops.


feedback on slay the spire?


Why do games do this?
That just seems cruel to hide that many collectables around and expect somebody to spend all day doing nothing but try to find them.


eternal ring

i've been playing this game for like 2 years. i load up the emulator, wander around trying to figure out where im supposed to go, then give up after an hour. i do this every month. i refuse to look up a guide, but im somewhat convinced a bug is affecting my save file preventing my from advancing, so i might just give up and restart from the beginning


it's a lazy way to pad out a big open world game and give the player a reason to explore it

the korok seeds in BOTW are a particularly awful example, they went overkill with them


Man. I'm glad you enjoy that game so much but BotW is such a spit in the face of the old fans such as myself. That is not a Zelda game in anyway and now there's a sequel to it. It's clear this is the path they're taking for those games now and if you liked the old games, well, fuck you. We don't need you anymore, all the kids love our openworld shit now. I feel like the past few years so many games franchises dropped the ball on me.

Same happened with Fallout 76. I've been playing it since Fallout 2 came out and even defended the 4 and 5 turds from the people who got pissed with Bethesda. Then they pretty much killed whatever faith people like me had left with an online game. Again, it's clear they don't give a fuck.

Another series that decided to tell me to go fuck yourself is the Total War games, which is something I never saw it coming. The main games are now completely focused on that warhammer shit. Don't get me wrong, I kinda like warhammer lore and all but holy shit it's all they care about now. Word is they're currently working on ANOTHER one of those. Jesus fuck, those warhammer fans are so used to spend their money like retards on minis and whatever thing with warhammer written on it that Sega will just keep pumping warhammer games for those guys from here to fucking eternity, it's awful.


The problem with the old games is the formula got stale and the last ones were not good (Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword) and piss easy, but that's a problem with the franchise ever since Ocarina.


File: 1624730971309.png (392.09 KB, 575x448, 575:448, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

couldn't ever beat this ugly bastard in Digital Devil Saga


I'm surprised the warhammer guzzlers can still afford to buy 100 DLC from Sega after having their wallets raped by Games Workshop. Does money grow on trees in the west?


Corporations aren't your friends, they will chase whatever trends make them the most money. Don't be a "fan", just play the games you like and avoid the ones you have no interest in.


And never pay for it.


Would you rather have those series turn stale like call of duty or assassin's creed then have developers try new things?


You have to be kinda lucky, as sometimes he won't cast debilitate and let you land a few good shots. You have to beat it with a gun, in case you didn't know, probably the only thing the gun is useful for in that game.


It's not easy when he flees after one turn and you miss your only shot. Anyway I beat the game yesterday, it's inferior in almost every way to SMT3 but still very good. Unlike Nocturne I kinda liked the characters this time, although they managed to sneak in the infamous power of friendship trope in the end… and am I wrong in expecting it to get worse in the sequel? It sure does look that way. Anyhow that cliffhanger made me want to see more, so it's not like a complete turnoff so far as the writing goes…
The worst aspect of the game is probably the dungeon design imo. The last one especially was such a chore to go through, and most of the puzzles are nothing but a complete waste of time. I hope this is something that was improved in DDS2.


File: 1624918453443.png (880.81 KB, 800x480, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

playing dominions 5, very magic/ fantasy heavy 4x


did you start with 5 or play them all as well?


Is any wiz out there currently making a game? I know this is not the thread for it but I don't want to make a whole new thread just to ask this. I'm currently doing a little rpg maker game and it's amazing how hard it is to make an engaging map for the player to explore.


Started mp on 5, played sp 4


While Digital Devil Saga ran flawlessly on mostly default settings, DDS2 keeps randomly freezing in pcsx2, and this does not seem to be a common issue. I'm wondering if downloading the game from some other source would help. I've been messing around with the settings a bit but nothing has done the trick so far.


File: 1625342627843.jpg (38.23 KB, 486x449, 486:449, 51EaW8dl0kL._AC_.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

DS or 3DS?


3DS version has more content (an extra dungeon you can explore on the side throughout the game and more sidequests), Japanese voices, and some QOL features like being able to save anywhere and extra sub-apps, but worse art and some additional story content that some people didn't like. I've only played the 3DS version and I really enjoyed it, the extra dungeon was fun and the added post-game boss was pretty difficult.


cheers, will play the 3DS version. Sucks about the art but I can live with that.


I just tried to play nioh complete edition on the PC but I boot it up and it is apparently impossible to play with keyboard. They have the option to do it technically but they don't display any on screen prompts for keyboard, only controller. I feel like these fucking faggots cheated me out of money because I don't have a controller and I'm not about to buy one just to play this one shitty game.


Can't you simply replace the prompts by fiddling with the settings or some .ini file somewhere? I know it's an issue on games with no native dualshock controller support and I don't know the xbox buttons layout from muscle memory so things like QTEs are pretty awkward. Makes games like Way of the Samurai or Dead Rising a lot more frustrating that they should be.


AFAIK it's playable with Mouse + Keyboard but the UI still shows controller, it's just a matter of memorizing the keys I guess, it's a huge oversight, though.
Still, there are no QTEs if I recall correctly.
That's weird, DDS2 ran exactly like DDS1 for me on my old computer. Maybe you had a bad iso? Doubt it, though…


I'll try with a newer build of pcsx2, although the one I'm using is like a month or two old… it's unlikely to be a bad dump as it seems to be the same everywhere I've looked. Sometimes I am lucky and won't run into any freeze at all, and at times the first encounter after I boot the game leads to one, during the transition to battle.


Not that I can find, I keep reading people saying it should be in a patch that is coming but no one mentions any ini fixes and there are no mods. I guess most people own a controller so they don't think it's an issue.
Yeah, no fucking way I'm about to memorize all the keys for a game as complex as nioh. I just got a refund. I will probably just buy Assassin's creed odyssey instead because I want something with melee combat that I can get for around $15 or less. I was also considering kingdoms of amalur: reckoning but I can only find it on keyshops and I don't know how those work really and I'm worried they might be a scam or something.


NES Classic games. Every time I turn it on, I play Pac-Man and Galaga at least once. I have gotten to level 5 of Ninja Gaiden before but I keep getting stuck on 3-2. I will probably beat it eventually because you basically have infinite lives. I need to just focus on beating one game at a time and play for longer sessions.


File: 1625536628050.png (1.09 MB, 720x1080, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I picked up this game cause I wanted to try out puyopuyo and also I like tetris, it is pretty fun but really tough, requires a lot of brain power, also the characters are pretty cool


Why do you spam /b/ every time you play or watch something new?


>I keep getting stuck on 3-2
Is that the one with the birds? It's a pain in the ass, but don't give up anon.


I'm on 6-2 now which is pure cock and ball torture. I have avoided looking at a guide or savescumming. I have allowed myself to pause the game to take breaks. This last section requires you to land on small platforms about the size of a postcard that also have enemies on top of them. You have to land at the exact right instant and basically kiss the enemy on the lips before killing them. There are ninjas with jetpacks that fly at you and throw shurikens everywhere that knock you into instant death pits. The last section is a gauntlet that you have to run through and hope you get lucky because, if you stand still, enemies (including birds) will just spawn infinitely.


Yeah level 6 is when shit gets real. I know exactly the platforms you're talking about, it's pretty fucking hard but once you figure it out you can probably do it pretty consistently. You're almost there wiz.


I was considering buying Kingdom come deliverance from steam but I thought I should see if there were any better deals and I found it for $2 cheaper as part of a bundle on a keyshop. The bundle also had 2 DLCs for the game and 8 other games.

I wonder how their business model works. How can they sell the game plus DLC and a bunch of other games thrown in for less than steam?


I too remember that part.
It's the part that made me realize that there is a diffrence between a game that is hard because the level designer doesn't know what they are doing, and one that is hard because the level designer knows exactly what they are doing and just want the player to suffer.
Lets just say the person who designed that level is a evil genus. Super hard yet every death still feels like your fault. The great music got me to push through.
Just know that if you get through it you will probably have a better time of what's left. Not because it gets easier, but because you build up your skills to handle whatever comes next.


Lets just say not all of the possess involved is legal in several countries.


you get sent back to 6-1 if the final boss kills you


File: 1625783147046.jpg (93.95 KB, 736x490, 368:245, 1624908136376.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Holy shit anon. Post your amazon wishlist. I'll buy you a new mouse and headset. My neet brother shouldn't have to live like that.


File: 1625784898648.jpg (43.12 KB, 636x299, 636:299, download (1).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

playing GTA 4 currently, probably going to get my SNES emulators booted up on my JTAG/RGH 360.


Yeah, if you're desperate there's a cheesy way to kill the final boss without much trouble.


apreciate it wiz but it's alright. anyone that posts an amazon wishlist isn't me and is trying to scam you


I'll take the cheesy route at this point. I will settle for looking up strategies so long as I can win without cheating. There are too many games I want to finish before I die and not enough time.


File: 1625848920591.jpg (63.76 KB, 1920x1088, 30:17, Seta.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Super Metroid


File: 1625851086821.png (1.33 KB, 66x66, 1:1, Ninja_Gaiden_NES_item_jump….png) ImgOps iqdb

>I'll take the cheesy route at this point
Alright, if you manage to get to the boss with this weapon and a few "spirit points" (I thik 15) you can kill each phase in pretty much a single hit (or jump). It's not that easy to pull off since there are other items in the way and each time you jump you use SP, but it's how I beat it the first time.


File: 1625862702859.jpeg (75.51 KB, 498x650, 249:325, main-qimg-d162c409a90f075….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

You got it fren.


I'll give it the ol' college try. Right now, I'm just playing LttP. Much more relaxing game. Need to finish the last level of Castlevania IV and Kirby Super Star still. I'm just dragging my feet for no reason at this point. I'm 90% through Oracle of Ages but I haven't played it in like a year or longer. No clue why I do this. 90% of the way through Shantae and the Pirate's Curse. It's like I hate finishing games or something. I have to fight the temptation to start over from the beginning or starts replaying games I have already beaten. Every day, I boot up DKC or SMW and play until I lose a life at which point I turn the console off. Might be autism.




I do the same exact thing


I never liked A Link to the Past much, maybe because I only played the GBA version. I found the Game Boy Zelda games a lot more interesting and enjoyable.


I need to try Link's Awakening again sometime. I rented it at Blockbuster probably 20 years ago and never finished it. With LttP, I haven't felt the need to look at a guide yet. The thing I didn't enjoy about Ages was feeling stuck and resorting to looking at a guide. I want to try 3d Zelda. I bought Majora's Mask but I probably should have gone with OOT first because Majora is OOT but the game expects you to speedrun the whole thing.

My only Nintendo game as a child was Pokemon and I get to experience all of the games I missed as a Wizard NEET. Pretty comfy.


Would you mind sharing your pcsx2 setup if you still use it? maybe there's some option in the settings that's turned on or off by default that is causing the issue to pop up, idk.


>Would you mind sharing your pcsx2 setup if you still use it
I don't have it, wiz, sorry. It was my older computer and I've lost that hard drive.


I've been playing Animal Crossing lately. I picked it up because it was a game I always wanted to play twenty years ago, but after about five years I thought, "Yeah, this probably wouldn't hold my attention anymore." Surprisingly, it's been really rather enjoyable. Even though I know that the responses are pre-canned, I love pretending that I'm bullshit gossiping on everyone in town. I don't know, I guess it's been fun to have somewhere I can pretend isn't so terrible.


Still have New Leaf on my backlog. I need to get around to playing the vast DS/3DS catalog before the games become too expensive. People will scalp whatever they can these days.


LTOP is too long, you do a bunch of stuff and then have an entire second world of stuff. It's annoying after a while. The gameboy games are much more straight forward and better paced for it.

Zeldas are mostly boring after a point because the gameplay never evolves much. You get a new toy but you're still using your sword for almost everything and the puzzles are always using the new weapon so it gets bland.

OOT and MM are overrated as fuck but give them a go. Start with OOT since MM is an awkward game.


I'm not even playing New Leaf. Just OG Gamecube Animal Crossing, and it's been surprisingly O.K. for me. What's the difference other than probably requiring internet access?


Just play New Horizons or whatever newest one you can emulate. If that's what you can access, I didn't hate it but I also didn't like it as much as the original Animal Forest/Crossing.


My impression of Majora's Mask, from the little I have played, is that it is intensely anxiety-inducing. Feels like I am about to run out of time on an exam or something when I play it.


I couldn't play it or outer wilds cause of that.


It's been many years since I played it but I remember you learn a song to reset time somewhat early in the game so the moon falling on your head stops being a problem.


The song goes automatically if you wait too long so the moon is never an actual thing that will kill you, but it does reset some progress every time it goes off.


Having a lot of fun with Destroy all Humans.
The explosions are fantastic in hd and I dig the updated art style. Gameplay is solid and there is just enough story to keep things going. I don't know how far I am in, but I am 7 hours in and could easily see myself enjoy another 7 hours without getting sick of the game.


>Feels like I am about to run out of time on an exam or something when I play it
It does feel that way unless you use the inverted song of time, then you actually have to try to run out of time.


File: 1626254934674.png (169.25 KB, 322x442, 161:221, lvH1nZV.png) ImgOps iqdb

I have never played the Zelda Wind Waker-remaster for Wii-U so I started it earlier this year on the cemu-emulator and it's been even more fun than I expected, only this year there is the Zelda-anniversary going on, so I am torn between waiting for a potential switch-remake or just keep playing.
They didn't announce anything at their E3-direct though, do you think there is still a chance they will release it this year?


What would a WW remake be like? A mere port of the remaster would be more likely, wouldn't it?


You're right there would be no reason to remake the WiiU-version at all, you don't even need the pad to play. Maybe I'll stick to the emulated version as long as it's running smoothly, if anything the game on the switch won't look as nice anyway.


Skyward Sword is getting a remaster for the Switch. I wouldn't put faith in Nintendo to port the WW and TP remakes to the Switch. If anything they might bundle in some classic games and sell them as a pack


Have you heard anything about a remake? I've seen the remaster getting a release date, honestly the game still looks great on an emulator with higher resolution.


The cutscenes in Digital Devil Saga 2 are starting to annoy me a bit. I like the characters and all but come on, do they to drag on forever like that? I'm probably being unfair, I guess this is one of the more story driven SMT game, excluding the Persona series?


*do they have to drag on


You made me want to replay Wind Waker. How well does it run on CEMU compared to the original on Dolphin? Did they add anything like a new difficulty mode, worthwhile content?


I have been playing Kingdom Come Deliverance lately. It's a masterpiece. It's the first first-person game I've played that I've really enjoyed. I don't really like shooters I guess, but this is great. It feels super immersive. 70 hours in and I have basically maxxed out my equipment and put bane potion on all my weapons and when I come across a group of armed guys I just tackle them all and take only the best weight to price ratio equipment from their corpses after I'm done with them.

This game gives a super sense of progression from when you start out as a noob with no armor who will easily get overpowered by most opponents to the point where you're a badass, and at all times it stays within the believable bounds of what is possible in real combat. If I see six heavily armored guys I'm gonna steer clear of them or wait until night to ambush them even now because I know I would lose without save scumming. Save scumming is fun in this game though not gonna lie because you can fight the same group of opponents over and over until you finally beat them.


I'm at Ganon's lair (whatever it's called) in LttP. I'm feeling that late-game fatigue and the sections with invisible floors aren't helping.


is it only me or are a lot of perks useless in this game?


There are some good ones and some useless ones with more useless ones than most games. You could probably play the game without any of them and it would be just fine, you'd just have lower stats.


iirc some of them sounded utterly terrible like it made you wonder who came up with this, and who thought anyone would pick them from their description. some games have useless/situational perks but they may not look that way on paper, while in kc:d you can tell they are fucking shit. perhaps this is for the best.


hunt showdown. i got it on sale a long time ago and play it every other day. you go to compounds on the map to find clues to find boss locations, defeat the boss, banish it, defend it meanwhile, then take bounties and extract. there are mobs all over and choosing fights agaisnt certain ones and sneaking around others and trying to be quiet is part of the fun. there are other people on the map doing the same thing so you eventually run into other players and fight them. it's a very unforgiving game that rewards being paranoid and sneaky. it's hard to play as solo, i have to basically initiate fights against duos where i immediately get a kill so it becomes a 1v1… if it fails i back off and reengage from another angle until i can level the field. quite a bit of weapons to choose from to suit a variety of playstyles. i like the silenced guns and to fight from a distance so they can't hear where i'm shooting from, this makes it so i can attack from a single spot for a while without having to constantly move after a miss. there are way more hardcore games but i like hunt a lot


File: 1627281326034.mp4 (334.2 KB, 640x360, 16:9, EX.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Playing fan-made 1 vs 1 fighting games using the MUGEN engine.

I hate that there's no major fighting game that uses sprites now;only the indie ones do it. Funny thing is that it's 3DCG character models but gameplay is *still* 2d.


Had a fun time with Jet Island.
It's a game where you are on a hover board with rockets and grappling hooks on your wrist as you speed around a island and occasionally blow up bosses.

It's not a complex game but it's a blast in vr. Still getting the hang of it but I like it.


no hate intended, but it's pretty amusing to me how fans of this game market it as a "HARDCORE SHOOTER" in their steam reviews

meanwhile it has wallhack for a limited time mechanics, a map with displayed bounty when bounty moves.
As I see it, it's basically has arcade mechanics, if you will. Nothing is hardcore about this game.

I guess they mean that your hunter dies and does not respawn - as a hardcore aspect.

No hate, it's a fun game, just something I recently thought about. Also it's not even realistic, when guns don't even have a bullet physics. Instead they have bullet SPEED and also the damage drop off. So from far distance, some guns do very small damage. Nothing wrong with that, just seems more casual to me… But I've also had a fair bit of fun out of Hunt


I am playing the original "serious sam: the second encounter"


Great Ace attorney chronicles. On case3. Really Great so far. Been a while since I last played a vn game. (which happened To be AA6)

Ending To case 2 was pretty powerful for a 2nd case


File: 1627866627820.jpg (134.19 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, slay-the-spire---button-fi….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Played Slay the Spire a lot this weekend after buying it on sale a while ago. I've never really cared about card games so I wasn't sure I'd enjoy it but it's actually pretty fun. I avoided looking up guides so experimenting with different deck builds and relic combinations was enjoyable, and it's really satisfying when things finally click after getting destroyed for several runs and you figure out how to really take advantage of a character's gimmick. Managed to win with the 3 base characters so I'll probably give the 4th added one a spin and then try to beat the 4th act and maybe some ascensions.


File: 1627996839035.png (15.87 KB, 1440x960, 3:2, pae.png) ImgOps iqdb

this is a fitting ability for this pokemon I guess, but what a waste!
Anyway this romhack is called Pokemon Altered Emerald. Having never played the vanilla Emerald I can't really make a fair comparison, but this is okay so far.
Unless you know of a better alternative pokebro? I am mainly looking for GBA/DS hacks. The crystal clear looks ambitious and all but the GBC sounds and visuals are unappealing to me (don't judge me too harshly…)

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