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File: 1622174143069.png (436.28 KB, 639x774, 71:86, U6r0mB175946_1061171.png) ImgOps iqdb


fuck nothing feels good anymore anime vidya or anything i dont feel anything but dread and i get pains in my stomachs all the fucking times , i started playing these h games called ai shoujo and honey select 2 and jerked off a lot, u can make 3d anime succubi in them, and i beat my dick so hard but i feel rpetty depressed but that game was pretty fun so i reccomend it to any bros here
pic related is an anime succubus u can make and fuck in hs2 and ai shojou


I have no interest in that… genre. Even if the gameplay is good, I would feel that it is a sad waste of talent and potential to cater to perverts. No offense meant.


If you still have a libido you are not depressed enough.


While the topic is of interest to me everything about the OP post makes me give this thread a pass.
It is mental diarrhea in the form of barely coherent sentences.




All the good ones are illegal now days I'm sure.


How are you able to play the game and jerk off at the same time?


Genuinely laughed out loud at this thread. Thanks for the recc, OP.


do we need 2 separate threads? there is a How to get back into enjoying videogames but hat is causing the fatigue? no pun intended and pls no homo replies
mouse input only like those dating sims in the early 2000s where the character scores with hentai succubi


Most H-games I don't.
I play, I enjoy, I have boner during the sexy bits, etc. then fap after playing.
Usually at most I give my junk a little rub here or there, but I ain't full on having a wank while playing.

The building lust and erotic feelings while playing is a big part of the fun.


File: 1634054266610.jpg (581.77 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, aa2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i also tried out some hentai eroge games recently because i got just that bored. i tried out a modded koikatsu repack and artificial academy 2.

koikatsu was exciting initially, but can't really be called a game, it's basically just a sex interaction animation scene viewer, which is cool, but walking around a school trying to find the same succubus you talked to before and spam clicking through dialogue is atrocious, so playing free mode is the way to go. that said it was pretty novel and exciting at first, it's also probably the best looking one of the bunch.

aa2 is more of a game, all the students interact with each other and compete in popularity, but ultimately the gameplay is still the same. maybe it's good if you custom curate every anime bitch in the school and larp around swapping characters but for me it left a lot to be desired especially with all the mandatory jap jank. the sex scenes were also meh compared to koikatsu which just made me want to swap back.

ultimately i realised these games are ineffectual and held back by modern technology, until we have proper virtual reality and fairly cognisant ai that can act and converse organically there's no proper way to simulate the desired feeling of being in an anime highschool fucking bitches and having fun with your compatriots. it all feels too fake. the sad part is in a couple thousand years we'll have holodecks that can accurately transport you into any setting and trick your brain into thinking you're actually there, with all the psychological benefits and feedback loops that make you feel fulfilled instead of braindead staring at a screen, you'll be able to sit in a pod and live a different life for real, but we'll all be long dead by then, so that's fun.


File: 1634157641920.jpg (230.06 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wal-gallery15.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I mostly play Western 2D erotic games, but these are the ones I think are worth playing. All downloadable on F95zone.

>What a Legend!

Fairy tale style fantasy game. Great quality art, creative fantasy world, good amount of succubi, lots more planned content. Main downside is that it's developing very slowly and not close to being finished.

>Innocent Witches

A Harry Potter themed game with 4 main succubi. Another game with great art, but the gameplay is pretty grindy and can get boring.

>Princess Trainer Gold/Diamond

Classic game of this genre. Set in Disney Aladdin world with a focus on corrupting the princess. Good art, writing, and decent gameplay.

>Witch Trainer Silver

Another Harry Potter themed game. This one is a version of Princess Trainer except set in Harry Potter world. Started by the same dev but is now being expanded and maintained by a team of modders. Good quality and expanding content.

>Witch Hunter Trainer

Inspired by other "trainer" games but set in a Van Helsing style Gothic horror setting. Not as good as the other two mentioned but has some decent content.


X-Men themed dating sim. Art is decent but not the highest quality. Has an interesting
gameplay design that gives a lot of different options with limited content.

>Summertime Sage

One of the most popular games of this genre. Has a lot of content, very close to being a finished game with mostly just bonus content being added. Art quality is not great but fappable.

>Behind the Dune

Good little Dune fan game, unfortunately runs on the deprecated technology of flash.



grettings fellow f95zoner

check these ones out perhaps. pyorgara makes cool… minigames i guess you can call them

pleasuremancer was also interesting seems to have been put on hold. played it years ago and thought it was cool

already played the stuff you linked. summertime saga and innocent witches are one of my favorites.

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