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Does anyone here speedrun video games? I think it's maybe the one thing I'm good at, but it's not very useful in real life and the only people who find it impressive are other speedrunners. I don't like how casuals gamers view speedrunning as just glitching or cheating the game, or somehow trying to claim that playing the game that way is "wrong".
Also speedrunning is a massive timesink for me and what I do most of the days I'm not wageslaving, I shudder to think of what else I could have achieved if I put the same amount of effort and dedication into something else.


What game you speedrun in? Also, do you upload your gaming footage somewhere? I enjoy watching speedruns from time to time.


Speedrunning is for the hardcore true gamers. They get my respect.


speedrunning sounds insufferable


I sometimes enjoy the really glitchy runs or TAS runs, but I can’t understand the appeal of speed running some JRPG in 13 hours by basically just playing normally but you just run as fast as the character can go, which for some reason it seems most speed runners enjoy the latter. I’m actually surprised OP defended the glitch runs.


occasionally i speedrun some games "casually" if i can say so, mostly its tf2 campaign. i dont really try to beat wr or something, just to get new personal best since its really fun in my opinion


How so?
It isn't like the people into this sort of thing push it on anyone else.


I used to love watching gunnermaniac a pokemon speed runner as he wuld know so much about the games mechanics and as mean as it is to say I would love to see when he was on WR time mid game and then gets hit with some RNG that is just pure bad luck.

Speed runnning seems to appeal to people with autism.


Most RPG's are interesting in terms of the routing rather than the tricks or movement, so unless you know the RPG very well it's usually incredibly boring to watch


Speedrunning is the last bastion of real gaming since it has been rendered mainstream by normgroids. A lot of speedrunners are of our kind. I think about FramePerfection raging at SM64 romhacks, among others.


Speed running has been infiltrated for a few years now.


Because it is highly merit based infiltrators never last long or get far in the scene.


Go watch GDQ and come say that. Yeah it’s merit based but that means fuck all when you can basically make up your own merit by speed running a game that no one gives a shit about. Can’t lose when there’s no competition.


I stand by what I said.


Well so do I.


pretty true about it being real gaming, but the players themselves are disproportionately trans, which i consider norman, so it's not that great.

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