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Thread for games you managed to finish and your thoughts on it.

So I finished Amnesia Dark Descent yesterday. Horror is a favorite genre of mine in any media and this is a game I wanted to play for a long, long time now but several reasons, from depression to not giving a shit about games anymore, kept getting in the way. This is a spoiler free review of it.

It's the mid 1800s and you play as Daniel, a guy who went on an expedition in Africa and found something in a forgotten, ancient catacomb. The object is 'cursed' though, which prompts him to write letters to geologists, historians and anyone in Europe for help. A baron named Alexander writes back saying he can help and Daniel should go to his castle in Germany at once. You spend the entire game exploring the castle, its secrets, finding notes and letters that reveal more about the curse, the object, yourself and everything else. That's the premise of the whole thing.

As far as the story goes, it has a few nice ideas here and there but overall it's nothing too new or exciting. Here's where the magic of this game happens however. Everything this game does, it does it in an very brief, nice length measure, both with its story as well as with its gameplay. The story is fairly simple and straight forward, though you have to reach the end to realize that. It's entertaining because they didn't bloat it with any unnecessary fluff nor stretch it to pretend there's more than it actually is.

The gameplay is pretty much exploration/stealth on one side and puzzles on the other. Now, it's been a year since I played a game and I kinda had forgotten already how much video game logic there is in video games. Amnesia is particularly chock-full with video game logic. For example, during the entire game you need to keep close to light sources to keep your sanity up, but you can't just grab one of the thousands of candles or torches you find along the way, you need to use a lamp that burns oil extremely fast or keep lighting the candles with tinderboxes. Moving torches or candles is IMPOSSIBLE. Sometimes you'll need an object to solve puzzles, like using a hammer for example, but you can't use one of the several hammers you find lying around, or a rock for that matter, you need that one specific hammer you find in some other part of the map. You can't just use any iron bar, it has to be the 'right' iron bar. You can't just use any of the several jars or glasses on the floor, you need to find the right jar, and so on. It doesn't really bother me really, but it's funny how often this happens in this game.

Then you have the puzzles. I'm not sure most even qualify as puzzles, since most of them is just putting a gear in place. There's only two actual puzzles in this game imo, the other ones is more like busy work, but again, the magic of this game is doing everything in right quantities. It doesn't get dull because there's not enough of that to bother you. You can finish this in one sitting btw, it takes about 10 hours or so.

The last thing I want to comment on is the horror element, which is the biggest reason I even played this in the first place. Is it scary? Kinda, it manages to keep tension sometimes. It has all the nice elements. The music and voice acting is decent enough, the environment and story is nice but I guess I'm just too jaded to be scared of a game, but I like it really tries. For exemple, there's only ONE jump scare in this entire game, which shows the guys behind this project weren't going for the cheap sits here.

All in all, I enjoyed it. It's entertaining, doesn't overstay its welcome in any of its elements and there's a couple of things in that plot that I really enjoyed it. I really wanted to play a very scary game though and this one is not it unfortunately. I wonder if there even is a very scary game out there.


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Is this anime review guy?

HIGHLY suggest playing Alien: Isolation btw. Rather similar in nature to Amnesia, but also has a lot of unique tricks and Alien series specific gadgets. I rather enjoyed the game when I played it.


Nope, I do write anime reviews but I don't post them here.
Thanks for the suggestion btw, that is a 30 hours long game though, I'm afraid I don't have the attention span for it.


this is an insanely underrated game. have the platinum trophy for it on ps4

hit it up. a lot of people criticized the length of this game (arguing that a game this long would lose its sense of tension over such a long time), but i think they are approaching it wrong. the nuance of your role in this game's world changes. the more you play the farther up the food chain you move, and fear/horror begins to transition into thrill and adrenaline. its a real delight. the game is like a combo of alien and aliens; horror transitioning to action.

if you are a fan of the movie, then this is the game to play. it captures the ethos and ambiance of the original alien movies so fucking well.

i've had amnesia in my steam library for like a decade, but never got around to playing more than an hour. the "run and hide" gameplay always seemed underwhelming to me. i've never played any of the amnisia games, however I am a huge fan of SOMA. It's lovely and immersive setting, its creative story, and most of all, its unconventional psychological horror which challenged my morality (and that was far more unsettling than jump scares). soma's only weak point was its game-play, which i think is a failing indicative of the survival horror genre.


>if you are a fan of the movie, then this is the game to play. it captures the ethos and ambiance of the original alien movies so fucking well.
Honestly it really does, especially the first movie. It was strange for me just how good this game was, I totally did not expect such a fantastic game when I first saw and downloaded it. The way the alien moves, how you hide from it, the tools given to protect yourself, and its ai were a magical combination. Even better is how they didn't over indulge in those segments, keeping them as special moments for you to remember and fear.

Glad to see other people here liked it as I did, I know some didn't like its gameplay transitions but I thought the whole thing was a masterpiece of gaming atmosphere.


i read a comment saying they tried too hard with tdd, ok guys now the wind goes wooosh and slams the door then daniel starts crawling and…
there is a folktale in the old country similar to amfp so its far more terrifying to me than tdd minus the survival mechanics of course (there are some)


File: 1623986183000.png (23.55 KB, 1919x996, 1919:996, Madness Interactive Win Sc….png) ImgOps iqdb

I've beaten Madness Interactive and, although it's a flash game, I'm so damn happy for beating it after over 13 years of losing! Life would always get in the way whenever I got back into the game, and then more years would pass(School, College, NEETdom, ect). It's a faulty game, especially with the horrible mouse controls and how it's virtually impossible to pick up a gun, but I'm glad that I beat it!
I may be a sexless loser, but at least I got to make 12 year old me proud!


I'm going to treat the six main sub-games in Kirby Super Star as individual games.

Spring Breeze - I rate this one highly because it provides a way to turn your brain off and feel like you have beaten a video game in half an hour. It would be a great way to allow young children the satisfaction of beating their first game. Supports co-op "little brother mode" for this exact purpose.

Dynablade - just a slightly more challenging Spring Breeze.

Great Cave Offensive - Music is grating and does not change the entire time you play. The core mechanic of treasure hunting is optional making the whole experience feel pointless. The real objective is to navigate a maze and defeat the boss at the end (he is a pushover). Doesn't feel significantly harder than Spring Breeze just more drawn out and tedious. The video game references and uncensored blackface bump this one up a notch.

Gourmet Race - presents a non-trivial level of challenge but is extremely short.

Revenge of Meta Knight - timed to create the illusion of urgency but completely beatable at a leisurely walking pace. Meta Knight is a joke compared to his appearance in Kirby's Adventure.

Milky Way Wishes - I haven't completed this yet.

Overall - Co-op and the ability to summon helpers is great. Enemy animations are funny. There's nothing better than getting the suplex ability and watching as Kirby slowly and brutally stomps on the panicked face of an enemy. Some games fall flat like the Great Cave Offensive. Level of challenge is disappointingly less than that of Kirby's Adventure. Dedede and Meta Knight are actual threats in the NES game.


Making your inner twelve-year-old proud really is the most important thing in life. Don't lose sight of those childhood dreams.


makes me think of how i felt when i got all the stars in mario 64 as an adult and finally got to use the cannon to shoot myself on top of the castle. one of my childhood dreams.


I had Mario World for the Gameboy Advance as a kid but it took until last year for me to beat it. I had too many games and too much homework as a kid, I guess.


Finished Tekken 7 with Chloe; does the cute cat-eared idol is actually a bitch ala Lucky Star.


File: 1625573826737.jpg (139.2 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, yakuza-5-psn-2015128111130….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Beat Yakuza 5.
I didn't finish all side missions because I was missing one of the succubus' missions and at the last chapter they didn't let me go back to finish it, so no Amons either, I was using once save file so no going back unless I start the game over.
The game's good, but it kinda drags for too long, maybe if I didn't spend so long hunting bears, driving a cab and dancing.
The dancing game was a nice chance of pace, and that was probably my favorite part of the game, although a bit easy.
The whole game is pretty easy, especially with Saejima, I couldn't stop laughing at his final boss, I just spammed the same combo over and over and poor Majima couldn't do shit. Same with Shinada, I had a golf club that was so ridiculously overpowered bosses couldn't touch me, the game only felt somewhat challenging for Akiyama and Kiryu, but that's probably because I just didn't figure out how to break it.
Of course this is on hard difficulty, not on legendary since you need to beat the game to unlock it, but what's the point, I already sunk a 100 hours into it, maybe next time I'll get a save file with Legendary unlocked already.
The music is great as always, so is the visual style, the plot is, eh, alright, although there are waay too many coincidences, there's even a character that points this out at some point, "Small world, eh?", yeah no kidding.
It's the second to last of the Kiryu games, I am not going to start 6 right away but I'm gonna miss this guy when it's all over.

On a side note, the game makes you punish your controller like no other, the stupid amount of "Mash A" QTEs gets old pretty soon, that coupled with the "Real Yakuza use Gamepad" promp at the begining makes me think there's some kind of conspiracy to sell more controllers. The final boss takes forever (fucked has 9 health bars and heals) and has at least 5 mandatory "Mash button" QTEs, and everytime you get knocked down or grabbed it's "Mash A". My poor A button got softened after beating this game.


>I was missing one of the succubus' missions and at the last chapter they didn't let me go back to finish it

What is this, none of the games I have played have had missable side quests. Has the game not told you that you were going to pass a point of no return?


>Has the game not told you that you were going to pass a point of no return
Maybe it did and I missed it. In the last chapter they let you switch characters to finish the side quests, with the exception of Haruka, I got to the last chapter thinking I would be able to do them before the finale, but I was wrong.

I do tend to skip past a lot of dialogue sometimes (and this game has a lot of dialogue, so I probably just didn't see it)


I'm currently playing it but I had to take a break after Haruka's segment because I was getting burned out and I still have two whole characters to go through.
Granted its partly my own fault because my autism compels me to complete every single side activity and quest before advancing with the plot.


You can switch to Haruka if you start premium adventure I think. When you beat the game it should've prompted you to create clear data. If you load that clear data it'll then prompt you on whether to start new game+ or premium adventure. Premium adventure lets you continue playing with no main story objectives but you can switch characters and still access substories and all the other side stuff.


Oh alright, gonna try it out to see if I can beat those sunglasses-wearing pieces of shit


File: 1625821736077.jpg (64.59 KB, 311x500, 311:500, 81VgxW1Q2bS._AC_SY500_.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I got pretty far into the post-game of DQXI. I consider it finished even though there were still a few bosses and content left to do.

It was pretty fun for awhile but it overstays its welcome and I was sick of it after a certain point. It felt like the developers were padding the game out with low effort content. I put 95 hours into the game and had enough. I am not a fan of JRPGs and while I do not regret my time spent with DQXI it did not change my mind about them. I think next I will play Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl.


File: 1625965886836-0.jpg (424.64 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20210710070915_1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1625965886836-1.jpg (626.34 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20210710133909_1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1625965886836-2.jpg (286.02 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20210709215416_1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished up Echo (2017) today. GL finding a torrent for this game, I couldn't, so I bought it, but wasn't disappointment that I did.

The pictures should speak for themselves about just how cool the aesthetics are in this game. Its even better when you are there yourself looking at it all in-game, really I do mean that. If you love labyrinth megastructures, this is the game for you. Truly a great world they made, the infinite expanses of the palace seem to go on forever.

Don't think its a walking sim, this is actually a 3rd person stealth game funnily enough. There are a bunch of different unique mechanics for this game, the biggest being that the enemies are actually clones of yourself that copy what you do. This is tied in with a light/dark cycle where your actions are recorded while the lights are on, and once the dark cycle is completed the enemies will learn from your recordings. EG: you open doors during the light cycle, and the clones will start being able to open doors after the dark cycle is finished. It actually works pretty well, you will learn how to use the cycles more effectively as you play. There are "loud" options if you want to shoot a bit (just watch out because of the before mentioned mechanic), however this is still very much a stealth based game.

Overall the game should be about 5+ hours to finish I think, I afked a bit with it open so its hard to tell, but that seems about right. There are a lot of collectibles to find, and an "ultra hard" mode, so probably 10~ hours if you do all that. I don't play enough stealth games to know how it really compares, but I do that gameplay wasn't bad at all. Really though you should play this just to marvel at the levels.


I finished Ori and the Blind Forest. It's a competent platformer and that's it. I spent five bucks for it and feel that it is not really worth more, the story and characters left me indifferent so I skipped what I could skip and ignored the dialogue. They tried too hard to go for that fairy tale style but it just did not do it for me, I don't know, and the art looks… garish to me, sort of.
Overrated game imo and made me think twice about ever touching the sequel even when it inevitably hits bargain bin prices.


File: 1626097593333.jpg (803.02 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ss_42c0ad1a34c392ba77bf66c….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Speaking of garish art style, it made me want to look up Trine, and they still make those apparently. They're up to the fourth game.

What an abomination. Does anyone find this remotely appealing? Anyway sorry for being off topic.


It was popular enough to warrant three sequels. Does that answer your question?


File: 1626447075089.jpg (208.13 KB, 854x1159, 14:19, gorogoa-64e7872d__w854.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Managed to finish this short game with my tiny brain and its lack of intelligence.

It's a very unique puzzle game which presents itself kinda like the phone game 4 Pictures 1 Word but you have to connect the tiles and zoom through them to resolve a bunch of situations. I tend to avoid puzzle games because i'm really shit at these but this one isn't too hard, the game has a function to indicate what elements of the pictures you can interact with so that you don't spend 15 minutes randomly clicking on things hoping for a trigger. I got stuck once or twice but managed to solve the puzzles after a while.

Good artstyle, cool music, chill game overall. It did the job quite well.


I bought a switch for SMTV and Metroid so I've been catching up on a lot of games I've missed from the past few years

>Rune Factory 4 Special Edition

Revisited after playing the original 3DS version like 7 years ago and never beating it. I thought I wouldn't like it as much as I did back then but it was actually really fun, the bosses actually felt like decent challenges although that was probably because I went through them pretty quickly and didn't spend much time grinding or upgrading weapons and armor until lategame. Also they fixed the shitty RNG for triggering the last arc which is nice. Might revisit sometime in the future to finish up the Sharance maze and get married but I've had enough of it for now after beating Arc 3.

>Breath of the Wild

Enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would. The only 3D Zelda games I've played before this are OoT and Wind Waker and that was years ago, so I wasn't sure if I'd like this. But it was pretty fun all the way through, although I'd say I enjoyed it most during the first 10 hours or so when I knew very little about the game. Stuff like the first divine beast and seeing the divine dragons in the distance was really cool. But towards the end of the game when there are no "surprises" left it loses some of its charm. Still a fun game though, and even after beating the final boss I still boot it up sometimes just to walk around and explore.

>No More Heroes Remastered

This was a little rough in terms of gameplay but I enjoyed it. The MC is an entertaining douchebag and it's got a lot of cheesy dialogue which I like. Combat outside of boss battles is alright, lots of blood and it's satisfying in a way, but the boss battles kind of suck because most of them have constant superarmor which prevents damage and it only goes down when they do specific attacks, so you're forced to play defensively constantly. The last 3 or so boss battles were especially obnoxious. But the optional true ending boss battle was pretty fun and had some great music, so it didn't leave me with too much of a bad taste in my mouth. I don't know if I'll check out the sequels, though, as I've heard a lot of people say they kind of suck and lack the charm of this one.

>Fire Emblem Three Houses

This is the only Fire Emblem game I've played besides Awakening way back when it released (which I never ended up beating) and I really liked it. Playing on classic hard mode and not letting anyone die, some of the first few battles a little rough but it got pretty easy towards the end - by the timeskip I had given my MC so many stat-boosting items that he could go in and solo large groups of enemies without getting hit once. I did the Verdant Winds route and the story was alright. My one major gripe is the monastery stuff and free battles become kind of tedious after the timeskip. I think it would've been better if they dropped the structure of 1 story battle at the end of every month which is used in the 1st half of the game and just clustered lots of story battle together. Paralogues were at least kind of interesting and a decent challenge but I only got 3 or so the rest of the time was just grinding stats in the monastery and doing the mind-numbingly easy free battles. Besides that though I had a lot of fun, I'll probably revisit it in a few months to do another route on NG+ and do the DLC side story. Not sure if I'll play on maddening or not, as the exp halving seems like it'd make things pretty tedious.


The GBA Fire Emblem are really good, addictive, quick, and to the point. The stories suck but I like that I can ignore them and not miss out on anything.


I finished buddy simulator 1984, it was nice, about 7 hours long, I liked the theme and all but it could have been a lot better. Your “buddy” is completely scripted so it doesn’t really interpret any complex text, only preindexed words and phrases, but I guess it’s not supposed to be a real AI, but it could have at least done something basic. Realizing that it wasn’t using any kind of AI I just went in not really bothering to input anything but yes and no answers. I thought it was kind of a messy game, it tries to be spooky or whatever but I’m way too old to feel scared of a video game. I liked the text from my “buddy” because it made me feel special that’s about it. Kinda mediocre I guess, easy puzzles and riddles, the battle system is kinda shitty but doesn’t really matter, I hardly ever hit the right buttons and I didn’t die a single time. So yeah, coulda been better, I guess.


Beat LttP today. Luckily, I decided to refill my bombs at the elephant guy's house or I might not have known about the BBW fairy and the silver arrows. Really felt like a big, epic adventure even if the overworld is kind of small.

I can see the DNA of Zelda in Doom and its various clones. I believe Romero has cited Zelda as an inspiration but I can't provide a source.


LttP is great. Too bad games like that don't really exist anymore.


File: 1626869890589.jpg (67.32 KB, 500x500, 1:1, s-l500.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Super Mario 3D Land.

It's alright, just a string of short and simple levels, kinda like a new super mario but in 3d.
It looks and plays well enough with Citra, my only issue with it is that it has fixed camera angles, and in some parts it gets kinda confusing, the depth perception gets fucked and you can easily miss jumps.
The first part is also really easy, the real game starts when you beat the base game, it's still not hard save for a few levels (the ones with shadow mario/luigi come to mind). I dunno, it's alright if you don't think of it as a mainline mario game, just a short game to play on the go


i played that not too long ago myself, I got a 2ds and I felt like it was made for the 3ds or something, because the depth perception is awful, I thought it was more like a tech demo for the 3ds than a real game


>because the depth perception is awful
Yeah I thought it may have been my monitor but there's people online complaining about that in actual hardware, it's just bad game design


File: 1627224857269.png (745.7 KB, 700x420, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I finished Half-Life 1 recently for the first time, I played it before but I had never finished it because I felt like the quality kept decreasing as the game went on. Over all it was alright, as I said I felt the quality just kept going down over time. I also came to know that back in 2013 valve screwed up the sound in all goldsrc games so it doesn't really handle positional audio as well as it did before, this resulted in having a hard time knowing exactly where things are by their audio cues which was a mild annoyance.

The quality in the reactor with the teleports was just a massive trial-and-error puzzle, you just go through the portals and keep saving and reloading to find out what they all do because some of them lead to instant death traps. But I felt like the quality really took a massive nose-dive once I got to Xen, the maps just felt awfully made, really boring, unfinished. In one map there are friendly vortagaunts but you have no real way to know they are friends, they look exactly the same as the enemies. In another one of the maps on Xen I could just walk off the side of it and walk around the invisible floor that should have had an instant kill trigger on it which solidified my opinion that the whole chapter was rushed/unfinished.

The final boss was pretty awful, I spent a lot of time not really knowing what I was supposed to be doing, and the boss room just added some mechanics that had never been in the game previously, like having a thin layer of water on the floor so you don't take fall damage and destructible map objects that weren't crates or explosive barrels. it's a really dumb boss, just destroy 3 crystals and then empty a bunch of ammo onto it, there's no real indication that it can be harmed by your guns so you just kinda notice that there's nothing else to do and just start shooting at it, after that its head bursts open and you spend some more time shooting at it, but then you realize you need to jump to the highest platform and kinda try to shoot inside it's head, I don't even know, it was just really unintuitive.

After that I finished the game, you have some superficial choice to make where you can either choose to die or enter some random portal, doesn't really make a difference other than entering the portal is faster. With a sour taste left in my mouth by the last chapter it was pretty anti-climactic, honestly I don't see why it is held in such high regard. Sure, if you just play the game for a couple hours you'll think it's awesome, but if you make it to the end you just start to see the cracks. I'd give it like a 7/10, I'm probably gonna play though the spin-offs now, just because I have nothing better to do. Hopefully they're a bit more consistent.


Yeah Xen sucks, but some people like it, weirdly enough. Personally this is where I completely lost interest and it always soured my impression of the game as a whole sadly.
I somewhat enjoyed Opposing Force, although I have almost no recollection of anything in the game, and I played it fairly recently… the only thing I remember are these cheap bullet sponge ninjas. Just like HL1 I got to the end but never felt like finishing it.


Thanks to Half-Life 1, I know that mazes comprised of long, empty corridors with floors that electrocute you are bad level design, especially mazes that cross level boundaries.


File: 1627399399628-0.jpg (26.4 KB, 220x330, 2:3, 220px-Half-Life_Blue_Shift….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1627399399628-1.jpg (55.11 KB, 280x336, 5:6, 51C9XNXNT7L.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I finished both of these expansion now, and I think they are worse than the base game, one more-so than the other.


Blueshift is really short, it's not really too bad, it just doesn't go anywhere, nothing new is added, you go through some fights and get to xen early on, had a lot of nice puzzles I think. Overall not great but not too good either.


Now, Opposing Force, I was a bit disappointed. So it's starts off pretty good like the base Half-life does. There are lots of new enemies and stuff added which are sorta cool but kinda annoying to deal with. It's the end portion once again that it all really falls apart, this time not really in a boring way but just a complete breakdown of the gameplay.

So near the end you get tons of new alien weapons, it's confusing, they are gimmicky or useless, they come at you so fast and you never find a use for them. After you grab all these stupid useless alien guns you're briefly introduced to a janky grappling mechanic that is used a few times, you almost forget it is there and I often found myself running around not knowing what to do before I noticed there was a grappling node somewhere.

The final chapter is just a complete slog, wave after wave of enemies, it's annoying, it's painful to play through, I wanted a break from the enemies but they just kept coming. There's plenty of health and ammo pickups though, you'll need them. It stopped feeling like a Half-Life game and just some horrible shooter, there was little direction and I felt like I maybe broke the game a few times but it was just the maze-like maps and weird new mechanics making me feel lost. It feels like the developers forgot what they were doing and just threw some poorly planned-out garbage together.

Now the final boss was a bit better than Half-Life, it wasn't confusing but it wasn't really hard at all, a little disappointing but not too bad. Then the game ends, G-Man teleports you back into a helicopter and says something about how he doesn't want witnesses and then you get teleported to a black void, you can stay in this black void forever, I waited for something to happen but didn't seem like anything would, I assume this was just to show you where you character was going to spend his time, some sort of purgatory.

It didn't really age well story-wise, tons of people escaped Black Mesa and G-Man didn't send them to alien prison, doesn't really make sense now. Overall kinda worse than Half-Life, final chapter is awful, tons of stupid useless guns, the whole final segment should have been cut shorter. I'll say it's mediocre.


>Valve will never make Half-Life 3


tbh I think that’s a good thing, I don’t even know what they would do, if they followed how the series seemed to be going, as in each game is sort of a new “story” with Gordon passing through time and space, then I couldn’t imagine what’s next, they kinda drove themselves into a corner and to be honest I felt hl1 and hl2 both copied heavily from quake 2 and quake 4 respectively, each story is incredibly similar, the physics puzzles and stuff were cool and all but a new game would need to be different, definitely, no combine, no black mesa, just something else, maybe even a new protagonist, a new conflict, but just the same gman and strange alien things happening


I am going to be playing (or replaying, played it 10 years ago) half life 2 today, I'll review it as well


I just finished a normal difficulty level playthrough of Kingdom Come Deliverance. I think I can safely say that this is one of my all time favorite games. I finished all the quests besides the romance one and luckily I got the completionist achievement anyway. I'm pretty bummed out that they set up a sequel though. Don't get me wrong, I loved the game and I want more, but I didn't want the sequel to actually be sequential. There's a bunch of history they could have picked and put you in a brand new story to let you repeat the experience of being a nobody who slowly gains power and prestige. I wish they had just neatly wrapped up the story in one game which they easily could have done by just giving Henry his damn sword back.


I think Opfor is tons better than the original, but true enough, the latter part is complete garbage too.

Tunnel railway in HL is enough to give a finger to the whole game.

And what story, really? HL2 have something little going on, but even there the story doesn't really carry the game forward at all.

But… They Hunger -trilogy beats everything! And so does the early outerspace SP-mod, name of which now escapes me.


File: 1627599611861.jpg (18.43 KB, 220x303, 220:303, 220px-Half-Life_2_cover.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Half-Life 2 now, and my god, it was just absolutely awful.

Compared to Half-Life 1 the story is just utterly uninteresting, it's bland, there's tons of annoying janky vehicle sections, the combine are boring as a concept, you get the same old weapons except the pistol is now almost useless, the gravity gun is gimmicky and only useful when it gets upgraded in the last chapter, and there is hardly any challenge at all because there's ammo and health everywhere. I don't understand why this game is praised by anyone, it's just a massive snore fest. I hardly even knew what was going on. Like the world just changed from a cool science lab with an interesting story and believable world, to some boring "resistance" storyline in eastern Europe against some generic oppressive police/aliens.

There is no wonderment in this game at all, I'm pretty sure the "administrator" from the previous game was implied to be the G-man(you see him talking with scientists in the beginning of the game), but now it's some random guy? Retcon? You see the G-man in a few spots in the game and it just doesn't make any sense, I don't see how he fits in the story anymore, who is he? We already know he works for some aliens…. And? I don't understand his motives at all other than just being some entity that adds plot armor to Freeman.

I don't really know what else to say, the game is not even mediocre, it's just completely awful, maybe a 4/10. I could definitely see myself going back to play Half-Life 1 again, but the sequel, 2, is just complete garbage. I really don't think there was a single point in this game where I felt like I was having fun, or where I felt immersed in the world and story, it was a slog through-and-through.

If you never played Half-Life 2, then I would just say don't even bother, pick up the original Half-Life and play that, forget the sequel even exists. It is no wonder Valve couldn't come up with Half-Life 3, the story is just so bad and a dead end, they couldn't possibly expand on it any further.


might as well play the episodes at this point?


Honestly I don't even want to bother after experiencing the absolute mess of a game I just went through, that's how awful it was. I can't see the episodes being any better, likely just more uninteresting "story" to drag my feet through.


Very perplexing that you would feel like that. I thought of it as one of the few objectively great games. Do you actually enjoy any games? Which?


I really liked the gravity gun, especially before it turns into an autokill cannon. Just fun to lob objects at enemies.


I reviewed the other half life games ITT, the old ones are way way waaaaay better than hl2, even with some bad parts, hl2 was just extremely boring and uninteresting, the vehicle sections are probably the worst gameplay experience I ever had, almost forgot to mention as well, hl2 has… invisible walls… yeah, a good indicator of poor map design when you need to put an invisible wall up to make sure the player stays on a linear path or make sure they didn’t use any clever ways to bypass any mechanics

It’s fun briefly, honestly the gravity gun and the physics “puzzles” feel like some tech demo tier crap, too much showcasing of their tech and too little thought put in to the story


Yeah the puzzles are crap and shouldn't be in the game.


Episode 2 at least has a good reputation, I played it until after the part where you have to repel waves of enemies and thought it was decent. At least it does not take forever to get started like HL2.


They have a couple fun challenges for the episodes. On episode 1, you can get an achievement for only using one bullet in the whole run (you have to shoot a lock at some point early on) and episode 2 has you carry around a garden gnome to a rocket ship in the final area. Those could just make the game more tedious for some, though.


I found the achievment stressful in the the default game, the lamda caches were annoying, not they they were hard to get to but it just felt as tedious as wall humping in doom, and most of the time you don't even need the caches because the game throws enough resources at you anyway


>outerspace SP-mod, name of which now escapes me
I think its uss darkstar? I'll play through that, it seems interesting


File: 1627869667622.jpg (143.87 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20210723002104_1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Pretty unique game although the gameplay and at times seemingly nonsensical story might put people off. I spent the first hour or so kind of hating it due to the non-intuitive control scheme - movement is on-rails with a fixed camera and you choose which direction to go when you come to a junction, essentially it's an on-rails shooter with some exploration and puzzles. But after a while I got used to it, it's not too bad unless trying to deal with enemies coming from multiple directions, which only happens a few times throughout the whole game. The gameplay isn't spectacular but it's still pretty satisfying, I think the sound design helps a lot since the guns and enemy death noises are very loud.
Story-wise it was hard to understand at parts and admittedly there were quite a few points I didn't really understand until I looked up discussions of the game explaining things. Even so it was still entertaining to watch it unfold, as the characters are all cool and it manages to be pretty fucked up at times without feeling gratuitous or completely random. The last few chapters were surprisingly depressing.

>No More Heroes 2 Remastered

Went into this not expecting it to be as good as the first game, but even then it was pretty disappointing. I heard the gameplay was the 1 thing other than the music which is arguably better than the 1st but I don't really see it. Levels are far shorter and the game loves to spam respawning enemies to pad out the time, so you'll be fighting for several minutes without moving forward at all at certain points. The worst is 1 level where you fight for 15+ minutes against respawning enemies in a parking lot, it just feels tedious and while the first game had a few sections with respawns it was never as bad as this.
The bosses were slightly improved by removing the stupid superarmor mechanic from the first game, but they made it almost worse IMO because the majority of them spend the whole fight just running away and attacking you from a distance. If the arenas you fight in were smaller this wouldn't be so bad but they're pretty large and so over half the time each battle you're just running trying to approach the boss to get a few hits in before they run away again.
Also they added knockdown for most enemy and boss attacks which I don't recall being in the first game (except for maybe a few special boss attacks), this would be fine except there are basically no i-frames or quick ways of recovery into a dodge, so if an enemy attacks multiple times you're stunlocked. This isn't too big an issue in most battles but there a few boss fights where it's noticeable and it's extremely annoying. The final boss is the most obnoxious case of this, as there's one sequence of attacks he can do which are not only unblockable and hard to dodge due to him teleporting, but it also knocks you down and basically guarantees you've lost over half your health, because you can't recover at all and are stunlocked until he stops attacking.
There are a few other things that are annoying in terms of gameplay(no repeatable assassination missions, finishers feel extremely gimped and very rarely kill multiple enemies like in the first game, part time jobs are the only decent sources of money rather than just being one and done diversions to unlock assination gigs like in the first game) but those are the main ones. In terms of story it was just alright, lacked the charm of the first one and they decided to add some stupid overly long and pointless exposition scenes but besides that it wasn't terrible, Travis was still pretty entertaining. The final sequence was lame though and really sucked compared to the final boss and true final boss of the 1st game.
Despite all my complaints it's not a terrible game overall, just mediocre and it's hard to avoid comparing it to the 1st one.


File: 1627908157751.jpg (876.05 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, H2x1_NSwitchDS_EnderLilies….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Ender Lilies, it was alright


good work Freeman


One thing that made killer 7 less enjoyable to me when I played it was how lacking the sensitivity DS2 anolog sticks are compared to later generations. I played it on my PS3 and was used to the finer precision typical of the generation but ps2 titles just don't code for more sensitive inputs. Which is a problem for a game that puts such a high importance on quick ultra accurate aiming using the sticks.


I finished Trails in the Sky and Trails in the Sky SC. I don't play much JRPG I thought the FF and DQ games I've tried were mediocre but Trails sucked me in and I binged through almost 100 hours of gameplay in both games. Trails has a lot anime cliche, but I think they're done pretty well. The cliche feels natural and endearing rather than just cheap imitation. For example there are edgy backstories for characters, but there are foreshadowing and proper build up towards the reveal so most are not just thoughtlessly thrown in. Worldbuilding is more fleshed out than you'd expect. They're not as advanced as western lore like TES but each cities and characters have stories to them rather than just a place for the party to do quests. NPC backstories are autistically crafted. A lot of NPCs get updated dialogue every time you finish a main quests. Their stories and worries changes and develop each time you meet them. There is this unimportant NPC in some area you never have to visit for a quest who'll tell you that he is worried about telling his parents that he wants to leave the family business to study in an academy. I was surprised when I visited him in the second game and he's studying for the entrance exam with supportive parents. Granted most of their stories are boring and I don't really bother with them but I still find it amazing that the dev takes two entire game to develop such an insignificant NPC.

Gameplay wise I can't say much since I am still unfamiliar with JRPG but they're addictive enough to keep me occupied for hours each day. Just remember that there is a turbo button to speed up the game (alt in the GOG version) because the game is unbearably slow otherwise. I also find it neat that it has a magic system beyond "Learn a spell and use it forever." . You arrange these gems (called quartz) in a character orbment slots and if the elements in a line match certain combinations you can use that magic. Each characters will different slots shape and requirements too. The game thankfully tells you all the possible combinations, along with the available quartz and what each stats do in an in game notebook so you don't have to look them up in the wiki like many games. It's still an anime game though so the story isn't particularly deep and there are many normalfag sentiments like power of friendship and just world fallacy that'll get you insulted if you post them on wizchan.

Good games.


Have you played the third game? it largely fleshes out an important character introduced in SC (Kevin) as well as other characters like Alan, Scherzad, Tita and her parents, Weissman etc, mostly through vignettes, flashbacks and the likes. The dungeon crawling and battles are also more enjoyable imo, and it gets pretty dark at times. It's more of the same essentially if you will, but in a good way, it would be a shame to skip it, though I understand that you don't feel like burning yourself out right now.

And yeah it is very anime, I mean it is definitely well executed I agree, but without even trying I don't think I could stomach something like the Cold Steel series, although I will probably give the Crossbell duology a try when it gets an official release.


No, I was considering whether to play it or skip to cold steel but if it's as good as you say then I guess I'll play it first.


I was captivated by your post specially because I have a similar experience with FF and DQ games and because endearing and interesting NPCs is a main reason for me liking a game, so when you talked about this series putting so much care into peripheral characters it really made me think this series is for me… until I watched the first 20 minutes of it on youtube.

It's yet another European fantasy land jrpg. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing your post. Thanks for talking about this series btw, I didn't know about it and you really sold it to me, it was a nice read. But man, yet again with the same type environment and mood. Will they ever get tired of it? It seems every time I find out about a potentially nice jrpg it's the European fantasy land or failing that, it's a highschool drama or set in a hightech boring future.

Is there even a single recent jrpg series outside those settings? I remember looking for it a while ago and the only stuff I came up with were fairly old games like Saiyuki, Far East of Eden and a few other outliers.


Yakuza 7
Metal Max series


File: 1629701442428.jpg (326.76 KB, 1200x1775, 48:71, 1200px-FNV_box_art_(US).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished replaying Fallout New Vegas. I hadn't played it in about 8 years and never did any of the DLC back then, so playing it with that plus a bunch of mods (from the Viva New Vegas guide) felt like a pretty fresh experience. Early game was a little rough because of the damage formula and loot tweaks the mods mad and because I built a high Int/Charisma character whose only combat skill was guns, but after getting through Primm it wasn't too hard. Side quests were enjoyable, I liked that there usually multiple options on how to handle them. I just wish the distribution of them across factions/areas was better, feels like NCR and their camps have tons of quests compared to everyone else. Main quests were good but kind of fell off after the Tops Casino and confronting Benny IMO. I thought about siding with House or NCR but I just ended up choosing Yes Man again. Besides that I really liked exploring the Vaults and learning the histories of what happened there, like the one with its inhabitants forced to elect someone to sacrifice because a computer told them to or the one with plant people.

The DLCs ranged from good to just okay. Dead Money was the best IMO since it changed things by with forcing you to get new gear and the collar mechanic, even though it was a little grating during the final stretch, and the Villa had a great atmosphere. Honest Hearts was pretty mediocre, Joshua was a cool character but everyone else felt kind of bland and most of it is spent doing fetch quests. Although the terminals with journal entries left in the caves from people who survived the bombs were pretty neat. Old World Blues just felt tedious most of the time, the labs you explore feel pretty samey and the story isn't too interesting until the final conversation with the antagonist. But exploring Higgs Village was pretty neat, that whole area felt really eerie and I was on edge the whole time. Lonesome Road was decent, not quite as tedious as Old World Blues but it's pretty linear and you're mostly just killing a bunch of enemies while occasionally finding a small side-area with some shit to loot or an audio tape. Ulysses didn't annoy me that much but it felt kind of odd to force a pre-established backstory on the player after so much time playing. I liked ED-E's conversations though, they were cute.

Overall really enjoyed my revisit of this game, felt like there was a ton of stuff I missed on my initial playthrough years ago. Might give the original Fallout 1 and 2 a try, I remember not being able to get into the first one many years ago but I've since played a decent amount of crpgs (including Underrail which is supposedly a little similar in gameplay) so maybe I'd have an easier time now.


this. only redeeming part of the game to me was the weapons/combat, which pales in comparison to stuff like deus ex.


I have finished Fire Red (Omega)
really pleasant experience, the sleep moves are really overpowered though, I do not know if that is also true of the regular game but this is incredibly frustrating when trainers summon a plant type and you just know they are going to spam that spore crap that puts your pokemon to sleep for god knows how long. I know there are counters but still there has to be something wrong with their accuracy there.

the lack of the infamous physical/special split is unfortunate, and I'm not sure I want to play another game or hack in the series that doesn't feature that mechanic. I found out very late into my playthrough how it worked there and it's pretty mind boggling. I mean, I can understand for example every fight move and every psychic move being exclusively physical and special respectively, but that shouldn't be the case of fire/water/ice/electric/dark etc moves. Pokebro if you're reading this, what's the general opinion regarding that mechanic among the fanbase? I cannot imagine it not being overwhelmingly positively received.


>Fallout 1

Pretty enjoyable, played with the FalloutFixt mod to fix some bugs and add some basic QOL stuff like being able to highlight items and containers. I had to restart a few times before getting a character who could actually make it past the radscorpion cave, and even then there was a lot of reloading involved. The combat is a little slow and honestly not that fun outside of the cool gore animations you get with critical hits, and towards the end of the game especially, when you have power armor and are facing supermutants and deathclaws, it's pretty much just a slugfest while waiting for someone to score a critical hit to end the battle.

Outside of the combat being tedious everything else was very good. I thought the time limit would annoy me but it's actually pretty generous and gives plenty of time to do sidequests and make a few detours. And it was pretty refreshing to play an RPG that isn't 50+ hours, I don't know my exact playtime but it was probably in the range of 10-15 hours.


Pretty good stealth game, I love the original Deus Ex and this game reminded me a little of that with all the cool alternate pathways through levels. The game kind of peaked for me during the first assassination mission though, that level felt like it had tons of options and then the ones after just felt smaller and more restrictive in comparison. Maybe it was just the novelty wearing off. I also went nonlethal and there's not many cool options there after getting the first few powers so that was also a bit of a letdown. Still enjoyed the rest of the game regardless, just not as much as that first level. Might check out the DLC in the future.


i was recommended this. subpar story + inaccurate guns spoiled it for me after like 5 hours or so.


I don't know, I think types being one kind of damage across the board is interesting, too, but at the same time a lot of pokemon sucked using their own types before gen 4, or had to stack inaccurate moves like fire blast or hydro pump to remotely be able to take advantage of their type bonus. Personally I can do with or without the change. One thing I really wish they kept in was speed affecting crit rate. Pokemon like persian and scyther and electrode could be a lot of fun because of it.


File: 1630880313912.jpg (39.61 KB, 300x277, 300:277, Mega_Man_ZX_Advent_front.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So I just beat megaman ZX Advent, it is basically the final game in the "Z" series of megaman games, and I gotta say, it was pretty lackluster.

First off, it's an open world metroidvania? but not really, idk. There are only three moments in the entire game where you need to walk somewhere and kind of explore to figure out what to do. These Z games always tried to be like an open world but the execution was just poor every single time.

Now I guess general gameplay, it's pretty mediocre, you got a buster by default and you can morph into any of the bosses(biometals) you've defeated. Occasionally you will need to use a different biometal for some area to make it through easier, some early places just force you to use a certain biometal to justify it's existence. Basically you use the water biometal in the water, the air biometal when you need to jump around, the fire biometal when you needa kill a boss that has no i-frames, and then the ZX biometal for everything else. Default "A" biometal you start with kinda sucks so you mostly wont be using it.

Finalboss/boss rush, awful, you face the 8 easy bosses again, then you go to the big bad guys room, he has two forms, first form you just put on your fire biometal and spam your two busters at it until it dies, don't bother even dodging anything it takes like 30 seconds to die. Second form, gimmicky, you need to use your default biometal's special attack to destroy the shields(this special attack has been pretty useless the entire game), attacks are over-telegraphed so basically you wont get hit if you are paying the littlest attention. Once the shields are down you put on the ZX biometal once again and just shred the last boss in less than 10 seconds.

side not here, not too important but the voice acting for Vent (the previous games MC) is awful, it totally ruins the mood, every other voice actor sounds fine, but then the guy who is supposed to be super powerful sounds like a 16 year old with a mild speech impediment… ugh

Anyway, really really underwhelming, I know this game is supposed to be for older kids/early teens but it is way too easy and the story just felt really disconnected from the megaman series. I'm gonna give it like a 6/10.


File: 1631022753010.jpg (771.97 KB, 1920x1276, 480:319, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I finished BotW, I don't think I'd ever put 170 hours into any game (at least not in a single run).
It feels really good to control and the map is fun to explore. The enemies are somewhat repetitive and the bosses get old pretty fast, but I still had a lot of fun just fucking around in the map.
I didn't find everything though, missing a couple of shrines and a lot of korok seeds, probably gonna go back and try to find at least the shrines.
I had my reservations going in, as I'm not a huge fan of "open world" games like the elder strolls and shit like that, but this one honestly blew me away.


File: 1631145762103.jpg (272.79 KB, 1344x864, 14:9, 20210908191823_1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I beat megaman zero for probably the third time now, I dont recall it being so easy before. There are screen crunch issues in a few areas because it was a gameboy advance game but overall it's a pretty solid. I thought about going through it again in hard mode but not feeling too interested after spending 4 hours on it today. I'll probably play Zero 2 tonight again although I remember it not being my favorite one of the 4 games.


File: 1632813545941.png (128.62 KB, 460x215, 92:43, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Beat CyberDad in like a hour or so.
It was free and short. Had a few glitches with the graphics (don't often see clipping in a 2d game) and the hit boxes could be tuned up a little, but it is playable and fun for what it is.


File: 1632836016169-0.jpg (85.1 KB, 616x353, 616:353, capsule_616x353.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1632836016169-1.jpg (131.88 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Ys: The Oath in Felghana
What a satisfying game, it feels so good to control, even today, most bosses are creative and the soundtrack fucking kicks ass. A fantastic game all around.


File: 1633015089222.jpg (11.23 KB, 300x169, 300:169, Deltarune-Chapter-2-Promot….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Chapter 2 of Deltarune a couple of days ago.Really enjoyed this new chapter it's about 5 hours long if you are a someone who's does everything theres also a different outcome you can get depending on your interactions with a certain character.I really liked the new villian in this chapter and Noelle is my favorite new character of this game thanks to this chapter.Im going to stay vague because this came out only recently,but im looking forward to the new chapters when they drop.


Deltarune looks fun and the deer is super cute but man I just can’t get invested after undertale.


File: 1633144506001.png (188.16 KB, 256x363, 256:363, Super_Monkey_Ball_2_Covera….png) ImgOps iqdb

Super Monkey Ball 2
Never played Monkey Ball before so I was going to try Banana Mania when it comes out to get into the series but apparently they butchered some stuff like the physics, the story mode, and are selling the original OST as DLC which is kind of scummy, so I just emulated this one. It was really fun, levels get challenging pretty quickly and there are often multiple ways to reach the goal. Learning and mastering the physics was satisfying. Only complaint is that the final World 10 levels felt a bit lackluster and gimmicky compared to the previous World 9's levels, which felt more creative and like they tested your understanding of the game's mechanics more.


what a shame, it looks better than the one they released a couple years ago


File: 1633484461072.jpg (42.5 KB, 570x320, 57:32, REVILLAGE.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just did my Hardcore playthrough of REVillage, its a pretty alright game, i certainly like it more than 7 but im thinking on trying to go back to that game and do the rest of the difficulties, i fucking hated mother miranda's boss tho, her spider form is annoying as shit.
Time for VOS and mercenaries


File: 1633497057061.jpg (30.86 KB, 300x450, 2:3, 57478_Hitman_2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Hitman 1 + 2
First games I've played from this series, bought on sale and beat over the weekend. They were great, I love stealth games with open-ended levels so it really hit a sweet spot for me. Only complaint is that the reactivity to the assassination targets kind of sucks. In the missions with multiple assassination targets I assumed killing 1 would possibly make the others more cautious or prompt some sort of dialogue for them but it really doesn't do anything for most missions. The witness system was very cool though, information spreads gradually through enforces and civilians communicating to each other rather than everyone just being magically alerted to your crimes.

>Castlevania Circle of the Moon

Finished a replay in magician mode, which starts with all the DSS cards unlocked and better INT and MP but worse hp, strength, and defense. It was pretty neat, super overpowered near the start because one ability basically kills the first 3 bosses in several hits but it falls off towards endgame because magic damage scales from STR instead of int. So even with godly INT which gives fast MP regen the damage output is pretty poor. Defensive options are amazing though so it's pretty easy as long as you're patient.
I see a lot of people online hate this game but honestly it's probably my 2nd favorite of the GBA/DS Castlevania games I've played (all except Order of Ecclesia), right after Aria of Sorrow.


I've played and talked about Circle of the Moon here in late 2018, I found the game ok but not great, it's just that I prefer the old style over the Metroidvania structure of the games since Symphony. To its credit though it is definitely more challenging than the other GBA entries and SOTN.
The regular mode is not very generous with its card drop rate is it? I played it normally, without farming or anything and in the end I only got like three or four of the damn things.


File: 1633829186017.jpg (69.52 KB, 395x640, 79:128, dread.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished playing Metroid Dread
I really enjoyed it, there were a few annoyances here and there but overall I'd rank it about on par with Zero Mission but below Super. High points were the controls and boss battles. Movement feels very smooth and quick and boss battles are very fast paced and require really learning the patterns well because they hit hard. Low point was definitely the music, it's not grating or anything but it's just very forgettable compared to the soundtracks in the past games.
The EMMI sections weren't bad at all, I usually despise forced stealth in non-stealth games and was kind of hesitant to get this game because of them but here it wasn't too intrusive since they're confined to relatively small areas that you can move through pretty quickly. Adds some nice tension but never became an annoyance for me.
Might try a replay on hard mode after a few weeks. Seems like a lot of people are starting to find skips/sequence breaks which is pretty neat.


why is it so short?


A Metal Gear homage/parody; reminds me of the older Metal Gear (1987) games before it got too elaborate & cinematic.


File: 1634276075921-0.jpg (21.35 KB, 273x365, 273:365, Hitman_2015.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1634276075921-1.jpg (57.81 KB, 640x936, 80:117, HitmanSilentAssassin.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1634276075921-2.jpg (129.55 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 1633857588_636783_16338576….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Haven't posted here in a while but I finished a bunch of games so here's nothing
>Hitman (2016)
I thought it was pretty good, they managed to keep the mechanics of the original games but with an amazing level of detail, the game is as easy as you make it, if you want it to hold your hand and not do any of thinking you can do it, if I wanna point something negative I'd say it's pretty short, and autosaves make some missions trivial.
>Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
It's great, of course not as polished as the reboot but really ambitious for its time. It does show its age though, the artificial intelligence is awful, and it has a few QOL details that you miss if you played latter games, being able to sneak faster than a crippled slug, for example.
>Metroid Dread
I can't believe it, a new fucking 2d metroid, well not really 2d but you know what I mean. I thought it was really good too, nice level design, creative bosses, fun puzzles. What I don't like is the 'parry' mechanic, it's just glorified QTEs, some bosses have it and missing them can easily kill you, really wished they wouldn't have done that. If I had to compare it with previous games I'd put it on the same level as Fusion, below ZM and Super, byt definitely a solid game, I hope they keep making these
>Resident Evil: Revelations 2
It was good, came out at the worst Resident Evil era (between 5 and 6) and it's easily better than those 2. The companions are not as annoying as those games, gunplay is fine, the weapon upgrade system is decent but I felt like it could've been better, of course it's not survival horror, but it's a decent third person shooter. The pc port is god awful, thought, terrible framerates, bugs, missing stuff. It's ridiculous but I played it on the same computer I played RE8 and it works much worse.


It's not shorter than other 2d metroid games


File: 1634308799760.jpg (1.03 MB, 1514x2139, 1514:2139, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Forgot one
>Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
It's pretty mediocre,gameplay is fine but too simple, level design is repetitive as fuck, duplicate rooms everywhere and just not very interesting, music ranges from great to completely forgettable, platforming sucks ass, it's probably the worst 3d platforming I've ever played. Graphics are fine for a ps2 game and the art style is good, it's the same as SotN.
All in all pretty forgettable, maybe that's why I didn't include it in my first post.


>It's great, of course not as polished as the reboot but really ambitious for its time.
Haven't really played the reboot, but not as polished? How is that even possible, because Silent Assasin is extremely polished, with perfect, smooth controls and no bugs to speakof, especially compared to the original and Contracts.


>Silent Assasin is extremely polished, with perfect, smooth controls and no bugs to speakof
I encountered several bugs, like characters T-posing not doing anything, disappearing items, guards that don't detect you even if you're not wearing a disguise, objective kills counting for the dead count, characters stuck in walls, characters seeing you through walls.


did you like sotn?


File: 1634391070793.jpg (629.94 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, H2x1_NSwitch_MetroidDread.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Also finished Dread. It's in the scope of Fusion, really action oriented, you really don't have to do much exploration (except if you're looking for 100% completion), you basically follow a straight line by taking elevators and teleporters. It's like a really clever conveyor belt. Gameplay is fluid, although I still fuck up when it comes to moves that uses triggers, I always mixed them up. Something I enjoy in metroids is sequence breaking or obtaining items you're not suppose to have yet and it's still possible.

I have to say i'm a bit dissapointed by the general atmosphere of the game and most importantly the lack of memorable music themes. And I also wish the Switch could do better graphically but oh well, Nintendo. Overall very great game, but I still prefer the exploration based Metroid games.


Yeah I like both the classic and metroid style castlevanias.


please respond. banana mania got positive reviews, is it that bad?


I haven't played it so I can't say, I just emulated the originals. Most of the Steam reviews (the ones that are actually over 1 sentence long and not just shitposts) seem to elaborate on the issues. It doesn't sound terrible but since it's basically just a remake with all levels from 1, 2, and DX packaged together and the physics are changed for the worse I don't see much reason to buy it rather than emulate the GCN games.


File: 1635167489924-0.jpg (283.12 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, TOMBRAIDER1996PSX.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1635167489924-1.png (496.61 KB, 500x500, 1:1, TR2013_Portada_cuadrada.png) ImgOps iqdb

So I just finished a couple of games that have a name in common, but nothing else
First one was a precise platformer with tight controls and good level design, you could argue it's "too blocky" but I think it actually works in favor of the game, controls are not what we're used to today but they really work well once you get used to them, tank controls are still the best way to control 3d games with a d-pad. To me it feels like the logic transition to 3d of platformers like Prince of Persia or Flashback, and in turned it influenced future games like the ps2 Prince of Persia games.

Second one is an Uncharted knockoff, a generic 3rd person shooter with some "platforming" thrown in, the platforming is trivial, just point the stick in the general direction and hit the jump button, the character will do the rest, every jump is basically a cutscene, I finished the game and I don't remember missing a single jump, maybe a QTE here and there but that's it. The shooting is, well, just generic cover-based shooting. There a lot of cutscenes now because of course there are and I found Lara in this game to be specially annoying, she basically gets a lot of people killed over a "hunch" and is never held accountable, except for a few lines of dialogue here and there, from characters who immediately apologize.
One part in particular especially pissed me off. Around 2 thirds of the game in there's this big fire and a storm, things start collapsing around you, but a guy on a helicopter comes and pick you up, then Lara says they have to go down and rescue the rest, but the pilot tells her there was no way he lands because there was a pretty bad storm, so Lara just puts her gun to his face and forces him to land. Of course the helicopter crashes and the guy dies, and he's never brought up again, not a word, nothing, she just fucking had a the guy killed and didn't give a single fuck. I know it's pretty stupid to get angry over the death of a character that doesn't even have a name but god damn it, does it make the main character look like a fucking bitch, and you know what, she is a fucking bitch, fuck her, fuck the cunts who wrote this turd, fuck this game and fuck modern games in general.


File: 1635555486845.jpg (40.95 KB, 350x500, 7:10, 51F8MKPQF8L.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Fatal Frame 2, it was really good, very atmospheric, although after having played 3 and 1 before it gets kinda stale, all games are very similar.
The game forces you to play your first playthrough on normal or easy, and unlocks hard after you beat it once, this kind of shit pisses me off because the game on normal is really easy and you get a bad ending unless you beat it on hard. Why would you do this?


File: 1635905922891-0.jpg (161.66 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (1).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1635905922891-1.jpg (187.28 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ss_8aecada307757c7da392d4f….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just finished TouHou: Luna Nights.
It was a pretty good and short metroidvania with tight gameplay, absolutely beautiful pixel art, and great music. Being a TouHou game I expected it to be really hard, but I think it's just hard enough, last bossfight took me a few tries but it didn't feel unfair or anything.
It's the second game I play from this developer (Team Ladybug), the other one being Shin Megami Tensei: Synchronicity prologue, and they were both great. Checked their catalogue and they also have a Record of Lodoss War game and a Konosuba game, all metroidvanias. If they're as good as the two games I've already played they might become my new favorite dev.


I just started playing the second one. Idk why you expect the expedition would hold her accountable because she successfully accomplished the goal they set out to do. The captain is the one who arguably fucked up by taking the ship into stormy waters that wrecked the ship. Lara isn't a ship captain or even a sailor she doesn't know they would get wrecked nor should she all she did is point them in the direction that turned out to be right on the money. So far I've kind of found it entertaining but it's more like an interactive movie than a real game.


can anyone who played the 3ds pokemon games tell me if the touch screen is necessary at all?


it's not, only for the fluff activities like playing with your pokemon


Are the fatal frame games worth it? Thinking about playing the PS2 games and maybe pirating the switch game


File: 1636218533912.jpg (123.11 KB, 500x638, 250:319, Quake.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just finished Quake. For me this game always had a special aura about it. I first played it when I was 15 or so and it was the first game with horror elements I played. Its atmosphere immediately captivated me. I love the idea of mixing medieval-ish things like magic rings and knights along with Lovecraftian horror (I first heard of Lovecraft because of Quake), demonic imagery and science fantasy. I read the production team wanted to remove the medieval theme out of the game but decided to go with it anyways due to time constraints. For me this worked perfectly. It's such an odd combination that only enhances the feeling of weirdness emanating from your surroundings. Who knows, you're dealing with creatures from another dimension. You can never assume anything with aliens. There's certainly a reason for those knights to be there as well as all the satanic and demonic imagery, you just don't know why. I like the fact this is never explained. You left alone to come up with your own theories.

Anyway, I never finished the game back then, as in, I had never played every single level to completion before. It was a really nice experience revisiting this game and taking my time to explore everything. I still missed a bunch of secrets from the later levels. I remember being a lot harder than it actually is on normal difficulty, but I was always particularly bad at FPS games.

I also got reminded on why I gave up on Quake after the first one. The sequels went with a very different art direction. Removing all the weird mix of Satan, Lovecraft and hightec fantasy and giving a cleaner, more straight forward science fantasy with spaceship looking levels and cyborgs. Since that weird, wonderful mix is the main reason I like Quake, the sequels to me are a huge let down. Also the fact the third one is a multiplayer only game.


only time you need it is for the little feature to pet/clean/feed your mons. i think that feature is entirely optional (although post-battle cleaning is like a free status cure and building their affection in that mode also gives you some lucky outcomes during battle).


Yes, I think they're among the best "resident evil clones" out there, they're very atmospheric and do a great job at making you feel uneasy, there are a few cons though, first of all they have a lot of backtracking and the characters move really slow, second is that the stories are way too similar for my taste.
But definitely worth a playthrough if you're into games like silent hill or resident evil and movies like ringu or ju-on


Thank you. I found a workaround just in case by setting up the touch pad on my controller to work as a mouse cursor and make the touch screen somewhat usable.

Gave the pokemon on the system a try, and I'm not too fond of the way they look, aesthetically… I'm gonna miss these sprites.
For now I have yet to go through gen V though, is there any point to playing Black or White 1 or should I jump straight to 2?


i always get no outlines mod for gen 6 games because i hate the cel shaded look or whatever. the art direction of stadium/colosseum/battle revolution is better and just removing outlines comes close to that style.
also i only played bw2 so idk on that question.


File: 1636514796933.jpg (90.85 KB, 720x900, 4:5, TR2_Portada_cuadrada.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So I just finished Tomb Raider 2.
Gameplay is still tight, tank controls, Lara seems to have some new moves (or moves I didn't know/had to use before). Levels are now bigger and more intrincate, shame you don't raid tombs so much anymore, half the game is in Venezia and some ship but I still really liked the level design.
I only have one problem with this game, and it's that there's too much fucking combat, everytime you turn a corner or open a door a group of goons come in guns blazing, in some cases it doesn't even make sense (what the hell are so many dudes doing inside a sunken ship) and while I like the controls for platforming I hate them for combat, it never feels quite right and the enemy placement often feels cheap, like there's this part you come out of a hole into a room and there's like 4 dudes waiting to shoot at you, motherfuckers. I don't know, I like these games for its platforming, didn't mind combat in 1, but in this one I feel like I spent more time shooting than doing platforming.
Not gonna start 3 right away, I hope it's more platform focused


File: 1637158726149.jpg (525.97 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, L.A.-Noire-cover.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished LA Noire, I really like the setting, music and some of the plot, they did a decent job recreating that film noir aesthetic. Didn't like so much the gameplay, shooting and driving sequences are as generic as it gets, any GTA does a better job, and the interview system felt kinda half baked to me, there are some good ideas but it's often confusing and some times it's bullshit if you ask me.


File: 1637159945738.jpg (127.22 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, Record-of-Lodoss-War-1000x….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just finished the Record of Lodoss War game, and yeah it's fucking awesome, they weren't even trying to hide the SotN influences, the way the character moves, the weapon, even some of the enemies feel like something out of a Castlevania game, but in a good way, the pixel art is beautiful and the music is great, there's a color coded pellet mechanic a la Ikaruga that makes for some interesting fights/puzzles, a bunch of weapons with different animations, useful for different situations, and an useful bow which you can freely aim to get rid of annoying enemies. I don't know I really liked this game, if I have a problem with it it's that there's not a huge variety on bosses, three of the bosses are huge dragons, and a lot of them are just regular sized people which in some cases use a lot of similar attacks, part of the charm of castlevania games to me is its huge multiple part bosses, and this game lacks that.
Anyway. Maybe Konami should throw a few bucks at these people and have them develop a small Castlevania game, nothing huge like Lords of Shadow, just a fun 2d exploration-platformer, but I'm just being naïve, Castlevania is dead now.


I did one mission of LA Noire impressed me thought it was a good game


This was a valid criticism back in the day also. People did not like how stupidly action focused it was. I replayed it again recently and my opinion didn't change. TR1 is better. I won't mention much about TR3 except to say: I hope you're playing it on PC for the infinite saves.


>This was a valid criticism back in the day also. People did not like how stupidly action focused it was
Well I'm glad to know I'm not alone here
>I hope you're playing it on PC for the infinite saves
I'm playing on an emulator, gonna use saves if I need them I don't care.

Have you played latter games? Is it true these three are like the only good ones?


TR3 definitely needs "infinite saves" like TR2 had. It's honestly a bullshit and cheap game in lots of places.

>Is it true these three are like the only good ones?

Not true, no. Tomb Raider 4/Last Revelation is good also. I haven't played 5 or 6 yet so can't comment on those. Anniversary has mixed opinions. I liked it quite a bit when I played but that was like 15 years ago and I'm not sure if I'd still feel the same on repeat. It's a remake of TR1 if you're not aware of it. It's 100x better than the god awful "reboots" they did at least.


File: 1637779306377.png (130.6 KB, 460x215, 92:43, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Forklift Load

I 100% it in one extended sit down. So not exactly long, though not easy ether. Was a indie game made by one dude. Overally pretty rough around the edges. Like on a techical level there were a lot of gliches and bugs.
All that said something about the whole experence was simply enchanting to me. It may be flawed but it is most certainly a work of art.

Story was interesting though a bit on the predicable side, and also mainly told though notes. I won't give it away but lets just say fellow wizards, especially NEETs would find it unintentionally funny.

I liked it quite a bit, though I am not sure it is for everybody. If it's on sell or whatever and you want something really different, and you don't mind indie jank, then you might check it out. Maybe you will like it too.


Just finished lost judgement. Didnt play the first game but it was a pretty obvious asset flip. Great story, but I didn't give a shit about the sideqeusts, which were pretty much limited to the highschool and the office spaces. I'd give the game 6.5/10. Good game but nothing to really go out of your way to play. If you haven't played any other yakuza game and don't want to play older games I would recommend like a dragon. Combat is completely different in like a dragon but I didn't really like the button mashing combat in other yakuza games anyway.


File: 1638962424813.png (1.55 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Nocternal Hunt
Was a meh and super short indie game where you play as a wolf and stealth kill hunters who took your pup for occult shenanigans.
Was pretty meh on a technical level and gameplay is super simplistic, but it looked alright and I enjoyed what little bit of game there was.
Can be completed in a hour if you are combing ever nook and cranny for collectables, but it is totally possible to speed rush the game in a few minutes.


File: 1639486980385.png (418.13 KB, 612x494, 306:247, Untitled.png) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Shin Megami Tensei IV.

I thought it was great, not perfect but great.
Game starts kinda weak in my opinion, with a kind of "medieval" setting that doesn't feel like any other SMT titles. It does pick up after a while and feels just right, the combat is dynamic and fights rarely go over 5 or 6 turns, a single fuck up or critical hit can get you killed in a single turn, while exploiting the enemies' weaknesses can make some fights trivial, but I'm thankful there are no half an hour battles in which you can fuck up in the last turn and start all over again, like some other JRPGs.
The 'new' fusion system is a mixed bag for me, it has a lot of options but I wish it allowed you to pic two demons at any time to see what comes out, sometimes just to clear some space. I kinda wish it stayed the way it was in previous games.
The plot is fine, after you get past the initial part it's the usual SMT fare. Game starts in the "eastern kingdom of Mikado" people in this place are divided between classes, the lower class casualries and higher class luxurors. At some point you see luxurors being assholes to casualries and then I decided I'd pick the chaos ending and unleash a horde of demons upon them, and the game delivers in that regard. I think this conditioned a lot of people to pick the chaos path, probably on purpose. Getting the neutral ending is of course the hardest course and it's very easy to tip you alignment one way or the other, but it's worth it because you get to play both final dungeons and kill both final bosses, on top of some dlc bosses.
The game is really easy, you can finish it with minimal grinding if you do the right fusions, of course I say this but I played it on "prentice" which would be normal difficulty. You can't pick hard because it's one of those games that force you to beat it once before playing in hard. But being able to save anytime and fights being so short I don't know how hard it can get.
There's SMT IV: Apocalypse, which is apparently a sequel, I thought it was a re-release or something so I'm gonna have to check that out.


It reminds me that I have yet to finish Digital Devil Saga 2. My character took a F-16 to the moon or whatever and fused with the short-haired lady and I have completely lost the plot. I like the characters but the story is the standard grandiloquent 'fight some demiurgic entity' or fate or whatever that is so common in these games.
This series take itself way too seriously in my opinion, at least in Nocturne the dialogues and cutscenes were kept to a minimum… I would like to give other SMT titles a try, namely Strange Journey, Soul Hackers and the tactical spin offs (Devil Survivor iirc?) but I would rather not have to deal with these tired tropes again. Some cutscenes in the aforementioned DDS duology just make me cringe. The english dub is very good though.


File: 1639562737661-0.png (2.55 MB, 1920x800, 12:5, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1639562737661-1.png (908.16 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1639562737661-2.png (3.45 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Lust for Darkness was on sell for like a buck fifty so I got it on impulse expecting janky edgy shit.
Honistly it was a bit boring through out. I guess if you found dildos laying around a sex cult mantion edgy it would be something but really I was bored most of the time. The scares were meh, while the envionmental design was great the creature design was unispired. Really a lot of the game felt like busy work, with the puzzles being simple and boring. I had more trouble figuring out that a door had a latch on it that had to be unlocked first to be opened then most of the other proper puzzles in the game.
While the atmosphere was interesting it never really felt like it payed off. I was never freaked out, and even when it tries to be shocking or edgy it just gets a shrug out of me.
Even at 90% off I can't really recommend this game. If you are curious and want to play it just pirate it.


File: 1639564244908.png (495.25 KB, 1000x903, 1000:903, 52e85a9b29ff95e3a494d8e99e….png) ImgOps iqdb

>Lust For Darkness
That name alone sounds like something taken from a 14 year old's Livejournal


File: 1639573434955.png (655.82 KB, 540x763, 540:763, tumblr_nu21q09ZYY1tgf091o1….png) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah DDS is pretty story focused, I think you'll enjoy Strange Journey, it has some dialogue but not that much and I loved the atmosphere and music. Devil Survivor is persona-lite with social links and everything, the game itself it's an alright FFT clone, but play at own risk.
Some games that don't take themselves too seriously are the Raidou games for psx, they're not turn based and have a more easy going plot, with a 1920s setting that I think it's pretty unique.


>expecting janky edgy shit.
Yeah, That was want I wanted and expected.
Instead it was pretty boring and not nearly as edgy as I hoped.


saw that on fitgirl, looked cool


File: 1640139723756.jpg (59.82 KB, 521x600, 521:600, demons_souls-1693512.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Demon's Souls
Gotta say I really appreciate the game for what it is, but wish I had played it before Dark Souls, I think the latter improves is pretty much every way over this.
It feels just right to me, the weight of things, the "platforming" for some people it may be slow, but I think it's great. The level design left a bit to be desired, the murky environments get old after a while, but I appreciate how non-linear it is. What I didn't care a lot of were the bosses, it's not that they were bad, but most of them were pretty cheeseable with a bow, and I love using bows in these games, so it felt kinda cheap at times, but I don't really care. I'd say it's slightly harder than Dark Souls, mostly because when you die at a boss you have to walk all the way from the checkpoint, which are pretty scarce.
I'm sorry I keep comparing it to Dark Souls but they're pretty similar games, but are great and I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to get into this kind of game. Also the game looks fine on an emulator, with upscaled resolution. Why they thought this needed a remake and not just a remaster with maybe a few QOL improvements is beyond me.


You can even kill Allant's demon without agroing him with a bow and the thief ring. These two items trivialize most of the game. You could also get rid of one of the maneaters by firing arrows through the fog gate… This must have been fixed in the remake I would expect, along with the exploit that made it possible to get the flamelurker stuck somewhere in his arena.
Some NPC encounters were brutal though iirc, like the red phantom in the mines.


>Some NPC encounters were brutal though iirc, like the red phantom in the mines.
Yeah the hardest for me was that one you run into down in the swamp in level 5, te one that uses a meatcleaver, killed me a couple of times because I couldn't roll


I don't enjoy these games, I made the mistake of buying the PS5 remake because everyone was saying the game was a masterpiece and well, it's just not for me.

The game is difficult yes, but not only the gameplay, the whole concept feels unapproachable for me, I literally couldn't understand anything except when I used a guide and doing so felt like doing a bunch of simple chores instead of playing it for real so ended up abandoning it and haven't touched it in like 7 months.

Maybe my brain is so rotten than something more complex than a mindless shooter or platformer is well beyond my capacity.


These kind of games are the one in which you just kinda wing it and learn from your mistakes, they may seem unapproachable at first but once you get the hang of it, it's not so difficult.
People who play with guides kinda miss the experience imo, they're more worried about which stats to min/max and the exact gear to get, to have an "efficient" build rather than just enjoying the game which can be beating using pretty much any weapon and isn't even that hard to begin with


Finally 100% superflight so I guess that counts as beating it.

It's a pretty relaxing game for the most part, especially in zen mode. It's also really cheap, especially when on sell.


File: 1640486204933.png (2.04 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, sotc.png) ImgOps iqdb

I checked my backlog and saw SotC laying on the ground next to my bed and decided to try it out since I heard only good things about the game. I can't say it didn't live up to its expectations. The gameplay loop exploration>puzzle to beat the colossus>execution is really solid and had me thinking for an hour at some point but the solutions or the fights never felt unfair.

The most surprising aspect tho is the atmosphere by far. There's something really unique between the environnement , the music, the colours, the resilience of the giants, the cryptic world around us etc… but unfortunatly it ended sooner than I expected and I'm not a huge fan of NG+, maybe i'll give it a try. Definitly recommend it if you haven't played it already.

Also I played the Bluepoint remaster on the PS4, not sure if it's a good one or not compared to the original on the PS2.


The remaster is basically the same game and you’d never know the differences unless someone showed you side by side comparisons. I’m glad you like the game, it’s one of my all time favorites. If you have a PS4, give the last guardian a try. It takes more after ICO in the gameplay but the atmosphere is still top notch.


I actually played The Last Guardian before SotC but I didn't enjoy it as much because my pet friend and I didn't have the greatest bond. He wouldn't obey me (probably because I was a poor pet-owner) and I ended up being so frustrated, specially indoors. The atmosphere shines when you're outside for me.


Try out Ico if you haven't, pretty similar atmosphere but more platform focused, be warned though the game has you escorting a succubus for a good chunk of its duration, some people hate this, I personally didn't mind


That looks like a great time actually.
A lost art of immersion in the sea of gacha and competitive
Thanks for the recommendation wiz


Is there a time attack mode in Shadow of the Colossus PS4? I nearly broke my controller over the hard time attack in the PS3 remaster. The youtube videos made it look so easy, but the way the colossi (sp?) would react was completely random.


File: 1640738307478.jpg (1.02 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ss_036113a3d20095effa5b2d6….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just finished Cruelty Squad. It's mostly known for it's weird visual design and writing, but the core gameplay is pretty solid. The movement is fun, allowing for bunny hopping and eventually all sorts of crazy things with augs, the shooting is responsive, and the level design gives options for some replayability. Only complaints are that there are a few levels I didn't like the design of some of the levels, and a few things are grindy or hard to figure out without using guides if you want to unlock every mission.


I'm getting sort of tired of these "retro" looking fps games that are coming out a lot recently. They're all so formulaic like quake clones and they are so simple yet you need top of the line hardware to run them because they're always on a really bloated engine that has too many features for what the dev needs.


Cruelty Squad is more like a mashup of Deus Ex and Rainbow 6 than Quake.It's a tactical shooter where you have multiple ways to assasinate a target on a map, for example go in the front door, go through a vent, climb through the sewer. It's only like quake in that you can bunny hop and move very quickly through maps.


File: 1640756759099.jpg (154.4 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, the-talos-principle---butt….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The Talos Principle
Great 3D puzzle game. The number of mechanics is pretty small, with only 6 or so different tools and 3 "enemy" varieties, but the puzzles somehow never became stale for me. Even towards the end of the game (a little over 20 hours for me) there were still solutions that surprised me.
The atmosphere is also great, relaxing but also unsettling at times. The story is revealed mostly through computer logs and random notes scattered throughout the world and you slowly learn the backstory of what happened to the world as you progress.

Ending spoilers:
I got both the free will and messenger ending and honestly the free will ending felt so much more impactful, even though it seems like messenger is more of a "true" ending since you need to do more to get it. The final tower climb sequence, working with the Sheperd bot and against Samsara to ascend, was great and the final cutscene with the shot looking out on the buildings overgrown with plants was beautiful. In comparison the messenger cutscene just feels really short and not as interesting.

Will try out the Road to Gehenna DLC sometime in the future, I hear it's a lot harder than the base game I don't want to burn myself out.


Literally everything you said is wrong and I think you are just trying to bait, thus you don't care that what you said is totally incorrect.


Why don't you actually try to say something meaningful and point out what's wrong with that post, with actual arguments? Your passive agressive whining is getting old.


I didn’t mean it’s exactly like quake, but I used to like playing quake mods that were basically entirely new games made by single devs with the quake engine a really long time ago and these new things remind me of that, really fast, high fov, really low quality textures/animations on rigid models


File: 1640826025135-0.jpg (155.11 KB, 794x990, 397:495, yakuza-6-the-song-of-life-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1640826025135-1.jpg (423.15 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, carrion-5205521.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished both Yakuza 6 and Carrion
After over 15 years I finally get a "finale" to Kiryu's story, at the moment I didn't think much of me but then it downed that I've been playing at this guy for a good chunk of my life and it was the last time I got to see him, so it felt kinda weird. The game itself is pretty good, albeit too easy, finished the last boss without him even touching me, the rest is as always great, presentation, music, etc. I was expecting a bittersweet ending and that's exactly what I got, maybe a bit too much on the sweet side, but I'm satisfied, and it reminded me of Max Payne 3 a bit, which made me laugh. I think Kiryu does have some role on Yakuza 7, hope they don't bring him back or anything, just let the guy be, maybe let him be a sidequest or some hidden boss, dude is over 50 now.
The other game was Carrion I rather liked it, a bit of a twist on the usual "metroidvania" fare. Pretty short but fun, has some original mechanics (it has to considering you play as a big meatball) I'd recommend it


>Your passive agressive whining is getting old.
Right back at you.
And no, I am not going to put more effort into responding to your bait then you spend making them.


Having only played RGG3 before, fighting Kiryu with Saejima in four had a very nostalgic vibe to it, maybe thanks to the music and Kiryu having the hawaiji-outfit.

Unfortunately, the fight is so easy, that it's over before it begings.

But having Kiryu either as a very hard optional boss fight or as a semi-hard sparring-type boss fight in a later game, would be a pretty great thing.

I think zero (and Kiwami thus too) perfected the fighting and control system (especially on PS4 with steady 60fps and very little input lag; the PS3-versions run very poorly and have massive input lag, even worse than 5) and six was disapointment and I didn't even feel like finishing it.


Yeah, I'm probably not being very objective here. I agree with you that the series peaked with Zero (haven't played the Kiwamis because I beat the original 1 and 2). And considering 6 came out after Zero, I guess it's a bit disappointing. I did appreciate the lack of QTEs. One thing I thought was weird is that I expected a bit more fan service, for example you only see Majima at the beginning and he doesn't play any role in the conflict, and you know, he's always doing his shenanigans.



Yakuza 7 was my first yakuza game and, yes, Kiryu is in it but his presence is super inconsequential. You do fight him and they did kinda build him up as some super important and ultra-powerful guy, but the entire thing just reeked of fanservice that didn't make much sense to someone like me who never played any other yakuza game. They didn't even mention his name, I think they just called him the dragon of dojima. The same goes for the saejima and majima fights. The characters are presented like you are supposed to know they are some badasses, and not much else is explained about them.


What are the controls like, wiz?
I love gliding mechanics, but bad controls can ruin everything.


I played the entire Halo Master Chief Collection (That is Halo 1, 2, 3, 4 Reach and ODST) and I have to say that I wish I did it sooner.

For me Halo was the retarded game for dudebros and normies, and playing them I say that I was right, but the games are very fucking addictive and the story and lore is decent enough, it's the videogame equivalent of fries, not very high quality, not a lot of substance, but addictive as hell.

I can see why normies love the franchise so much, is pure blockbuster action and you can't stop playing once you start.

Play it if you can , the MCC is very high value because it includes like 6 games for $20, the multiplayer is great too and all the items on the battle pass are free and you get them by playing (as it should be)


I've heard Titanfall 2 single player's campaign is good, idk if you've played it yet, just throwing this out there in case you might be interested.


You managed to capture all my own thoughts about Halo. I had the same impression from the dudebros in HS. And I got MCC during the summer sale for its value.

I haven't had a chance to get to it yet, but I'm looking for a McGame just to relax to


Got around to finally playing Fallout 4 and all the DLCs. I initially avoided it because it looked like Bethesda ruined a lot of the RPG elements and I wasn't sure if my computer at the time could run it. I was bored and have since upgraded my computer, so I decided to give it a try.

The core gameplay and visuals are an obvious upgrade from 3/NV, but the main quest storyline, factions, and RPG elements were definitely gutted. The leveling system doesn't have any depth, and there aren't any meaningful factions other than the main quest which makes you choose from 4, a few of which seem unfinished. Most dialogue choices are also meaningless and have little to no impact on the results. A lot of this is replaced with the settlement crafting system, which didn't really interest me at all. It was also much too easy, giving the player too much power from the start rather than starting out weak and eventually becoming powerful like a good RPG should. Most of the fun I had was in random sidequests, the DLCs (which were both better than the core game), and just finding cool gear or weapons for my character that I could roleplay with. Despite all the problems, I had a decent week of fun playing through it and collecting items for my character. It's frustrating, because it feels like if a better company was given the same engine and source material they could have made a really good game instead of a mediocre one. Overall I would give it a generous 6.5/10



I got the MCC because I wanted to play it with a mouse. I played it but lost my account password since I thought it would be a one time login. Bad idea. Since then, I made another account, had it locked multiple times, got it banned, and even when I unlock it, the game gives me an error message. It's pretty bad. I've played too many hours to refund it though. I'll probably have to go to customer service to get it rectified but it's absolultely retarded what I'm going through. Also MCC won't let you switch accounts for some reason. There's no button for it. I can't use my alt account sometimes to see it's locked and for Micro$oft to want my phone number to unlock it for it to have an error message lol.

I've tried everything by the way. Everything.

Other than that though, it's still great to play on keyboard and mouse. I also love the options to change from the new graphics to the old graphics. I still have to beat Reach on legendary before going to Halo 4. I'm doing it on the original console though, sadly. It'd probably be much easier to play on keyboard and mouse.


File: 1642513350454.jpg (189.7 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, pop.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just finished the 2008 Prince of Persia reboot.
The positive: the game looks fantastic and visually held up incredibly well. For a 14 year old game it looks absolutely incredible. This is because of the pseudo-cell shaded, painted texture approach they took in the art direction department. The only thing that gives away that this game wasn't released yesterday is the lower resolution textures; if Ubisoft could theoretically put all the textures through some AI filter to make them 4k, they could release the game as remaster doing nothing else -I genuinely think it held up that well.
The art design in terms of characters and environments , etc. is good as well. Goes to show how good art direction can carry and elevate a games visual appearance and make it stand the test of time.

The neutral: the platforming is extremely simplistic and often times it feels like the game almost plays itself. You just press the A and B buttons on these predetermined gameplay 'pieces' like a pillar, flagpole, ring or slit in the wall and an animation plays. Don't expect Mario 64 levels of control over your character.
In some of the later levels, there are brief sections where the difficulty bumps up ever so slightly and a degree of complexity shines through which temporarily elevates the simplistic controls giving a little bit of rhythm to the gameplay instead of mindlessly and easily pressing the A button over and over, but these moments are few and far between. That said it's not so bad; the animations are good, and the platforming despite it's simplicity is moderately satisfying. Traversing the world never felt like a chore, and it was probably the best part of the game. This is Prince of Persia so there's a handful of puzzles as well. Compared to the rest of the game they were surprisingly difficult, but still nothing you'd spend more than 5 to 10 minutes on, but they were alright. Not trivially easy, not tediously hard.

Now the negative: the game designers behind this game are retards. The whole conceit of this game is that you have to trap some evil god that has corrupted the lands with his evil black goo, back in his seal, and to do so you have to activate magic spots in each area which are protected by evil mini-boss servants of this god. When you defeat the boss in an area, it banishes the evil goo, grass grows and a bunch of collectible orbs spawn. You then collect these orbs to unlock certain abilities which then allow you to access new areas where you can then fight a boss again and repeat the same process; this is the over arching gameplay loop.
This whole concept is very tedious and it was obviously designed this way to pad out the length of the game. Even with all this bullshit I finished the game in 9 hours. This is good because you've literally played the entire game in the first two hours and by the end the game really starts wearing out it's welcome. The whole thing almost feels insulting and like the game developers are wasting your time. There's four main areas which consist of 5 sub-areas and in each area there is a boss fight so you end up fighting the same boss 5 times and every fight is almost exactly the same. Repeat times 4. Luckily the combat is piss easy and never lasts too long, but it does get tedious very quickly. Towards the end of the game it gets even worse because in an attempt to increase the difficulty, the bosses start doing these attacks that you have to counter with QTE's and button spamming and it's all very tedious.
I cant even be bothered to write something about the combat, but just know it's all 1 vs 1 and you just spam the same combo over and over, because it does the most damage so why would you use anything else.

In my opinion, since this was a reboot and they departed from the previous PoP games anyway, they should have just done away with combat all together and made it purely a platformer. I feel like if they put 100% of their effort into the platforming aspect they could have had an excellent platformer because the 'base' that's in this game is promising enough, it just falls a bit short because of it's simplicity. Instead we have mediocre but serviceable platforming marred by tedious combat sections that are nothing but padding.

Also, story is shit and non-remarkable, hated the characters and dialogue as well, but I can't be bothered to write anything more about it.


File: 1642535718847.jpeg (165.97 KB, 800x825, 32:33, 0468EEB7-80F0-4B00-8D26-6….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

cucked by steam drm hehe, after all the trash talk they do about microsoft but profit speaks louder than words. I pirated the original halo 2, san andreas, fable 3 and that doesn't happen


File: 1642543055466.jpg (134.45 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0209.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just don't break the rules bro. They don't profit from you if you buy all your games during sales. :^)
But in all seriousness, Steam+Proton works with a hell of a lot more games than wine does. And if you play all your games in winblows, you're just as much of a cuck. The year of Linux gaming is just over the horizon. With each improvement steam makes to their linux client (for the steam deck obviously), M$ becomes less relevant in the 1 area it was still relevant in: gaming. Windowsfags on suicide watch!


>The year of Linux gaming is just over the horizon

They've been saying this for years don't hold ya breath


I remember seeing it in a gaming mag in the 90s lol.


depends on the game famesu and proton is a fork of wine :/
gallium nine for better results with old directx9 games but no propietary nvidia support.
portable wine if your gpu does not support directx11 or newer opengl versions and do not wish to install steam drm.
valve helped out but amd, nvidia and intel hired engineers to improve their drivers. there is fna and other open source versions of propietary engines and everybody else adding fixes to wine (which get upstreamed to proton)



>The year of Linux gaming is just over the horizon
people have been saying this for years, linux gaming fucking sucks, all you can really say is "s-see! it runs! a solid 40fps on this game from 2010 on a gtx1080, amazing! linux is the future! so what if it crashes once in a while and it's missing fonts and sometimes video codecs arent supported"

I will safely say, linux gaming will never be a thing, the os just doesn't do gaming, every game the runs on linux runs 10x better on windows. Just look at the source engine on linux, it is complete dogshit, from the company that supposedly supports linux lol


is it just because they don't games build linux-first and everything is emulated? or is it deeper and there some inherent performance penalty for something compiled for linux vs windows


I don't give a damn about linux. Too dumb and lazy to bother pointlessly tinkering with software for no benefit whatsoever (to me)


Finished another free short game.
Samurai Shampoo.
A action rougelike that has 3 levels and can be finished in a bit less then a hour if you count retries, as it isn't too difficult.
Despite being a rougelike it doesn't have much replayablity once beaten, unless you aim to 100% the game doing a perfect no hit run. Which in all honesty isn't something I intend to do.


File: 1642905810033.jpg (35.75 KB, 720x980, 36:49, cover-art-5.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Hitman 3
It was pretty much more of the same, just new levels, which isn't really a bad thing for me since I loved the first 2 games. I don't think any of the new maps are quite as good as the best maps of 1 and 2 like Miami and Sapienza but they were still fun (except for the last map which is completely linear).

If/when they make a new game I hope they improve the AI. The Berlin level was a neat concept with a great opening but it was pretty disappointing to discover that all the "assassins" are just like other enforcers and have set patrol routes rather than actually trying to actively find you. And other stuff like waltzing out of bathrooms after killing a target and having personal bodyguards not give a shit after the target mysteriously goes missing is a little immersion-breaking.


Unless you have the skills to heavily customize it, linux doesn't make much sense. All those fags who talk shit because they use base ubuntu instead of windows should be shot on sight.
And yeah Linux gaming will probably never be a thing.


File: 1643064730599.jpg (366.48 KB, 2580x1450, 258:145, aasd.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This fucking game, I really wanted to enjoy it, because I like the setting and concept, but the physics, the shooting, the weapons, the mechanics, the map, the plot and pretty much everything is so half-assed I still don't know how I even forced myself to beat it.


what game


Do you have images turned off or something?


To be fair the name is nowhere in the post nor the image file name. I don’t blame him for not recognizing the villain from a game he clearly has never played.


It's just the advertising for the game was so heavy and the art style is so distinctive that it's hard to believe anyone with even a passing interest in games would be able to recognize what game it was from the picture.

It would be like not recognizing promo picture for halo. Despite never playing the game I would still be able to regonize is due to how extensive the ads are and how much influence it has in the hobby as a whole.


>It's just the advertising for the game was so heavy
>implying advertising works, like at all

>the art style is so distinctive

Art style? What art style? The image in >>56375 has nothing distinct about it. It looks like a photobash or 3D render that attempts to mimic reality, both characters present look and are dressed normally, and even the weapons present are common real models. Even the environment is just a mountainscape with some Asian looking buildings scattered about. It could be Battlefield 2049 for all we can tell from that picture.

>It would be like not recognizing promo picture for halo.

No, not at all. The guns, armour, aliens, vehicles, and buildings in Halo are all unique to Halo's world, and the Halo itself is always visible in outdoor shots. These designs have persisted throughout all entries in the series. And I'm pretty certain Halo is a lot older and more celebrated than whatever game that untitled image is from, so advertising aside there would be a lot more community involvement putting Halo's images out there.


The game is far cry 5, if anyone was still unsure.


Makes sense, nobody with an interest in games would give a Ubisoft product a second glance. Literal Telltale Games tier normalfrog shit.


It's Far Cry 4 actually, but you could say 3,4,5 or 6. They're all the same shit


oh lol, you're right 5 is the one in america.


I don't blame you, I haven't played it but I assume it's the same engine, with the same physics, and pretty much the same plot with a slightly different setting.


I only ever played about 2 hours of FC3 and kinda stopped caring. But what I've seen is that basically all of them after 3 are just reskins of 3. I did have fun with blood dragon, it was small enough that it felt manageable.


File: 1643246560008.jpg (179.5 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, the-last-of-us-part-2-is-g….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I finished The Last of Us Part II and it taught me a very valuable lesson about trusting people on the internet.

The lesson is:Fuck the internet, fuck their opinions, fuck their "hate" and fuck them all, if I had listened to internet retards I would never have played this game yet is one of the best games I ever played, this is the first game in 12 years (ever since MGS4) that makes me feel that videogames can actually be art instead of mindless entertainment, the gameplay is great, the AI is fantastic, the environments are pretty good and it was a great experience all around, the only bad point I can see is that the game lasts way longer than it should, just when you think that the game it's over, BOOOM! it continues for yet another 8 hours or so.

Now let's address the shit the internet says about this, for all the things they said about the game being infested with SJW, homos, propaganda and shit the game is way less political and SJW-ish than expected, literally the only things about it are a homo flag in a part of the city (that never gets any attention, its pure decoration) and the fact that one of the characters is a FtM troon, but the character is actually likeable, his transition is fully justified in game and he never acts like your typical troon retard, and the internet got it all wrong because another character that is in fact female was smeared by idiots who said that it was actually tranny when that's not the case at all, these retards don't even play the game yet they criticize it for all the wrong reasons.

One of the characters is a lesbian yes but that's not a valid point of criticism because the sexual orientation of said character was heavily implied ever since the first game.

Another reason why the retards are mad is because one of the first things the game does is kill a beloved character from the original game, lmao imagine being mad because they killed your favorite character, the same people that complains about SJW, safe spaces and all that goes apeshit when they touch their beloved character for plot purposes.

Never ever listen to the people on the internet, play the game yourself, experience things by yourself and form your own opinions about things.


Never take anything /v/ says seriously. And yes it is obvious you heard this shit on /v/.


Lmao butthurt


Tell me you use 4chan too much without telling me you use 4chan


I think removing of that character early on was a mistake. People really liked that character. I think if we played that characters past and realize the horrific shit he did it might have been a nice touch, rather than playing a new character that no one cares. Bad decision imho.
But I agree with you /v/ is angry at everything for no reason.


I finished Kingdom Come Deliverance. An 2018 realistic medieval game in the lines of Skyrim and Oblivion but with no magic.
I had installed the game in 2018 but only manage to play it properly in Dec 2020 due to shitty PC. And it took me a year of play (on and off) to finish everything, finding every site doing every side quest and all. It roughly took me 400 hours.
I love the realism of it. They mention for example how the old monastery had a heretical group that refused latin and you can go to wikipedia and find the slavonic rite being popular few centuries before the game. Or in an ingame book thatmentions of some czech lords horse was cut in half in some siege in Italy and then having a banner of half cut horse. You can find the banner online. https://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/cz-pardu.html
The exposition sometimes is too much, especially in the final part of the game where the player is bombarded with the succession crisis and the politics of nobility. And sometimes the acting is also very cheesy. But that being said I really got a shenmue feeling from the game. One could actually experience the medieval lifestyle of having an armor going to hunt selling your goods and so forth. Some quests were quite nice and immersive also. I never finished oblivion and finished skyrim back in 2011 and never look back once. But this game made me kept coming back.

Really a must play for any medieval enthusiast.


It may have started in 4chan (who knows? I haven't been there since 2011 really) but the anger about TLOU2 was literally everywhere, even the reviews that google shows you have this stupid bias against the game for all the wrong reasons.

And I avoided the game for some time because I was expecting literal propaganda with characters telling me that being a heterosexual male should be punishable by death or something, and instead I found a great game.


>The exposition sometimes is too much, especially in the final part of the game where the player is bombarded with the succession crisis and the politics of nobility. And sometimes the acting is also very cheesy
This killed my interest, along with general open world fatigue. You can tell the devs really wanted to show they had done their homework, so to speak, and it is very well done and they certainly put a lot of care into it all, but I got sick of it and I was not even that far into the story. Let me play the fucking game already.


Also that DLC with the lady was a fucking waste of time, four hours into it I had enough and wanted to go back to the actual game, and the only way to do so was to reload my latest save with Henry. That might have contributed to me being bored and giving up on the game.


>haven't been there since 2011 really
It's super clear where you came from and belong.
Why you bring outside drama here from a unrelated chan makes no sense.
Did you think you would get people on your side here?
If you had been here when that game came out you would have known that no on here said any of the shit you whined about and that people mostly didn't give about the game in general.
Your screed reeks of /v/.
It doesn't belong here. You don't belong here


I don't browse /v/ and I also was exposed to the whole drama around the game. It is not hard to believe.
You are the one being upset for purely political reasons.


>Now I think you all know of the TLOU2 sjw bullshit, I was looking forward to that game and now it's ruined by progressive agenda

Better luck next time.


The fuck are you talking about? Literally almost every comment/opinion about TLOU2 talks about the SJW /woke controversy, the review bombing and shit, even the wikipedia article.
Fucking schizo, go catch 4shitters on /wiz/ and /dep/ instead, there's plenty of them there.


Wouldn't buy TLOU2, but having watched a let's play of it I can safely say the outrage was extremely overblown. It's not a great or terrible game. People are complaining about trannies when the "tranny" character is modeled after a real-life female bodybuilder. Granted, the jewish lesbian shit was kinda annoying. 4chan retards running on GG fumes were angry about LGBT shit (which was in TLOU1 as well btw, with a literal faggot character) and bigger normalfags seemed angry about the fictional character man taking a golf club to the head.


Abby (the muscular succubus) is not actually a tranny, she is just a muscular succubus because she's in the military, she had a boyfriend even.
The only actual tranny in the game is a 12 y/o old kid and is actually a FtM tranny that transitioned because being a succubus in their fucked up tribe means to be forcefully married to an old geezer and raped, a good incentive to transition if you ask me.

And the kid is a cool character, not annoying at all like your typical twitter trannies.


Maybe from what you seen on shitchan

Meanwhile what I hear about it are complaints about the story, structure, pacing, and destruction of pre-established characters while not properly building new characters.

>even the wikipedia article

You mean the place openly and constantly messed with by ideologs to the point that it isn't even fit to be used in a elementary school report.


All of them mainly talk about flaws in the narrative and why people disliked the game.
It wasn't because of gays or trannies. It was because they cared more about being subversive and making the audience feel bad then telling a coherent story.



Enlighten us, which chan is
"shitchan"? Is it the same as trannychan? Or 4shit? or normiechan?


I didn't even consider the kid a tranny because it was done out of necessity instead of mental illness and vanity. And I don't think Abby is a tranny, either, but that seemed to be how most 4chan kids perceived that character. It also made sense for her to turn into some Zarya combat-dyke given that she witnessed Joel murder a bunch of people she looked up to.


What doesn't make sense is how anyone has access to roids and enough protein to be a chemically enhanced body builder during the apocalypse.
So much so that it broke most people's suspension of disbelief.
Why they made such a choice for such a unbelievable character design in a game that tries so hard to be grounded with it's characters is dumb.


That's fair. I just figured if anyone would have those resources, it would be WLF. Even they probably wouldn't have access if the story were written realistically.


People are just being buttmad because they killed Joel (and he deserved it).

Al those so called "narrative holes and problems" are just people that wanted their own fanfic into the game, the plot is fine as it is.


Well this is not 2 months after the apocalypse, more than a decade has passed ever since and so there is a certain degree of organization already, the whole point of the WLF is to show that.


Dismissive and inaccurate.
Also the people who did have a problem with his dead had a problem with how it was done not that he died.
Their is a good way to kill of a character and a wrong way to do it. They did it the wrong way and for the wrong reasons, which they knew would cause backlash since being subversive is more important to Neal then having good writing.
A very common problem with other media that has been subverted by hacks.


It still totally and completely unbelievable that in the situation depicted they would create the industrial complex required to create a steady supply of roids then have enough to spare for someone to body build in their presumably large amounts of spare time.
Nah, it's totally unbelievable in the context presented which is why nearly everyone, including the vast majority who liked the game, still thought it was fucking weird.


It really is hit or miss when it comes to quests. Some are really cheesy or boring but some are quite interesting. You get to live in a monastery for few quests but they really hit the nail on the feel of it. Waking up early going to prayer working being have to be at the right place constant regulations. You can even wake up early and see how certain priest wake up also early and do things that players should not see. It is really a nice touch.
Also the Womans Lot DLC has the best quest in game imho, not the first one you play as Theresa but in later game as Johanka. In which Johanka began to see visions and inquisition gets involved. Very nice story and has an interesting ending, alongside some interesting historical titbits.

But yes fatigue is really there, I have taken breaks of 2-3 months for at least 2 times before going back to the game.


That's too bad, even if I were to come back to the game some day there's no way I'm going through that tedious quest with Theresa ever again. I did enjoy the game a lot for like thirty hours but my interest suddenly dropped. I wish I could force myself to endure it a little more and see if it gets better, but I reckon I am pretty much done now. I might just be sick of that sort of open world design.


Finished nebuchadnezzar and space run
Never really finished a city builder before so it was a new experience, it could get frustrating sometimes cuz even minor lapse in resource distribution could lead to downward spiral, other than that dont have complaints really, music could be better i guess but its a city builder so whatever

Space run is really good though, very strongly recommend


File: 1643672699934-0.jpg (56.15 KB, 504x446, 252:223, 1237210620_210620_000001_a….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1643672699934-1.png (285.1 KB, 304x593, 304:593, image_thumb351.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1643672699934-2.png (696.12 KB, 517x644, 517:644, image_thumb354.png) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals.
I wanted to play a turn-based (mostly because I'm playing it with a touchscreen) JRPG and figured this one looked fine. It's by the numbers as it gets, it has pretty much every important trope used in JRPGs of the time, but since I've been playing modern shit lately it was somewhat refreshing.
I really like looking up concept art of games of this era and realizing characters don't look anything like I imagined them. The people who translated it did a very bad job, not only they gender-swapped Artea, the blue-haired guy, they also botched a lot of enemy names (for example Leech instead of Lich or Waiba instead of Wyvern) but who can blame them, it was just some German guys in the 90s who most likely had no fucking idea what a Lich is.
It was pretty good overall, I see some of you are arguing about turn-based combat, I don't mind it, but this game was really easy, I've played hard turn-based games, this isn't one of them. Anyway, I'd recommend it to anyone who would like to get into SNES JRPGs, perhaps even over other games held in higher regard, like FFIV.


File: 1643673155677.jpg (78.59 KB, 460x715, 92:143, 1195109-artea2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Artea, the blue-haired guy
Forgot pic


Did you play that optional rogue like dungeon? It's like a game within a game, and one of the most memorable part.
Yes the writing is weird, I always felt like something was strangely off about it and chalked it up to lousy translation. It could probably used a re-translation hack of some kind.

What did you think of the hero's marriage? I found it hilarious how his succubus friend from the beginning of the game is basically dumped and forgotten by him just like that. It's fucking brutal and nobody cares lol.


File: 1643757164535-0.jpg (33.91 KB, 256x230, 128:115, Lufia_DS.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1643757164535-1.jpg (82.11 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1643757164535-2.png (1.07 MB, 620x938, 310:469, Untitled.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Did you play that optional rogue like dungeon?
I tried it a bit but I didn't care much for it, so I just skipped it.
>I found it hilarious how his succubus friend from the beginning of the game is basically dumped and forgotten by him just like that.
Yeah it's hilarious, she shows up for like a second and the end, it's kinda weird that other party members do come back but nobody gave a fuck about her.
>It could probably used a re-translation hack of some kind.
There's a remake for Ds apparently, fully 3d and with new character designs, not a huge fan of the redesigns to be honest.


I've played the remake but not the original it's pretty mediocre really but I still found it enjoyable


File: 1643900157685.jpg (194.16 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, fwsefsefe.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I was expecting this to be 3edgy5me shit but it turned it to be much better than that. Liked that it didn't take itself seriously and went off the rails sometimes.


>Liked that it didn't take itself seriously and went off the rails sometimes.
Don't play 2


Just finished DQ11. It was pretty good. Most battles were quite easy and I didn't find out how to see the difficulty modifier menu on Switch until I was far into the game (you have to press X or something at the name input screen, was less apparent than the PC version). Gonna try to give it another go with super strong enemies and less XP modifiers.
There was a part that bummed me out a little. Halfway through the game, your party gets scattered and you play a bunch of individual episodes for them all before going about reuniting everybody. I had been saving a bunch of a certain stat item for when I met back up with a certain party member. Turns out that one didn't survive what happened that caused the party to scatter.


I Know that feel, same happened to me when I played eternal sonata.


I absolutely hated Xen as well. But I really enjoyed the final boss.


File: 1644128611158.jpeg (358.82 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, QHRbFpnFoWaPuNOuKrulhmshv….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

First things first, no I'm not a tranny or a femoid I've just always had a soft spot for cutesy, not so obnoxious adventure types games like this.

Set in the pacific northwest around a decade ago, the game has a very pleasant, warm atmosphere. Mostly centered around two characters who are basically caricatures (albeit accurate ones) of late 00s/early 10s hipster-alt kids and their various escapades throughout their small town and private art school. During a series of events Max (brunette) discoveres she has a power of time and a good portion of the game is dedicated to her trying to handle this power whilst at the same time finding herself and her friend in the midst of a conspiracy that threatens the entire town.

Anyways I'm not the best writer, but I just felt like adding this because I thought it was a cute story and the ending was more than I initially expected too.


I am ashamed of myself for having finished this… and time travel is the laziest plot device ever.

>character leaves the party with their equipment/inventory
>doesn't give it back to you
Developers do this on purpose I swear, they can't be unaware of how frustrating that is.


Yeah it's intentional. Even happens in table top games a annoying amount.
It was also the most annoying thing about the game Allen Wake. After each fighting bit they would dump your whole inv besides a flashlight each and every time despite it making no sense for the character to do so in most situations. So each time the spooky combat shit started up you had to spend the whole time hunting for ammo and stuck with whatever shitty pistol they stuck you will. That shotgun you picked up 5 minutes ago and would have been super useful right now to fight the shadow people, nah you dropped that between the cut scene where you opened the gate and talked to a guy. Better start over again with just a flashlight.

As far life is strange, I haven't "played" it as it isn't my kind of game but what I have seen of story breakdowns is the writing is meh, the characters kinda suck and are unlikable imo, and the vast majority of your choices don't matter.
It just reminds me of a CW show only mildly interactive.


Really? That sounds like bad design, is there an in game explanation as to why this happens?


I didn't lose anything from the character, but I had been anticipating beefing them up with the permanent stat-boost items I was holding onto once I unlocked them again. But I understand what you mean. It is annoying when shit like that happens. It would be easy to just put the items back in your inventory.
Also, I am a retard and shouldn't assume a game ends when credits roll. There is an entire act after you defeat the "final boss" centered around going back in time to prevent that character from dying and the ensuing consequences of doing so, most immediate of which is that your entire party save for you delevels back to that point in time. This was actually a case where the developers let you keep everything the previous timeline versions had equipped and so my party is still stronger than the first time around. Now I'm kind of bummed they are all back to their smaller talent trees, but most of the good skills are still accessible. I should've just kept playing instead of taking a break and posting. Now I am out all those stat-boost items instead of the character since I figured I should use them up before what I thought was the end of the game.


Most of the time no.
It was for mechanical reasons, it being a survial horror game they wanted resorces to be scares and not go guns blasing in most situations, but my guess is they also figured out that you needed more firepower to get through their set piece boss battles, but didn't want the rest of the game to turn into a action game.
So they keep dumping your weapons so you aren't too powerful until you need it to survive. Which leads me to ponder why there are so many random weapons in the middle of the woods or on a construction site, or in a abandoned rail yard, etc.
It is clear that it was a game made by several teams who didn't communicate. So the fighting/shooting part of the game was totally unconnected to the investigation part of the game, and the story part of the game felt only tangentially related to the other parts of the game most of the time.

I mean the story is interesting and when you are fully equipped the gameplay is also good, but there is so much stupid shit that should have been worked out during the planning phase.
It's a game I don't regret playing but is also a game I never will play again.


Are there any mods that fix that kind of stuff? I always wanted to play that game because it's from the Max Payne guys but never really got around to do it


>Are there any mods that fix that kind of stuff?
Not to my knowledge
Still, it's old so it's cheap or relatively easy to get cracked. So despite that annoyance it's probably worth a single play through. I give it a sold 3 out of 5 all things considered. It's just it could have been a lot better in some ways that I feel are obvious from a game design standpoint.


I just finished guardians of the galaxy. It was a game that started strong but fell flat on its face at the end. Chapter 15 was like a bad 80s action movie where the heroes were invincible and cracking shitty one-liners at every opportunity. Sure, this fits Peter Quill, but not anyone else, and everyone else was tagging along with that theme. There was one ridiculously cheesy scene of lady hellbender tossing Peter his cassette player. After that scene, I was kind of hoping that Peter would wake up after getting his ass beat, only to realize everything was a dream.

Chapter 16 felt pointless. I guess they wanted to tie up that loose end with the gold guy and his dark side, but damn, it felt like some forced, shitty DLC.

I still enjoyed the game, though. It was a pretty solid game up to Chapter 12, I think.


you watched the movies?


Yes, and the final chapters did definitely did feel like a shitty marvel movie. The first half of the game didn't, though.


File: 1644886798713.jpg (229.76 KB, 800x1030, 80:103, 400166-the-elder-scrolls-i….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

First time I've actually finished the main quest despite having played and fucked around in the Xbox version many years ago. It was a great experience. The only thing that felt annoying and outdated was fatigue management at the very start since you can barely run across a small town without depleting all your stamina, but the boots of blinding speed and levitation spells you can get fairly early on make that a non issue. The magic system was very fun to learn about and take advantage of, lots of crazy shit that can be done with enchantments and alchemy. Sidequests aren't as interesting as the main questline mostly but the guild quests do feel more like actual jobs you'd expect to get as a new member, unlike some of the questlines in Oblivion and Skyrim which seemed more focused on creating story arcs.
I also played the expansions. Tribunal was good and the small city area and sewers with more unique NPCs were a nice change of pace from the main game, plus the story was pretty neat. Bloodmoon was good at first, the snowy island was a nice novelty but its geography and dungeons were boring overall and a lot of the quests - especially the last few - were tedious and annoying, due in large part to the awful follower AI which makes escort quests a pain.
Might check out some of the mods for the game in the near future, apparently Tamriel Rebuilt and Skyrim: Home of the Nords add new areas rivaling/exceeding the size of the main game's map with a lot of content despite not being anywhere close to finished yet.


File: 1644888601096.jpg (124.36 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1pltnxj9aag71.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just finished Cyberpunk 2077, the main storyline and about 80% of the side quests. I remember when it was first announced, people thought it would be the greatest game ever, like a hybrid of the best parts of Fallout, GTA, The Witcher, and Deus Ex, in a cool cyberpunk setting and next gen graphics. However, things began going wrong and when it was released it was mostly known for it's horribly broken glitches, cut content, and deceptive marketing.

I have to say, it's really frustrating to play this, because I think if some decisions went differently, it really could have been the best game ever. However, it's held back by so many things, like weird pacing in the story, linear missions with no character choice, scripted car chase sequences, terrible balance in the combat, weird RNG loot system, bad driving physics, the many glitches that still exist, lack of character or vehicle customization, no third person, lack of interesting cyberware, lack of interesting perks. Some of this stuff can be helped by mods, but most of it is just stuck into the game. It's hard to enjoy the good parts of the game when it constantly feels like something is missing.

Despite all the problems, I enjoyed the game a lot. There are some really great story moments with characters that actually work well at creating emotion, there are some great side missions, and the world of Night City is one of the coolest I've ever seen in a video game. It's fun to just explore and drive around. I just wish that the game focused more on being open and driven by character decision, instead of being forced into linear missions and the main Keanu Reeves story. The main story was mixed, and only really got good at the end when the player could have some choice about which ending they wanted, whereas some of the side missions have shorter self contained stories which are much more interesting and had actual options on how to finish them. I'm hoping that in the future there will be a good DLC that improves on some of the mistakes of the main game.


Is the actual gameplay fun?



The gameplay is okay, but it won't carry the game if you don't like the story. The entire game is just you walking from point A to B on a linear level, solving the occasional, straightforward puzzle. You can wander off the main path to find new costumes and components to upgrade your abilities, but you don't even need to do that since you can max every one of your abilities out way before the end of the game. The pacing is good enough for it not to become repetitive, though. There is one chapter where you get to run around a space station, which is the only actual exploration segment in the game, but there is barely anything to do there.

The combat is fun. I didn't start feeling bored with it until I maxed out all of my abilities, which was about 3/4 of the way through the game. I would recommend upping the difficulty about halfway through to keep combat challenging.


Finished Sifu in 2-3 days, pretty fun game. The "bad" ending is the best, killing those bosses felt good instead of the lame forgive.


what you described reminds me of that newest(?) star wars game. i watched someone on twitch play it for a while


File: 1645060525171.jpg (555.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ss_0858b868ea51d53f73bd805….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished God of War (2018).
The game isn't bad, but I think the over the shoulder camera does a disservice to the gameplay, in previous games you could see all monsters and dodge accordingly, now you have to check for little arrows that pop out and you never really see what's about to hit you, makes you blindly roll half the time. They say the game took influence from Dark Souls and while I see that, the camera feels more like Resident Evil 4 or 5, movement is tanky and sometimes it feels like a slog to just move around, I get that this way it looks more "cinematic" and you wouldn't be able to do the puzzles in which you have to throw the axe, but I dusted off GoW 2 and it's just so much fun, much more than this.
I played at max difficulty and while it isn't that hard, it feels cheap sometimes, this is one of those games in which everything kills you in a couple of hits, but you do so little damage the enemy life bar barely moves, it's so frustrating to spend ten minutes hitting an enemy and then getting killed and having to do all over again because you screwed up once, another problem I have with the bosses is how little variety there is, there are a couple of fights with norse gods, but there are at least 5 bosses that are just the big monsters with giant clubs or the stone fucks that shoot from their chest, I don't know if they had time constraints and couldn't add more bosses but this is so disappointing considering bosses were always my favorite part of GoW games, especially after 3 that has you go through half the Greek pantheon, and I'm not just saying those bosses were better only because they were recognizable names, each boss fight in the previous games felt unique whereas in this game it's just the same shit all over with a few differences.
Kratos is not a crazy motherfucker anymore, he tries to educate his son in the matters of revenge and whatnot, I guess it's ok if you're going to make a game that's more plot-focused, which I guess you have to do nowadays if you're a triple A studio.
Anyway, I liked this game, but I'm not sure if I'll like the next one, or the direction the series is taking. Apparently they're adding a black character, which to me just looks like a blatantly manufactured controversy, and guess what, it's working because race baiting idiots just can't help themselves.


File: 1649107002404.jpg (1.15 MB, 800x1067, 800:1067, プリンセスメーカー 5.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

In Princess Maker 5 you are the legal guardian of a ten-year-old succubus. She’s the only daughter of a royal bloodline and the center of a political dispute that quickly escalated into open war. Surrounded by enemies and fearing for her safety, you take her far away, into another dimension, to the land of early 2000s Japan, in order to give her a safe and decent upbringing. Cube, your loyal servant and friend, is there with you. You bond as family. Your new life begins.

I just finished my very first run of this game. This is the first PM I played and the first raising sim game I played as well. I’ll say the most important thing right away. This title needs your complete devotion. It plays like a casual game but it needs your complete emotional investment in order for it to work. I think this is why it’s a rather niche sort of game. I don’t think many people could play this to the end and the reason is simple; Gameplay is pretty much looking at stat numbers slowly rising while the same sequence of short animations play over and over again. It is repetitive, slow and mostly uneventful. Yet, this is one of the best games I’ve ever played. How is that possible?

Like I said, it all depends on your emotional investment. For the past several days I did nothing but play this. I would close the game and think about my decisions and how to make the life of this succubus under my custody better. A lot better. In fact I was aiming for a beautiful childhood. This was the point that appealed the most to me and what made me enjoy this game so much; the possibility to provide someone with a meaningful, wonderful childhood.

As such, my gameplay was guided completely by roleplay. I didn’t look up any guides or tips on how to improve this or that stat or what to do in order to get this or that ending, I didn’t care about the numbers so much. I wanted to experience this game in a completely organic manner, mistakes and all. For example, I allowed my protégé to continue to attend music classes long after she mastered the skill, just because her best friend also attended there. I figured that’s what she would like, given the fact she only had that single friend during that time. This is how I made every choice in this game and it was completely worth it. I was completely invested in the task of raising this succubus and it made every consequence very meaningful to me personally as a player.

If this is the type of thing that sounds appealing to you, then there’s only one problem to overcome with Princess Maker 5 and that is the gameplay. It’s a raising sim and that means creating a routine for your daughter is fundamental to her upbringing. This game will make you feel what a routine is like. You’ll watch every single week of an eight years period, as she goes to class, attends extracurricular activities, extra courses, cram school, do tests, club activities and later, part time jobs and everything else in between. You’ll help her pick birthday presents for her friends year after year and you better remember which friend is which. It is repetitive and I even feel asleep a few times (if you watch my streams, on rare occasions you’ll see the mouse cursor running offscreen. That’s because I dozed off for a few seconds) but the repetitiveness of it gives it the proper weight of reality and gives you the time to actually care about the game and with some luck, you’ll end caring a lot and having a fascinating experience with it.

Graphics are beautiful. I love the character design and the animations. It has that appeal of early 2000s anime like Toradora, Soul Eater and Haruhi Suzumiya. It has a sort of quiet charm about it, can’t really explain it but the visuals add a lot to this game. The music is so good I consider it to be a good enough reason to at least play a couple hours of PM5. It’s relaxing, engaging and quite beautiful in its own right. In fact I predict I’ll continue to listen to some of those BGM for years to come.

Only one thing bothered me while playing this game and it’s the lack of character development for many of the characters, particularly the students. There’s just not enough events in there for everybody. The few that there are are really nice to follow and read about, but it’s too little. It took me about 50 hours to finish this, I completed the entire ‘arc’ of several students and there’s just not enough text for them, they deserve a lot more dialogue, a lot more things going on in their lives. I can well imagine a Princess Maker game being enhanced this way by adopting a little bit of VN gameplay. It would be absolutely perfect. In my opinion it’s the only thing missing really.

I think that summons up my experience with PM5. A beautiful, precious gem of a game that maybe requires a very specific type of player to really enjoy it, but if you’re one of the lucky few, man, you’re in for some very good times with it.


File: 1649634123177-0.jpg (194.43 KB, 1400x1400, 1:1, DpJgQJmU0AAyQFs.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1649634123177-1.jpg (116.02 KB, 1000x576, 125:72, legend-of-zelda-1000x576.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I finished the first Zelda, honestly I don't understand why people refers to this game as "cryptic", as long as you have the map that came with the original game you're good to go, NPCs give you clues to solve the puzzles. I beat it in a couple of days, only had trouble in the last couple of dungeons because the enemies get a bit annoying, but nothing too bad.


Are you sure you weren't confusing it for Zelda II? There were so many points in that game that made you think, "How the FUCK was I supposed to figure that out?!"

Also, the 'hints' you get in Zelda I have really weird English and are given in points of the game where you're likely not going to have to immediately use them, which can be a confusing point for gamers.


>Are you sure you weren't confusing it for Zelda II
Maybe I am, haven't played Zelda II. Do you recommend using a guide?
>the 'hints' you get in Zelda I have really weird English and are given in points of the game where you're likely not going to have to immediately use them
Maybe you're right, but you run into many of the landmarks before they're brought up, for example when they tell you about the place "where no fairies live" I had already been to the one lake that doesn't have a fairy so I knew.

Probably the stupidest moment for me was the moblin you have to give the meat to. Or the statue that had the bracelet, but I think it's not mandatory anyway


Because they are dumb zoomers playing a rom, probably anyway


Costs like $50-$100 for an actual cartridge. I'd like it if it was possible to buy counterfeit cartridges, or if there was some sort of law along the line of, "If you don't have it in production anywhere for 6 months, then you've given up the copyright for it."


I played a rom too, I just downloaded a pdf of the manual


are any zelda games actually really good and worth playing on emulator?

ive never owned any nintendo device.

I tried playing BotW and dropped it after a few hours because it was boring and the emulator didnt deal well with some things that needed motion control in puzzles or something


>are any zelda games actually really good and worth playing on emulator?
Play A Link To The Past, if you don't like that game you don't like Zelda.
Other than that, as far as I know only Skyward Sword and BotW have motion controls, so the rest are playable on emulators (BotW also is, the motion control stuff is minimal, just a few shrines and they're all doable with mouse).
The Ds games have some touch screen bullshit but those games aren't really good to begin with, so feel free to ignore them. I don't know about the 3ds games.


LoZ:OoT Has been recompiled to run natively on PC with enhanced resolution and some graphical necessities such as AA. The 3DS remakes of OoT and MM emulate very well with no need for touchscreen. Hand-drawn HD texture packs which replicate the original style exist to make the games look great on a PC, and a romhack of the 3DS MM version was made to un-3DS-ify it, returning it to the level of difficulty and movement characteristics of the N64 version.

Worth looking in to if you weight more than 225lbs


>the game took influence from Dark Souls
everything you described confirms my biggest fear, they made kratos marry that stupid genre >:( I'll always remember the little bloodthirsty nigga


File: 1649806654648.jpg (208.25 KB, 1536x864, 16:9, Kirby-and-the-Forgotten-La….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I just finished Kirby and The Forgotten Land. I became a fan of Kirby maybe just 6 or 7 years ago, exploring the GB, SNES and N64 games. I never bothered to try them out back when I had those consoles. Kirby games never really interested me but since playing many of them, they’ve grown on me quite a bit. You kinda have to understand what they are first, though. You’re there to appreciate cute characters huffing around, colorful and relaxing little worlds and happy music. It’s all leisurely and relaxing, There’s no timer, no urgency of any kind. It’s just you and Kirby walking around magic caves, green fields, around mountains and other such beautiful places.

I’ve seen a lot of people saying this game is too easy so let me address that for a second. Look at the character design, the way the stages look and just the general atmosphere of this game. Now tell me what the target audience for this title is. Of course it’s easy, it’s a game for school children, you’re not playing Kirby to improve your platforming skills, you’re there to take a stroll with Kirby while some catchy tune is playing in the background and a soft breeze goes by. You’re there to enjoy yourself. Maybe it’s difficult for 9 yo but it’s probably not going to pose much of a challenge for you. Also, as a side note, it makes sense it’s easy. Kirby is the most powerful creature in the universe. He can actually gulp down a black hole without breaking a sweat (check the manga), so keep that in mind while you’re playing this game.
Yeah it’s too easy at times, so why play it at all? First it has all that relaxing, cute atmosphere and endearing characters I told you about. If you like that it’s reason enough, but there’s something else. For me, playing Kirby is like having a small window into how children perceive the world in a way. The innocence of Kirby’s universe grows on you and it feels nice to be part of it, even if it’s for a little while. Speaking of which, this game is quite big as far as Kirby games go, so you’ll be in there for a while. It was quite a pleasant playthrough for me.

I my opinion this is one of the best 3D titles of the series. Back when they released the trailer I thought they were going to try to turn yet another cherished series into an open world full of nothing but I’m happy to report they didn’t. It’s a lighthearted platformer with lots of different environments to explore, a lot of collectables (there are over 200 capsule toys to collect in this game) and many interesting enemies to interact with. Also there are tons of minigames this time, a lot more than in any other Kirby title.

As far as difficulty goes, this game is not difficult but still can pose a challenge, especially on the several time attacks. Some of those I still can’t beat under the required time (it’s not necessary though, you just get a few extra coins for your effort just finishing them is enough). Since the platforming is not difficult, you’ll have plenty of time and peace of mind to wander around looking for the lost Waddle Dees. They’re scattered and lost all around the stages and it’s funny how some are hidden right under your nose and still you can’t find them. The plot is simple enough, and doesn't even need its own paragraph. One day, a vortex swapped the land and many Dees got sucked into another dimension. You go in in order to find and rescue them.

The music is fantastic. All the tracks are readily available on YT and you can check it for yourself. I particularly liked the music for the Wondaria stages, which are absolutely brilliant. They have that nostalgic Kirby tune to it but introduces something new and catchy as well. Check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHv3vWHbgPw and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Yq_8thBr98 and tell me if that doesn’t sound pretty good indeed. The Winter Horn world music is pretty good too, like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hw_SIdt3vfE .

So all in all I’m very happy to see how well this Kirby game came out. It really stayed true to its nature and managed to add a lot to the series. I hope they make another one soon.


File: 1650148102974.jpg (276.63 KB, 1280x1752, 160:219, umihara-kawase-fresh.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I had a blast with Umihara Kawase Fresh! I feel like not enough people appreciate this game. I finished it yesterday but my library is still missing some items and there are 4 or 5 enemies I haven’t encountered yet, so I went looking for a FAQ or guide to the missing stuff but to my surprise there is none. There’s barely any content at all about this game out there. So I’m slowly replaying it from beginning to end in order to find everything by myself. It’s better this way really, that way I can enjoy it all over again.

I find this is my favorite Umihara title yet. The way you make progress now is by completing quests in an open world ripe for exploration. Fresh! is huge compared to the rather smaller stages of the previous entries, which makes it more fun not only to explore but to try to solve the difficult jumps and pulls in a lot of different ways. Gameplay is pretty much the same but this time you can enhance your abilities by eating certain types of dishes. You learn that by completing quests that grant different food recipes. They’ll grant you boosts like jumping higher or a longer fishing line.

Also there’s a plot now and several characters. You can skip everything with no detriment to your enjoyment of this game but it’s nice that they put it out there anyway. I enjoyed it throughout. This time, Kawase is a traveling chef working at a particular restaurant and many of the quests are about you finding ingredients or doing some delivery. It’s just an excuse to get you out there in the field to do some tricky jumps with your fishing line and hook. It’s not only that though and the plot suddenly takes a much more interesting turn by midgame. Even Cotton shows up eventually. Now, I’m a fan of the Cotton games so this was pleasantly surprised when it happened. Also, after you finish the main story with Kawase, you get an extra set of fields to play as Cotton on her quest to fetch some candy. I found all of this to be a very nice addition to the whole thing. I would be happy with the classic Umihara gameplay by itself.

The only thing I didn’t quite like was the graphics. It works just fine, but I kinda liked the original one and Sayonara a little better. There’s nothing wrong with it but the world now is much less surreal and mysterious. They also added a hunger feature here that works like a soft timer to the quests but if you’re like me who likes to harvest all the stuff that shows up around you, you’ll have all the time in the world.

Music is pretty good, it fits perfectly in this game. It’s relaxing enough and not distractive, so it works. I feel like the BGM for this really helps to not be overly frustrated when something goes wrong and if you played any Umihara game you know it will happen a lot. One particular quest took me a few hours doing the same 4 or 5 platforms over and over again. If you don’t have that patience you can always prepare a pizza or a burger on the fly to increase your jump or something and that will make things easier. If you still can’t make it, after you unlock Cotton you can play all quests as her and she can fly around for a few seconds which makes the entire game a lot easier. Not easy, just easier. Still, I feel like this is one of the most accessible games in the franchise.

All in all I really loved this title. Definitely one of my favorite games now. The combination of hard, sometimes brutal platforming, endearing characters, colorful environment, relaxing tunes and throwing Cotton in an Umihara game when I was not expecting it at all really made it for me.


Umihara Kawase is such an underrated series.


File: 1650217649281-0.png (16.19 KB, 768x720, 16:15, 1.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1650217649281-1.png (8.73 KB, 768x720, 16:15, 2.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1650217649281-2.png (13.09 KB, 768x720, 16:15, 3.png) ImgOps iqdb

So Just beat Zelda II, and just like with Zelda 1, there's zero stuff you can't figure out by in game hints or just screwing around in the map.
It is fucking harder than the first game though, some enemies are fucking dicks and you have a life system that sends you back to the place you start the game when you die, even inside a dungeon, except for the last one (thank god).
Would it make the game worse if it just sent you to the start of each dungeon? It just feels like a time waster.
The last part of the game is fucking miserable and it almost broke me, troves of flying enemies that push you down holes Castlevania-style and send you back to the beginning because you keep running out of lives. The last dungeon itself is kind of a maze until you learn the path to the boss, which is still filled with those armored jumping assholes that can easily shave half your health bar if you're not careful, the boss itself (the first one) isn't that bad, but it did take me quite a few tries and a lot of starting from the beginning, the actual final boss is trivial as you can cheese it pretty easily, and I figured it out on my first try.
Anyway, it's a good game, but the last part got so fucking annoying for me I don't think I'll play it again any time soon.


File: 1650307557428.jpg (328.44 KB, 1368x770, 684:385, d06ad09fba29454d8239e900dd….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I just finished playing メイドさんを右にミ☆ or Super Zangyura as I just found out there’s an English release for this. Not sure what the English title means but it’s not a translation of the original one. Anyway, this is an almost 20 yo doujin game remade for the consoles. It’s a rather interesting game that plays like Castlevania but I feel like deep down, at least visually, it kinda wanted to be more like a gothic Megaman. In general the game looks more colorful and optimistic than any Castlevania title and the characters tend to be cute instead of monstrous.

The story here is that every century Dracula wakes up and the land gets filled with monsters, so the people call for a vampire hunter and instead of Van Helsing they get a young lady dressed as a maid and capable of handling a gigantic ball and chain flail about her size, so you know she must be right for the job. There are 5 main areas divided in several rooms filled with spikes, falling platforms that will crush you, and huge chess pieces wandering around eager to hurt you. Also flying jack-o'-lanterns, lots of them.

This game is not exactly hard, as far as doujin games go but it can be if you play it without patience. The way some things work in this game can really destroy your run if you’re not careful. First, meido-san (I called her Mei on my save file, it’s fitting) doesn’t have an invulnerability period when she gets hit, meaning she can get stuck and continue to get hit until dying. This happens often if you’re not careful and there are several spots during the game that it can happen. Best policy is not to get hit at all, just to be safe.

Then, your common attacks with the flail don't go across walls and doors (unless you swing it overhead but that takes a few seconds so you can’t always use it) but the jacks can go across any part of the stage, this causes the problem where you’ll attack them but the flail will hit a wall, giving ample time for the jack to do some damage. This would not be a problem but since many stages have a very limited space, very often you’ll find yourself in very close range of several enemies at once. This is not exactly an issue, just something you need to get used to.

The music is nice but it’s too fast paced for me and for the game, too, sometimes. It gives me a little bit of anxiety to be honest. The graphics are quite nice, I really like the animation for the main character. The designs are a little bit like 90s anime of sorts and that’s my thing too, so I enjoyed it. All in all I’m definitely happy I found out about this game, I enjoyed it enough that I’m currently trying to finish it on hard mode now. They mean it, it is hard. My only complaint is how short it is, soo all it's left up to do is to get better at the few stages available. You can probably finish this in about an hour or so.


I admire your motivation to play and finish all these games.


Does it play like traditional castlevania or like the metroid-style games? Regardless, it looks pretty good might give it a try.


Thanks, it's been a long while since I played many games so it feels fresh to play them for now. I'm currently going through a rather odd title in a genre I don't usually care much about but this one has a weird charm and appeal to it. I'll probably finish it today or tomorrow, then I'll talk about it here.

More like Castlevania. You don't have an open area to explore, it's more stage-based than anything, plus the way the weapon works is pretty much Castlevania as well.


File: 1650502454574.jpg (29.22 KB, 460x215, 92:43, citadel.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don’t usually care for FPS games at all but after seeing a few pictures of The Citadel I was very captivated by it. It’s made by a single developer and he’s also a fan of Blame! so I pretty much had to play it. There’s a very unusual charm about this title, I can’t really put my finger on it. It’s a super violent shooter, all the enemies are either weird biotech creatures or female soldiers, you seem to be walking around this futuristic endless city and you’re there to kill angels, destroy the false god and set people free… by spilling their guts all over the floor. Like I said, I don’t usually care for FPS games but as you can see by my quick description it’s a rather unique game and it loosely reminds me of Baroque, that old title for the Sega Saturn. In there you also have all these odd elements and you pretty much don’t quite know what the hell is going on.

I finished the first 3 acts on my own but when I realized it was going to be a fairly repetitive thing, I just used a cheat and finished the rest with the best weapon in the game. Maybe I don’t really appreciate FPS gameplay but the first 3 acts were quite enough for me. I was still interested in the story so I wanted to continue but couldn’t stomach to slowly crawl my way through hordes of deadly enemies to see it. This game is not hard by the way, but you need to take it slowly. The enemies are not particularly intelligent but that could easily be explained by the brainwashing done to them by the false god. All they do is walk forward and shoot. The way it works with this game is you have to take the enemies one by one pretty much. If you just run in there without any caution you’ll get shot to smithereens, so it can be a slog sometimes. Then again, maybe it’s me and people who do like FPS games will like this one a lot.

It’s a pity that there isn’t much dialogue or any plot exposition. You’ll have to assume most of the story since there’s only a couple of people you can talk to and the dialogue is very limited, maybe 20 or 30 sentences total. To me the world was the most intriguing part of this game and I would have enjoyed a little more plot exposition here and there. Gameplay is very similar to the original Doom but a little bit more smooth I think.

Along with the weird world and the interesting graphics, the music is really, really good. I can’t remember a single bad bgm for this, every single one is really fun and enhances the whole experience of going through this super violent, super depressing neon future. I think people who actually enjoy this genre would really be able to appreciate this. I had a lot of fun with it myself. It’s one of those games that don’t particularly excel in any aspect but just the combination of its parts create this charming, rather odd experience.


File: 1650591486058-0.png (43.11 KB, 872x785, 872:785, Untitled.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1650591486058-1.png (38.84 KB, 1035x776, 1035:776, Untitled2.png) ImgOps iqdb

I beat the original Shantae, it was pretty good, although a bit slow but I guess that's due to hardware limitations. Game looks really cute for a game boy color game, but it suffers from it's tiny screen, the character looks too big and if you go fast you often run into things or fall into pits without having time to react, there's a part in which there's this obstacle race and more than react to the obstacles you end up memorizing the stage because there's too little time to react. Other than that I had no issues with it, pretty good, the bosses were nice, the transformations were fun, I don't know, it's just a fun little game.


File: 1650894972285.png (5.03 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 1293830_20220424234243_1.png) ImgOps iqdb

Forza Horizon 4, I am in love with this game. I got sick of it couple of months back, but now, after playing a shitton of FH5 - now I can definetely appreciate FH4 more. It's way more pleasent to the eye, it's just beautiful.
It's arcade and not a sim yes, but you can tweak anythying and anyway you want. You can have multiple builds on a single car and it's all very fun.

I couldn't play it normally for a while last tear, due to the stuttering on framerate, which wasn't patched for like a solid 6 months staright or more (bug was specific to steam version of teh game).


File: 1650933157994-0.png (8.27 KB, 256x240, 16:15, Faxanadu (USA) (Rev 1)_007.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1650933157995-1.png (14.1 KB, 256x240, 16:15, Faxanadu (USA) (Rev 1)_061.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1650933157995-2.gif (21.86 KB, 710x344, 355:172, Faxanadu-(USA)-(Rev-1)_052.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Faxanadu
It was really good, although a bit too linear maybe, I haven't played the original Xanadu, and I feel this game takes influence from Zelda 2, but maybe it's Zelda 2 that takes influence from Xanadu, I don't know. It's way more accessible than Zelda 2, checkpoints are not at the beginning of the game but in every town, so dying and having to walk back to a dungeon is not such a pain in the ass, it doesn't have an overworld map so that wouldn't work anyway. There's almost no cryptic shit and progression is pretty straight forward, you just get an item that lets you move forward or the old man who gives you a clue and move on, you rarely go back to previous towns.
Unlike Zelda 2, the sword is longer than your dick, and it's a blessing, the game bosses can still kick your ass regardless, so you have to stockpile on potions to face some of them.
I also really like how each piece of equipment changes your sprite, nowadays that's a given, but it's a nice detail. Magic is useful, but it's just projectiles with different sprites.


Mm, Faxanadu seems completeable without knowing any moonrunes. Another Famicom game I didn't remember having (I've bought couple of 200 cassette lots with random games, 99% of which were the annual baseball and mahjong games released for Fami to mid-nineties).


File: 1651093646268.png (1.1 MB, 775x770, 155:154, 奇々怪界 黒マントの謎01.png) ImgOps iqdb

I just finished going through Pocky & Rocky Reshrined or the much more appealing title 奇々怪界 黒マントの謎. I’m very fond of the Pocky & Rocky games for the Super Nintendo so this is a game I’ve been waiting for a very long time. Let’s just say it right away: If you liked the original Snes titles you’ll enjoy this as well. The music has pretty much the same tunes but got an update in quality and a couple new ones were added that are on par with the original BGM. Graphics are very good and has that fourth generation pixel art going for it that goes really well with this type of cute and endearing direction this game has. While the sprites are very, very good, I found the characters’ pictures during cutscenes, especially for Sayo, to be a little bit off. She doesn’t quite look right, at least for me. I would like her to look like the concept art as you can see on the box and elsewhere (https://www.natsumeatari.co.jp/kuromanto/character.html). The others are alright.

Now, one VERY IMPORTANT thing if you actually want to purchase a physical copy of this. The release under the publisher ININ is censored. One of the new characters, Ameno, had her character design mutilated in order to cover her cleavage. Getting ININ’s version of the game is of absolutely no gain whatsoever because the Japanese version actually has a language option and English is included, along with a bunch of other languages. So really there’s no reason whatsoever to get the mutilated version. How do you know which version is which? Simple, The box for the ININ release has their logo on the box, right in front. The Japanese release doesn’t. Easy to avoid. Anyway, moving on.

Like the previous games in the series, this game is very colorful, has an optimistic and cheering atmosphere and all in all is quite a joy to go through. The story got a little bit convoluted here but I can’t talk about it without giving spoilers, so you know, I won’t. What I can say is that it’s about Black Mantle again, but there’s more to it. This is not spoilers by the way, it’s right there on the title. There’s a lot of story here for a Pocky & Rocky game. You can skip it if you like but I appreciated that they decided to include a plot for this. I just wish Sayo would look more like her concept art. Oh well, still very good indeed.

The most interesting thing to me about this game is the fine line it walks between being a remake and an update on the graphics. There are a lot of parts of this game that are pretty much the same as the original, Snes game. If you played that one, get ready to revisit a lot of places. Sometimes all they do is rearrange the stage or add a couple of new obstacles. I would say half of the game is very close to the original and the other half is mostly new. There are a lot of new monsters here and all of them look adorable. There are also three new characters you can play as. Ameno, a Goddess who can fly, Ikazuchi, an anthropomorphized marten able to release thunderbolts and Hotaru, a samurai. You have to beat the game on normal and hard in order to unlock all the characters.

As far as the difficulty goes, it went way down compared to Snes title. The actual gameplay is mostly the same difficulty but the game now gives you a lot of extra lives and there’s an autosave system in place. That means you won’t be redoing the stages over and over again in order to make progress in the game. Progress is pretty much a given now and even if you absolutely suck at scrolling shooters you won’t have a problem finishing this one at all. But then again, I really doubt anyone getting this is going after a super hard game, if you wanted that you would be playing an actual bullet hell or some Touhou derivative. You would get this one for the colorful world, the lighthearted atmosphere and because you’re a fan of the original.

All in all I really enjoyed playing this and I’ll definitely play it enough to get actually good at it. If you liked the original or if you enjoy stuff like Goemon, retro games and/or cute shooters, then I definitely think you’ll enjoy this one as well.


I played it english so I wouldn't know, there are some hints that are definitely helpful, now if you own the game in japanese and don't understand what npcs say you might get stuck at some point, not saying it's unbeatable but it'll probably take more time.

I do have a hint if you're planning on playing it: at one point there's a boss that drops a pendant, this pendant supposedly enhances your damage, except that it doesn't, devs fucked up this item and it actually decreases your damage when picked up, so avoid it unless you want a challenge or something like that.


File: 1651408874076-0.png (262.17 KB, 942x710, 471:355, mail.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1651408874076-1.jpg (136.44 KB, 607x600, 607:600, popful.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Continuing the 2d platformer with RPG elements I just played Popful Mail (Sega CD).
This feels just like an Ys game, which makes sense because it was made by falcom. It looks really cute and the humor is nice, but the localization is really hit or miss, I liked some parts but at some point it gets annoying, like having a boss who talks like a terrible Arnold Schwarzenegger impression and constantly throws stupid references to his movies. Other than this, my main problem with this game is the scrolling, you have to go way too close to the edge of the screen for it to scroll and sprites, while cute, are too fucking big, so you inevitably get hit. The last part was ridiculous, I had to constantly shoot offscreen just in case there was an enemy waiting, and what's worse, they do see you and shoot at you from offscreen. Other versions of the game seem to have smaller sprites and better scrolling, but they're not translated, my fault for not learning japanese I guess.
There's also the difficulty issue, the company who localized it other than adding their terrible jokes also raised the difficulty (I assume so they could get more money from rentals) so the game is fucking hard, there's a patch the re-adjusts the difficulty to the original values (mostly store prices and enemy damage output) but then the game becomes a cakewalk, only the final boss is somewhat difficult. So there's just no winning.
Anyway, it's a great game but it has some serious issues that come close to ruin the experience for me.


File: 1651411599352.jpg (674.46 KB, 1200x724, 300:181, 13.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I finished 13 sentinels: Aegis Rim recently. I thought it was very good, but I think I could spend longer complaining about it then praising it, oddly. I do really enjoy these kinds of intricate plot twist heavy sci-fi stories, but i'm also kind of bored of them on their face now. I'm much more interested in stories that actually have a coherent, central idea that they want to get across/thematic complexity. I don't know if 13 sentinels really succeeds at doing that. It feels much more like an excessively complicated mish-mash of concepts with one plot twist too many. I mean, by the time you get to the end and they reveal it was all a simulation, it does kind of make some of the prior plot-twists feel meaningless. Why does it matter that time travel is revealed to be impossible, or that there's no world beyond the walls of the city? Figuring out these truths (although they were kind of obvious) was fun initially in the moment, but by the end they feel kind of arbitrary, because they were all simulated anyway. By the end, I don't really know what I was supposed to take away from this game, besides a vague idea about human perseverance and identity that wasn't really addressed as much as it could have been. Besides the story which makes up most of this game, there's also real-time strategy sections. They're fun, if a little tedious. I enjoyed spamming interceptors and sentry guns while leaving my guys next to the terminal and spamming shields and missile rain.

Also it's funny how renya gouto is just sci-fi miles edgeworth. I think him, miura, okino/hijiyama and nenji are my favorite characters. Shinonome would have been, especially because I really like her design, but the way they handled her character just wasn't that interesting. Oh, also fluffy was great.


Thanks for writing this, it looks like right up my alley, I'll give it a shot. I watched a little bit of Faxanadu after reading your review. It looks really interesting but it lacks that endearment/cuteness factor I like on my games and this one certainly has those things.


File: 1651508611067.png (95.99 KB, 1027x865, 1027:865, Untitled.png) ImgOps iqdb

Latest AVGN video inspired me to finally beat Contra, it took me 3 days of practice and memorization but I finally did it. The difficulty is really well crafted, at no point I felt I got a bullshit death, except maybe those fire thing is stage 6. Great game, gonna check the sequels later.


File: 1652510756404.png (3.6 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DarkSoulsIII_2022.05.07-03….png) ImgOps iqdb

I finally finished Dark souls 3 after one year. Totaling up 369 hours of gameplay and defeating every boss except midir.


You didn't beat midir for a reason in particular or just didn't feel like it? If you don't mind my asking


I forgot


Oh alright, the fight itself I thought was pretty mediocre, it can easily one shot you but every attack is very telegraphed and easy to dodge


which is made more likely as the fight drags on since he's such a hp sponge. that cloud sorcery chews through his hp if you have that, and there are a few weapons that deal bonus damage, but it was a relatively small improvement iirc…

the dragon in the poison themed dlc (shulva?) in dark souls 2 was much better


>the fight drags on since he's such a hp sponge
I think that's a problem with a lot of the bosses from DS3
>the dragon in the poison themed dlc (shulva?) in dark souls 2 was much better
Yeah, but none of the dragon bosses in these games are particularly good, I don't know maybe it's hard to design a good dragon boss fight since they're so big, and able to fly. My favorite is probably Kalameet and it's still kinda meh


also a thing in bloodborne, especially on ng+ where even common enemies have a lot of hp on ng+, i mean much more than in the other souls games
wish i could replay it tbh


File: 1652642892590.jpg (156.92 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, shin-megami-tensei-v-20216….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just finished Shin Megami Tensei V. I did the chaos ending because I'm retarded, they literally ask you which route you want and I picked the wrong one. I enjoyed most of the game, but I'm kinda tired of it now, not sure if I should load the save and do the neutral route or just leave it be for now.


i thought it was an embarrassing piece of shit. it dripfeeds content so slowly and the plot goes nowhere with zero choices, you're just a bitch to the angels the entire game. it introduces all these characters who do and say nothing.
i kept waiting for them to do something and kept waiting and waiting for boss fights (remember that III has 50 boss fights) and actual dialogue choices.

instead the game just ended while i was waiting for these things to happen that never did. the ending is decided with just 1 dialogue option like you said.

i'm never buying an Atlus game ever again personally.


forgot to add that the entire game felt like a tutorial lmao. it wasn't until i reached the final dungeon that it wasn't a tutorial, that i was playing the true content the whole time.


I can't really deny anything you said, but my standards are so low when it comes to modern games I was pleasantly surprised by some things. Now that I'm playing ng+ to get the rest of the endings and going through the plot without side quests or grinding the game is like 5 hours long.
>the ending is decided with just 1 dialogue option like you said
Yeah it's worth noting that the game does keep track of your choices during the story, the one thing that changes I think is a quest at the end, depending on the alignment the npc might charge you money to start it, that and also an optional boss you fight, there's one for each alignment.


well yeah you're right about that. if the game had been 50 more hours long, i would have considered it the best SMT game ever made i think. i wanted more dialogue from the side characters mostly, and also for them ALL to be route boss fights.


File: 1653091300418.jpg (102.25 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I just beat the law and true neutral routes, it kinda sucks that they don't let you fuse Tsukuyomi, like they do with the other endgame bosses. Also for some reason Maria in law route is way weaker than Danu or Innana (the alternatives for other alignments), a bit inconsistent.
All I have left to do is regular neutral (which is just a shorter version of true neutral) and beat Demi-Fiend, who I tried to fight once and it absolutely destroyed me, and considering whatever I can get from him is going to be useless I think I'm done with this game for now. It just made me want to play nocturne again.


File: 1653104472222.png (82.1 KB, 280x355, 56:71, FFXII.png) ImgOps iqdb

I posted about this game some time ago on this board, but I just beat the final boss of Final Fantasy XII. I've been playing it on and off for…almost a year now. It's strange, you know? When you've been playing a game or watching a show for that long on the side, it kind of feels like an old friend. Something you can always come back to. On the one hand, you're excited to finally see the conclusion, but on the other hand, there's this emptiness from knowing it's over. It's bittersweet.

I actually loved the battle system. I was actually dreading going into this game because I was thinking, "Oh great, another GRINDFEST" that I was expecting out of a Final Fantasy or JRPG in general, but the gambit system was fantastic. Knowing that I could essentially program the battle system kept me on a higher level, and when battles got boring, I honestly just put down the controller and did something else for a bit–or as I quickly learned: the run system is actually really good. It made it great as a casual playtime. But then the actually interesting battles actually required some thought, skill, and then applied strategy in a way I quite liked (e.g., one hunt battle taught me how amazing the spell "blind" is, some I would have to notice that a particular enemy would always use move X, and so I could equip an accessory to render that moot). Elementals, in particular, took me until 3/4 of the way through the game before I "figured them out." In short, battles were not a chore. If I do play this game some more (maybe out of a completionist urge), it'd be because of the battle system almost entirely.

The characters actually had arcs. Vaan actually matured, but not in a way that most scripts would beat you over the head with it. Each of their personalities actually interlaced with each other in a fitting way, with each filling a particular role, and no one appearing higher over the others. It felt like an actual party of friends as opposed to a gang following their leader. There also wasn't an overt morale you were bashed over the head with. While the majority of it seemed pragmatic in practice, dealing with straightforward survival and adventure; there was this larger theme and moving forward from being imprisoned by past loss.

I'd say the environments were beautiful, but I don't know how much that means because of how easily I'm impressed by that sort of stuff. I remember The Stilshrine of Miriam as particularly haunting for some reason.

From the beginning I was enamored. It opened with that familiar theme. It had all the tropes: Cid, airships, crystals, but interlain in a strange setting, storyline, and world. This was Final Fantasy's last hurrah. A star's supernova finale before eternal darkness.

I'll miss you.


This game was fucking awesome. I definitely think this was probably the last one good, I know a lot of people think X was the last one good. I love playing RPGs particularly because it's like a long TV show with familiar characters, environments, when it's over you're saying goodbye to a friend.


File: 1653349319844.png (1.13 MB, 808x960, 101:120, 2218641-box_traider3.png) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Tomb Raider 3
This game is an absolute joy.
I complained about TR2 having too many enemies before, well it seems the devs realized this and this sequel has the right amount of enemies for me. Also the level design is probably my favorite in the first three games, the game is longer than TR2 but it felt shorter. I don't know I just really liked it and thought it was an improvement over both previous games.
The one complain I have is you often pull levers and they don't show you what they just did, so you kind have to guess. Oh and the playstation version doesn't have unlimited saves, so you either get good, play the PC version or use save states like I did.


Out of Tomb Raider I, II, and III would you suggest just skipping to III?


This one was defintely my favorite but I think they're all worth playing, they're not connected in any way afaik so if you're just gonna play one you might as well play this one


File: 1654045562450.jpg (134.64 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Dead Space 2, it was pretty good, game is more action focused than DS1, which is a kind of a detriment to me, but the controls feel way smoother so it's alright, it's not like the first game was huge on exploration or puzzles in the first place. The character now has more of a personality, in the first game he kinda was a blank slate for the player to self insert into, I don't care about this either way to be honest, but some people seem to dislike, especially because now he makes "snarky" remarks like some dumb marvel movie.
Enemies are mostly the same as previous game, but there are some new ones, like those exploding fucks who catch you off-guard and dismember you without having a chance to escape. Enemy placement I thought was annoying at times, there are segments that are just straight corridors and enemies spawn at certain points, you get rid of them, walk three steps, a couple more enemies spawn, and so on. Now, I don't remember if it was like this in DS1 but it did get a bit tedious at times.
The plot feels like a nice wrap up of the story, but they do hint at more sequels in a post-credit phone call recording between some powerful man and an underling (Kojima san is that you?), and sure enough a third game came out a couple of years after, but everyone seems to hate it, so I don't know if I'll be playing that anytime soon.


did you take any nice screenshots?


Sadly no, I don't usually take screenshots when I play. It does have some nice imagery and gruesome deaths


File: 1654134571724.mp4 (2.64 MB, 640x360, 16:9, meat.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

do devs even bother coding carnage technologies at this point? nowadays it cuts to black like the sopranos before the physics/fatality activates if any


I mean dead space sold itself on “dood look just how gory our game is” so they put a decent amount of effort in it. All the enemies can be dismembered and you are supposed to play this way. But I don’t remember any especially good gore beyond that because another selling point was your ability to take blown off body parts and throw them at enemies to kill them. So this lead to most of the monsters basically being lego rag dolls with defined parts and cutting planes. You can’t slice things up a la metal gear rising.


>most of the monsters basically being lego rag dolls with defined parts and cutting planes
You're absolutely right, the dismemberment system is rigid as fuck, not being able to cut a monster because you're not shooting in just the right angle is pretty stupid, I've wasted entire mags on monsters arms or legs and they wouldn't cut off because I was shooting vertical shots when they should've been horizontal, for example.
Also explosions are inconsistent as fuck sometimes mines would completely obliterate an enemy and some other times it would come out of the blast unscathed. They could've defintely improved a lot in that regard


wish devs didn't take the lazy route when it comes to amputation points like when the game deletes the body part and spawns a limb upright. poor attempt!

like you said if guts is the selling point I commend diablo 3 dead rising 1 and hells highway for trying


Finally beat Sonic Heroes. Well, at least all the teams/chaos emeralds/Metal Sonic, I'm not going to go and get A-rank in every level. I already talked about it a lot in >>57599 and >>57636 , and probably in the dedicated Sonic thread we have in here. I guess this is my official review?

Never, NEVER have I had a game that I warmed up to. Usually, I'll like it in the beginning, and then the spark will fade away, or I'll like it all the way through, or I'll hate it all the way through. This is probably the first game that I didn't really like at the beginning, but after a while it charmed its way into my heart. I wouldn't say it was good. You know how corn nuts "taste bad, but you keep snacking away anyways"? I was playing Sonic Heroes, and kept coming back to it. I thought it was another "corn nuts" phenomenon, but there was this voice in the back of my head screaming, "No, something else is going on here, something is very enticing."

I kept playing and slogging through. I realized that I could detail very precisely WHY this was a "VIDYAGAME CRITIC SAY THIS BAD" game, but I also realized that I found it legitimately FUN. This contradiction really gnawed at me. I did not play the story modes in succession, but rather in parallel with each other, and it wasn't until the final 3-4 stages per character into the game (and one of the story modes at the Egg Emperor) that I finally started to play MUCH better. Something about how the game "thought" and how it "controlled" finally clicked. It wasn't REALLY sudden, but it was sudden. More of a sigmoid function rather than a step function. As I beat the story modes and finished it up, I was FINALLY able to dilineate what it was I found so interesting about this game.

This game was made by aliens.

There is a logic, but it's not of this universe. E.g., in a regular RPG if you saw a save point next to a giant door you'd think, "Alright! Cutscene and boss battle!" But this game had its own way of thought. For example, in regular videogame land, you see a spring at the end of a pathway and you think "Got it, aim for that and course correct along the way"–instead in Sonic Heroes it was "Place yourself correctly at the START of the path, and we will FORCE you into that position by the end, so make sure the starting position is correct!" There were many sections like this–the autorunning sections in particular–and it would give you signs that these sections were coming up so you could anticipate for them. By the end of the game, the level designs made and make PERFECT sense, but when I was first starting, they were unlike NOTHING I've ever seen. Once things finally start "clicking" and you understand the fucking bizarre alien psychology of the dev team, you "knew" where the camera direction changes were going to happen. It even continued to outside the actual levels: once you beat all the normal stages you think, "So…where's the special stage I unlocked???" only to find that on one of the main menu screens you're supposed to go to the far right of the screen. There wasn't an arrow indicator. There wasn't a change in background on the Team Select screen. You were just supposed to know. And somehow…you do: because you start thinking like the weirdos who made this. NOTHING was uncalled for, but to a regular human it would be so.

And the controls being bad. No. That wasn't what was going on at all! I really thought that was the case, but now I know that the controls make sense. And this is the most important part of the game and I think it's the reason why suddenly near the end everything clicked: it was the PHYSICS (see >>57636 ). The controls made perfect sense, but it was the PHYSICS that were out of this world. The programmer who made this game did NOT understand the difference between velocity and speed! A wall would kill your speed in one direction only, but not your overall velocity, which means you go FLYING off into the distance! There's a stage where you do a loop-de-loop on…the _outside_ of the rail (where'd that centripetal force come from? How am I not flying off the outside of this circle?). In the special stages when you go around a turn inside a tube, you do NOT have to turn the character's direction to compensate for the centrifugal forces. Things you think you WOULD bounce off of you don't, and think you DON'T think you'd bounce off of you would! I've watched a lot of reviews now where they complain about 'glitches' or 'jank' and I can say, "Nonono, that makes SENSE why that happened!" (for example, the embedded review complains about sliding along the tube in the emerald stages. I know why people do that: it's because you DON'T HAVE MOMENTUM AROUND TURNS. In other words, your brain THINKS that if you go around a turn in a tube you should slide up the side of the tube, but that's not how Sonic Heroes does it, which mean people playing these special stages overcorrect) Once I realized this, everything just CLICKED and I was able to play SO much better. This was also the main reason why I think I was having a lot of fun with this: it's like a parallel universe where Planck's constant is different or something. You just want to understand this bizarre movement.

And the plot was…not good. It was…not bad. It was…just lovably cheesy.

From top to bottom, this was made by aliens.



ngl I gave up on it when trying to get A rank for the true boss or final stage or whatever. The stages are very long and I found they require no getting hit to retain your rings as well as finishing quickly and killing enemies for the top score. I tried a few times on Team Sonic's stages, but they were so long and I kept getting hit by random things. I never got A rank on anything. I still love the game, but just like a lot of the gamecube era games, it has hard requirements that tend not to be worth it in the end. Other games that come to mind are LOZ: WW and Luigi's Mansion. Wind Waker requires you to beat the game two times, and on the the second time, take pictures of all the bosses for 100% completion. Luigi's Mansion has a system that you have to collect rare stuff in a room, like golden mice, before beating the room. Otherwise, you'll not be able to get those things. Also, you must suck up the boss ghosts in one fell swoop, which I found to be almost impossible for the bodybuilder ghost, Adonis.

I wanna beat Sonic Heroes. It's one of the Gamecube games I haven't beaten along with the aforementioned games. It's a good game casually, but not in a completionist way.


File: 1655560690240-0.png (28.66 KB, 560x293, 560:293, wonder-boy-3-banner.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1655560690240-1.jpg (174.98 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1655560690240-2.png (26.7 KB, 768x672, 8:7, monster-world-iv-gameplay.png) ImgOps iqdb

I beat 3 games, Wonder Boy 3: The Dragon's Trap, Wonder Boy in Monster World and Monster World IV, despite the names these games could be considered Monster World 2,3 and 4 of course.
They're all action platformers with RPG elements, nowadays they'd get lumped in the "metroidvania" genre but I think they're closer to a zelda II than a metroid.
The graphics are really cute, the master system was capable of nicer looking things than the nes, there's no way around it.
Gameplay-wise they all suffer from what I call the zelda II syndrome (sword is too fucking short and you get hit) but they're still pretty easy, except for the final boss of Wonder Boy in Monster World in the american version.
Each game has its own gimmick: WB3 had 4 different transformation which allow you to swim, fly or get in narrow places, I bet whoever made Symphony of the Night played this game before, my one issue with it is not being able to change forms on the fly, the game would be perfect if it wasn't for that detail, I think they added that feature in the remake but whatever.
WBiMW was probably the most plain of them all, its progression is mostly item based and kinda boring, you need this item to swim, you need the ocarina to open this door, you need this amulet to make the temple appear, etc. Speaking of Ocarina it actually has an ocarina which you play like in Ocarina of Time, sadly it's only used in a single dungeon.
MW4 is the cutest of them all, but also the easiest, to progress through this game you use a little pet thingy called "pepelogoo" it's a flying little furball that allows you to grab on it to glide, double jump, and interact with different switches and other dungeon hazards, this game is way more linear and once you get the pepelogoo you don't really get new abilites to unlock previously inaccessible places, there's a single city which you use as a hub and 4 dungeons (plus a) which are all entered from the city, kinda lazy when you think about it, I liked the dungeons in this game better than the other 2 though, although you don't get to re-enter them after you beat them, I left some chests unopened and I'm afraid I'll never knew what was inside unless I start the game over.

So yeah I'm kinda sick of typing I don't even think people read these, the games are fun and cute, play them if you like this sort of thing, don't expect a "metroidvania" though, just a 2d action platformer with rpg elements.


bot pic is a spinoff? trying to avoid spoilers so gotta be careful with a few posts here but will read/listen to a rant warning me in advance. think you'd drop wonder boy if it were dark and gritty with cute aspect completely removed for a serious tone?


>bot pic is a spinoff?
They're all considered part of the main series, although they're very different games
>think you'd drop wonder boy if it were dark and gritty with cute aspect completely removed for a serious tone
No I'd still play them, they're solid games, not perfect but still good. If you ask me what I prefer, I love stuff like castlevania, which is dark fantasy I guess, not so gritty but not as colorful as these games.


Dragon's Trap has a modern remake that's good. It has upgraded graphics and some QOL improvements but runs on the original ROM basically, so it's virtually the same mechanically and you can switch graphics on the fly for example.


Yes, I gave it try and it's a decent remake, although I prefer the pixel art graphics. The QOL changes are welcome, especially being able to save, the codes are way too long and don't give all the stuff you had.
Monster World IV also has a remake but I don't like how it looks so I havent tried it


Regarding modern games there's a spiritual successor, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. There's also Aggelos, which is a quality indie game inspired by Wonder Boy.


I had heard of Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, had no idea Aggelos was a thing, it looks really nice, it's weird to find good indie games, will give a try some time


File: 1656877369706.jpg (231.1 KB, 829x1512, 829:1512, d7efddb9f856e14beb0e4385ee….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Soul Blader (or Soul Blazer in the west)

A top-down action rpg with some simple townbuilding elements. You go through dungeons fighting monsters spawning from portals and then take over those portals to restore NPCs to the hub areas who can give you items, equipment, or sometimes hints. The gameplay is pretty simplistic, you have 1 basic sword attack and some magic attacks which consume gems (a consumable that enemies drop) that you have to aim using an orb circling around you. No real special movement or abilities. Despite this it was surprisingly addictive and fun to play through, probably because restoring the towns you visit is satisfying and the equipment you get tend to have unique effects (like preventing trap damage, restoring health on defeating enemies, doubling your attack/defense, etc). And it didn't overstay it's welcome, I didn't keep track of the time I spent but it was definitely under 10 hours.


File: 1657062819110.jpg (586.48 KB, 1405x2194, 1405:2194, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
I think the game was ok, at least entertaining, it's mostly stealth, even though you can shoot your way out of every situation, I think the "pacifist" approach is encouraged, except for the boss fights, which look like something out of Metal Gear Solid 2 and most of the times there's no option to fight (there's only one in which you can hack combat droid and have them do the fighting for you, I think).
Mechanically the game is a weird mish mash of first person and 3rd person cover-based shooter, which caused me motion sickness at the beginning, but I got used to it.
The plot takes place 25 years before the original Deus Ex, in a transition era, when humans started getting augmentations, and of course there are groups that are against it, at some points they try to draw parallels between augs and abortions, which are completely not subtle, but I guess it also does paint how corporations are using it for profit, masking it as "progress".
Mechanically the game doesn't do anything more impressive than the first deux ex, except the cover system, which is pretty useless most of the time. There is a hacking minigame, so there's that, I think the original game was just a dice roll, or a skill check, I don't know. Must be fun being a developer and having to make a hacking minigame which of course is nothing like actual hacking, most games with hacking seem to have a different approach, my favorite is probably the one in Nier Automata.
Anyway I thought the game was good, not great, someday I'll probably play the sequel.


Sequel is generally more of the same, so I recommend it.


That's good to hear


It's finally over. I have completed Oblivion. I have completed the main quest, all of the faction quests, the miscellaneous quests, the quests that don't appear in your journal, the shivering isles main quests and its miscellaneous quests (excluding that stupid museum one), all other DLC, and finally, the Hermaenous Mora quest, which marks the completion of all Daedric prince quests. It's over. I spent 172 hours, 12 minutes on this one character and 200+ hours on a previous character. I did the factions at least twice and many misc quests more than once. Sadly, the Glarthir quest completely broke on me. I think I did complete that quest on my previous character though.

If I had to talk about the game, I would say the quests range from mediocre (mage's guild quest) to pretty good (Shivering isles and Dark Brotherhood quests). The Shivering Isles quests had lots of dialogue choices that I had to go over and a little more freedom. Luckily, not too much freedom where you have a million different outcomes for different choices. The Dark Brotherhood's questline is always talked well about, so not much to say on that. Same with how the mage's guild and fighter's guild questlines are mediocre. If I had to say anything, I would say I was very happy to finally beat the Shivering isles questline and was happy too finish the main questline after probably 150 hours into the game. I'm sure lots of people don't care for the main questline though.

The mechanics are bad and have been cheapened in every way. Magic has been nerfed to hell for one. I'm a mage, and I can feel the effects. You can't summon multiple creatures any more, you can't make super jump spells because acrobatics is capped at 255, levitation is gone, damage attributes and skills is gone (which disappointed me greatly), teleporting is gone, etc. Still magic is the best way to deal damage other than poisons because you can't block a spell with a shield. I think this was the true downfall of the series here. It all got worse right here. Sure, Morrowind's magic was technically nerfed from Daggerfall in a few ways, but this magic system was the stepping stone to what Skyrim would become. The signs were there in Oblivion when they nerfed magic this hard. Skyrim is just the end product of their plan.

Melee combat is, in my opinion, worse than Morrowind's. It's still a step in the right direction that leads to Skyrim's better combat, but it's still bad. Everything's floaty and blocking is the dominant strategy. Power attacks do 2.5x damage but end up never being worth it because in that time, you can get about three attacks in. Also, regular attacks allow you to be more mobile and get behind your opponent. Also, power attacks can be blocked and don't break a block like in Skyrim. The best strategy is to strafe away from your opponent, wait for them to attack, block, and then get behind them and turn with them for free hits. Also, obviously, health goes up as you level, so melee becomes a slow way of killing. I usually just used a 300 point kill spell at the end.

Stealth is also marginally better than the last game. Sneaking actually works now, thank the gods. I'm pretty sure I read their sneak increases with your level ups, so don't bother pick pocketing. Also, later in the game, doors WILL get harder in the towns. At the beginning of the game, houses might have an easy or average lock, while at the late game, a hard or very hard lock. The very hard locks are usually preserved for containers though. I never really bothered with sneak though. Pickpocketing is useless, I have spells and open lock, and thievery for anything but rare things like gems is useless. The game throws expensive stuff your way at the end.

The leveling system itself is bad and causes these problems, but I think it itself is the problem. This will be quick since it's gone over a million times. Improve endurance first for maximum gains on health, don't over level your character to prevent melee becoming useless, etc. That health thing does bring down the game though. It makes combat useless and fills the world with expensive Daedric items that cost over 3,000 gold easily. Money is thrown at you at the late game and it kills the immersion. With that, thievery becomes useless as well. Now with fighting and thievery gone, the only viable way to play is with poisons or magic.

I think, overall, Oblivion's mechanics led Skyrim's sneak and fighting to be way better.

I think the game actually does have some very cool mechanics that Morrowind and Skyrim have. The unique items found from searching dungeons, crypts, bandit caves, etc. are amazing. The mundane ring is one of the best rings in the game, for example. It really makes me feel like an adventurer when I get it. However, it's so good that custom enchantments become worse. In fact, the best setup in the game is from pre-enchanted gear. Enchantments are no longer useful by then. Also, I think it has a good balance between Morrowind's and Skyrim's dungeon respawning system. Dungeons respawn and it's viable to just go dungeoneering. However, it's not instant like Morrowind and not too long like Skyrim. I think it's 72 hours in Oblivion, instant in Morrowind if you don't get rid of the bodies, and 10 days in Skyrim. It's a good compromise for training on weak enemies. Also, the enemies are much easier than in Morrowind. You can totally do a no death run better since in Morrowind, everyone's deadly if you have poor agility and low health. I guess that's also a bad thing too, but honestly, by the end of my Morrowind run, I had no reason to go dungeon crawling. I had enough money where I could gather souls for a good living. Skyrim's on the other side too. It forces you to go from dungeon to dungeon to train weapon skills. In Morrowind, you can easily respawn a cave and camp out near a city or town. In Oblivion, I remember in a previous run where I was min maxing that I would go from dungeon to dungeon, but not as frequently as the small dungeons of Skyrim. It's a good compromise I think.

Overall, Oblivion is a worse Skyrim in the mechanics department and a dumbed down Morrowind. Skyrim did combat and stealth better, Morrowind did magic better. The quests are probably the best in the series though. Morrowind's quests don't realize as much of a story and Skyrim's quests are too simplistic and short. Oblivion has a lot of potential if you decide to mod the hell out of it. Even my modded version wasn't enough. The core gameplay is fubar. Also, I didn't even mention everything about everything. Like, it goes deeper for magic. Way deeper. In the end, I just wanted to beat the quests, the only good part of the game. I didn't want to play any more because I had gotten everything I needed or wanted.


File: 1658111439042.jpg (153.77 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Bully
I can't help but think it's just an inferior GTA. Of course you have to work with the limitations of being a high school student, so not a lot of guns, not many vehicles and not a huge city to explore. The thing is, what did they replace these things with? Well, nothing. It's just GTA, with a few gimmicky weapons, bikes as sole form of transportation (and a skateboard that's slightly faster than running), a lot of melee combat, which would be fine if it wasn't so simple, games like Yakuza are 99% fist combat, they they have fun and somewhat complex systems, in this game I can't think of a single fight in which I couldn't just win by mashing square. The map is not just limited to the school, but it's not that much bigger either, and for some reason bikes are fucking scarce, I ended up running way more than I'd like to. School students are fucking annoying too, always trying to beat you up and, for some reason, the prefects only go after you when you fight back.
But at least the story is good? No, predictable as fuck, it's so predictable that it leaves you waiting for a twist that never happens, you could say it's so predictable, it loops back and becomes unpredictable, if that makes any sense.
I don't know, I expected more than just dumbed down GTA.



which gta? all of them?

i would say bully is better than gta 3 and vice city


Nah San Andreas onward, it plays very similar to SA


File: 1659883138816.jpg (2.01 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 69be1b3a4efd7fb99b49affd78….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Talos Principle and its DLCs
It's pretty good
Except for that stupid moon landing puzzle, fuck that


File: 1660095736492.jpg (148.25 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 2939359.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Braid, it's a good game, simple but with somewhat complex puzzles. My only problem with it is that some of the puzzles give you too little margin for error, even when you figure the puzzle out they give you just the exact amount of time to pull the solution off, which in some cases made me wonder if I was even doing the right thing, not a huge fan of the art style, game is hand drawn but the characters look kinda ugly to me, I guess it's a matter of taste.


Danganronpa 1-3 and Phoenix wright AA.

Danganronpa is just irredeemable shit, that gets stupider and more formulaic as time goes on. No idea why there is such a big social media fandom for these games, the murders are usually ridiculous and the characters are poorly written. Only interesting thing was the first game setting and that eventually got destroyed as well.

Phoenix Wright didn't exactly draw me in either. The cases are long and hard to deduce with all the twists, and the cross-examinations mechanic just seemed rather trivial. Edgeworth was the only really stand-out character in the cast


here's everything I've beaten so far in May.

A Winters Daydream - really short but decent VN about grandma that becomes qt young succubus again for a day was a solid 7/10

Mimana Iyar Chronicles - random encounters really took this game from a potential 8 down to a 6. Decent enough story but the encounter rate is gross

Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen - Flawless 10/10

Lunar Silver Star Story - solid 9/10 kinda generic story but told wonderfully

Psycho Pass Mandatory Happiness - only did one route so far but decent enough 7/10

YS: Origin - Only completed 1/3 routes so far but 9/10 boss fights are pretty tough making it very rewarding to beat

Punchline - about halfway through so far but I'd give it a 7.5, silly fan service and pretty decent story

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