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Any of the Donkey Kong games worth playing? I always heard the SNES and newer games are really good, but DK64 is quite polarizing.


I have only played DKC 1. If you replay the easy levels to get a bunch of extra lives, it brings the difficulty way down. I like the simplicity of the gameplay and the way DK and Diddy control. They have a real sense of momentum to them makes jumping, bouncing off of tires and shooting out of barrels really satisfying. The use of color in the background of some levels is really stunning and the music is great. I often hear people say 2 is better.


The 3 snes games are some of the best platforming in the system, especially 2.
I think DK64 was alright but it doesn't hold a candle to Banjo Kazooie. Haven't played the newer games.


I've played DKC1 and DK64.

With DKC1 I couldn't see anything to the right. That made the game go much slower since I had to stop constantly. Most of my deaths weren't because of bad play but because I could never see in front of myself. It may be different for CRT televisions but IIRC it didn't matter when I played it like that so long ago. IMO It's a good game with a bunch of flaws which also includes secrets that you would have to look up (for 100%).

DK64 is a collectathon to the highest degree. It has the most amount of collectables I've ever seen. I think in each level it's like 500 bananas, 5 golden bananas per kong (5 kongs) in each level, colored coins, etc. You have to go through a level multiple times with different kongs to get exactly 100 bananas with little help. The minigames are also brutal. I am very glad to have beaten it though. It was a very rewarding experience. I played it as a kid and finally finished it as an adult, so it's a chapter in my life that's closed. I 100%ed that game and it's probably my best gaming achievement. Still, it's probably extremely boring for people who aren't obsessed with completely beating it.

Great levels, great music, decent graphics, pretty charming adventure. I don't regret beating it and the levels and music itself makes it worth it to play.


I can't of the top of my head think of a bad Donkey Kong game.
They are pretty good for what they are.


I played Tropical Freeze on the Wii U back in 2014 and it was a great time, would recommend


Honestly I didn't like the SNES games, the graphics were strange and blurry and there were a lot of "that level"s, you know the ones that you forget about before you go back to play through the game and remember getting through those annoying hurdles.




File: 1625866354916.jpg (288.29 KB, 1446x882, 241:147, 603659-Donkey-Kong-Country….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Absolutely. Donkey Kong Country 2 is my favorite video game so I can only recommend at least trying this one. I don't know how the original series feels for younger people, the artstyle and difficulty might be a bit unusual, but I love platformers and was amazed by the design of the game as a kid (soundtrack still holds up to this day). The overall consensus seems to be DKC2 > DKC1 > DKC3.
The return series (Wii/Wii U/Switch) also is a 2D/2.5D platformer, but plays really different compared to the old ones. They however aren't bad games by far, I also had lots of fun playing both of these. Maybe give these a shot if you are looking for a bit more modern donkey kong platforming experience.
DK64 is really different and I can see the controversy surrounding it, I however think it isn't nearly as bad as some people make it out to be.


DK64 was an awesome game as a kid because of it's sheer scale. The worlds were big enough but felt massive when trying to collect everything. There was also a lot of variation in the gameplay style, from rather spectacular cinematic cart levels to oldschool 8 bit games being sprinkled in. It had a campy atmosphere that begged to be explored. Banjo Tooie was similar in all regards. Once you've played through and seen it all though, it gets old fast. There's not a lot of real dialogue or story to give you a narrative hook to chase after, and when you learn that not a lot of the more boring or overly challenging parts are really optional, progressing can become a chore. It also performed like crap on original hardware. If you've never played it, I suggest keeping it on hand in am emulator and chipping away at it now and then. There are some memorable segments towards the later levels.

DKC1, 2, and 3 are great platformers that looked and sounded spectacular for the time, but they're a real challenge. A big skill gap between them and any super mario game. Any new DKC game however is a "Nutendo" platformer: The exact same mechanics, level design, forgiving co-op, shortness, and easy slow-paced gamestyle as the new Super Mario Bros, Yoshi, and Kirby games. They all even use that identical "Pop the bubble to get your friend back" thing. Soulless regurgitation meant for literal BABIES. BABY GAMES!!!!!

> It has the most amount of collectables I've ever seen
The game holds the world record for most collectibles in a video game. It's so extreme that, only recently after 20 years after release, a new Rainbow Coin was discovered. Not out of bounds, or even accessible only by some exploit, but just under some grass a few steps from a swap barrel. All these years of people prying through the game's code and scraping the map geometry in external viewers, and only now was this developer-intended collectable found in hiding plain sight. It brought in to question if all former 101% world records were now invalid.


You mean playing DK64 on an emulator, I thought that's still not playable due to bugs/glitches in the emulation?

I also really liked the game, it was my first one for the N64 and as you said the levels are huge and ahead of their time for that console generation. And the collectibles didn't bother me that much, they encourage you to really explore the worlds after all, I always thought of it as a larger Mario64.


N64 emulation is both fast and nearly glitch free at this point. DK64 is incredibly glitchy by design, but the emulator should at least rectify a few of the lag-related glitches. It might even offer enhancements such as further draw distance and proper widescreen.


So far I'm played DKC 1, diddy kong racing and a small bit of DK 64. I highly recommended you to play DKC 1.
If you like racing games in the style of mario kart, take a look on diddy kong racing.


Banjo Kazooie is still an all time great, Banjo Tooie is still pretty good too, but it kind of has that DK64 feel to it at times.


N64 3D platformers suck. They're padded to hell and lack depth. Mario 64 is the best of the bunch but it falls off rather quickly. For some reason autists can't move on from them and lord them all over the place. Later generations do much better 3D platformers and the PS1 puts the N64 to shame with even tie in games like Muppets halloween.


I actually tried running the game through Project64 a few weeks ago and camera-issues made it unplayable, seems you need to play around with different plugins to get something out of it.


Have you tried Kirby 64? I know it's a baby game but I had a lot of fun 100%ing it and doing minigames with my stepfather at the time.


>the PS1 puts the N64 to shame with even tie in games like Muppets halloween
Come on now


PS1 had trash draw distance and poor texture filtering made natural environments look awful. The only thing PS1 had over N64 was storage size, but even that was rectified with later revisions to the cartridge hardware as was the case with DK64. But even still, an extra hundred megs of content loses its charm when it takes and extra 200 minutes to load off a disc (IF you're lucky and the disk isn't scratched). The Muppets port sucked because boomers who were still dedicated to practical effects in 1999 had no experience with Silicone Graphics workstations.


Original SDK and Diddy are great, especially considering that they are Western (first-party nindy studio sure, but no Nipp coders) games on Japanese console.

Beware of fake endings.


And beginning from the intro, the original is pushing nostalgia buttons, which probably worked for those who wasted many a monie for Donkey Kong in arcade.

The artstyle really made the game shine graphically and look three dimensional.


File: 1627437508830.jpeg (4 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, dkc.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

DK is dated, but fun. DK Jr is less dated, and feels like a welcome upgrade. DK3 is eh imo, just feels bland. DKC1-3 are perfect.


Donkey Kong 94 was a nice game. I like single-screen puzzle platformers. It's a shame they mostly didn't survive the 1980's.


The Wii/3ds one is good. I played the 3ds version


Expand dong (not gay)


DK JR was kool as fuck. I played DK and never liked it as a kiddo.


>sports blanket
Found the normie!


DKC was a solid platformer, but had issues which I attribute to going from 3d animation to 2d loops. Not unlike Mortal Kombat, it felt clunky at times like you're waiting for a loop to complete before doing the next thing. It had one of the better SNES soundtracks and did a good job setting the mood for the game. It's definitely worth one play through. I was probably playing Tekken and Ridge Racer when DKC 2 hit.


File: 1642270593675.jpeg (7.3 KB, 264x191, 264:191, .jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

it's the red glocks i mean red sox though



Replayed DKC1 on a more modern television. You still can't see to the right of you. I managed to beat the game in about three hours though. Not bad.


I just got the DKC tropical freeze so I'll probably one day see what you're talking about. I hope it's not too disappointing like you say it is.


Are the Donkey Kong Land games on gameboy any good or fun?


File: 1652624590111.gif (672.48 KB, 200x113, 200:113, ddf.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Played all three of them as a kid, here are my personal opinions:

1 is the one I played the least, mainly because of how different it felt to the snes counterpart which I didn't expect & like back then. Also since it's the first time they tried porting DKC to GB it often seemed borderline-broken to me. Wouldn't recommend.

2 was a much better port and I played the shit out of it, mainly because dkc2 on snes is still one of my favorite games to this day. Still does a few things different than the snes version but works much better all-around.

3 is another good port/spin-off, but also repeats many things that made dkc3 inferior to dkc2, so I'd recommend it depending on if you liked/disliked that, too.

I also just recently watched a youtube video by some guy reviewing all 3 parts of it and agreed with a lot of what was said, so check it out if you are interested in another opinion:

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