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I've been playing a lot of Megaman X lately. My favourite game in the series is X4. What do you guys think? Also, just action platformer thread.



Uhm…I posted this as a joke, but OP, if you haven't beaten the game yet, spoiler alert.


What is or is not an "action" platformer?


What is a rock? What are two hands?


I love megaman, but the x-series past x2 is pretty awful, a lot of disappointing entries because capcom forced them to crap out a sequel ever couple years. The dev time for the regular megaman worked out cause it's just a simple platformer, but trying to make some story-rich actiony thing was a bit more work, not enough time put into these. Plus the fact that's it's like megaman, but they're trying to appeal to teenagers now and not kids. It makes you wonder if it was a genuine concept or planned to market.


oh yeah, and I'll add, the X series in general is eXtremely(heh) easy, I think x4 starts the thing where you basically have infinite lives, and then level design is thrown out the window and you're left with a boring easy level, then a kinda cool boss, basically it's just boss battles.

Also X4 was definitely made for Zero to be the main character, because X's story makes almost no sense, it's like the designers didn't care about X but he was in as a formality


Gordon Freeman is now these hands… I must kill the next boss and live up to full-life consequences!


I assume a platform we with combat and bosses and stuff like megaman, and not stuff like Mario or donkey kong


Ehhhh, I found the plots pretty engaging, and when they stuck to that tried and true 2D format, I had a pretty great time. I didn't mind the plot shift in X4, it remains engaging to me, and the contrast between X and Zero is great to observe meaningfully. The gameplay is easier, but I sure as shit wouldn't call X3 or some further entries easy. I love the look and soundtrack of the PS1 titles as well, they hold this certain edge and futuristic aggression that compliments the game's atmosphere perfectly. X is a side character in X4, but after the past 3 games, I don't mind that. I enjoy a good pattern based boss rush, and I wouldn't really call the bosses or the levels themselves easy. Some sections of the game put up a challenge for me, enough that it felt rewarding in that personal sense to complete the game. I get what you mean though. It's a subjective thing.


Stuff like Contra, Megaman, Castlevania, etc. Games where combat and platforming are mixed kek.


I've beaten it many times through, classic keks


>X3 or some further entries easy
X3… that one isn’t really as hard as it is just all around awful, it just tries to give a big “fuck you” to the player at every corner, even the final boss is just FUCK YOU incarnate, I never bothered getting to the very end because the last stretch of ridiculous wall jumping gives me a hand cramp, all just for some stupid cutscene


Honestly X was a big step up on resolving that issue with all Megaman games. Every Megaman level is just a bunch of hidden fuck yous trying to pad out an other wise short game. X game you a real move set so levels weren't linear fuck you traps. It made a big difference to the game quality and is why X is remembered fondly by a lot of people where as original Megaman is a niche game remembered only by countries unable to move past their NES nostalgia.


Also the music in all the Megaman games is fucking fire.


nothing can compare to sunstar battle theme from megaman 5 on the gameboy, kinda thinking the original megaman was waaaaay stronger than X, he could literally beat a space god, he can withstand blasts as hot as the sun, wouldn't be affected by the maverick virus, and he's twice as heavy as X too, I bet original megaman could kick sigmas ass way harder than X


Megaman Vs X
Megaman has more weapons, X has more abilities. Later varients of X, 4-6 especially, could kick Megaman's ass.


Get Megaman off of the Moon :(


File: 1627529907099.png (522.75 KB, 500x662, 250:331, dcha8dwkozs31.png) ImgOps iqdb

original megaman can literally stop and slow down time dude, that's like the ultimate power, all the weapons in the world wont help you


>stop time
>shit on ground next to opponent
>continue for 2 months
>resume time


What you described in your post is also a good description of what your post is.


The best fighting strategy of all time?


File: 1627605200410.gif (2.36 MB, 405x229, 405:229, 1524827509978.gif) ImgOps iqdb


This is a chan. Saying, "You have mastered shitposting" is a complement.


Is Jak II an action platformer? I have played many games in the genre but Jak II is the only one I am certain I beat.


Shitposting != posting shit


>Is Jak II an action platformer?


do you consider metroid games to be part of that?


of course


Metroid games are exploration action platformers


they are metroidvanias


I mean metroidvania is separate. Compare Metroid II to Castlevania Symphony of the Night. Very different.


>Castlevania Symphony of the Night
Oh… man that was a great game, action-rpg-platofrmer-metroidvania?


>Compare Metroid II to Castlevania Symphony of the Night. Very different.
They're both action platformers with a focus on exploration, that's what the "metroidvania" term implies.


Damn, I hardly ever hear Metroid referred to as a metroidvania game.


I somehow forgot that I have beaten Super Metroid and Mega Man 2. I also kind of bullshitted my way through Castlevania 1 but I didn't beat it all in one sitting. I probably could but I want to turn the game off every time I get to Igor and Franken.


So if anyone is interested, I've been working on a rom hack for the anniversary collection game for game cube from about last year and I've finally finished it. It's nothing special, it's mainly a celebration for the amazing artist ariga Hitoshi for giving us the MegaMan megamix. It also has new secrets in the secret menu (songs sung by the robot masters and different picture sets) as well as new music in the games. The jump button is now mapped to A and the shoot button is B. I didn't want to post to rom hacking net considering that this isn't my art and I doubt I'm allowed to use permission to use in a rom hack, still I'm not claiming it to be mine, I just loved the art so much I put it in. It's already patched so you don't have to worry about patching with a rom, although is recommended to play on an actual wii/GameCube because dolphin is not that great to play it on for some reason lots of hiccups and music looping issues. Anyways enjoy!



very cool, what tools did you use to pull this off?


Megaman is overrated.


Basically, there is a tool that converts mp3 files to dsp GameCube files, it's kinda like a exploit for audacity, and since the game it self makes the songs auto loop, you really don't have to worry about extending songs. Then for creating the pictures, I edited them with just Adobe premiere/photoshop and then converted it to tga files(easy online converters that are free are the ones I use) and replaced them with the original pictures if that makes sense. The games themselves are exactly the same, just now with different music. If you need anymore questions feel free to ask!! :)


loading up and playing a few levels of classic megaman never gets old, I just played 3 for about 2 hours today and I was just smiling the entire time, it's a good set of games


>there will never be a Megaman Legends 3
I feel it too. If I remade it I'd keep him up there and have him switch bodies back to mechanical though myself that way he won't have to come back physically. What better way to survive re-entry? Roll could make him a reverbot body and get Megaman to upload himself to some literal ID card to transfer it down. Sounds lame on paper but it could work…

If I had to pick my favorite action platformer I'd have to go with Cave Story unfortunately. About Megaman I liked the Megaman Zero games more and Megaman Legends but I like RPG elements myself. X1 has the best music of course of the X series so I sometimes play up to the spider that I could never beat with the ice weapon. Maybe my emulator is a lag simulator… But before the X's it was too hard and Megaman Battle network series does not count of course.

Also I like Metroid a lot too but who wouldn't? Cave Story is so good because it is a blend of what makes Megaman and Metroid good and that's why I'd pick it.

The gba ones were better in my opinion though the psx one did come first mixing the gaming mechanics together. I like the three gba ones a lot. Also the music and mechanics of gba's Aria of Sorrow is better than the others to me in a way that X1 has something magical about it but also the soul selection and weaponry is really nice in comparison to the other games like that that were retro. I don't play new games so….did they make more Castlevanian games like that?

They call him Rockman for a reason.


>action platformer

Does METROID count as one?


i suck megaman i suck at generally at 2d platformers games. my timing is off and memory sucks ass to understand the patterns of the enemy. i don’t even understand hitboxes. still pretty rad series.


Environmental station alpha is a 10/10 game. Look past the pixelshit graphics and you will discover a pure gem.



you just gotta keep playing the games over and over, I am really really bad at games but I put in like probably 400-500 hours in the classic megaman series and I think I am ok at them now, I’d like to go through buster only though, now that’s tough


>I’d like to go through buster only though, now that’s tough
No it isn't, except in the few bosses you're forced to use one (second Dr. Wily boss in 2 and final Wily fight in 4 comes to mind).


compared to using weakness its a lot tougher

weakness = just spam at the robot master and they die, no strategy

buster only = actually have to learn the strategy, if you just spam shoot you have no chance

I went through so many bosses and had no idea how they worked, you actually need to try one like 10 times at least if you want to learn how the boss works


Thats just it, I've found learning which weapon works best for which Robotmaster more troublesome than learning their moving pattern.

In fact, after playing thru all the six Famicom games many many times, I still don't know which weapons to use, not even in 2 or 4, which I've played the most. And RM's in 5 and 6 are so damn easy, that anything more than buster seems like cheating.

But, many bosses can be beaten with buster spamming strategy too. Only two or three well timed jumps are needed in addition.
Woodman in 2 for example, you can beat just staying in the left corner, if timing jumps correctly and using every shield-free moment shooting the stump.


the bosses get easier and easier as the series goes on, I know all the weaknesses from megaman 1-3, after that I didn't bother besides a few. Elecman, quickman, hardman, woodman, crashman, and shadowman come to mind right now as most annoying to fight with buster. I just figured out the strategy for shadowman the other day, I thought maybe there was some pattern to it, but no, it's basically just stay as far away from him as possible because there's no way to tell which of 2 attacks he's gonna use
>Woodman in 2 for example, you can beat just staying in the left corner
well not exactly, you need to run under him at some point, the left corner will only get him to like half health, better strategy I got, get close enough to him so that your buster arm extends past his shield and you can get 3 extra shots in each wave


File: 1631171721777-0.jpg (188.55 KB, 1000x1200, 5:6, CMTG (3).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1631171721777-1.jpg (255.25 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, CMTG (4).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Trying out ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights.
Quietus means final debt.


I played a few weeks ago, it's alright




I just finished X5 myself, I actually don't like the X series too much, it starts out ok with 1 and 2 but then 3 is kinda weird and then 4 and 5 are just ridiculously easy and way too forgiving. The one thing that kinda of annoys me is the story is all over the place, every game feels like you are just surrounded by literal whos that somehow you are supposed to feel sympathy for, like near the beginning(of X4) X/Zero are like "What!?!? nooo, not you too magma dragoon! I can't believe you went maverick too!", and I was just thinking like I dont even know who magma dragoon is, I feel like I just missed some massive character arch there. But the story takes a nice step forward with X5 where it just tries to wrap up the X series to move on to the zero series but it just doesn't stop there for some reason, I'm gonna be playing X6 soon and I have never played it before so hopefully the story gets better but I have no idea how they can continue the X series after 5 because Zero freaking died.

I was thinking that it would be so cool if capcom made some sort of remake of the X1-5 games with proper story progression and stuff, I feel like part of the reason the story sucked was because 3 of the 5 games were on the snes and that system didn't really have the capability to convey a deep story so in X4 you're just kind of throw a heap of wtfisthis world building


File: 1632440941139.jpg (35.39 KB, 276x415, 276:415, no escape from the jaws of….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Reminder that original X can hadouken a boss to death in one hit.

If Megaman's weaponry just bounces off then indeed you're shitting yourself until it unfreezes and he out-maneuvers the older model and kills it in one hit.


File: 1632442635377.png (186.48 KB, 250x379, 250:379, ArchieQuint.png) ImgOps iqdb

hadouken is an easter egg that's no fair, also there is no where saying megaman's weapons just bounce off of X, that only happens in megaman unlimited which is just a fangame. we could also take into account the upgrades that megaman has, he could be full quint mode which means he can air dash, double jump, and rapid fire


File: 1632991766801.jpg (117.35 KB, 1005x794, 1005:794, 1492443959446.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Looks like a really cool game, not that I ever buy steam games nor play pc games. Perhaps I should. I liked eternal daughter and magical poppin but they are lame and this game does not look to be.

I suppose if they were equal in strength the question is why did the original Megaman 'die' if it was not an upgrade? That and I guess if the original Megaman is taller and heavier but still slides the real question is who has the most health because original Megaman can floor swipe himself and the other to death if his health bar is higher and the bullets will just go over his head if they are at default powers. Gaming physics wise, maybe the original wins, but realistically I think we all know that the X is upgraded in every way. Well, unless X and Megaman are in two different planes of existence like the Megaman Zero games are. They are digitalized, a digital world. X could be in a different dimension where you can't stop time but Megaman can. Then there's 3d world, Megaman Legends, in that Megaman is not even a Robot so they're finally in the real world.

It's like asking if a tiger could beat a shark if so. They'd both die outside of their elements. Even if in the same world the viruses would kill original Megaman, there's that too, Ascended X would not fit into the older models as he became a replicant, human X there isn't even computers being programmed anymore as humans don't exist and all, etc. Incompatible. Megaman would probably not be able to teleport with non-matching teleport pads or something nor could X if there's no backwards compatibility….

I have no idea.

How about Mega-Marisa wins because she uses MAGIC and breaks the laws of physics blatantly?


>I suppose if they were equal in strength the question is why did the original Megaman 'die' if it was not an upgrade?
megaman is trapped in a timeloop where he is stolen from the future by dr wily and taken back to the past and destroyed by his past self because wily screws up his future selfs head chip or something

but I was thinking no matter what basically both megaman and X are pacifist, I dont think they would even be able to fight


What if given a moral dilemma? Wily has hostages and if one doesn't kill the other then he kills the humans?

Does Megaman become a maverick or kill himself?


in the day of sigma video I posted they basically show that exact situation. X is faced with killing another reploid to save other reploids/humans and it's shown multiple times that he basically freezes and doesnt know what to do so he ends up doing nothing, X is supposed to be really altruistic with the most advanced "distress circuit" and in pretty much every entry he always needs Zero to basically be his big brother and make hard decisions for him. In this scenario I think everyone would die unless zero comes out of the ceiling to save the day


Zero is more 'corrruptable' though of which is why he could do it. With how Wily could not make the 'best' robots (they fought for freedom rather than were the best fighters, arugably that makes them more human than us, and we are corruptable, so 'best') and with how people say with headcanon that Zero is a Wily bot reprogrammed then maybe Zero is Megaman original grown up and Protoman died? Proto means before, Zero as in deleted data, he even glitches out in X four and all and in Megaman Zero Zero is not even Zero of course due to the whole corruption thing. Jackal and Hyde/Hide thing.

It'd be cool to pretend that Megaman is Zero and X is the new one of whom Light didn't know how would turn out due to having to die and all so he calls it number ten because his original robot with Wily's Data/propaganda in him fucked up versions two through 9 until he died himself and Sigma later kicked 0's ass after Z ran around fucking shit up for ages as tech advanced and Sigma still nearly lost due to clearly Dr. Light's malware tech coming online with him screaming the way he did. Or cognitiive dissonance if not a malware thing.

Most would just think of him as protoman obviously and his name is 0 and that means before model one but that still makes him the previous Megaman logically so if X is at least third and 0 is not protoman then maybe zero is model three-9 at least if not Megaman himself remodeled and re-taught/reprogrammed.

But yes, he was in that capsul getting programmed for ages to keep from fucking up like original Megaman did, yeah? Indeed if it's about corruption/hacking then at the end of the day that means original Megaman would kill X if forced in the moral issue, and an enes game shows him nearly killing Wily for the greater good too doesn't it? I suck at the games but saw a video clip of Wily begging for his life and Megaman being tempted to kill Wily, or was that a youtube's joke? If not then Megaman's a big boy and was already corrutpd by Wily's violence and not anywhere nearly as whiney as lighter and faster and newer X is, of which, in the cartoon Light even says females are lighter and more agile so he's basically bitch mode to make sure he won't kill anyone/anymore. Megaman might have killed both Dr.Light and Dr. Wily for logically causing too much drama between the two of them, of which is what I would do or myself as a human that breaks laws for the greater good. AI Light makes X later, Wily virus makes Z be a thing. Sigma is basically immortal due to it, the virus, so even if whichever original Zero was in X or whatever era of the games he could be getting rebuilt by hacked factories by the dead guy anyway. and of course he's litterally two people ina a Megaman Zero game of course so yeah.

My overall point is that if Zero is 'more evil' then he's an older model Megaman and also Megaman rater than Megaman X would probbaly be likely to kill X to save people and also more likely to kill a human to save humans. Which model IS 0 though? Just copy of the original? Did he kill Megaman then then models two-9 until they upgraded physically to X? Is Protoman okay if not 0?


>>54962 (me)
*0 is a Dr. LIght bot reprogrammed rather

–then maybe 0 is Megaman orig etc etc


I think you got light and wily mixed up lol but both X and Zero were made independently, Light designed X with free thought to be a keeper of peace whereas Wily designed Zero to be a war machine with a virus embedded in him that causes robots to go maverick, the only reason Zero gains free thought is because sigma punches the crap out of him, but in turn that made sigma go maverick because it transferred the virus, so it makes sense that Zero is mechanically and mentally stronger than X.

and yeah basically X and Zero draw direct parallels to megaman and protoman, Zero's pony tail doing an obvious callback to protoman's scarf. The big difference is that protoman was Light's creation, the mysterious antihero to megaman, but Zero is made by Wily and in the X games X and Zero are basically very close best friends (listen to X5 song here, the japanese '愛している' is basically a romantic love confession between them)

alright and so in megaman 7 when megaman threatens to kill dr Wily that is just a english addition and not canon lol, megaman is programmed to not be able to harm humans, I was debating whether megaman would consider X or other reploids to be humans or not which would basically mean he could not even attempt to battle X

>Which model IS 0 though? Just copy of the original? Did he kill Megaman then then models two-9 until they upgraded physically to X? Is Protoman okay if not 0?

X and Zero are made independently and not related to eachother, people think that Zero killed the original megaman cast but if you played through the megaman world games on gameboy or read the comics I think you'd see that original megaman is stuck in a destructive time loop and protoman has a faulty core that destroys him one day

as for getting rebuilt like in the MMZ series well it's obvious that you cant just rebuild X, they show there basically every reploid has an elf soul that makes them unique, so we get things like Zero being able to still be Zero despite being in a copy body, and at that point his elf basically splits in two, the Zero we see as the good guy and Omega the virus made by Wily


I do suck too much to play through most of the games other than Megaman Zero and Megaman Legends (and battlenetwork not that I'm going to) but I did used to know about that core problem, I just forgot I guess. Also I've not slept in over a day and are ADHD more because of it.

The Megaman Zero games are so sad also… if elves can't just posses things after 'deletion'. Copies with data are fine if you ask me. Flaws? Ghosts in the machine? Copy-x was just doing what he always did, killing robots logically. He wasn't that bad. Them both dying is sad though. First X then Zero and my mind wanted to think that there's still copies of them anyway like some monster movie where "they always come back" rather than "sorry Megaman-Chan I've ran out of lives", of which, copies WOULD be lives one would think, though they make that a bad thing despite Zero being not in the right body? Contradictory if you ask me.

But yeah, you do know more than me about this thing.

I suppose taking exploding literally is a bad thing in regards to having lives of course.



Sorry to double post again but I didn't know about any temporal paradox either of all things. They always shoehorn that in in every likeable thing it seems like.


File: 1633094051409.jpg (1.24 MB, 1987x3056, 1987:3056, RCO017_1468861609.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I dont think the elves can be copied because in megaman zero or zx Wile has to scare reploids and then murder them so he can get new elves for omega, basically virus zero. The problem with copy X was he was made the king (well we learn later basically the puppet king to Wile) basically to reign over humanity and he was supposed to be fair but instead he just values humans over reploids and haplessly throws around maverick accusations and killing innocent reploids which is something X would never do.

So if you played zx or zx advent you can see with the biometals that Ciel created X and Zero still exist but just like how in Z1 Zero woke up without any memories but still being the same reploid it has been so long in universe that the biometal versions of the two cant even be reminded of who they once were. I think the problem with the lore here is that the X series was supposed to end at X5 but someone at capcom really liked megaman and wanted more games, so if you follow just X1-X5 then Zero1-4 then that is the entire X and Zero story pretty much where the writers wanted a definite ending so it is sad that they are gone but at the same time it leaves room for more.

Also there is technically still space in the timeline for a megaman X/Zero cyber elf wars series, see picture here from the comics, so it could not be RIP yet there hasnt been space filled yet to connect x5 and z1 yet

I think the people who made megaman world 2 which causes the paradox were like a B-team so maybe it isnt canon but its the only way I can see that megaman would just disappear without capcom specifying exactly how and I dont think they will because they already said that zero doesnt kill all the original crew so that theory is out the window


File: 1633108597424.gif (28.3 KB, 320x240, 4:3, shot04.gif) ImgOps iqdb

what do you do in this situation
seriously I cant beat it


Why does it look like Zero's chest…?

I don't know though as I'm the guy that sucks at Megaman games. I would first attack the green things though with various attacks and or try to shoot the center of it if it opens up. I suppose it's a hard boss? Does it chase you up the ceiling? Are you to fire at it while wall sliding but can't aim that well?

Or is this a Megaman fan inside joke like 'burn2theground!'?


it is a miniboss that goes around in circles shooting projectiles at you while you have to shoot the green orbs each one until they explode and you have to fight it five times in a row while it moves back and forth in various situations. I managed to get through it once I realized that there is no trick or anything to it, you just have to tediously shoot at the orbs every time it rounds a corner. I think the whole stage took me like 20 mins and then the boss was like a 1 min fight

idk if it's a joke but it is ridiculous, every time you think you finished it it just shows up again, I think I put the game down 3 times and told myself Im never gonna play it again because of that thing


That guy is hilarious it seems. I thought x7 is when it burned to the ground but I guess 6 is when it did.

>the way he said lava

Anyway, it coming up through the floor like that pisses me off myself. It's breaking 2d imaginary physics and the thing looks dumb too while being silly-long. And the lava goes UP? I'd not beat it either.

>another one after that

>he said doughnut again
He's funny.

>the final boss's bullshit at the end

I hope they give you extra tanks.


>uses playthrough of speedrunners as a tutorial of how to beat a level
Why not stick to watching others play games if you're going to handhold yourself like this and cheat every time things get a bit difficult?
You're letting others play it for you when you watch them how to beat a stage. Use your brain.


this. games are a lot more fun when you go in blind and try to figure them out.


>I hope they give you extra tanks
the game has infinite respawns so it doesnt matter too much, if you die you just get to go at the boss until you win or get too tired, this trend started in x4 and I dont know if I like it, seems like a work around for poor game design and doesnt encourage mastery

>I thought x7 is when it burned to the ground

I haven't ever played x6-x8 actually, I never had them as a kid, supposedly it gets better after x6 but I want to beat it before I move on

the guy in the video makes the game sound horrible, but I'm starting to like it, there is just a steep learning curve when you come in first time

I never use guides for the games but x6 was the exception, there are so many new mechanics that arent explained anywhere, and by missing certain things that you can only get through random chance you will not be able to progress through later levels. You can actually get to some areas in this game, not have the required parts equipped, and you will just be stuck there and have to either kill yourself over and over until you get a gameover or you just need to restart the game so you can reload your save. I assume most of this stuff would have been explained in the game manual from the box, but I dont have one.
>>uses playthrough of speedrunners as a tutorial of how to beat a level
it was the first thing on youtube when I searched for it, well not the first but the other video the guy was using cheatcode armor, it just confirmed to me that there is no trick, it's just a really long boring stretch of shooting at some annoying bullet sponge, it is made a lot easier with certain boss weapons though

Anyway I've probably put like 12~ hours into x6 at this point and I'm almost finished but I think I definitely need to play through it again to get the full experience


> I'm almost finished but I think I definitely need to play through it again to get the full experience

The experience of having already cheated by watching how other people beat the game. Do you even like videogames or do you play only to tell others that you play videogames?


I watched that one miniboss fight that I spent hours trying to do myself idk whats the problem, it's no different from reading those gaming magazines or watching stuff like g4 on tv that were popular at the time which would give you cheat codes and guides on everything
>Do you even like videogames or do you play only to tell others that you play videogames?
You have to understand I was at the point of nearly dropping this game entirely because of this one section, something I've never done for any other megaman game, it's one of those things you go at for like 20 times, rage quit, come back and hour later for 20 more times, rage quit, repeat. Usually bosses in megaman titles have a trick or something that you need to find out in order to take care of them, I kept trying to find this trick with no luck, and to my surprise there was no trick after all, it was literally right in front of me the whole time, just shoot the green orbs, that's it.

The one thing that I found out that did help was completing the blade armor before going at this boss seriously. The only part of the blade armor I had no idea how to find and had to look up was the head piece, turns out you have to play through a certain stage multiple times because the capsule spawns at complete random which is the stupidest collectible in any X game so far


>I watched that one miniboss fight that I spent hours trying to do myself
You even have to cheat on small things like a miniboss fight. Lame, low IQ and a cheater who can't beat simple sections of a game by himself. Where's the sense of achievement in cheating? You never finished a game by your own means but with the help of others.


I don't know why you are so intent on attacking me, getting a small tip for something in a game isn't cheating in the slightest


>getting a small tip for something in a game isn't cheating in the slightest
It's not small by any means because you wouldn't be able to finish the game without it.
Watching how to beat a stage is cheating and that's exactly what you did. You watched another person solve a puzzle or task you couldn't do and now lie to yourself and say that you did it and it's not "cheating" when you copied another person's solution for a problem you face in the game.

>The only part of the blade armor I had no idea how to find and had to look up was the head piece

More cheating. Why do you even play videogames? You cheat and lie to yourself and talk about your progress when you cheat to advance in games. Where is your sense of achievement?
> it was literally right in front of me the whole time, just shoot the green orbs, that's it.
Yes and you couldn't do it by yourself, you copied someone's answer. Basically, your whole progress is thanks to cheating. Just quit playing videogames.


x6 was rushed out the door as a cash grab for christmas, it is unpolished low quality crap that clearly had no playtesting and is widely considered the worst megaman game ever created, yes you actually need a guide to get some of the stuff in this game because no reasonable person would consider the things you need to do to find some of the upgrades in this game (invisible walls, leaps of faith, randomness, the usual cheese) or some of the specific things you need equipped to beat certain bosses. I would tell you to go play it yourself but you are probably trolling. One of the key things in every other megaman game is being able to beat the games without any upgrades at all, but in this game you actually can't even progress through the sigma stages without having specific things unlocked and equipped. I think it is just unacceptable to have required items hidden away as if they are meant to be secret unlocks, it's just ridiculous. Stuff like the secret ultimate armor, hadoken, or shoryuken in the first 3 games being hidden behind invisible walls in weird places is fine because they are truly secrets, but if something is required to complete the game it shouldnt be hidden in an obscure place.


>you actually need a guide
The ultimate cope of a cheater who can't put enough time and dedication in a game but likes to talk about his fake progress.
Imagine playing Megaman and not being able to figure out what to do here and needing a guide for this: >>54991 You have the health bar clearly indicating that you must destroy it to advance but you need to watch a guide for that. For you it's impossible without a guide. It's like you never played megaman in your life or you have the IQ of a sub-Saharan african.
Smh zoomers can't even use their heads, they need everything handed out to them and make up excuses for everything.


I could do it I just thought there must be some trick I was missing because it was boringly slow to kill, all the guide did was confirm to me that there is no trick and I do have to stand around waiting for the thing to round a corner so I can shoot it a couple times, it is just the simple disbelief that there is a boss in a game series that I like which is utterly devoid of any strategy


Please stop using cope this way.
Stop assuming things. I am not enough of a fan so he had to show me what he was experiencing.


>I could do it I just thought there must be some trick I was missing
>what do you do in this situation seriously I cant beat it

So which is it?
> it was boringly slow to kill, all the guide did was confirm to me that there is no trick and I do have to stand around waiting for the thing to round a corner
Why do you even play videogames if you don't like them? Do something else with your time if something is boring to you. You basically confirmed what I thought, you check a guide and watch speedrunners for shortcuts because you want to finish the game as fast as you possibly can even on your first run. No sense of achievement, zero effort on your part since you stop to watch others, and come here to posture that you play videogames but all you do is cheat by seeing how others beat the game.


File: 1633222177175.gif (948.3 KB, 320x285, 64:57, tumblr_inline_p7g1b4o9Hz1r….gif) ImgOps iqdb

I dunno whats got you so butthurt lol, you sound jealous or something or you have a personal vendetta against people discussing megaman because you couldnt beat any of the games


I think you are obsessed is what I think.


File: 1633231656162.jpg (219.57 KB, 1427x1063, 1427:1063, cheats.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

anyway I finished x6 and it was underwhelming, but some reason my memories are telling me it was pretty good, the last boss fight is sorta hilarious/a joke, sigma comes out of nowhere, he's shambling around and yelling like some drunk dude and he dies in a few hits really easy, then he turns into a ridiculous giant terminator head which you just hit a few times to kill while he's yelling like some angry drunk guy about hows he's totally gonna get X, like it turned from a pretty serious game to saturday morning cartoon tier, something you'd see in the classic series megaman with Wily. I'll probably replay it some time later just cause of that lol, also the shadow armor that's in this game is awesome, I managed to cheese it into a boss fight I dont think I was supposed to have it in by stacking jump parts and I shredded the boss no problem

anyways it gave me these cheat codes at the end, I put them in and they made a noise but I dont know what they changed, I'll probably look later


I am thinking maybe you should try x7/x8, really odd feeling 3d takes on action platforming


I can't emulate nor buy them and I know that it died at 7 so no thanks.

I might even like the terrible x7 for all I know but I don't like playing things out of order and can't do it anyway as I just previously 'stated', so yeah…..


> I finished x6
You didn't, you cheated your way through the game checking for answers on easy things like this >>54991 that anyone who plays megaman knows how to beat.
Talk about Megaman when you stop handholding yourself watching playthroughs and finding shortcuts on the internet by speedrunners. Why do you play videogames if you're just going to cheat? So far this whole thread is just you attentionwhoring about a game you can't beat by yourself.


if you've played megaman games a lot you sort of find shortcuts/cheese on your own, in x6 there was some reploid on the other side of spikes that is impossible to get unless you had the shadow armor on, luckily I had the raining meteor nightmare effect on, it was disabled in the area but I quickly left, waited for a meteor to spawn from the top of the screen in the the right place and ran as quick as possible to where it was(landing near the spikes), I quickly hit the meteor for invuln frames so I could run across the spikes for a few seconds then air dashed at the last second to grab the reploid, you can do a similar thing in wheel gators stage in x2, invuln frames to hop up some spike and grab a heart tank you're supposed to use a weapon or something for, actually I dont even know how you are inteded to get that heart tank cause I always just bait a mechaniloid to shoot me so I can hop up the spikes


This is just a covert megaman blogpost thread where you tell us how you suck at games like in this example >>54991 because you have a zoomer attention span and a subsaharan african IQ and no love for gaming.
It'd be nice if you actually liked games and we could read a game journal, but you're just a cheater who wants attention and uses this thread for that.

You accomplished nothing because you have no sense of achievement, just watch others playthroughs and then repeat what you watched. 2021 "gamers"


>This is just a covert megaman blogpost thread
I didnt even make this thread I just assumed people in here would want to talk about megaman, but it seems like there are too many trolls who have some sort of chip on their shoulder regarding the series, but it's not my problem


MMX has a special place in my heart because it taught me how to overcome my shortcomings. I know that sounds REALLY fucking cheesy, but I guess let me explain.

When I first played it, I was probably 5 yo or something. So, my reflexes were shit, and my gaming intuition was shit, too. I eventually realized I couldn't rely on reflexes and reaction time to get through bosses and stages. So, I'd get creative and slowly but surely break through things. I mean, the classic thing is to slowly learn the rock/paper/scissors dynamics against the bosses and getting powerups and using them to tank through difficult sections, but there were other things too. E.g., I'd end up using Chill Penguin's ice shot to use the ricochet to shoot enemies above myself in Kuwanger's tower. Against Bit (or was it Byte?) in MMX3 I had difficulty keeping up with his fast paced movement, so I'd use the slow moving ice missiles like land mines so that I could focus on dodging and didn't really even have to aim to hit him because he'd end up running into the projectiles himself. I'd invent those kind of weird strategies that taught me the bigger lesson that often in life you can overcome your shortcomings using other skills in your skillset.


The first time I played the game I was probably around 5 too, but had x4 and x5 for the ps1, I think I was too stupid to even realize that patterns exist, I remember the whole game feeling magical, and then while playing x5 if you dont finish in 15 retries you get put into a nightmare stage, I couldnt even read so I thought zero would randomly possess my console which further made me think the game was super cool


I noticed that megaman X games kind of give you an imaginary sense of getting better at the game. The thing is the first time you go at a boss you might not have any life upgrades or armor parts and you'll get destroyed just by messing up a bit, but then after you get upgraded a bit and go for the same boss you feel like you got 'better' at the boss, when really you just have 2x as much hp and damage reducing armor. This is where the classic games are a lot more consistent


i havent finished any megaman game, gave a try on megaman2 but it was hard to the point where i didnt enjoy it. hwre do i start with the series?


If you want an easier time with classic megaman start with megaman 6, but also you can get into megaman X with X4 which I think is the easiest entry and the X games are probably the most fun because they are made more complex for teens instead of classic megaman being made for <10s


Mega Man 2 on normal is the easiest Mega Man game.


it is totally not the easiest, megaman 5 or 6 or 8 is probably the easiest, megaman 2 is very rough and unforgiving unless you know exactly what you're doing


File: 1641426896943.png (417.38 KB, 616x353, 616:353, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

is anyone interested in playing this (or 20xx) in co-op mode? it's basically megaman, we can do endless levels and stuff depending on how familiar/skilled you are with X games


Since I only played 5 and 6 once each and haven't played 8 because I can't stand the awful voice acting I won't argue with you. But even if it's not the easiest, it's easy as hell on normal, even if you fight the bosses with the normal weapon.


>haven't played 8
it's literally the best entry in the series, play with japanese sounds (same for x4), both were legendary releases and 8 has the most unique level design of any megaman game, you should play it it's awesome, probably my favorite title on the ps1


I hate ps1 emulation but might give it a try tomorrow


File: 1641577623833.png (89.68 KB, 1002x774, 167:129, Untitled.png) ImgOps iqdb

Just beat it, downloaded an undubbed ISO, don't if it's official or modded but thank god it exists. I gotta thank you because I wouldn't have played if you hadn't told me and it was really good, loved the sprite work and the level design. That being said, I still don't think it's easier than MM2, especially not the last stretch, and that skateboard sequence in particular. It's not a particularly hard game, although it took me quite a few tries at some points, but to me 2 on normal difficulty remains the easiest.
I would still recommend this one as a point of entry to the series, it looks and plays really well.


what's wrong with ps1 emulation? i use the duckstation core on retroarch and it works fine


Best way to play PS1 is with a PSP, if both analogue sticks aren't needed. Especially if it's not a PSP iso running off PSP's hardware interpreter but rather a full box released version of a PS1 game on the PSP so that the ugly jittering and dithering of the PS1 is prigrammed out


I don't know it never feels right to me. I use epsxe


megaman 8 is spritework so I dont think it has jittering or dithering

If you liked megaman 8 try megaman and bass for the snes, it is basically the same graphics as mm8 but on the snes which is pretty crazy, it's japanese release only but you can apply an english translation patch to it, it was designed with diehard fans of megaman that couldnt afford a ps1


I think I know what you're talking about, use mednafen, every other emulator is garbage, it was the only emulator that played castlevania SotN properly for me, which is another 2d game


I'm ashamed to say this but I downloaded mednafen once and couldn't get it to work, I use this one mainly because it's just "File->Load ISO" and it works. Gonna try mednafen again later


>megaman and bass
Nice, will try it out.
Speaking of Mega Man, are the newer games any good? The ones for Wii that look like NES games and 11 I think, that looks modern.


megaman 9 is good
megaman 10 kinda sucks and goes way too overboard with the difficulty (it feels like a fan game)
megaman 11 is really really good, I played through it like at least 10 times


>megaman 10 kinda sucks and goes way too overboard with the difficulty (it feels like a fan game)
God I hate that kind of bullshit, gonna pirate 11 and maybe get it if I enjoy it


File: 1648648794692.jpg (279.7 KB, 764x1366, 382:683, 89971751_p0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I will start off to say, megaman has never ever been a game about succubi, always a game about robots and fighting, all starting on the premise of a boy and his dog… now in x8? Layer? Pallette?? Come on capcom, these sort of characters don't belong in any megaman game! I mean it is not even innocent, there is stupid tension between specific female characters and X/Zero that is annoying when I just wanna play the game and have fun

So you maybe asking "what about Alia?", well she is a prime example of an operator done right, she fits the theme, she doesn't have some stupid boob crop top, she's not a little succubus, she fits right next to X and Zero as a professional and it makes sense.

Now this is a little off topic but this kinda stuff really goes off the rails with the megaman zero series with Ciel… the only solace in that is Zero was pretty much immune to her advances, but still it was unneeded

now an addendum, I just think megaman really does not need suggestive crap like this, and I really blame Keiji Inafune for trying to bring this sort of fan service into the series(look at the gunvolt series…yeah), so I am glad he is gone, maybe if we ever get an x9 we won't need to deal with shoehorned pseudo-romance



Yes that scene is really really stupid, and another shoehorned in female, we know absolutely nothing about Iris, she’s just in game literally two times solely as a shallow plot device for the repliforce shenanigans, there really shouldn’t be love interests and what-not in the megaman series, this is an action game about robots, go read hentai if you want something else



What do you think a megaman game would be like where X goes maverick and Zero is the main character? I mean like real X, no copy or anything, maybe a spinoff of x5 where X gets the sigma virus which might make sense if you've played through as Zero before


Ive never played a fucking Mega Man game before (really) what's the best game to play?


Are you into a more classic platformer or something more advanced? It's important to know what series I should recommend


Can't go wrong with MM 2 or MMX


I'm going to have to jump in here, I'd recommend megaman 6 or megaman x2, mm2 is really rough and there are crappy bosses, mmx is unrefined and doesnt have any interesting bosses


Trying to get the different endings and secrets

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