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I believe there used to be a thread for this but I cant find it, apologies if there is one.
Any wizzies interested in game dev?
Discuss tools, post progress, etc


File: 1628827963027.webm (2.62 MB, 1249x697, 1249:697, output.webm) ImgOps iqdb

working on my first game right now.
ive tried a couple times in the past and got usually burn out before anything interesting happens.


im making the neon genesis of pixel indies



c64 assembly coding

not making anything original, just recreating pac-man to get a sense of things

all i have to do is code the ghost ai and program in the sound and music which i think is pretty copy-paste


I'd like to learn Lua to make games for years but have not learned anything at all yet.


>"video game related hobbies go in /games/

It says that yet you say this and someone has that Unity gamedev thread up. Really makes me think…


What can you even make as a single person juggling art, programming and design? Just another indie pixel platformer metroidvania RPG that deconstructs the genre, injects wacky internet humor, woke LGBTQ+ characters and uses a limited color palette of the ZXSpectrum.


File: 1633032541036.jpeg (134.26 KB, 627x477, 209:159, 80839BA8-15B2-441E-BEEB-D….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

still trying to start a culture/political war on the board I see but no one takes the bait


File: 1633038369172.png (212.23 KB, 3703x320, 3703:320, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

i just used this site for the music.
and im using royalty free sprite artwork you can buy for the scenery, as well as commissioning my own custom artwork for more important personal things like character portraits or worldbuilding pieces too niche to be in a royalty free pack.
i may also commission someone who knows coding better than i can ever learn to make my HUD look nice.

So that just leaves me with writing the scenario, balancing battles, and designing dungeons and puzzles.

if you're a neet then i guess you're just fucked since you won't be able to afford to delegate any of this.
honestly looks is the most important part of a game to people, so if you're planning on using amateur level Blender models, then i hope you don't expect anyone except yourself to enjoy it. people will instantly die of cringe and won't care about your gameplay.


File: 1633038717348.png (296.01 KB, 960x540, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>honestly looks is the most important part of a game to people,
let me expound on this.
there's a big difference between simple/minimalist art that leaves things up to the imagination, and a plain outright ugly game.
if your attempts at Blender look like pic related, i think you need to pack your bags and start making an Atari 2600-esque game, or none at all.


So, uh, which one of your mortal enemies do you think I am? Dojomutt, the Alaskan or your mom's black ex-boyfriend?

Right, even pixel art / low poly stuff can look quite visually impressive if one is talented enough to pull of a consistent, clean style. The problem is that it still requires talent, maybe even more so since every pixel becomes vital. Consider a game like BaBa Is You which has a very minimalistic art style, but just the mere addition of that wiggle animation gives it some kind of umph and brings it to life. It takes years of tinkering to develop that kind of intuition and make a 16x16 sprite stand out.


You took it and then got people saging on top of it despite my point up there about it not being against the rules to have it here, technically.

t. not op

>"as a neet you're fucked"
As a neet with a laptop/netbook with opengl 1.4 that hurts my me deep down where I live.

>*plays around with love2d v0.9.2 while being too stupid to know what is doing while aware that there is not backwards compatibility and androids that would possibly 'play' the game have v0.10+*

>also love2d can't do raycasting engines and such if not 0.11ish probably due to lack of features in older version(s)

Sorry if my format pisses you off but there's too many imageboards and none with traffic enough to keep me on one style.

I've never heard of free music to use on video games. I suppose I'll have to check that out some day if I ever learn to use Lua at all and get a new computer.


1.7 was the peak of minecraft versions


is it true that wageslaving as a game dev is one of the worst jobs as a programmer out there? that seems to be the take when i talk to people.


It isn't the worse, as most are well compensated and crunch isn't universal in the industry, but it is probably the most stressful.


In general, yes, you have to be passionate about games cuz it's fairly demanding in terms of skills and work hours. Overtime crunching used to be the norm in the months before release, but they toned down that kind of slave driving recently due to optics. Going the indie route is even more difficult considering you still work your ass off except you might not even get anything for your troubles if the game fails or if you give up on it.

Not sure about compensation, but I think most game devs are underpaid compared to stuff like web development.


I can do programming, 3d modelling, 2d art, animation if anyone has any cool ideas.


Mario Party clone but with very customizable simple characters, like Miis. There are no good MP-like games for the PC. It would be like fall guys wher like 500k ppl buy it then immediately stop playing after 2 months, so you don't have to worry about long term support.


File: 1637309941746.jpg (9.94 KB, 259x194, 259:194, searx.be.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've been interested in making something like miis, any design ideas? Think I'd go inbetween miis and xbox avatars. I'd probably need to look at lots of faces to design it.


you can look at animal crossing avatars as well, they have a similar generation style


I want to make a 3D platformer. If I use Unity, I will have to upgrade my license if make too much money (unlikely). If I use Godot, I will have to pay somebody to port to console and the only such service I am aware of is for Switch only and they take 30% of profits. Unreal charges modest royalties which would be superior to Unity in the worst case which would be
1) selling one successful game (>$100k profits)
2) being forced to pay $1000 per month after upgrading the license
3) all subsequent games made by me having lackluster sales and making zero profits because I have to pay Unity

I think I might have to go with Unreal unironically even though I will likely utilize a fraction of its features because I lack an RTX card and won't buy one just for the sake of making games that will probably sell mere tens of copies.


>I want to make a 3D platformer.
Me too. What games inspired you to do it? I particularly want to for that Goemon's Great Adventure and Kirby type of game. Comfy, easy and cute.


>I think I might have to go with Unreal unironically even though I will likely utilize a fraction of its features
If you hop on the UE5 bandwagon you can get your project some notoriety early on. UE5 with its "infinite polygon" technology makes it a real good performer when you scrape away the fat. Instead of bogging down the shader and VRAM with image materials you can just carve detail directly in to static meshes and then apply proceural shaders per-vertex with no substantial performance impact. EU4 assets can be quickly made compatible with UE5 but not vice-versa for all.


here is a comparison of unity vs unreal

free - $0/yr for <100k annual profit previous year
plus - $400/yr for 100-200k profit previous year
pro - $1800/yr for >200k profit previous year

standard - $0 for <$1M total profit, everything afterward has a 5% royalty

it's hard to directly compare them because unity is royalty free with an annual subscription based off the previous year's profit, and unreal uses total profit with a royalty. for most people, they will never make more than $1M, so of course unreal will be completely free, but these amounts really are nothing when you're making that much money. the biggest loss comes from the fees that steam charges, like 35%. epic games has a much better 5% fee but isnt as popular yet


>What games inspired you to do it?
Fond memories of playing Spyro, Jak and Daxter and even Croc. I might do something else first like a shmup or a monkey ball clone or something just to experiment with 3d. A monkey ball clone would be ideal for figuring out analog controls/camera controls and could be finished fairly quickly. The levels are just made up of textured boxes and you don't really need to have any animations. It's all physics-based.
>biggest loss comes from the fees that steam charges, like 35%. epic games has a much better 5% fee but isnt as popular yet
I didn't know that about Epic. itch.io might even be free to use but it isn't exactly synonymous with quality or well known. Most popular itch-related YouTube videos are about downloading utterly broken games and malware from the site.


you can pay whatever you want to itch.io, even nothing. but itch is mostly for indie developers and is pretty well known for that. successful devs on there become successful mostly by making tons of simple games, quality over quantity. for your first game it's probably the best site to sell on


*quanity > quality

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