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File: 1629590670310.png (1.62 MB, 1275x861, 425:287, genshinimpact.png) ImgOps iqdb


Is anyone playing this game? It is free so I started playing it a few days ago and I thought it was stupid, but I kept playing it anyway because my brain told me to and now I think it's pretty enjoyable.

If you haven't played and want a description from me, here it is:

Genshin is like the original Guild Wars with it's mostly single player explorable world, except this game doesn't have multiplayer city hubs, instead there is just a list of players and friends and you can hop in to their world and play with up to 3 other people.

It is visually pleasing, it has a gacha system for unlocking new characters and I guess if you want you could also spend thousands of dollars to get the best gear possible

The quests are alright, there are quests that tell you where to go exactly, quests that tell you the general area to go, and some quests that give you a clue to solve by yourself.

There are life skills in game like mining, cooking, alchemy, forging, and housing.

The combat is a little clunky if you are just playing by yourself but I think it would be fun if you had a full party because it's based on elemental interactions and some characters need to aim which is hard when monsters are running at you.

Ok so that's all I know so far, does anyone want to play? Or maybe there is a jaded veteran here that can tell everyone why it's bad? Well, either or.


i played it for 3 months when it first came out, it was nice and fun. i did all the content however and was just waiting for the new electric continent, and it never came so i ended up quitting

i didn't spend a dime on it and easily put in 600-700 hours. for that alone i would recommend it, and since it has had 9 months of content since i last played it's probably an even better deal


I thought it has a fairly good reward feedback loop to keep you engaged and the world is pretty. Music is great and the characters are cute too. But I was already burnt out on grind heavy gacha games by the time it came out so I didn't bother with it. Had it been my first few gacha games I would have been addicted.

I also found this 1 hour 40 minutes Genshin review recently that is more of critique of Gacha games in general than Genshin in particular. He took a long time to say his points which is not that substantive but he kind of has a comfy presentation. My main takeaway is that the allure of Genshin is escapism in an idyllic world. It's sort of like an elder scroll games that way. It doesn't have a deep gameplay but it really is a beautiful world that feels good to wander around in.


Have you guys played in a party before? do you think it would be fun with 3 other wizzies running around? My biggest issue is I think it would require voice chat for any proper coordination but I don't like voice chat and I don't think most people here do either

and I mean it is a very casual game so I don't mean voice chat as in hardcore coordination but to make sure everyone is on the same page instead of running around willy nilly


File: 1629653704067.jpg (1.06 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1629632763159.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't play Genshin anymore and I prefer to stay away from multiplayer games. Sorry.


Why don't you like multiplayer games? I don't like competitive stuff but casual and slow RPG progression stuff makes me feel good


i tried this but didn't like the story and i don't like the artstyle and im too old to get suckered into lootbox and random rewards grinding, maybe if this came out 10 years ago i would have a similar outlook to those willing to play


some of the events i grinded out by turning on matchmaking, like to clear meteors from the december event. also grinding daily dungeons. aside from that i dont see a point. you dont share progress so if player 2 plays in player 1's world all the time his game will never progress and he will be behind. multiplayer servers were also absolute dogshit back when i played so it wasnt even fun. i thought the multiplayer aspects were rushed, underdeveloped, and poorly thought out in an attempt to make it more social and appeal to a wider crowd


I don't know how it is now but I've been reading that co-op is being improved, I am still a noob at the game so I dont really know what events or daily dungeons are yet though


I think I just finished the mondstadt main questline? I actually really like the story, and the world is beautiful. I just wish I could get better characters from the gacha shop, so far I've got 5 just from all the quests rewards and only 1 of them I actually like.


It is made in China. Not touching it because of that


what's wrong with china?


made by slave labour


Is there proof of that? I've been enjoying walking through the fields and valleys, looking at the scenery and views, talking to random npcs about their lives. It feels like there was a lot of pretty details put in to the game, I can't imagine slaves making something so heartfelt and fun


It's a meme phrase by now but I have social anxiety. Even imageboard conversation gets too much for me sometime, I can't handle real time interaction tied to a username.

They're the new Cold war enemy. Discussion of China is quickly becoming as bad as discussion about race and other politically sensitive topics. I probably should stop talking right now before the thread get derailed.


sent you a friend request but you dismissed it


File: 1629686572650.jpeg (60.23 KB, 717x477, 239:159, EB27C415-8323-401F-B541-4….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

> politically sensitive topics
/games/ - Video Games


nooo, I got two requests I accepted both, you had some girly name right?

I have social anxiety as well so I try to stick with playing only with other wizards and I think it helps


I’ll post my friend id so people can add me tomorrow because I’m going to bed now


this is my friend id, I got wandlore and iris as friends right now idk which ones of you it is but if youre playing you can add me


it's like installing pirated games from some shady russian site


meh, I don't live in china so what does it matter


> I don't live in china
you will soon if people keep supporting their industries


You are supporting eating bugs and having a "social credit score" i'd rather die than live the chink way. Or how about all those liveleak videos with people dying on the streets and the chinks dont even stop to help. Them people are batshit fucking crazy


why does it have to be political, it's just a fun game


ironic.. mommy raised you on nothing but pig anus and chitlins
I will export all my stuff from china and there is nothing you can do about it
cool I'll fresh install after I'm done pirating steam games


so are you gonna play with us wizzie? would be nice to get another friend


File: 1629760533697.png (1.54 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, wiz.png) ImgOps iqdb

still level 9 :/ please don't go there without me man, reminds me of heidi of the alps lol


oh sorry, I missed your post, I went up there it is a really tough place, really stressful compared to the other game, there is some puzzle I haven't solved yet and I dont know how to melt most of the ice so I'm probably just gonna leave it be for now, just farming now trying to roll for a new character, apparently I got lucky with my free gacha rolls and got a good premium-tier party I could use but I don't like the characters so I'm still gonna keep rolling for diluc


File: 1631315394015.jpg (40.58 KB, 450x272, 225:136, aaa.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Any wiz-frens who are still playing?


really hate that snowy mountain area. complete opposite of the rest of the game where you aren't rushed or stressed out in any way. kills my motivation to explore it, but i know i need to go there at least once to unlock the tower.

i play every day, i'm almost adventurer rank 25. but i'm somewhat getting fatigued with the endless cycle of "kill 5 enemies -> unlock chest", especially now that i've realized you can't really get anything good. even with a precious chest, it's like "oh wow, another 3-star artifact that goes on the pile with the rest of them".


Oh definitely. It's rare for chests to give something that's of any particular use, the main two things that you get out of them are some additional primogems and fodder for item/weapon upgrades. They can occasionally give you an okayish 4-star item, but it's better to just farm artifact domains for that.
And wanna play coop, wizzie? Getting a bit bored of just doing dailies and farming materials. I'm AR 52 so can help you out with some bosses or exploration~


I'm still playing. AR 56, but pretty nooby, can barely win the spiral abyss and I've never hit 36 stars before despite having good characters


crap internet ruins any game that requires internet connection, been thinking of trying immortals fenyx rising. who here has played it? might rid me of my genshin thirst


>casual exploration game when you've just started
>challenging combat at world level 2
>get stunlocked-killed from full health by elite creeps at world level 3
>strengthening your character requires running all over the world to grind
I know you can lower the world level but fuck Mihoyo and fuck gacha. The worst thing about gacha isn't even the gambling shit but this garbage do the same thing for 20 times until it drops one out of 10 items your characters need to increase level cap then good job, now grind for exp items, skill level up items, weapon items and all the other garbage so you can beat our artifically difficult bosses that manipulates your frustations to pour time and money to our game.

Beautiful world though. No Andrew I won't play with you.


File: 1634478617652.jpg (39.97 KB, 388x471, 388:471, 1632743078365.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

After coming to terms with the shit game design choices I am ragequitting this game again. Was fighting a Primo Geovishap when it gets too far from its spawn area and resets, basically going back to its spawn point and going back to full health. This is a boss that has a special cave arena built for him. Why the fuck would you make the resets zone smaller than the arena? This is a difficult boss too with shitty attack designs that has long range and practically no iframes. I wasted a lot of recovery food getting it down to half health (I suck) and it just fucking resets? Plenty of other bugs and QOL problems that could be easily solved but didn't for some reasons. Fucking pajeet tier codemonkeys. The game design choices and PR teams are abysmal but the programmer teams are underrated in their incompetence. Holy shit, please someone mildly competent make a Genshin clone already.


I hate how easily genshin could improve. I'm only collecting primogems, in the hopes it'll one day be a game worth playing


>It is free
It's not free when you pay with your privacy.

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