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>tfw i didn't get a ps3 until december 2011

who else here missed out or was late to the party


I only bought a PS3 for myself in 2017 Anon.


What party?


Mainstream relevancy party


I've never owner any console in my entire life. I am almost 29

since you're asking. Now I don't even plan to. 120+ fps is where it's at.


bitch i bought a ps3 in october 2020


i only got one around 2014 anon


where did you even find one? what about games? rip dualshock 3 I wanna to play diablo 3 and cod 3


why so late? didn't have any interest in gaming before or are you brazillian


why so late?


Second-hand market (eBay), games also from there, 5$ tops.
I just wanted to beat MGS4 and some other "must plays" like TLOU, RDR.
>why so late
First time I could afford it because I went to work. Ever since my younger brother was born, I was only getting necessities from my parents, no allowance.


I stopped at Playstation 2. I got a 360 when it came out. That was about it. I understand people like anime games, but it's just not for me. Most of Playstation's vast library is due to the massive amounts of random Japanese rpg's that seem pretty cut and paste.


I stopped at PS3 for the same reason, none of the Western exclusive seem particularly interesting either especially the superhero stuff.


File: 1632990974804.jpg (127.96 KB, 800x1500, 8:15, 1508901499249.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm an eternal USA neet so I've never had

>an n64 of my own when it was new

>a wii ever
>a wii u ever
>a switch ever
>a sega dreamcast/saturn ever
>3ds but did a 2ds for the zelda game and to play golden sun 3
>ps3/ps4 ever
>computer capable of beyond opengl 2.x so no dolphin emulation either, ever
>didn't even get own gamecube with precious little games until 2009ish
>are 32 years old
>didn't have Internet access until 18 either nor computer
>first computer in 2007ish was win98
>never played pc games hardly at all unless it's cavestory (made in 2003 but played for the first time in 2012 on a rather heavy winxp laptop)
>are deciding to play Morrowind, first real pc game that's also famous to be played this very year
>never played any dos games
>have a pi zero but not a pi 1, 2, nor 3 of any kind yet despite following them online
>didn't have money to get them as parent's only bought me a computer if one died and would always go wisely for the used windows laptop/netbook so could go find wifi and have the best experience possible
>most years of life never had house Internet paid in home to be beamed/wired into room including now
>we rent it from the library as a hotspot
>never had an ipod but knew about them
>wanted a gp2x back in 2007ish but never had one (have a pocketgo v1 now though but wish could have afforded a v2 or similar device)
>might get a similar device, opengingux one, and or a pi 3b+ or an orange pi zero soon this x-mass now that I'm done with building a go-bag and losing weight

So many tightasses. They make min wage too and are on checks and even saved up money. Like 30k despite it all. For what? They'll blow it on some rv some day they say so the three of us can live very comfortably indeed in some tiny RV that these incompetents will have to fix up themselves for once rather than sitting in an apt calling people to fix things for free their entire lives.

I did have SOME video games but I am always lagging with many things in regards to technology as a neet with tight assed people in charge around me that are born of conservative ethics. For example even when I had a gbc in 2002ish, maybe it was around that time, I was only allowed to play it two hours per day then be bored all day and told to go outside. I have hypertension anyway and health problems but huzzah for also being disturbed on top of it.

I'm looking forward to the FF games on the ps3 though, heard they were good, or at least one was very pretty.

Not that wiz but people are neet in the USA and surrounded by people okay with entertaining themselves with news drama and yelling at one another and nothing else but cooking and cleaning and violence. It's good for you after all. Sitting is the new smoking. *dies of cardiovascular related problems and or a foot problem from walking too far into the woods to get away from normalfaggots and then dying of dehydration waiting for foot to heal*

I'm not even diabetic nor obese but my right foot keeps fucking up ever since I tripped years ago.



Born in 1998. Got my first laptop in may 2011, destroyed it by pouring liquid on top of the keyboard. Got a replacement in may 2012.
Still using that laptop, it has seen better days bluescreeing when running some games it had no problems a few years prior, blue screen when tilting/moving it - old solder connections but still works for youtube, new vegas, 3d era GTAs and rimworld.

Is getting a ps3 late a bad thing? I thought ps3 games were cheap (since it's retro but not TOO retro to be a collector thing) and there's loads of classics and overlooked gems to chose from.


if you get a ps3 forget even playing online with people because it was a hackfest even 9 years ago with games like cod.


>even wanting to play online games with 'your friends'
>wantintg to play normalfag of duty


what's wrong with cod? every other fps is filled with milsimbros or a class that ruins the whole game like the spy or a pro jet players that spawn trap, cod is pure 2000s perks/gadget fun


COD is an arcade shooter I could write an essay on why the mechanics are god awful and not conductive to rewarding skilled players but I don't need to because it is COD.
Jumping on COD and playing some games was a blast when a lot of us were younger.
>>wantintg to play normalfag of duty
Wanting to use a "normalfag" casual game system to begin with


>a class that ruins the whole game like the spy
That's weird way of typing "pyro"


File: 1633074298070.jpg (67.2 KB, 393x529, 393:529, awful times.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Cod and sports games and other military games and gta are not escape from reality tier games so I resent them and also noticed long ago that normalfaggots like them.

Image related as source. It's literal statistics. Doom is respectable art in contrast to military type fps or Metroid Prime I like too but basically only assholes like reality tv and that transfers over to games in my perspective. Cop shows (real or fake), Jerry Springer, Ganster Movies, Doctor shows, etc, cannot stand them.


>the party
what does this mean, multiplaying with the normalfags? screw that


bought mine in 2008 but couldn't afford games and it sat until I cfw'd it a couple years ago


men that like sports are basically part succubi, nothing manly about it. they are cheering for a jock, wearing their jersey (something that only succubi do in college). dooms (except 3) are the definition of tryhard normans, they'll hang you for not liking it
>only assholes like reality tv and that transfers over to games in my perspective
don't watch tv but griefing in multiplayer is the only way I get my money's worth these days, if anything the uptight ones are the people that can't take a joke if that makes me one so be it lol


even more reason to ruin their fun for infiltrating video games that were 'for nerds'
whenever there is a chopper full of players needing a transport I'll be there
whenever there is a someone recalling to base I'll be there
I have a mission to grief every game :')


idk if i am misreading that but are you sponsoring doom 3? i got it recently but haven't played it yet. i saw some of the enemy designs and liked them though.


Men that like sports are blatant normalfaggots just as much as someone that likes rap and I'm resisting flaming the high traffic rap thread right now while we're on what pisses me off as an actual hermit.

>don't watch tv

I keep seeing this spouted and it's making me roll my eyes because I know it's more cheap posturing like being 'forced to hang out'. It's a cop-out.


Also, if you don't watch tv and like sports simultaneously are you implying that you go to football games or play with all your friends or just get off on all that female sweat and male sweat in the stadium?

Help me here.


lol i didnt get a ps3 till 2017, and i only got it because i wanted to play persona 5 on release but didnt have enough for a ps4


could've just emulated it


I am no sports-loving normalfag but I do not see anything unwizardly about watching a handful of games a year. Get drunk, have some snacks, be comfy and watch a game. But like I say, only a few a year less than 5 or so


Not him but nice joke.
In the USA the people that like sports are more violent, rednecks, niggers, hate on nerds, loudly take bets like retards as only retards gamble, etc. Also it physically is so hard that you feel like you should be paid to play the games. That is my biggest issue. I was forced to do it and are mad to this day from childhood memories.

It's just a psychology thing, but technically playing a game about 'games' isn't a cardinal sin or something even if it pisses me off to no end and I can't get into the head of someone that's dweebish at all that'd be able to stand it. Perhaps I am disturbed but it seem so carnal and evil to me. A mock war.


File: 1633174770637.mp4 (13.43 MB, 640x344, 80:43, wizinschool.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

my english is not very good but 3 gives you a little room to breathe before an encounter, I'd suggest trying it but I would not press the issue. new doom imps just don't give you the same paranoia, doom 3 enemies just look unpleasant overall (in a good way)
I think most posters here only have computer monitors so no cable poisoning for us unless parents crack up the volume on their tv set
55016 and 54949 describe it better than my butchered reply. the one time I was forced to watch a game away from the keyboard the fans ended up throwing rocks at each other
you guys might be onto something here, crabs locking horns as loud rap music plays in the background (._. )


TV shows are still tv shows even if it's from your 'monitor' aka the Internet.

Rap and country were for the assholes also, I've known that since like 2004 when I was in middle school. Rednecks and niggers both have bad mental temperament and only in the places where it snows where neither of those two thrive are the best societies.


I do agree with some of what you say sports can be very vulgar and over the top sometimes. Baseball and soccer are nice on occassion. all the shit USA likes is thug nigger bullshit


you didn't miss anything, the last great console ever made was the ps2, gaming died after that


You didn't miss out on anything. The PS3 and PS4 were both shit. Console gaming is shit. Just get a gaming PC and hook it up to the TV.


Snowy places have rednecks too, it's just they're less objectionable. The American south is just particularly bad because they're all descendants of slave owners and indentured workers aka white slaves meaning they got a mixture of psychopathy, entitlement, and laziness from the slave owners, and stupidity and servile attitude from the indentured servants. This has resulted in a breed of redneck with low intelligence and low empathy who follow authority figures within their community blindly while simultaneously having a superiority complex centered around race. In short, they're assholes.


I quess Kentucky as a 'border' region doesn't count then. Either way, rednecks there are good and decent people.

Then again, I'm thinking completely different thing when reading or hearing 'redneck', and that should be understandable what with my father and three grandparents being Afrikaaners.


I stopped at sixth-gen consoles. I've never had a high performance desktop either. Being poor in a third world country is really frustrating.


man I wanna play diablo 3, mgs4, ninja gaiden sigma, graw 2, r6vegas2 and many orhers
what guide did you use? can I has link? I bricked mine because of low iq, local repair shops refuse to fix older systems :(

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