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What did you think of it? I wish Donna's part had been longer, mordeau or whatever his name was very very short and disappointing, the castle was the best part imo, the factory was neat too, the chris part was fun too, fuck that final boss though, cant imagine how its going to be like on village of shadows difficulty.


It waw good, capcom were smart enough to market the game on the succubus boss to het normalfags to buy it, but it's honestly a solid game. Definitely the best part was the castle, the factory tried to hard to feel like that RE4 part with the regenerators imo. I don't know why people like the Beneviento mansion so much, it just feels like generic modern horror games like Outcast or whatever. If I have something to complain about it's how unrewarding some of the minibosses feel, I wasted all my ammo on that giant in the graveyard and got jackshit in return.

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