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Just ravaging and messing around with a mod loader version of nfs most wanted.
I´m playing the game on my winxp computer, where it truly belongs.
I don´t like to see these games getting upscalled, they either look weird or "tiny" the 3d models reflect this very clearly, if you make a comparison. The fov can also suffer from this.
So that´s basically what i´m doing with my free time, since nothing else seems to be enjoyable anymore.
I tired making fraps work with American Conquest, but for some reason it doesn´t detect the game at all, i don´t know if it´s because of the GOG version or something…
I´ll figure out a way to go around this issue later.

What have you been playing or modding wiz anons ?


Watched all of that and it was fun that was a great game, is there a reason you didn't use the destruction things as much? at higher heat levels it gets too insane to do anything.

off topic: NFS underground 2 was amazing and then most wanted was very cool also because you could get into police chases for hours. Anyone else remember the bug that would inevitably kill you though? invisible police cars and traps.


I don't think I ever got in long enough chases for those glitches to happen. NFSMW was definitely my favourite from the NFS series by quite a lot.


Losing speed is a big no no lol
It can alter how you end up getting busted.
Can be all of a sudden.

Yeah there is a bug when some roadblocks, or cops can get passed through like ghosts, i don´t know if there will ever be a way to fix that, since it might be hard coded inside the game itself.

NFS Underground 2 also has a lot of potential, i plan on modding it, after i make more variations of nfs most wanted.

You know mod loader is good for what it is capable of doing, but some mods that enhance the racer AI mainly, among other stuff only use vlted as the only method sadly.


ah you meant the trigger buildings.
i prefer to play as a pure most of the time.
taking a grasp to how long the ai can keep up with me.
i don´t mind getting busted when the moments get too insane, it makes good screenshots lol


I wondered if the glitches are meant to be in the game as they only ever really happen in later stages of the chases when everything is totally insane. The SUV's fuck your shit up and the cops start racing in cars as fast as yours lol.

I just remember getting pissed off when invisible road spikes and cars obliterated me.
NFS went downhill after most wanted I played some of the later titles from back then when I loved games and it felt hollow even if you removed the auto steering and breaking.

You know another cool racing game was pod racing. I loved that game when I was younger.
Was funny watching you pretty much kill all of the cop cars a fun gameplay wiz.
share your best clips or gameplay and I will watch it.


well the cops are already as fast as any vehicle you put your hands on. ( im using a police mod btw that i made for personal use )
You can see that they catch up quite easily, as they have faster response ratio, and the ai_skill is maxxed out.

I think NFS went downhill with the following games:
- NFS Undercover
- NFS Rivals from 2013
- All the others post-2013

I enjoyed Carbon ( basically a fancier most wanted game ) Pro Street, Shift, Shift 2 Unleashed, and The Run for what they were.

Ah yeah P.O.D Gold i saw it on GOG, cool arcade game indeed.
If you loved playing that game, then you absolutely have to check out the following games:
- Re-Volt
- Powerslide
- Rollcage
- Room Zoom Race For Impact
- Airfix Dogfighter

Fraps is still good for what it tries to achieve.
I use both fraps and handbrake to compress and make the framerate even slightly smoother.
Ofc im playing by "half-size" otherwise it´s unbearable to both play and record.

Anyway, i´ll make more clips from time to time.
NFS Most Wanted is not the only game ( although the one i play the most lol ) i wanted to try record American Conquest, which is something i might have to do with shadowplay at some point. ( different computer )

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