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I've never played Metroid Samus Returns on the 3ds. Should I? You people are the only virgins I trust


metroid games all have 1 hour of content that tricks you into thinking it's more by having you back and forth through the same tiny as fuck area, retrieving glorified keys to unlock glorified doors upon doors.
i've always considered it for fags myself, but if that's your thing i guess.
Just doesn't seem very interactive or intelligent to me to make your entire game's premise be "use everything in your inventory on a door to see if it unlocks. if it doesn't work, maybe go look back 5 rooms and see if the key's there, then come back and try it again."


I actually beat the original NES Metroid yesterday. It's really not that hard or frustrating once you've drawn your own map. The paper mapping was the most fun part of the game actually. I really do enjoy paper mapping.

I've never played Metroid Samus Returns on the 3ds though. I am a sucker for paper mapping and old style Metroidvanias like Zillion and Super Pitfall, so I'd rather play Metroid 2 on the GameBoy.


I agree with your opinion


I was gonna write something but this is basically 100% true and I dont have any more to add


It's not bad, but the fan made remake of Metroid 2 is much better.


File: 1634413707950.jpg (Spoiler Image, 629.02 KB, 1065x2730, 71:182, SHAZAM-tpb-movie-photo-cov….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Wow I must have not been having fun then, thank you for opening my eyes mr intelligent gamer.


Yes, you should. For the experience of it.

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