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Were there any good PC games released in the last 2 years?

I had no devices for this time. Now I have a new PC and can't even think of what to play.



Whatever you chose to play, if you're not playing the online modes, you must pirate it.


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Try the azure triker gunvolt series on steam


Go look at any of the hundred threads up where you can read about games and then try something that appeals to you.

I am really sick of people asking for shit and never specifying what is even their interest or a hint of what they think is good or not.
Fact is you are just lazy and using us as a search engine substitute.

How about you google up something like "top games of 2020" or something and see what appeals to you in stead of being a lazy ass.
Fuck this shit is pissing me off.

It's like going to hob and asking what hobies are good or to jp and asking if there are any anime that are good in the last 20 years.
Fuck off.


not him but imagine yourself in the following, you have less than a week before internet is cut off. Have limited storage (less than 50gb) left, what games would you bring with you?

steam is the worst choice because it installs the game files for me, you have no choice but to sign in (can't install games in offline mode) prescious storage space is wasted this way, that is why I only have gog and humble bundle backups to save space.

wii and gamecube games take priority though, I am not bringing all of my gog library with me :(


Normalfags have bad taste. Thousands of games were released. Many wizchan threads are about old games. Good, new games are very rare. Yes I am trying to use wizchan for convenience but it is extremely easy for someone here to share if they enjoyed any new games

>It's like going to hob and asking what hobies are good or to jp and asking if there are any anime that are good in the last 20 years.

Bullshit, my question is not vague at all in comparison to those.


>not him but imagine yourself in the following […]
I am not dumb or poor and I already have a extensive enough library of games old and new to keep me busy for years.

Besides, if I was in such a situation my priority would be getting money to pay for internet and storage to solve the problem and not just delaying the problem by scrounging for ways to passively amuse myself while my quality of life degrades.


>just don't be poor bro
first world problems eh? oh well enjoy wizzie


Outer Wilds if you haven't played it on console.


no idea
imo the best approach to all games is to let them age 3-5 years or so and once the hype is gone you can see if it aged well at all, and if it did you buy it at a discount


you can't trust the mob. in my experience elitists provide the best reviews/recommendations


How should I know? You think I have money to buy games as soon as they come out?


Deltarune ep.2?


Microsoft flying simulator if you are into it?


I like Crusader kings 3


I'm thinking of getting an 6950xt gpu from AMD? Is it a good deal or 3080 or 3090 are better?
The benchmarks are all look like bullshit to me, with f1 and csgo and shit


benchmarks mean nothing by themselves. you need to have a specific screen resolution in mind, and a frame rate, and then look at how the cards perform in whatever games you will be playing under those settings


I'm playing in 1440. I want to play red dead 2 on ultra without dips in frames. 2080 ti can't handle it, I get barely 60 and 50 in heavy scenes. meaning in desert it's 70 fps, but in cities it's below 50.

Benchmarks are kinda off, 3080 shows ~77-80 fps and so does the 6950. I'm so fed up with bullshit benchmarks on youtube, some of them don't even show the graphic settings.


have you overclocked it any or no


I have max power limit slider. And I've tried to add +100 Mhz on core clocks
Red Dead 2 doesn't like overclocking and it becomes unstable, and the frames do not benefit from OC at all.

I think I will go with nvidia, because I want to play Control with RT on


3070 is the best value for new gen cards capable of running that game at your settings, plus some wiggle room. under 500 on ebay, will probably need new paste and maybe pads since it was likely used for mining, maybe not, but be prepared to have to do all that

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