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GTA trilogy looks like absolute dogshit.

I know it's just a remaster but the graphics are god awful for 2021. I expected something like RDR2 or GTA V, not something that looks like a PS3 game at best.

Furthermore the soundtrack has been gimped because the licenses haven't been renewed for all the songs due to royalty fees. I know you can just look those songs up on youtube or whatever but still.

And the games being censored. A confederate flag T-shirt has been redesigned into a skull.

I'm not even willing to pirate it.


Didn't play any of these when they came out, didn't play any after they came out, don't intend on playing them when they come out again.


What about Grand Theft Auto 5? In my opinion it's one of the best video games of all time.


Played it, never finished the story. The online seemed like it could have been fun but all I ever did was drive around in free roam and fall asleep.


lol op ragequit on /b/, he wants to start a politics/culture war thread


Final nail in the coffin. They hired a phone game app company do remaster. Truly, they do not give a fuck. Never buying their shit again.


What.. so.. why post? I hope you're underage and not a child-brained 30 year old man. Go to the threads you like, retard. No one cares if you didn't play the game. I'm not going to go in the crypto thread just to say "I don't know anything about crypto, okay bye." That attitude stops being cute once you have a hairy ass.


Won't play solely because of the censorship.


did anyone else not play this game as a kid because you had to be a black person or just me, I remember getting it from blockbuster and then being massively disappointed and couldn’t even focus on the game because I was playing as some black guy


If OP wants to go around giving out unsolicited opinions on stuff why can’t I?


Original PS2 GTA3 performed absolutely awfully and so does the PC version, still, even on fairly recent hardware.

Vice City was millions times more optimized and played smoothly on hardware where 3 ran like dogshit.

Same goes for San Andreas, unless you use the new shadowing system, which was somewhat taxing for the contemporary gpu's.

Because of GTA3 performance, I was somewhat excepting this one just for it alone, but it seems like bullshit, outsourced product.

Doesn't really give a damn about it models or textures are improved or if it has the latest graphical effects, but lack of original soundtrack and 'refitting for the times' are big no.


I expected Rockstar to have more of a backbone when it came to shit like this.


>I expected Rockstar to have more of a backbone when it came to shit like this.
Somewhat genuine question but what lead you to expect that?


>genuine question
>is totally sarcastic

Still going to answer.
The reason is for 20 years the company has been both edgy and actively preached anti-censorship/free speech with both their words and actions both out of game and within their games.

(edited for typo)


I said somewhat genuine because I would actually like to know specific examples.


dare to experiment in how you approach a mission other than the scripted linear patch rockstar deems "is the right way to play"
mission failed


Relax bros, you're both funny.

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