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Hi everyone,

Was investing into gaming worth it as a hobby? I know a lot of this is pretty intuitive - video games are fun, and investing in expensive hardware to really enjoy them is worth it. But how has it been for you long term gamers? I ask because I have realize that my life is extremely boring and I don't enjoy anything, so I'm considering of getting into gaming.


I wonder sometimes if getting one of those VR treadmills is worth it. You just slide in place but it still looks like it could be cool if the tracking works properly.


I guess it's worth it if you play games 20+ hours a week and are always at home.
It's cheaper to just go with a console though.

PCs are ideal if you can buy the individual components and assemble it yourself and also know how to repair the machine if a component breaks down. It's much more cost efficient this way. Also get nice peripherals like a 144hz monitor. I have no regrets investing into a good computer setup and it usually lasts me 7-8 years before either the CPU, RAM or motherboard starts breaking down.

Either pirate games or buy them during steam sales.

The bad thing is that the GPU prices are out of control at the moment. Maybe next year will be a better year to get started.


if you dont enjoy anything then make sure you will enjoy gaming. if you are just playing FPS you dont need a top set up to be good. a lot of top players just use a decent set up with every graphic set to low.


I think it was a great investment for me. I bought a 1k laptop, $30 speakers and $20 wireless mouse and since then have been playing many good games for many hundreds if not thousands of hours. It has been fun and most of the games I buy are less than $15 because I buy older games and wait for sales and they keep giving me really good games for free. I spent almost 200 hours on Nioh which I got for free. The earlier you start signing up for the services the more free games you will get so start now. If you have amazon prime you get free games and epic, gog, origin, and steam give out free games, especially epic which does it all the time. If you are gaming on pc go to gg.deals to check the price history of games before you buy anything because games go on sale pretty regularly.


>Also get nice peripherals like a 144hz monitor.
That's the kind of stuff where ignorance is bliss I suppose. I have had one for two years and I think it would not have made a difference had I used a 60hz all this time instead.


I have a 144Hz monitor and I lock all my games to 60fps because I notice literally zero difference between 60 and 144 so I might as well have less fan noise. I think color gambit and accuracy is way more important than framerate but the current trend is to push the framerates real high.


I don't know what is wrong with your eyes but it is very noticeable to me when looking at things in fast motions. be it action games or video.


they are trolling or didnt realize their games arent running at anywhere close to 144 fps, once you use a 144hz monitor for a few days you can't go back to 60hz imo, 60fps looks like crap and I would turn down graphics in games so I can play at at least 100fps because it looks so much smoother even at that


you can't deny that it becomes harder to notice as the rate increases.


yeah, but it only gets hard to notice after about 100~ fps, if the game dips to 70 or something I can feel it and see it


what I mean is it makes no difference when you don't know any better. I played games for years on shitty monitors and tvs (still do I guess) and never cared much for an arbitrary framerate number in the upper right corner or anything. I know it is easy to say but it's the truth, and I'd rather be an ignorant pleb who find enjoyment in "inferior" experiences than perpetually chase some fairly minor improvements. I don't mean any offense to those who do, but it's something I'd rather stay away from. If you want an example of this behaviour, look at
the obsessive monitor enthusiasts who buy and send back units every other day for the slightest flaw, and who get banned by retailers for abusing their return policy.


I dont even play games but notice that the difference is huge just moving the mouse while doing other computer stuff. Maybe something is wrong with your setup like the isnt setup to actually refresh at 144hz


I prefer 120FPS, 60 for each eye. Going above it produces noticeably more eye strain.


You are confusing refresh rate and frame rate.
Those are different things.


Not him, but your comment made me check my setup and it was set to 60hz for months. It must have reset when I was messing with the cables and ports or something. I forgot how much smoother the scrolling looks lol


I grew up with consoles and so I have a cheap laptop and play games on my 3 consoles (PS5, XBOX Series X and Switch) also I have a thing for physical games so I hate digital steam shit.

Honestly at this point it may be preferable to just buy a console, you just put the game and play instead of fiddling with shit, paying 3x more for playing the same game on a PC is not worth it IMO.


I think people like you are literally imagining being able to see a difference.


people like him don't understand that refresh rate of a screen and frame rate of a game are totally different things.


I mean they represent different things but you need a high refresh rate to even allow your hardware to display a high frame rate, so they aren't really disconnected.


File: 1637470507829.jpg (148.8 KB, 850x1300, 17:26, 2minbari-ships-v3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Unless you're making money, it's just a hobby


It's a lost cause dude. Retards will continue to misuse the word investing while pretending it's a synonym for buying consumer goods.

Also stop avatarfagging.

Anyway to make the post on topic, I need to get yet another wireless mouse for my laptop because the left click switch is slowly giving out, the mouse wheel has chunks missing from it, and the right click rarely but occasionally sticks. Damn thing is only a year or so old. I don't know why the components of wireless mice suck so bad compared to wired mice. I don't even abuse the things, it's just normal use that keep killing them.

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