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What is it about Bethesda games that drive titty modders towards them? Can't believe I have to wait for Fallout 5 to come out just to get some good mods out of 4. If you don't believe me, check out New Vegas mods
now compared to before 4 if you remember, it was nothing but female body and titty mods. But in all seriousness, I had decided to play FO3 to FO4 about a week ago, and I just got to Fallout 4 and I have to say the
gameplay is leagues ahead of the previous games. It was amazing for what it is, and I feel more of the hardcore fans rejected it because of the throwaway script they paid for to test out the capabilities to their
new engine. But it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know Fallout 4 was a test game and it delivered. The movement no longer feels like you're on an ice rink, the firearms have more substance, the movement feels
way more grounded, the pipboy being 100% controllable with the organic movement keys all blended in to give a perfect gameplay experience. This feels like Bethesda's GTA III where they finally got flavor down.

My experience with 3 was funny, because I started with New Vegas first unfortunately. 3's gameplay was rough, but the story, atmosphere, and setting was peak entertainment. I can say without a shadow of a doubt the
only problem 3 had if you exclude the technological/graphical restriction for it time is the lack of ADS; which can be fixed easily with an ADS mod. So technically Fallout 3 is currently the best out of the lot. Its
locations are much more interesting, the DLC's were a lot more fun, and the characters were a lot more engaging. New Vegas was fun as well, the ADS was a great improvement. But to me at least the story was a bit cut
and dry, the idea of survival without the ability to form campsites, on top of the scarcity of campsites was a bother, the weapons damage system was funky and broken half the time; one minute you're hitting headshots
the next you're missing point blank or somehow the enemies armor refuses to be ignored even if you have the right bullets. It tried to do too much and ultimately a lot of mechanics in the game went unused. The DLC's
were definitely all a slog as well, which was the most surprising. I didn't like any of them, they weren't fun and by the time I got them I had mentally checked out. Did not give a single fuck about Ulysses and his
schizo rambling, skipped through every conversation with the robots, rolled my eyes at the burned mans diatribes, and absolutely loathed the casino dlc. All in all, New Vegas' saving grace was gameplay, and that was 50/50.

Fallout 4, ignoring the main storyline, is the best Fallout so far. The Nuka World DLC was one of the funnest DLC's I've played second only to Point Lookout which is cheating because Point Lookout is one of the greatest DLC's in history so far.


why do people like ADS?


You know, I don't know really know. All I know is that it was the first thing I noticed negatively about Fallout 3 after playing New Vegas first.


I barely remember New Vegas or 3 but I enjoyed the story of New Vegas more because all the supermutant stuff in 3 was kind of boring to me story wise. I agree that 4 is the best though. All the kill quests get repetitive after a while though. Felt like a lot of content fluff while in the previous games pretty much everything you did advanced the story in some way. Also, and this might just be my subjective interpretation of it, but I thought like the earlier games portrayed the brotherhood of steel in a cooler way. It seemed like some mysterious cult at first but in 4 it was literally just "the military lol".


I like New Vegas far more because I think the writing is far superior and the setting actually continues on much more directly from Fallout 2, not to mention I recall the perks in 3 being really boring flat boosts to stats mostly while New Vegas had a lot that actually had noticeable effects on the gameplay. Fallout 4 definitely has better gunplay, but I dislike this tendency of Bethesda to have their sequels strip all the RPG elements.

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