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What do you guys think about MOON: The Anti-RPG? Toby Fox used it as inspiration for UNDERTALE. I see similarities in both their mysterious, answer-all powers like Determination and Love.


I remember hearing this, but having a HELL of a time finding anything first hand of the game. I don't think there was an English release, right? Are there even any roms of it available anymore?


Also, I heard it was inspiration for Petscop, not Undertale.


It's released fully translated on the Nintendo Switch and coming to other platforms, maybe.


I've played a bit of it. I couldn't get far. Not sure if it's because nothing is really explained/obvious, I'm retarded, or both. I like the concept of the game more than the game itself


I dropped it in the first hour. the parody writing wasn't all that great and the gameplay was like a slow, bad adventure game. maybe if you speedhack with CheatEngine you can make it decent. but as it is, it's an antiquated mess.

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