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I wanted to make a thread talking talking about life Sim games stuff like Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley/The Sims/Animal Crossing.Lets discuss some of the ones we have been playing lately.


What about simulators in general?


I remember smacking all the villagers in Animal Crossing with my net, and drowning or immolating my sims.


>invite nigger sim around
>trap them in the room
oh dear it hurts


I started to play the sims 2, I think the best game of the series. The amount of detail and attention put into details is astounding. It is as if EA really saw the potential and put a lot of money-workers-attention to the development and it truly paid off. Even today I can find minute details that I never seen or read before.
I'm also installing the expansion packs one by one rather than playing the ultimate collection, taking my time to look into details. What a shame sims peak about 16 years ago.


Sims 4 is an absolute shitshow


I want to enjoy these kind of games but I always get bored, what’s the appeal? Well admittedly they also make me anxious because they make me think about how my life is in shambles and I’m playing a virtual life instead


I like to play as succubus Sims and do lewd things but like >>55737 said once that thought creeps in my head i get depressed and quit. Playing a lot of life sims as a kid has also played a part in burning me out of the genre. But when you get really invested into a save they can be extremely entertaining games.


For me, especially for sims 2 is the autonomy. What you want differs from what your sims want. It is quite basic and I wish they improved on this on sims 3 and 4 but they feel more like dollhouses.
Sims 2 with some autonomous mods really make it feel like you are controlling different characters. The sandboxy nature demands you to create goals on your own but for example, lets say you want to build a farm but your sims is lazy and wants to have romances. Or you try to get something else done only to find out the your teen son is getting into fights with the son of your family friend. Stories write themselves.


I've played Sims 2 extensively it really holds up and is an impressive game. The crown jewel of the series


>Sims 2 with some autonomous mods really make it feel like you are controlling different characters

Yes absolutely. It is very immersive and feels real


where can you get the sims 2??? i would love to replay it.


WoW I just installed sims 4 today along with some porn mods. Doesn't make the game any less shit, though, and I stopped playing after I busted a nut.


Your only way is piracy. EA was giving away the game on Origin for people who proved they had sims2 cd key, they even gave it for free one time but they stopped giving any cd keys after 2018. Check out torrents or some abandonware sites that have them.
There are two types of downloads. One is basically downloading individual games one by one other is the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection. Ultimate Collection has all the sims 2 expansions and packs but you cannot pick and chose. You have to play with all expansions active which I found overwhelming.

I taken the other route, I'm installing one expansion pack, play the shit out of it and then move to other one. That gradual progression feels nice. I'm not overwhelmed by 20 mechanics, and 20000 items. But the downside is that you have to work a bit to get it running. Ultimate Collection doesn't have that much of a problem as installing the game cd by cd. But thankfully Sims2 still has a very active casual community so you can find plenty of guides on how to fix any problem you have.
Some advice I have:
-Learn about corruption, sims 2 really has bad code and some decisions can fuck your game up especially if you are planning to play long term. Make sure to get moothildas clean neighbourhood tool. There are also ready made clean neighbourhood but i recall they need university expansion at the least so If you are only going to play the base game moothilda is your only choice. Also make sure to regularly check corruption with moothilda from time to time even if you have a clean neighbourhood
-Make sure to download and install patches, the patches don't install on their own anymore but there is a tool to install patches GrumpyLoader.
-Securom remover is also needed as it causes stutter. Make sure to also get 4gb patch, but you might need to move your sims2 exe from tsbin to csbin to make it work. You can check the logs on whether the game sees 4 gb ram or not
-Graphics rules maker is also a needed tool to fix the resolution and graphics in general (make sure to put back exe to tsbin to have the software detect your system then back to csbin again)
-DSVX (or some linux gaming software that has a similar name) can also fix a lot of performance issues. I'm not well wersed in this as my laptop is from the worst period for sims2, early 2010s where dsvx and many other modern solutions do not work but sims2 also doesn't recognize the graphic cards and processors for the era.

So yeah as I said it is a pain, but I feel the really paid off to get it running. I'm taking it slow, just finished university expansion pack ad now exploring the downtown that came with nighttime. I love examining all minute details, reading the item descriptions (often times devs fuck out in those) before moving on. Or Like how there is dust on a tv object. The grumpy sims cheat on chess and so forth. I can still find new things that I never seen or heard before. Really a great game.

Sory for the long rant, I guess I just like the game a lot. Remins me of my teenagehood and good old 2000s. I never had the opportunity to play it fully as I desired (remembering downloading sims2 bon voyage with 128k internet, took me a week) so I have sweet nostalgia.


File: 1640633842265.png (3.78 MB, 2880x2160, 4:3, ts3mods.png) ImgOps iqdb

I used to play sims 3 a lot; mostly using cheats to remove needs, set relationship values and the incest mod. Been checking it out the last couple days. Not as fun anymore. I've been having more fun setting up mods I never looked into before. I'm adding tons of clothes and furniture and hairs. It was tedious manually installing mods so I made a little script, here it is if you're interested: https://pastebin.com/08dLUwrA


Oh yeah forgot to say it works perfectly on linux with proton. There are mods to increase performance I'm going to check out. The loading screens are long.

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