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The last time I upgraded my GPU I bought a GTX 1070. All these years later and I still feel like I don't need to upgrade anytime soon, runs everything I play perfectly… not that I give a shit about the latest AAA titles anyway.

20XX wasn't worth the upgrade to me, and 30XX is probably the last graphics card you'll ever need so congrats if you got one for a fair price.


4000 series will be overkill but as a 1070 user I MIGHT pick one up if the prices come down which is very unlikely to happen for a long time. I'll probably be running this puppy until the 5000 series comes out or the world ends, whatever comes first.


doubt you're running 144fps at 1440p with a 1070


He is if he's only playing games from the 90s and indie retro clones.


I'm using 1080p on an IPS with gorgeous colors. See no reason to "upgrade" to 2k

More Fps is more fun than having more pixels. Plus I like smaller monitors like 24 inch


VR gaming is the future and even 4000 series cards won't be able to generate enough pixels for the highest res displays.


>VR gaming is the future
says increasingly nervous man with a hole in his pocket for the 100th time this year


I think I will be fine with my bargain basement wmr headset then upgrading to a new headset that requires me to upgrade all my hardware to the cutting edge. Especially when half of what I play don't really push graphics and the other half are porn games that disappoint me in one way or another.
I mean my setup is better than OP's but thats only because I got a prebuilt on a discount like last year or so. It's mid range.
Can play anything including the most modern of modern games but I am not maxing out graphics on anything AAA made in the last 5 years unless.


I'm still rocking my 2015 GTX 970 to be honest.


VR is the biggest meme since 3D TVs, people started getting hyped when the VR Half Life episode came out and literally nothing has happened ever since.

VR for games is dead VR will be for turbo normies using social media like the meta shit.


>I haven't payed attention to it the industry
>therefor nothing happened
>it's just a fad
>despite making more money and having more players each year


I have been paying attention actually, that's why I can say that literally nothing has happened, except half assed ports of RE4 and GTA:SA (lmao).

None of the big game releases have support for VR, if that's not a dying industry I don't what it is.


I have 2 VR headsets gathering dust there's NOTHING to fucking play anymore



Seems like there is plenty to play to me.
Now if you excuse me, Rez VR is on sell and I think I will make a night of it.


What about it being the future and not the present do you not understand? VR is not popular yet because it's expensive and not that great yet, but the technology is improving rapidly to where you will soon be able to get an image that is almost indistinguishable from real life. Facebook is going all in even going so far as to change their company name to better reflect their commitment to VR. The oculus has been rapidly increasing the amount of VR users which is creating a bigger market. The bigger market will draw in the developers and they will start making more games for VR.


I want to upgrade to a 3080 but fuck these GPU prices and fuck having to try hard to get one at MSRP.

Do you have an oculus quest 2? That is the headset that made me finally enjoy VR. The controller is great, and the fact that I can play games wirelessly in any room of the house through wi-fi makes the experience amazing. If I want a ton of room to walk around in I can go in the garage. No need to worry about cables or the sensors, just put it on and play. There is also no screen door effect.


>VR is the future
>It has been "the future" since 2015 or so
>Yet VR gets less games every single year
>Yet the majority of AAA games don't appear on VR
>Yet the biggest VR releases of 2021 were shitty spinofs and a remake of a 2005 game



>the future still hasn't happened yet


How invasive is the faceberg shit? Was eyeing a BR headset but ultimately couldn’t decide, and the non FB ones are expensive.


I made a fake facebook account for setup and then asked oculus support to delink that account. There is no facebook linked to my headset at all right now.

You only need to link a facebook account if you want to play with friends.


i can get a oculus quest 2 for under $200

last year i set up my nephew's quest last year and i remember this:
-it needed a facebook account. i had to use my sisters to register
-it needed a phone and app installed on said phone to finish installation

the first problem isn't bad as heard facebook accountrequirements are going away. but i checked https://support.oculus.com/quest-setup/ and i see Once your headset is adjusted, follow the instructions in-VR and in the Oculus mobile app to complete the setup process.

so do i really need a fucking phone and mobile app for this shit? i thought it was supposed to be standalone

>The short answer is that the Oculus Quest and Quest 2 are standalone VR headsets that do not require a PC, console, phone, or any other device connected to run. However, you will need an Android / iOS smartphone (or tablet) to install the Oculus app and complete the initial headset setup. After that, the phone is no longer needed.

so i can install the app, complete the install process, then just uninstall the app and never need a phone


If you don't have a smartphone you can just run android on your computer.


hell yeah, alright


I built a new PC with a 3070 upgeading from a 980 a few days ago and it is really overkill fot almost anything I play. The only nice upgrade I really feel is being able to run very large battles on maxed out settings in TWW2, but on other games it hasn't been needed at all.

I'm feeling the effect of the CPU upgrade I got going from i5 2500k to i7 12700k, that one is really a noticeable improvement.


I was running 2011~ intel/nvidia hardware and it played stuff pretty good but not new things, I swapped to a cheaper but much more powerful amd build with 2020 hardware and although it is faster in general it lags on stuff my old hardware never lagged on, I really don’t understand how this happens


probably your old cpu had better single core performance

post your before and after hardware, and what it is lagging on, and it should be easy to figure out


3200 usd for a 3080 ti (Asus ROG Strix) in ukraine.
I really want the Asus Strix one, because I know for a fact that there are waterblocks for their board design. But looks like I'll have to wait more. This is insane, MSRP from nvidia is 1200 usd for 3080 ti. And this is almost triples it

For a perspective, on my last job, my monthly pay was 250 usd (tech support)
Maybe it was just a low paying job, but nonetheless


I still have a 1050ti. Pretty puny card compared to a lot of modern ones, but the prices are so high, and I don't play enough new/AAA games to justify spending ~$600+ on a new GPU just to play a few games.


I have said it before and I will say it again, right now with current GPU prices the best value for money is a console.

For $500 you get a fine machine similar to a RTX2070 with support for 5 years, that's completely unthinkable in GPU's.

The only exception would be if you live in South America or eastern europe where consoles are far more expensive and if you're gonna pay $1100+ may as well get a GPU.


hope you stay safe ukraine wiz
you really think so? some games used it well, super mario 3d land has the standard 3d effect where everything pops out and there is the depth mode, that one toyed with my brain because the levels sink into the screen


If you want a toy sure. Unless you can install a real OS on those machines they're worthless. Modern gaming is terrible and you can't even emulate on them.

VR has been dead for years, same way 3D had. It's a neat gimmick but it adds too much complexity over using a standard TV. 3D belongs in the cinema where you go to see a fancy effect once in a while then move on with your life. It doesn't belong in the home where minor positioning can ruin the entire experience. The 3DS dropped 3D entirely pretty early, it's best feature was setting it on but 0 3D so it dimmed the screen and caused less eye strain.


I can emulate on my XSX just fine using retroarch, up to certain PS2 games and pretty much everything before that.


In three to four years time full body tracking with haptic force feedback gloves and omnidirectional treadmills are going to be standard consumer devices. The headsets will be thinner, lighter and with better pass-through and higher processing power. They will have eye-tracking and lenses that don't cause distortion with fields of view comparable to what the eye can see naturally at resolutions where you can't see any pixels. VR is growing like crazy. The quest 2 outsold xbox last year. Comparing it to 3D TV just shows how little you know.

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