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Back when I was a teenager I thought that I would be a PC gamer forever, because PC gaming was superior in my mind, probably had a little to do with 4chan memes too. But I am starting to change opinion, a console is looking more and more attractive now that I'm older. I don't really care about hardware anymore, it feels like things move so fast now, I don't even know what the newest hardware is and whatever it is it is way too expensive. I just wanna lounge on a couch and play games with a controller and not worry about hardware specs or compatibility or whatever, just have fun.

So the thing is, I don't know anything about console gaming, haven't owned one since the ps2. Is there anything I should know? What sort of gamers does each console cater to? What does each console offer? How long are console's life-spans these days? Is it too late to get in on the current gen? I would like anyone to describe their joys with console gaming.
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yeah, do you guys not do that?


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Christmas is about giving so why don't they give it to you? Let you enjoy it instead of dangling it in front of your face like a carrot and and also you're a horse? It'll let you play the Christmas events of the games for this year, you'd have access to pre-Christmas sale games, you wouldn't be at your post-gift-opening Christmas festivities all anxious and sweaty waiting to play your new sweaty game console, having a game now would get you out of there face for a least like 30 minutes a day and let them breathe for Christ's sake, more time for it to break before the warranty expires (all consoles have great warranties). The surprise is ruined so for convenience they should just hand you the goods. Show them this post.


that sounds easy but I dont want to make it awkward so I'm waiting and looking at games I'll ask them to buy later


please spoiler that ass man i cant control my wand


no switch until the booster shot


I wouldn't mind getting a booster shot if they gave me a free switch after, I got the 2 normal shots already and nothing happened to me.


File: 1639071771151.jpg (45.73 KB, 600x411, 200:137, not_wojak.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1639072526881.jpeg (1.4 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, BBF6C7F2-CE13-49A1-8C38-1….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


is that what heaven looks like?


I recently hacked my Switch you can bring a shop as fast if not faster than the official shop but for free it is great


Do you have the hardmodable V1 or the newer revisions? Nintendo's anti-piracy division has been really good at making new systems identify CFW recently. They do like a VAC BAN thing where they will monitor for CFW and warez, let you play them normally while switching to vanilla FW to do online stuff, etc, then ban your system from online out of the blue some days or weeks later to maximize effected pirates. Seriously check your CFW's social media or RSS daily because a quick patch can save your system.


I used something called incognito mode to protect my sysnand while I use emunand for games, also I used the RCM jig method and much easier than Vita, 3DS or Wii U modding.


>RCM jig
Yeah you're good then. The bootloader / recovery sector of memory on these models isn't writable from the "inside" of the switch so it can never be patched out, and anti-piracy systems aren't loaded at all until vanilla FW has been launched so you can do anything past that menu without real risk. Do take care of it though because RCM-compatible models are appreciating in value and rarity.


I have a hacked switch, was dumb and ended up being banned so I couldn't play online,but I could still pirate all good games to play offline, bought a switch OLED to play online but then I realized that online was dogshit and not worth it and ended up returning it.


If I want to update a game that got DLC I paid for in Sysnand while only using Emunand for pirated stuff can Nintendo ban me?


i want to get a switch for my siblings for christmas and would like to hack it to save everyone as much money as possible. what do i look for to find rcm models? when you say rcm, are you talking about the paperclip thing involving the right joycon port?


File: 1639435674272.png (357.89 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot from 2021-12-13….png) ImgOps iqdb

i only play dreamcast and playstation 2 because they are easy to softmod.


seems like you would be a slave to the jew if you switch to console


A PS4 exploit was released today for a newish firmware, did I mention that even piracy is easier on console? No weird patches and viruses, since the security is on the console and not in the game once the console is hacked is literally install the game, the console does the word.

>Implying you're not a slave to the jew already.


When I last followed the state of playstation privacy, you could only run games that were 1 or 2+ years old, had to always worry about which firmware you're on, ruined console if you update accidentally, couldnt connect online at all or risk Sony bricking you, had to keep checking and hoping for a firmware to get hacked or released, etc


anyone know some good 2-player switch games i could try getting installed for my siblings prior to christmas?



the new Mario Party is really good


The hardware hackable models are identifiable by their serial number
There is a list there. These are the ones that can't be patched out. Newest models are technically hackable, but through software execution tricks that the Switch's OS can detect. Sellers on eBay are smart to list if their switch is hackable through hardware, but smarter to know to charge full-bundle prices for just the tablet portion. You'd probably want just the tablet though because Joycons from release time are all pretty worse for wear and the analogue sticks from then suffered from various drift issues. Refurbished joycans, docks, pro controllers, better third-party controllers, replacement batteries and full shells can all be found on Amazon. An RCM jig can be substituted with a paper clip as you said, but a solid jig helps if you want to swap between homebrew and vanilla FW to play online.


Thanks for the help folks.
I bought one tonight for like 400ish bucks, seller claims serial is XAW1000. Hopefully they didn't "accidentally" add an extra zero and it's good to go.
So far I got Smash, but I will look into that too. I found someone putting it on OneDrive but first zip didn't work after downloading it.
That was one of the first things I looked up. Good to hear it's actually decent.


Have they fixed the joy con issues on the oled switch?


how much do you weigh?


Been reading that it is extremely easy to get console banned with a switch. Does anyone have a good idea of practice on how to pirate games while avoiding ban triggers? I do not intend for my siblings to play online with the switch (for now anyway). I wanted to pirate a bunch of games and have them installed by Christmas so they can enjoy the switch together over winter break, and retain the possibility of online play in the future with greater exploits or actually purchasing game licenses.


Following up, I figured out from some more searching that I should just use emunand and give it no internet access for piracy. Maybe there is more to it. My new question is how to overcome the missing sigpatch problem with Gold leaf/Quark. I updated to 13.2 through Daybreak. I have a few games like Smash Bros Ultimate and Mario Kart successfully installed.


Another update: don't get sigpatches from gbatemp like I did. The ones from the FAQ linked on 4chan/vg's console hacking thread are better. Installed the ten-odd games I was previously unable to with no further issues.


Just found out my brothers cracked the screen on the switch I got them for christmas. Kids are so fucking stupid.


i've yet to see a kid's smartphone or other electronic device without a cracked screen. tablets, ipads, phones. they just get a new one from their parents every eyar anwyays. absolutely insane


Children being rough and irresponsible
Oh no, who could have ever seen or expected that?
It totally isn't typical behavior of kids at all.


It really isn't


You're right, nobody should ever post because then you will throw a tantrum.


I had many portable gaming devices as a kid and I never broke them. They aren’t that hard to keep intact.


Who would go and lie on the internet? For what purpose?


It's clearly a third world fag butthurt that they can't afford consoles, they act like they're PC master race when they have CPUs and GPUs from ten years ago.


you are lucky. you either dont have any interactions with kids, or the kids behave themselves. my sister's kids have a drawer full of 2 broken laptops, keyboards, mice, headsets, and phones with cracked screens


I grew up on PC then switched to console for a time and am back on PC. I just shelled out money for an expensive laptop that overtime would come to be cheaper than a new console plus online subscriptions. I think a major part of me going back to PC is that I still enjoy Dota and CSGO which obviously aren't console friendly


Same. In fact, I was more careful with my devices back then because I knew I couldn't simply buy a new one.


They just put the main modder of the switch in prison for 3 years and fined him 14.5 million dollars.
Because modifying your own hardware and teaching people to modify their hardwear in console land is quite literally a crime.

Meanwhile I can do whatever I want to my PC hardwear.


>Meanwhile I can do whatever I want to my PC hardwear.
Depending on the manufacturer, it is just as illegal to modify your PC. Nintendo is infamously bad about this though.


Has anyone been fined millions of dollars and thrown in jail for modifying their pc?
I am going to guess no.


I think there's a significant split. Some children are careful, some are degenerate pieces of shit. Not sure of the percentage split or even which is most common. I was always very careful. I remember lending other children my games and judging whether they were rats that could be trusted or not. Some were fine, some would destroy anything they touched, scratching any game disc in 5 minutes somehow


File: 1644906826535.png (121.16 KB, 797x528, 797:528, shrug.png) ImgOps iqdb

I don't know I'd have to look it up.


Eh he was selling hardware hacks to pirate games that are almost entirely illegal, he wasn't just posting instructions about how to hack the device "and do whatever the fuck you want" those are everywhere and no one ever bothers them (or the websites full of pirate PS4 and switch games) this faggot on the other hand was selling expensive hardware with the explicit purpose of pirating games.

Using the retarded "consolefags go to prison for piracy! meanwhile I can do whatever I want on my PC" argument doesn't make any sense because it's not directly comparable, a much better comparison would be if you were selling an expensive piece of hardware for PC that spoofed steam servers to download games for free.


the issue isn't modding hardware or distributing information about how to do the modding. it's selling the modded product that violated another's intellectual property. some people got into trouble for selling what was essentially copy replacement 'outer covers' for the playstation 5 because the design violated sony's ip. it's the reason why you can't just repaint an xbox blue and sell it as something else. the ip for computer hardware isn't really about the entire package. at best one company has an ip for the computer case, another for the motherboard (or many), ditto for the designs of connectors like usb (i think you have to pay royalties for included usb on your device). the way you would violate ip for a PC would be taking out for 3060 graphics card, modding it, and selling it as a new product. there is also the issue that the guy was selling a subscription service for access to pirated games. plus human beings are the ones making these decisions not robots, money is involved, precedents must be set, things become political fast. could be wrong, i also can't find super detailed info on what exactly the guy was doing. it seems all news sites just regurgitate the same 5 factoids


File: 1658484277187.webm (2.57 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, mega man legends 2022-07-….webm) ImgOps iqdb

i have always been a console gamer. i have never played a pc game long enough to finish it


goddamn that's like 4000 calories. You eat that twice a day I bet you are a 600 pound motherfucker

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