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Back when I was a teenager I thought that I would be a PC gamer forever, because PC gaming was superior in my mind, probably had a little to do with 4chan memes too. But I am starting to change opinion, a console is looking more and more attractive now that I'm older. I don't really care about hardware anymore, it feels like things move so fast now, I don't even know what the newest hardware is and whatever it is it is way too expensive. I just wanna lounge on a couch and play games with a controller and not worry about hardware specs or compatibility or whatever, just have fun.

So the thing is, I don't know anything about console gaming, haven't owned one since the ps2. Is there anything I should know? What sort of gamers does each console cater to? What does each console offer? How long are console's life-spans these days? Is it too late to get in on the current gen? I would like anyone to describe their joys with console gaming.


>Please be google and do my homework for me
How about you look this stuff up and make your own choice.

If you want my opinion just get a modernish pre-built PC and play whatever you want using something like steam which takes care of 90% of technical and compatibility stuff. Meaning you can play whatever and your hardware just determans how pretty what you play is.


In terms of price/games a console is beateable, most games are enjoyable on console, and knowing that you're getting an optimized version that "just werks" is great.

In my opinion I don't see why I should spend $1000+ on a PC that will almost surely run some games worse than a console, but to each their own I guess.

PCtards should stop attacking consoles based purely on performance/power and claiming that they're obsolete and not worth it, that's like saying that 99% of cars are obsolete and useless because they're aren't Ferraris.


NS is fun, I enjoy it and the current lineup of Nintendo games If you can afford the $4.95/m ($24.95/y deal) for online. NS lite is for literal 3rd world BABY who would lose the joycons in their dirt floor or something. XB only has Halo and idolmaster but not idolmaster in America and aforementioned 3rdworld SH (shithole) because it's not PC (politically correct). A PC that costs the same as either current gen XB or PS will be able to emulate the NS, but dealing with Windows 10 and now 11 is bad. XB game pass actually gives you access to a lot of games on PC though. XB game discs are locked to accounts so you can't find used XB games, whereas PS and NS have no such registration.

NS can be found used cheap, just make sure they can prove online functionality has not been locked out by piracy attempts (early NS models can be cracked easy)
XB can be found used but pricey
PS used are in short supply AFAICT
PC GPU are short supply too so is bad time to build

>PCtards should stop attacking consoles based purely on performance/power and claiming that they're obsolete and not worth it
Haven't seen anyone making such arguments since the PS3 days. The current narrative is that a PC powerful enough to gaem is also powerful enough to do other things, where a console, even if uber powerful, is locked to games only. If OP wanted to game but then decided later on he wanted to make game or make video of game, he's have to buy PC. double money.


I moved towards console gaming because I have similar feelings. Problem is that things are very different now compared to the PS2 days. Consoles are basically just mini PCs now and most of the problems associated with PCs come with consoles. A large portion of the console audience has also migrated to PCs so you see almost every developer releasing their game on the PC as well.

I would say these are the best solutions, based on your budget:

>unlimited budget

Get a PS5, switch, and a powerful dedicated gaming PC hooked up to your TV. Buy an xbox controller for the PC.
>limited budget
switch and a decent gaming PC
>minimal budget
A switch or PS5, depending on what games you want to play. The PS5 will have just about all of the new killer games on PC, but you won't get access to switch exclusives, obviously. Many popular PC exclusive games can be played on an absolute shitbox of a PC so you won't be missing out on much if you don't have a gaming computer.


> Consoles are basically just mini PCs now and most of the problems associated with PCs come with consoles.
This is just not true, unless you're talking about massive downloads but that seems to be a case by case basis.

In console as long as the download is finished is literally just insert the disc or start the digital game, and it's almost guaranteed that it will run quite good and without worries.


>If OP wanted to game but then decided later on he wanted to make game or make video of game
The vast majority of people don't want to make games, and you can actually record gameplay on consoles now, I just recorded a hour of gameplay on my Xbox SX.

I will keep saying that for the vast majority of people consoles are more than enough, if you need more of course you will have to pay quite a bit more and deal with more things on PC, but that's something that happens in general, just like my car example above, not everyone needs a Ferrari to move around.


By that I meant you have to wait for downloads and installs now. Sure, you also have to worry about system requirements on a PC that that isn't that much of a concern for anything outside of the cutting edge. Graphics on the PC have stagnated so much that just about any system built with at least a midrange dedicated video card in the past 5 years can run any game you throw at it.

The last game that required a beefy setup to run optimally was cyberpunk and you can see how much the internet shit on that game. Developers aren't going to run the risk of making demanding video games on the PC anytime soon.


I am interested in the switch lite, if it can play all the games a regular switch can and it is cheaper then why not get it? I am only interested in casual gaming and I don't want to spend money on a TV


>I just wanna lounge on a couch and play games with a controller
switch lite can't into controllers. You'll need to hold it like a gameboy. The big ergonomic selling point of the switch is that the controllers are two separate parts so you can lounge away in any position. Current Switch models have a longer battery life. Switch Lite only comes in succubus colours. If you get a Switch you can even hook the joycons to your current PC and play PC games with them.


>XB game discs are locked to accounts so you can't find used XB games, whereas PS and NS have no such registration.

This is blatantly false, I have 20 used XB discs and they all run fine, stop talking about things you don't know shit about.


One of the things that initially attracted me to the lite was actually the colors, I really really like the yellow


>I don't really care about hardware anymore, it feels like things move so fast now, I don't even know what the newest hardware is and whatever it is it is way too expensive. I just wanna lounge on a couch and play games with a controller and not worry about hardware specs or compatibility or whatever, just have fun.

Can't you do that with a computer? Just run steam big picture mode with a controller plugged in or wirelessly connected with a bluetooth dongle and you're set. I even have all my emulators set up to work on steam that way, and it works great. The switch looks good for indie games, but it's not like it takes a powerful machine to run most of them. The real appeal are the nintendo exclusives and that's it.


>Can't you do that with a computer?
Yes, with great ease.


I don't own a television or have a couch in my room, and my monitor is too small to see anything from more than 5 feet away, so this isn't a viable option for me. I am NEET and live with my parents, so this christmas, without any desire to have any new PC things anymore, I thought I could get a console to play outside of my room since sitting in an office chair 12+ hours a day for the past 9 years is getting uncomfortable. I would like to be around my parents while also playing casual games and not worry about hardware or performance or latency. The most appealing console to me right now from researching is the switch because it comes with a screen, which means I could play games and my parents could watch movies at the same time.


>thoose prices
You can't pirate on consoles anymore.
with expection of early switch, but unlike fagstation you can emulate it.


You forgot modelling and drawing.


>most games are enjoyable on console,
No they are not, good keyboard and mouse are superior to gamepad.
>In my opinion I don't see why I should spend $1000+ on a PC that will almost surely run some games worse than a console, but to each their own I guess.
So instead you you decided to spend $1000+ on console.
Typical normgroid.


>good keyboard and mouse are superior to gamepad.
OP here, this is one of the things I learned that I was wrong about. Using a keyboard and mouse only makes sense when you are playing and FPS or RTS game, using a keyboard/mouse for any other type of game is stupid and uncomfortable, it's just a meme perpetuated by PC diehard fans. I got a controller recently and I find myself always checking if games can support a controller because it is just more comfortable and I won't get wrist pain from playing with it for a long time.


So you already made the decision before you made the thread.
Which makes me ask why in the world did you make this thread?


>why in the world did you make this thread?
Why in the world did anyone make any thread to talk about anything?


Your opinions are not facts retard, stop treating them as such.


Console games are so expensive. And you need a PC for non-gaming use anyway. In the long run, you end up paying just as much for comparably atrocious performance.

>it feels like things move so fast now, I don't even know what the newest hardware is and whatever it is it is way too expensive.

I've kept using the same hardware for multiple console generations, so

> I just wanna lounge on a couch and play games with a controller

….you know you can plug in a controller to your pc, are you retarded?


handheld gaming with cfw is where its at, portable bite sized chunk sessions. doesn't take much space because storage is cheap and affordable, no stupid online drm accounts. start game, hit online and you're good to go (if you play multiplayer)

pc gaymen is too much of a hassle, one bloated game takes up 60+ gb wtf is that shit? I have about forty 3ds games and those take 15gb less than that, puzzle, fighting, platforms, arpg, racing, rpg and jrpg, shmup and fps lol


steam deck?


> 60+ gb
we WISH. The compressed downloaded archive download by a launcher is 60gb, but unpacked a modern game can easily surpass 128gb. Fallout 76 was a 60gb game with a 50gb patch. Console games are equally as huge though, so if you buy from the net store you'll need to sgill for a big HDD, which is tricky because new consoles put anti-piracy measures in place and require new HDDs be of a certain make, speed, and be formatted by their system.


Regular NS has a big modding community. Custom made shells are available in a bunch of cool colours and transparencies and are many times built better than the stock.


how many games would fit on a nintendo switch with the default storage and all online buys? I dont like to have disks


like 1 and a half. The default storage is pitiful, i think it's ~25 gb and even switch games can be up to 10gb. However you can easily buy an SD card and slot that in and it'll have another 100 gb to use and you'll never fill that up.


jeez, games are 15gb+? I thought theyd be smaller for nintendo


I have the 32gb model and all the Eshop's Touhou related games and the patches for physical copies of SBBU, MK8, ACNH takes up 24gb
>I dont like to have disks
they're little cards and they are cute and smell like nice computer
anon^ is right any old MicroSD can be used


>Console games are so expensive.
I buy used games for like $15, and if you're on xbox you can just get game pass for cheap and use it on PC too if so you want (I don't), a happy side effect is that almost all games on GP drop price because no one wants to pay for them anymore, just got scarlet nexus on disc for $20 when it was $60 some months ago because it's on game pass now.

>you end up paying just as much for comparably atrocious performance.

My Xbox Series X is objectively more powerful than a RTX 2080 for much less money, how is that "atrocious performance"?

It's obvious that none of you have touched consoles in no less than a decade and continue spouting BS you heard on /v/ ten years ago.


>you need a PC for non-gaming use
I figured I can just use my phone for everything I do on my pc, I don't really use my pc for anything except to play videogames and browse the internet, playing on a console and occasionally looking at stuff on my phone would be more comfortable


Playing online is free on PC though, if you are into that. That was one of the thing that pissed me off on PS4. Like, let's say I want to get back into an older game like Dark Souls 2, I'm locked out of multiplayer because of that bullshit paywall, and it also is harmful to the game as there are less players susceptible to be playing online for that same reason.


While that is a valid concern (in fact the only valid concern that I have seen ITT so far) inpractice the impact is not as big as you expect.

Game Pass Ultimate on Xbox already includes the games + online play so I don't really feel like I'm paying extra to play multiplayer online, and I think that the majority of people playing lets say "Halo" online actually come from consoles instead of PC so the less players thing doesn't seem to hold up.


File: 1638311826765.jpeg (290.65 KB, 1520x1013, 1520:1013, 165C63C2-993E-4427-8114-5….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

you can't be serious, what is even in those? I understand some things like uncompressed audio takes space but thats insane :/ bravely default only takes 3gb
can't customize your browser though like on pc, wish all websites looked like pic related
really hope that gamepass or game streaming services never take off


Halo is huge so it's totally irrelevant, besides Infinite is free to play, but that's besides the point. I'm talking about lesser known or older titles where that can definitely have an impact on returning players and on the player base in general.

It's still locked behind a paywall no matter how you look at it. Ironically the way you talk of the game pass reminds me of how Sony masterfully sugarcoated its transition to a paying online service by renting games back when PS+ got its start, ten years ago. It was a pretty good deal back then so nobody minded when the PS4 made it mandatory to be a subscriber to play online. Since then not only have they made it more expensive, but the "free" games have gotten worse qualitatively.
Now even nintendo does it, and although their prices are more reasonable, a paywall remains a paywall no matter how you look at it, and "giving away" stuff does not change that fact. Feel like playing Mario Kart or Smash online for an hour or two? Oh shit you're no longer subscribed, but it's ok, you get access to some indie shovelware and useless virtual goodies if you renew.


>can't customize your browser though like on pc
False, you can customize the browser, websites and shit just fine on Android if you use Kiwi browser, I even use the same extensions as in my laptop.

Seriously none of you even do a little research before posting?


PC gaming is objectively superior, if you have the time/money to invest in keeping the computer up to date.

I'm much too poor and retarded to do that, so I've been a console gamer forever


Don't get the point of this thread. Everything a console can do, a PC can do and a million other things on top of it. Consoles are usually just shitty PCs with a shitty OS that's often region locked and doesn't let you pirate anything. If you have money to waste, I guess buying a dedicated device for playing games is OK, but it's increasingly becoming not worth it. Less and less console exclusives, more and more expensive games and bullshit subscriptions you have to pay for. That's why they can sell the consoles themselves on a loss.

>games just werk!!

Buying shit on steam or pirating is easy as fuck. Anyone claiming it isn't is just exaggerating or is completely tech illiterate.
>controller is more comfy!!
You can use a controller on PC…Shit, you can use any of the gorillion peripherals that exists for it.
>muh exclusives!!
Increasingly less of those and more and more options to emulate on PC.
>PC gaming is soulless!!
Consoles were always for normies and children that didn't know any better.


If you wanted to play a game before ~2005 you had to own the system it was played on. Cross platform games were near non existent, except for DOOM. Only in the last 15 years or so has PC been able to play so many titles and consoles have lost almost all exclusives.


some games I played with online didnt have crossplay between pc and console and the pc servers are dead, I was told only the console servers had players


how much does that cost though? getting a new console every 5 years and buying all your games.

i feel like you can splurge on pc upgrading every 4 years and play free and pirated games and still end up spending much less. plus you can mine crypto on your graphics card when not gaming, so it kind of pays for itself in a sense


I dont want to get a virus from pirated games though, you can say they might not have viruses but that still doesnt make me paranoid. I was thinking that after a console stops being supported people will probably find a way to hack it and you'll be able to run a lot of games on it


>Consoles are usually just shitty PCs with a shitty OS that's often region locked

Consoles have not been region locked for like a decade lmao, you all keep confirming to me that no one you have played consoles in 10 years and you're all full of shit yet you talk like you know, I will keep defending console gaming because none of you have any idea of what you're talking about, and because I have the 3 main consoles so I can give you an idea what to expect.

So far the only valid argument I see is the online paywall, at current GPU prices consoles are much better value.

Also put the "muh expensive games" argument to rest, you can get used games very cheap online, the prices drop to steam levels a couple of months after launch.

The only exception are Nintendo games that almost never drop price, but Switch is the only current console that can be hacked to play games for free if you have an old version.


I've never gotten a virus from a pirated game. Just make sure to throughly scan it after you got it and use a reliable uploaders


even if there is no virus I am still paranoid as to why someone would hack games and release them for free with no clear incentive. It might be a scenario where most of a hackers releases are clean to build rep and then a single one has a botnet device packaged in it and no one ever finds out


Fair enough. It's always good to be a little paranoid online


Just have a secure setup. I dont use windows for anything other than games so I dont even care if i get a virus


it's a challenge to crack games, like solving a puzzle. and you gain internet points/fame from being the first to do it for a title


Viruses that you do not know of. Modern viruses are botnets that avoid virus scanners because just about every program acts like a botnet these days.


steam is the biggest botnet of them all, maybe second to windows


No it isn't.
It isn't a botnet at all.


Consoles are objectively the best option unless you want to spend $1500+ and you absolutely need to have the best experience regardless of anything else.

For example in my case I don't have a proper desktop PC, only a cheap laptop that I use for school, but I have the 3 main consoles (just because I wanted the PS and nintendo exclusives you can get by with only a xbox), if I wanted to get a proper gayming PC it would be very expensive and the experience wouldn't be that much better.

Doing some quick numbers a proper gaming monitor would $350 or more, the PC parts with a RTX2080 would be another $1200-1500 and I would need some extra space on my desktop and maybe buy a controller, then I would have to deal with a bunch of problems running the games because the driver issues are still a pain in the ass, even more with Windows 11

Compare that with just buying a console and connecting it to a 4KHDR TV and play shit for $500 without worries, and you rest assured that you won't have to spend another cent in hardware for the next 5 years, the "but you can do X shit on PC" argument is dumb, I can already do almost anything on my cheap laptop except playing, and it's still cheaper than a proper gaming PC.

If you have something worse than a RTX2080 there's literally no reason to pay more upgrading your PC instead of just buying a console


consoles are for casuals. you cant compete with mnk


>gaming monitor would $350
"Gaming Monitor" is the epitome of a meaningless buzzword. Office monitors come in >90% NTSC/Adobe RGB. Latency deviations between consumer and COONSOOMOR monitors is so negligible; your gunshots being shown on screen 1/1550th of a second later on a standard monitor isn't going to shrek your KDR. Name brand mfgs eliminated ghosting entirely on all their panels a few years ago. Curved screens are statistically less easy to see motion on. A need for a "gaming" monitor is akin to the need for a "gaming" chair or "gaming" headset. The "Gaming" implies a cosmetic appeal, not a functional one.

120hz+ is nice though, especially on racing games. like you said a 4kHDR TV can be just as cheap. I was using a 30" 4K TV as a monitor for gaming and I kicked ass every day. I'd recommend a small 4K TV to anyone who does creative or CADD work.


I feel like I want to be a casual now, I dont like getting all sweaty over a video game anymore, I just want to have fun


If cheaper, faster than 85% of all PC gamers and easier gaming is for casuals, then yes I'm a casual :^)


What you save on the console, you make up in 60 dollar games and online subscriptions. Being a casual is never cheap lol


>$60 dollar games
lmao you can get cheap games on console too, plenty of $20 games around some months after launch (the only exception are nintendo games, those little bastards almost never drop price for some reason).

>online subscriptions

I pay like $15 a month for game pass and it includes online + games already, there's a trick to get 3 years of game pass very cheap but I was dumb and didn't do it, that's my fault.

Still cheaper than PC, not even owning 3 consoles + online subscriptions are the same price as a full PC from scratch, and with better performance too.



What? Monitors are one of the few scenarios where the "gaming" prefix is justified. Only reason to have a high refresh rate monitor is for gaming, and yes, it does matter. Those extra frames really do help you aim and register an enemy coming on screen quicker.

They are a waste of money if you don't play games that require twitch reflexes, though.


unironic console warring on /games/, it's like i'm on /v/


Deal with it, much more people are realizing that is not worth paying so much money to have a 5% better experience than with consoles, GPU's are a massive scam and that goes 2x now.


>Only reason to have a high refresh rate monitor is for gaming
I agree! As is written so because i did posted even said mentioned that I believe in 120hz is nice for gaming. I was pointing out that much of the other fluff touted in advertising materials for "gaming" monitors (Colour accuracy, indiscernible low update lag, viewing angle and ghosting) are specs equally present in standard monitors, but just not advertised. This goes back to my belief that the "gaming" label isn't indicative of a superior spec set, but rather an admittance that the design and packaging is meant to appeal to a certain aesthetic, one in which a defining aspect of it is the redundant listing of functions and features to make the whole thing appear more intelligent and superior to run-of-the-mill models.

Like how gaming chairs might advertise 100% REALISTIC FUAX VYNOLEUM PLEATHER despite all office chairs being made of such fabric. The office chair company doesn't advertise it because it's just a given standard at this point - the GAMING CHAIR plasters it up front and centre as if it's something special because that's what trvu gvmers want to see on their box.


>Still cheaper than PC, not even owning 3 consoles + online subscriptions are the same price as a full PC from scratch, and with better performance too.
What bizaro world are you living in?
That is a blatant lie.


It's the usual coonsumer cope. My product better than your product.


Quick numbers

PsPlus 1 Year: $60
Switch Online 1 year:$20
Xbox Gold 1 year: $60 (for $5 more after you can make it Game Pass Ultimate)


Now do the math and give me a similar budget for a comparable PC from scratch, anything less than a RTX2080 and a Ryzen 7 3700X (more of less the specs for XSX) are invalid, C'mon I'll wait.


>anything less than a RTX2080
Why though? Nearly all games are still benchmarked for >60fps at 1920x0180 on maximum settings with the GTX1080


The idea is to compare price and specs, the most powerful console (XSX) is a tiny bit better than a RTX 2080 so I would expect a comparable PC to have at least that much.





Lmao you just confirmed what I've been saying, consoles are absolutely best value and you people don't know shit about consoles.


>under budget
>higher performance
>Lmao you just confirmed what I've been saying



I checked the same build using PC part picker,that $500 build now it's around $800 and with lower specs than both consoles in 2021.


Still under budget.
Also you say "spec" when I said performance.
The performance is better in a objectively measurable way.
Your subjective speculations on the specifications of hardware don't really mean dick in context.


OP here, I have been having some annoying hardware trouble with my pc lately, it's only about 13 months since I built this one and trashed my last build I used for 10 years. It is just making switching to a console look better than ever, this is just really annoying and I have to do a bunch of tests and crap to figure out what is wrong with it now and if it is even fixable. As a NEET I don't really have much options other than saving up christmas and birthday money to fix things


>when pc has problem usually user can fix it
>when console has problem usually the user has to buy a totally brand new console
>last computer lasted 10 years
>most consoles don't last 5
Yup, sure seems better and you totally aren't just deflecting and "putting on a different hat" as the phase goes.


my 3ds from 2013 still works :/ but I take care of it, keep it in a wool satchel and never used the speakers or flicked the other switches. lost my original stylus though ;-; but I bought another one from nintendo.


Yes performance is better than past gen consoles, but the new consoles have objectively better performance than pretty much any PC under $1000.


This is yet another lie, you can actually fix consoles, and the last consoles that had severe problems were the 1st gen PS3 and 360 and that was 15 years ago, I still have my slim PS3 and works fine.

Why you keep lying about consoles? it's so hard to admit that you don't shit about them?


I have seen no evidence of that.


Usually you can't fix console problems. Sometimes you can but usually when a hardware issue happens you as the user are unlikely to realistically be able to do much about it.
This isn't at all a lie.
Your anecdotes are worthless.


same, my ps triple has 13 years of use and still working like new.


It is not disputable that it is orders of magnitude more feasible to replace a broken part in a PC than a console. Just opening a console will void your warranty, and the parts are proprietary and working with them often requires specialized tools. I personally have broken 2x PS1, PS2, xbox, xbox 360. All hardware generally breaks eventually and the newer generations arent that old yet


File: 1638889614591.jpg (42.6 KB, 436x391, 436:391, fujiwarahonk.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Just opening a console will void your warranty
Ah but if it's under warranty why open it at all? Why not just send it in to get fixed? (trick question!!!) No console comes with a warranty! The last to do so was the Nintendo Gamecube - the toughest built console ever!


People are just coming up with bullshit to attack consoles again, so far I've seen

>Draconian DRM that doesn't let you play used games (False)

>The games are always very expensive (False)
>You can't record gameplay on console (False)
>PC's are cheaper (False, there's absolutely no $500 PC as powerful as a current gen console)
>Consoles can't be repaired and/or have very limited lifetimes (False)

Something else?


>I personally have broken 2x PS1, PS2, xbox, xbox 360.
You're just shit at repairing things, there are literal shops and bussineses that do this for a living and unless it's a widespread hardware issue like the RROD on 360 they successfully repair consoles all the time.


I dont play vidya anymore but I have a reason against consoles. My cousin got banned and lost all of his games.


lost my minecraft account when microsoft bought mojang and migrated to the new accounts, can't play diablo 3 offline and fell for the steam meme (just a drm gui frontend) meanwhile I can boot the ps3 versions of mc, d3 and start playing offline.
too bad most of the ps3 multiplayer servers are shut down now, I thought moving to pc would fix that but encountered the above issues :(


Stop listening to these fags OP, they have been brainwashed by 4chan memes into hating consoles for no reason, buy a switch lite and enjoy it, if you have a bit more money it would be worth looking into buying a hackable switch on ebay and pirating the games.


The hardcore samefagging in this thread is disgusting.


who is samefagging?


my switch dock just died, OP when you buy a switch buy a second dock it will die


any progress on the hacking of the newer switches on the market? everyone says to look for an older used model but that will not be an option forever…


my parents bought me a switch lite, the regular one is too expensive for us apparently, I guess I'll rate the experience in 3 weeks


your parents still buy you things?


at least your mom can afford to get dicked alone in hawaii apparently. the oled version is worth the price.


They already have it for you, but you still have to wait for Christmas day to receive it from them?


yeah, do you guys not do that?


File: 1639011011141.jpeg (167.98 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 591114464f2262cc786ce5939….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Christmas is about giving so why don't they give it to you? Let you enjoy it instead of dangling it in front of your face like a carrot and and also you're a horse? It'll let you play the Christmas events of the games for this year, you'd have access to pre-Christmas sale games, you wouldn't be at your post-gift-opening Christmas festivities all anxious and sweaty waiting to play your new sweaty game console, having a game now would get you out of there face for a least like 30 minutes a day and let them breathe for Christ's sake, more time for it to break before the warranty expires (all consoles have great warranties). The surprise is ruined so for convenience they should just hand you the goods. Show them this post.


that sounds easy but I dont want to make it awkward so I'm waiting and looking at games I'll ask them to buy later


please spoiler that ass man i cant control my wand


no switch until the booster shot


I wouldn't mind getting a booster shot if they gave me a free switch after, I got the 2 normal shots already and nothing happened to me.


File: 1639071771151.jpg (45.73 KB, 600x411, 200:137, not_wojak.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1639072526881.jpeg (1.4 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, BBF6C7F2-CE13-49A1-8C38-1….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


is that what heaven looks like?


I recently hacked my Switch you can bring a shop as fast if not faster than the official shop but for free it is great


Do you have the hardmodable V1 or the newer revisions? Nintendo's anti-piracy division has been really good at making new systems identify CFW recently. They do like a VAC BAN thing where they will monitor for CFW and warez, let you play them normally while switching to vanilla FW to do online stuff, etc, then ban your system from online out of the blue some days or weeks later to maximize effected pirates. Seriously check your CFW's social media or RSS daily because a quick patch can save your system.


I used something called incognito mode to protect my sysnand while I use emunand for games, also I used the RCM jig method and much easier than Vita, 3DS or Wii U modding.


>RCM jig
Yeah you're good then. The bootloader / recovery sector of memory on these models isn't writable from the "inside" of the switch so it can never be patched out, and anti-piracy systems aren't loaded at all until vanilla FW has been launched so you can do anything past that menu without real risk. Do take care of it though because RCM-compatible models are appreciating in value and rarity.


I have a hacked switch, was dumb and ended up being banned so I couldn't play online,but I could still pirate all good games to play offline, bought a switch OLED to play online but then I realized that online was dogshit and not worth it and ended up returning it.


If I want to update a game that got DLC I paid for in Sysnand while only using Emunand for pirated stuff can Nintendo ban me?


i want to get a switch for my siblings for christmas and would like to hack it to save everyone as much money as possible. what do i look for to find rcm models? when you say rcm, are you talking about the paperclip thing involving the right joycon port?


File: 1639435674272.png (357.89 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot from 2021-12-13….png) ImgOps iqdb

i only play dreamcast and playstation 2 because they are easy to softmod.


seems like you would be a slave to the jew if you switch to console


A PS4 exploit was released today for a newish firmware, did I mention that even piracy is easier on console? No weird patches and viruses, since the security is on the console and not in the game once the console is hacked is literally install the game, the console does the word.

>Implying you're not a slave to the jew already.


When I last followed the state of playstation privacy, you could only run games that were 1 or 2+ years old, had to always worry about which firmware you're on, ruined console if you update accidentally, couldnt connect online at all or risk Sony bricking you, had to keep checking and hoping for a firmware to get hacked or released, etc


anyone know some good 2-player switch games i could try getting installed for my siblings prior to christmas?



the new Mario Party is really good


The hardware hackable models are identifiable by their serial number
There is a list there. These are the ones that can't be patched out. Newest models are technically hackable, but through software execution tricks that the Switch's OS can detect. Sellers on eBay are smart to list if their switch is hackable through hardware, but smarter to know to charge full-bundle prices for just the tablet portion. You'd probably want just the tablet though because Joycons from release time are all pretty worse for wear and the analogue sticks from then suffered from various drift issues. Refurbished joycans, docks, pro controllers, better third-party controllers, replacement batteries and full shells can all be found on Amazon. An RCM jig can be substituted with a paper clip as you said, but a solid jig helps if you want to swap between homebrew and vanilla FW to play online.


Thanks for the help folks.
I bought one tonight for like 400ish bucks, seller claims serial is XAW1000. Hopefully they didn't "accidentally" add an extra zero and it's good to go.
So far I got Smash, but I will look into that too. I found someone putting it on OneDrive but first zip didn't work after downloading it.
That was one of the first things I looked up. Good to hear it's actually decent.


Have they fixed the joy con issues on the oled switch?


how much do you weigh?


Been reading that it is extremely easy to get console banned with a switch. Does anyone have a good idea of practice on how to pirate games while avoiding ban triggers? I do not intend for my siblings to play online with the switch (for now anyway). I wanted to pirate a bunch of games and have them installed by Christmas so they can enjoy the switch together over winter break, and retain the possibility of online play in the future with greater exploits or actually purchasing game licenses.


Following up, I figured out from some more searching that I should just use emunand and give it no internet access for piracy. Maybe there is more to it. My new question is how to overcome the missing sigpatch problem with Gold leaf/Quark. I updated to 13.2 through Daybreak. I have a few games like Smash Bros Ultimate and Mario Kart successfully installed.


Another update: don't get sigpatches from gbatemp like I did. The ones from the FAQ linked on 4chan/vg's console hacking thread are better. Installed the ten-odd games I was previously unable to with no further issues.


Just found out my brothers cracked the screen on the switch I got them for christmas. Kids are so fucking stupid.


i've yet to see a kid's smartphone or other electronic device without a cracked screen. tablets, ipads, phones. they just get a new one from their parents every eyar anwyays. absolutely insane


Children being rough and irresponsible
Oh no, who could have ever seen or expected that?
It totally isn't typical behavior of kids at all.


It really isn't


You're right, nobody should ever post because then you will throw a tantrum.


I had many portable gaming devices as a kid and I never broke them. They aren’t that hard to keep intact.


Who would go and lie on the internet? For what purpose?


It's clearly a third world fag butthurt that they can't afford consoles, they act like they're PC master race when they have CPUs and GPUs from ten years ago.


you are lucky. you either dont have any interactions with kids, or the kids behave themselves. my sister's kids have a drawer full of 2 broken laptops, keyboards, mice, headsets, and phones with cracked screens


I grew up on PC then switched to console for a time and am back on PC. I just shelled out money for an expensive laptop that overtime would come to be cheaper than a new console plus online subscriptions. I think a major part of me going back to PC is that I still enjoy Dota and CSGO which obviously aren't console friendly


Same. In fact, I was more careful with my devices back then because I knew I couldn't simply buy a new one.


They just put the main modder of the switch in prison for 3 years and fined him 14.5 million dollars.
Because modifying your own hardware and teaching people to modify their hardwear in console land is quite literally a crime.

Meanwhile I can do whatever I want to my PC hardwear.


>Meanwhile I can do whatever I want to my PC hardwear.
Depending on the manufacturer, it is just as illegal to modify your PC. Nintendo is infamously bad about this though.


Has anyone been fined millions of dollars and thrown in jail for modifying their pc?
I am going to guess no.


I think there's a significant split. Some children are careful, some are degenerate pieces of shit. Not sure of the percentage split or even which is most common. I was always very careful. I remember lending other children my games and judging whether they were rats that could be trusted or not. Some were fine, some would destroy anything they touched, scratching any game disc in 5 minutes somehow


File: 1644906826535.png (121.16 KB, 797x528, 797:528, shrug.png) ImgOps iqdb

I don't know I'd have to look it up.


Eh he was selling hardware hacks to pirate games that are almost entirely illegal, he wasn't just posting instructions about how to hack the device "and do whatever the fuck you want" those are everywhere and no one ever bothers them (or the websites full of pirate PS4 and switch games) this faggot on the other hand was selling expensive hardware with the explicit purpose of pirating games.

Using the retarded "consolefags go to prison for piracy! meanwhile I can do whatever I want on my PC" argument doesn't make any sense because it's not directly comparable, a much better comparison would be if you were selling an expensive piece of hardware for PC that spoofed steam servers to download games for free.


the issue isn't modding hardware or distributing information about how to do the modding. it's selling the modded product that violated another's intellectual property. some people got into trouble for selling what was essentially copy replacement 'outer covers' for the playstation 5 because the design violated sony's ip. it's the reason why you can't just repaint an xbox blue and sell it as something else. the ip for computer hardware isn't really about the entire package. at best one company has an ip for the computer case, another for the motherboard (or many), ditto for the designs of connectors like usb (i think you have to pay royalties for included usb on your device). the way you would violate ip for a PC would be taking out for 3060 graphics card, modding it, and selling it as a new product. there is also the issue that the guy was selling a subscription service for access to pirated games. plus human beings are the ones making these decisions not robots, money is involved, precedents must be set, things become political fast. could be wrong, i also can't find super detailed info on what exactly the guy was doing. it seems all news sites just regurgitate the same 5 factoids


File: 1658484277187.webm (2.57 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, mega man legends 2022-07-….webm) ImgOps iqdb

i have always been a console gamer. i have never played a pc game long enough to finish it


goddamn that's like 4000 calories. You eat that twice a day I bet you are a 600 pound motherfucker


File: 1662427093355.png (875.07 KB, 770x1015, 22:29, byodq0lkrzg61.png) ImgOps iqdb

wasnt superior back then when i saw my brother nut to a gta stripper on the ps2


The right side of this image is the only reasonably attainable reward I could obtain for fixing my wizardly behavior.


File: 1675404407739.gif (730.17 KB, 255x255, 1:1, CE6D0CE6-5E4B-4F06-A7B6-25….gif) ImgOps iqdb

Consoles are to play online since it inhibits cheaters more. Pc to enjoy multiple games usually for offline, and cheaper if you know what you are doing. I play on the cloud because im not a boomer and do not need to play multiple games. If anything id get another pc before i get a console. Heck i could buy 4xbox controllers with that green toilet paper.


oh and by multiple games i mean the whole selection of games available on any console since you can emulate on pc and pirate kek


>Consoles are to play online since it inhibits cheaters more
but you have to pay an extra fee to play online on console.


it's true my bud had an amazing time in console elden ring while i was one shot 90% of the time i tried to fight anyone on pc


Did you try leveling vigor?

With amount of buffs and skill combos you really don't have to cheat to output massive damage with a properly set up build. Vigor is a must for pvp.


File: 1675457578237.jpeg (128.52 KB, 660x705, 44:47, 07EA5380-2282-4298-A2FE-D….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

you cant put a cheat engine in a game console. You cant even pirate on console. The only way to truly cheat is by putting a strike pack or cronus zen on your controller. Which would only effect fps games that’s why i don't play fps games anymore. All pc fps players that are on top of the charts cheat. Thats why no one uses Adderall anymore and there are female “competitive players”


I'm sorry, but you can't be a wiz if you care about modern online multiplayer games.


Go play your 5000th round of quake you no fun faggot.


File: 1675526804451.jpg (108.71 KB, 851x993, 851:993, FknzuBTXoAES0dL.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Modern multiplayer is a crowd-controlled virtual daycare. It's a hippie utopia of hand-holding, tattle-tailing, everyone wins nonsense. Even if the objective is to explode the boy's head, you're not allowed to smile when you do because that's not inclusive towards the people who couldn't. Microphone chatter is being recorded and scanned by a voice-recognizer in realtime for naughty chewing noises. Mistyping African country names gets you insta-banned from singleplayer. Better look up at the floating George Floyd monument for the required time to earn a weapon. Buy some goofy skins designed to bring awareness to misogynistic harassment in the game jounralism industry. It's kingergarten for people who are too mentally challenged to enroll in a real one. If you typed what you just typed in your post in to an EU4/EU5/Valve/Bathesda chatbox, your local authorities would be notified.

Private dedicated servers are the past, present, and future of online gaeming. I want to stab a guy in the balls, call his dog a lousy layabout, type his IP in chat, t-bag his corpse, and spray my Mussolini Smoking A Blunt logo in front of his spawn door. He wants to do the same to me. Mutual competition is born and good times are had. Quake was a great game, still is.


>Quake was a great game, still is.
if its so good then why is it dead, I havnt been able to find anyone to play with in 10 years except boomers that just play clan arena(the worst gamemode ever conceived and an atrocity on mankind)


this was week 1-2 on PC, 90% of the people were cheaters nothing to do with builds ive played souls since demons so I know what's legit or not


I'm too busy on fightcade. Modern fighting games are okay.


File: 1675542642113.jpg (34.38 KB, 334x482, 167:241, Fnss_uMWAAAczGw.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>if Quake is so good then why is it dead

because Quake 2 is better


fake outrage trying to stir up drama again, back to kotakuinaction with you wild crab


That conflicts pretty heavily with my personal experience playing on pc.
It was exceptionally rare for me to come across someone cheating in elden ring online when I did pvp.


Everything I typed is true.

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