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Do you like puzzle games? I want to get into puzzle games but I feel like I am too stupid or like I'm too old to get into them now, but they look appealing to me with lots of bright colors and casual play. I think the only puzzle game I played a little is tetris but I suck at it and I can't strategize fast enough. And maybe bubble bauble when I was a really youn kid but I don't know if that is a puzzle.

Are there any puzzle games I'm missing? What's your favorite?


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>he hasn't played the 90s oddworld games

they're dirt cheap on steam and a fucking blast to play through. i played exoddus first because it's objectively better but abe's oddysee is iconic too. they both have free demos on steam as well.

play them. NOW. what's stopping you?


Meteos, Lumines


There was that one made by the Tetris guy for Microsoft. Pandora's boxi think.


>they're dirt cheap on steam
They're free on emulation sites


Where's a new one that came out recently, have you tried it?


File: 1638487661757.gif (101.81 KB, 220x165, 4:3, 220px-Baba_is_you_gameplay.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I think baba is you is pretty original and fun


is anyone interested in puyo vs?


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