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This game sucks. The controls are slippery and stiff, the camera is obnoxious and the graphics are ugly and outdated.

This game is only popular because of nostalgia and shitty memes.


Wow, it’s like I’m really on /v/.


File: 1641987997846.jpeg (68.08 KB, 256x330, 128:165, 92D0BA7C-AE67-423F-B30E-C….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>overrated games
dark souls is so awful and annoying to play, part of the game is purposely dying over and over, I dont understand why this is regarded so highly, it’s not fun, it’s not rewarding, what’s the point


When you truly learn to play it becomes easy and fun I even completed entire blighttown without dying or resting on bonfire on my faith build.I even killed npc invader melinda.Dark souls only becomes fun on 2d or 3d playthrough when you learn game truly.I also hated the game in my first playthrough


Saying SM64 sucks is like saying The Wizard of Oz sucks. Both are true, but both are also missing the point for the context.


it was awesome for its time


>When you truly learn to play it becomes easy and fun
what happened to something being able to be simultaneously hard and also fun? Why do I need to play the game so much for it to be easy so that I can have fun


The learning is supposed to be the fun part. The gratification come from dunking on enemies that have you trouble before. It’s why people praise the world design and atmosphere and not the gameplay, cause the gameplay itself is rather flat.


My problem is you don't actually "learn" anything, you just memorized the map, there's no instance where you can learn in the moment, you just basically bash your head into things until you give yourself a sense of sage-like ability where you know what's gonna happen before anything happens


Memorization is indeed learning.
you just basically bash your head into things until you give yourself a sense of sage-like ability where you know what's gonna happen before anything happens
Yes, that's exactly what the game is. And even though it's cheap it generates a sense of accomplishment. I'm not defending it as some bastion of game design, but it's why people like it.


This. Tried to replay recently, wasn't much fun anymore. The good memories are forever though.


Looks like someone needs to get good


previously on /v/ jr


I could get into this game and many other N64 titles if the analog stick actually fucking worked!


Dark Souls is literally a game that was released in its alpha-beta stage.
i refuse to take it seriously for this reason and i consider anyone who's obsessed with it to be an actual retarded person.


it's popular so it sucks


The game was great given it's context. It is only a good game if you actually are used to the limitations of the time period. If you are a zoom zoom who never played those old 90s games and went straight from the modern era to Mario 64 then of course you are going to think it is a shit game.


It's a game that punishes you for not being precise and careful even with the camera. It's a good rage game and speedrun game because even a small amount of error can set you back to the beginning of the level potentially ending a run. I think it's better than most if not all 3d platformers because it is actually challenging and can make a grown wizard (like you) rage and turn the game off. I grew up with Spyro and Crash and never played Mario 64. Short of 100%ing Crash and Spyro there is zero challenge. Did better games come after and even before Mario 64? Yes, but it might be some of the best of its genre.


Anyone who has trouble beating SM64 without dying is mentally and/or psychically stunted. I beat it when I was 6 and I'm both mentally and physically stunted, but I guess not as much as you are.


N64 is still a great game and everyone saying it was good only in its context is retarded




The N64 as a whole was a really great console but the controller sucks


Mario games have always been used as proof of concept works, sm64 was no exception. It showed what the N64 could do and it was kinda cool, but that's it


I'm not even a big of a fan of the game, but you have to give credit where credit is due. Look at Mario 64 within the context of when it was released. It was pretty much the first proper 3D platformer and leagues ahead of the competition. Compare Mario 64 to Bubsy 3D, for example. If you play Mario 64 today it doesn't hold up that well, but that's partially because the game is fucking 25 years old, and partially because the design of that game has subsequently been absorbed by games that came after it, so you take it for granted (kind of how GTA III is pretty bad by today standards, but was absolutely mind blowing when it came out and was the blueprint for every open world game after it).
Mario 64 figured out platform movement in 3D space, and it pretty much served as the basis for every single 3D game with platform elements after it (up until a certain point). If it wasn't for Mario 64 we'd probably still have retarded Lara Croft grid based platforming in 2005 or something.


It was pretty good.
Every few years I play it and it still holds up and is a fun time.
The negativity seems pretty unwarranted, and to automatically dismiss anyone liking the games as blinded by nostalgia seem intentionally inflammatory.


Yes, I agree 100%, as does Sunshine and Galaxy.

But I don't like 3D platformers, with the exception of original Crash Bandicoot
Neither do I like Super Mario World, but SMB3 is one of the best games ever, on any platform.


I wish there were more of those secret levels where fludd is kidnapped. Mario has such great control and you don't get to notice it much because most of the game is either intended for utilizing fludd or cheesing things with it.


I'm honestly tired of a 25 year old game getting remade all the time and getting publicity. It and all the other N64 games need to die out in popularity and new games need to take the spotlight. The mods by Kaze are really good and perfect the techniques used for the technology but that's really it. Other mods that try to change the game from its core appeal should try elsewhere.

Also I can understand why it's still beloved for a Mario game. Other Mario games nerfed the hell out of the movement. It's super satisfying to move, build up speed, and correct mistakes, unlike Mario Sunshine, Galaxy, and from what I've seen, Odyssey. Sunshine nerfed the movement so much that FLUDD is the best option. I will agree that the spin jumps are amazing, but overall, no long jumps and bad horizontal movement options limit Mario badly. Galaxy was understandably slower overall with good movement options like the spin, long jumps, etc. It's just slower and not as satisfying as Mario 64. Odyssey is a game I haven't played. It takes a lot of repetitive movement like the hat jumps. It looks super tedious to go upward. The long jump working better at a diagonal is pretty cool and the rolling is cool though. Still looks super tedious though.

I see it as a different game to all the others concerning movement. It's faster paced and more rewarding. I find the movement is the main reason I and others love it so much. I agree the camera can suck though. Graphics are okay for me. You can really see the camera sucking in different rom hacks. I think they designed the levels around the camera or something.


I like Sunshine and never really understood why it was disliked so much on the internet. Maybe it's nostalgia and I too would hate it if I were to play it today. I loved the atmosphere and found the game very pleasing aesthetically, and I still do today.


The one thing I hate is none of the shines can be obtained out of order (as far as I can remember), so you are forced to do episodes you might not like to unlock more on the same level.


Game still holds up and I also think it's good. People hated on it because it was very different from the expectations of what a Mario game was supposed to be at the time. It had nothing to do with the overall quality of the game.


Sunshine was great. I loved that era of games where just being able to explore in 3d was such a novelty. I don't know if it would hold up now or not but I bet it would still be pretty fun.


File: 1647869767375.png (313.8 KB, 640x404, 160:101, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

doom 1/2, I don't understand why this game has such a large following and such a large amount of fan content, other than maybe how easy it is to make maps for and mod? Anyone can make some low res spritework and textures and then paste them into a basically 2d doom level, every single mod just sucks, the main game sucks, what's so fun about it?

It's an extremely bare-bones shooter where you run through confusing labyrinth-esque hallways looking for door keys and shooting at an annoying amount of monsters whose main tactic is to walk at you and shoot. I've never managed to make it completely through either doom 1 or 2, not because it was hard, it's just so boring, the fatigue or running through maps akin to the windows 3d maze screensaver is too much to handle


what you call bare-bones others would call pure, its free from "bloat" no dialogue or story or plot or quests, other than to move and shoot, the og games are a bit too old i can admit but mods like brutal doom is some of the most fun fps experience ever


>its free from "bloat" no dialogue or story or plot or quests, other than to move and shoot
That's not true at all, almost every single level is driven by keycards and mazes with puzzle mechanics that serve to increase your play time by making you backtrack. Many levels don't even require you to shoot at all as long as you can get the keycards and get to the exit without dying. The combat experience is clearly second to completing map objectives (key cards) because it is not even good, there is almost zero skill required in this aspect since you have 100% vertical autoaim and a large area of horizontal autoaim as well.


It's just fun, just running around a shooting demons, looking for secrets and shit. If you can't handle base doom's level design idk what to tell you, you may have add or something if it's really that much hassle to look for the keys. And yeah it's a 1993 game of course it's going to look old.


1. keycard-door is a simple way to manage the level's progress, if not for them the game would practically be just a big corridor, and enemies tping in make backtracking not as pointless as it could have been
2. not required to hit enemies to finish level isnt bad or good, i think it would be annoying to not be able to reach finish and exit because you didnt kill that one imp somewhere
3. i think the verttical accuracy is and constant strafing are just the limitation of the tech at the time
i dunno m8 i just think its a simple fun fps game for its time, with some wads its even good now


File: 1648065573858.png (166.08 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 14BA1755-F9DD-497E-A2CA-C8….png) ImgOps iqdb

user created content is that saved it, I never touched the vanilla game haha. there is a certain charm in "anyone can mod"
scramble the letters and thats what doom is to me
MOOD (mod)
add fag here and the puzzle aspect of doom is what I like :/ wish there were maze levels with zero enemies like a dungeon crawler searches forums for such mod


>I don't understand why this game has such a large following
It's literally the first proper FPS game ever, besides Wolfenstein 3D, so there's a first mover advantage there. They also marketed the game through shareware copies of the first episode which was very effective in popularizing it at the time, plus the multiplayer and modding scene gave it a lot of longevity as well. All of this was enough to keep the game relevant well past it's release date, where it then pretty much became entrenched in gaming culture and it never really left.


>wish there were maze levels with zero enemies
There's one called The Given that's supposedly pretty good, I'm sure there's more


Quake was the first proper 3D fps game and was also marketed through shareware copies, it also had a much more popular multiplayer with quake world and also way more mods including professional mods that earned a lot of companies lots of money. But look, now it's 2022 and quake is dead and doom is still being rated as some godly creation.

I guess this is it, the only reason it's popular is because even a 12 year old could make mods for it


Maybe because doom is actually fun and quake isn't most of the time.

I can boot up the original doom and still have a good time playing it. I can't say the same about just any game, and quake is a game that lost it's luster for me almost a decade ago.


>shareware/modding scene
thats not exclusive to doom though :/ wasn't there but read that id asked modders to require a "legit copy" (lol!) of doom for their wads and they agreed. "bootleg" or freeware copies were being sold with custom wads not made by id but they were lucky they did not release doom during the 80s software civil wars


I know it's bait but modding is self expression invente- maybe not invented but rediscovered during the 80s, because of that 12 year old dreaming to make his own games we have game demos now so enjoy the cake (even if you weren't there to wrestle the goat) you're welcome


Quake I is trash, actually all quake games are trash, people only played them for the awesome graphics when they came out, Quake III in particular was so much worse than UT that the series almost died here.

Every time John Carmack was in charge of ID they released shitty games because they were tech demos, only when he's not around ID can make good games, that was confirmed when Doom Eternal came out.


>good game
>Doom eternal


File: 1649255549647.png (357.76 KB, 1144x847, 104:77, d83e9cefb51e4bef3989934820….png) ImgOps iqdb

Doom was a technical marvel and helped put PC gaming in the homes of millions. It's mod scene continues to this day as there's a lot of fun in "Making the most of what little is available". Making doom art and maps has the same appeal of low-fidelity and simplicity as oekaki art.

Quake was a cultural tribute to American and English horror and accelerated interest in dedicated 3D graphics and accessible 3D development packages. Its code is still run to this day in titles such as Half-Life Alyx and the Titanfall franchise.

Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal were excellent straightforward high-energy shooters that stood out in another era of linear cinematic modern war games. It pushes the limits of optimization, being able to run perfectly on a NSW.

Why do I get the feeling that the guys saying otherwise are the same oddballs who don't even have any interest in owning figurines of their favorite anime succubus? Like even if you found $5 (a dirty bill that a bank machine wouldn't accept) and saw her at a garage sale for $5 you'd be like "Oh yeah her I know her, she's my steam avatar, cool" and then walk away and buy like eggs or milk instead. I can read you people like a book, like a manga even, and I know about the right-to-left top-to-down reading order. How's your OverWatch score? Did you defend a jungle in a league of legend's today? Plebeian pieces of shit I own you


Is this a pasta?


Doom eternal is a shit because the lore makes doom guy to be a fucking anime God instead of a normal man in the wrong place and time (sure in-game he's fast and can carry 10000 guns but gameplay =/= lore), the game + doom 2016 is more like quake than Doom (Although Doom 2016 is more doomish at times), last but not least the engine is not mod friendly which is what makes OG doom so good, the ability to mod however you like.
Also Doom eternal punching's shit, cant even kill a zombie with a punch unlike doom 2016 at the very least


why do you care how much something is rated


File: 1649283445063.jpg (1 MB, 1365x768, 455:256, moko.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



Because it serves as a standard and defines how further productions will be made.


File: 1649329259959.jpg (72.55 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 960x0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I genuinely can not for the life of me figure out why Elden Ring is so popular. There are people calling it a masterpiece. It's nailed on to be "GOTY" for what that is worth. It's going to be a golden standard and inspiration for so many more derivatives which will continue this god awful barren open world trend in every fucking video game.

The game is empty, lifeless and bloated. Environments are stale and dull. Caelid is the most visually appealing zone simply because of how different it is compared to the rest, but even that wears out its welcome towards the end as you ride from point to point, skipping over the same mob of shambling zombies which patrol every road. The open world is filled with nothing but copy and pasted dungeons and enemies. You conquer each dungeon, defeating each cloned boss and you feel nothing. They pose no challenge. Your reward is often something you do not need or want, doomed to rot in your storage for the rest of the game.

The most I can praise are the legacy dungeons as they are more a continuation of the tight and finely tuned linear areas from previous games, filled with unique mobs, challenging enemy placements and bosses worth a damn. Not to mention how gorgeous and well designed they are. Mostly. There's always going to be exceptions like Miquella's Haligtree. But Stormvale Castle and the Academy are two incredible highlights but they are frontloaded at the beginning of the game, where everything is still new and has that glossy sheen. Before the fatigue sets in.

I was bored by the end of Liurna and the rest of the game felt like I was on auto-pilot. I forced myself to clear every dungeon I found to get my moneys worth out of the game and perhaps surprise myself with something new, unique or different. Only to find more cloned layouts and cloned bosses, with the only changing gimmick being that the "floor is lava" or there's 5 invisible walls in a row. Then I got to the consecrated snowgrounds and the game went from being a tedious cakewalk to a tediously painful. Enemies hit like a truck, chunking 60% of your HP in a hit regardless of your high vigour and armour, proving how useless they both are. In return your attacks chip away at them, a testament to the games idea that difficulty = bloated HP bars and endless flippy floppy combos that are hard to dodge. Malenia being perhaps the prime example of this. Lady Maria she isn't. It's no wonder so many people opted to use bullshit builds like Moonvale or Hoarfrost Stomp. The game is throwing this bullshit in your face the whole time. It's only fair to throw it back. "Git gud" doesn't even apply here.

While I was playing I just felt like just going back to Bloodborne or Dark Souls. For the first time I have absolutely no desire to pick up a second playthrough, to try a different build. The idea of dashing through such an uninspired world to fight uninspired bosses fills me with no excitement or interest. The game is just one big checklist of chores. If this is the standard of games going forward, if this is what people want more of in the future then miss me with that gay shit.


Ebin ring is improvement over usual ubishit openworld.


If you played any other open world games you would know that they are full of auto-generated, randomised loot, repetitive shit. The world in ER is obviously handcrafted and I found it very enjoyable to explore.

I dont know what games you would actually like. Of course criticism is valid but it is an enormous jump compared to every other open world game. Try comparing the combat and level of copy-pasting to Elder Scrolls, The Witcher 3, Ubisoft games.

In all those games you dont need to think at all about what you are doing and just follow the arrow on the minimap/compass as it tells you exactly where to go.

I thought Bloodbourne and Dark Souls were much more stale and dull. Grey dungeons and pressing R1. Elden Ring stepped it up to an unbelievable degree by adding much more variety to the gameplay.

>Caelid is the most visually appealing zone

This is just lack of artistic taste to some sad autistic degree


>moneys worth out of the game
Why are you spending money on games? Pirate it, play it, if you like it, buy a piece of merchandise. So long as people like you keep paying upfront $50+ for games, publishers are going to keep charging that much for them. Game's aren't released on cartridges that take $40 in raw materials to make anymore, there's no reason for games to be so expensive. $14.95 should be the maximum. if they want more money they should make better games and make them more accessible to lower end hardware.


I like all kinds of games and I've been playing them for 20+ years, but I never played the Doom games until the pandememe. It was very fun, because while it's incredibly simplistic at a glance, the level design, the enemies and the weapons give it a lot of depth, in the later levels you need to basically plan out a route, memorize health and ammo pickups, learn which weapons work best against each enemies, if you fuck up you will feel overwhelmed and will need to think how to make it alive out of a sticky situation, it's like a survival horror in a way. About the graphics, I can see where you come from but for me personally it's enough to be immersed.


>ubisoft, elder scrolls, witcher
nice competition there wow…
>maps and compass are bad
yea if you only played the simpleton rpg genre, try those old school dungeon crawlers or japanese survival horror
>combat compared to the witcher
why dont you compare it to nioh, ninja gaiden and monster hunter or better yet an actual fighting game and beat em ups


I don't know if this actually makes sense to anyone else, but Souls games have always felt like just mediocre games from an alternate universe where the shift in game design that started in the 6th/7th generation never happened and modern AAA games aren't terrible. They're better than almost anything else coming out, but I just can't understand the passion people have for them.


I know what you're saying, best part was when he compared the combat to the witcher 3..


If we go by todays standards sure but the controls was decent for the time being a "actual child"

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