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This game sucks. The controls are slippery and stiff, the camera is obnoxious and the graphics are ugly and outdated.

This game is only popular because of nostalgia and shitty memes.


Wow, it’s like I’m really on /v/.


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>overrated games
dark souls is so awful and annoying to play, part of the game is purposely dying over and over, I dont understand why this is regarded so highly, it’s not fun, it’s not rewarding, what’s the point


When you truly learn to play it becomes easy and fun I even completed entire blighttown without dying or resting on bonfire on my faith build.I even killed npc invader melinda.Dark souls only becomes fun on 2d or 3d playthrough when you learn game truly.I also hated the game in my first playthrough


Saying SM64 sucks is like saying The Wizard of Oz sucks. Both are true, but both are also missing the point for the context.


it was awesome for its time


>When you truly learn to play it becomes easy and fun
what happened to something being able to be simultaneously hard and also fun? Why do I need to play the game so much for it to be easy so that I can have fun


The learning is supposed to be the fun part. The gratification come from dunking on enemies that have you trouble before. It’s why people praise the world design and atmosphere and not the gameplay, cause the gameplay itself is rather flat.


My problem is you don't actually "learn" anything, you just memorized the map, there's no instance where you can learn in the moment, you just basically bash your head into things until you give yourself a sense of sage-like ability where you know what's gonna happen before anything happens


Memorization is indeed learning.
you just basically bash your head into things until you give yourself a sense of sage-like ability where you know what's gonna happen before anything happens
Yes, that's exactly what the game is. And even though it's cheap it generates a sense of accomplishment. I'm not defending it as some bastion of game design, but it's why people like it.


This. Tried to replay recently, wasn't much fun anymore. The good memories are forever though.


Because of the hype when played correctly: strategy and gear before skills


Looks like someone needs to get good


previously on /v/ jr


I could get into this game and many other N64 titles if the analog stick actually fucking worked!


Dark Souls is literally a game that was released in its alpha-beta stage.
i refuse to take it seriously for this reason and i consider anyone who's obsessed with it to be an actual retarded person.


it's popular so it sucks


The game was great given it's context. It is only a good game if you actually are used to the limitations of the time period. If you are a zoom zoom who never played those old 90s games and went straight from the modern era to Mario 64 then of course you are going to think it is a shit game.


It's a game that punishes you for not being precise and careful even with the camera. It's a good rage game and speedrun game because even a small amount of error can set you back to the beginning of the level potentially ending a run. I think it's better than most if not all 3d platformers because it is actually challenging and can make a grown wizard (like you) rage and turn the game off. I grew up with Spyro and Crash and never played Mario 64. Short of 100%ing Crash and Spyro there is zero challenge. Did better games come after and even before Mario 64? Yes, but it might be some of the best of its genre.


Anyone who has trouble beating SM64 without dying is mentally and/or psychically stunted. I beat it when I was 6 and I'm both mentally and physically stunted, but I guess not as much as you are.


N64 is still a great game and everyone saying it was good only in its context is retarded




The N64 as a whole was a really great console but the controller sucks


Mario games have always been used as proof of concept works, sm64 was no exception. It showed what the N64 could do and it was kinda cool, but that's it


I'm not even a big of a fan of the game, but you have to give credit where credit is due. Look at Mario 64 within the context of when it was released. It was pretty much the first proper 3D platformer and leagues ahead of the competition. Compare Mario 64 to Bubsy 3D, for example. If you play Mario 64 today it doesn't hold up that well, but that's partially because the game is fucking 25 years old, and partially because the design of that game has subsequently been absorbed by games that came after it, so you take it for granted (kind of how GTA III is pretty bad by today standards, but was absolutely mind blowing when it came out and was the blueprint for every open world game after it).
Mario 64 figured out platform movement in 3D space, and it pretty much served as the basis for every single 3D game with platform elements after it (up until a certain point). If it wasn't for Mario 64 we'd probably still have retarded Lara Croft grid based platforming in 2005 or something.

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