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What's the best metal gear game in your guys opinions?
If you say shit like Metal Gear Survive or Acid im gonna buttfuck you


I like 3 the most.


I only ever played 3, 4, V, and revengeance. I didn’t even finish 3 or 4 so I won’t count them. Between V and revengance, I guess V just cause it’s way more in depth and longer. Also revengeance is a spin off anyway.


i mean with the way Revengeance is set in the future and not the past, it might as well be canon since its not changing anything which has already happened


I'd say MGS 3, it has my favorite plot, bosses and setting, and it plays really
well . Five has probably the best gameplay and mechanics, but loses points for being unfinished and the plot being all over the place. Love MGS 1, it ties with 3 on plot and bosses imo, but 3 just feels much better to play. And I was never a huge fan of the mindfuckery in 2 but I still love the game.
Props onnthe first 2 msx games for being something unique but I can't really compare them with newer games.
Rising did the impossible: making me like raiden. But in all honesty there are plenty hack n slash games I'd consider better, still great game.


I couldn’t get into 3 cause of the controls. Maybe I’m just too coddled by modern games but I could barely walk forward without snake crouching then proning then running then crouching again.


I loved 3 story the most
I enjoyed the overall game design of 2 the most
and I love 4 probably because of the heavy fan-service even if there are a lot of things I could nit pick about the story and certain aspects of the game play and game design.

Oddly enough I didn't really like 5 as much as all the others even if it probably has the best controls and many really well done mechantics.
It's just the game world is kinda boring and the story was kind of a wet fart in a lot of ways to me. Also didn't enjoy about the base thing, recruitment, or any of the other time sink stuff that they tacked on and took away from the core of the game. I only bothered with it to unlock equipment that I wanted and to debuff enemy units. I think if they made the game more like Zeros only bigger or with several locations, and kept the story really tight I would have been happy as can be even if it wouldn't be as open world. Honistly, MGS didn't really need to be open world to be at it's best.
Which is why I like MGS2's really tight well polished level design so much, and honestly prefer zeros over 5 when I want to replay MGS with the most modem controls.
I mean the controls and many of the mechanics are better in 5, but not so much better that they overcome all of it's failings. So the shorter but far tighter game play without all the immersion breaking busy work is just a better overall experience to me.

I haven't played portable ops, metal gear acid, or Revengeance.
Though Revengeance is something I do plan to play eventually.
I am too lazy to emulate the PSP games, which probably don't control as well as I would like anyway.
While the gameplay of Acid is somewhat interesting in that it is so different from anything else in the franchise but, the story is shit and isn't even cannon. So odds are even if I got my hands on it, I would play it for a few hours then put it down once the novelty wore off.

I have no intention of playing Metal Gear Survive. The sooner I forget that pile of shit exist the better. Literally rather play a MGS themed pachinko game then that shit.


>I could barely walk forward without snake crouching then proning then running then crouching again.
Did you have a faulty controller or something, I never heard about that happening.


The tacked on mobile game timers and micro transactions really fucking soured V. It would have been so much more fun if those systems were just integrated into singleplayer. And to top it off MGO died within months anyway.

Nope, I guess I’m just retarded.


God I love 4.
It is a overindulgent love letter to the seires up into that point as well as one to the fans who stuck with MGS since the beginning.
It was the perfect end to the series if you ask me.

Honestly if they had to make another one I would have preferred one about The Boss running around during WW2 instead of what we got with 5.


Game was sensitive about if you long pressed/held a button, short pressed/tapped a button, or lightly held the button but didn't press it all the way.

Once you are used to it it feels magical in how much control you have in most situation. But if you never get the hang of it then you are going to have a hard time since several of the buttons are mapped like that.


>The Boss running around during WW2
I thought the same while playing V, MGS Cobra unit or something, with the same engine and either being able to control each member or use them as support. With some ridiculous German villain trying to win the war with an unnecessarily big tank and maybe even some occult shit like in Wolfenstein.
But I guess Konami is done with videogames


Games are over, fake guns in MGS5 were awful.


I don't know what you mean with fake guns

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