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Is anyone here still playing oldschool runescape? Post here

Wizardchan has a clan now!
Name: Wizardchan
You can message nettokun, dark magepal, blackvinegar, crabkid, androginid, or cherryboy95 for an invite


I've been playing a level 3 skiller. Always wanted to, finally made one a month ago, and I've been having lots of fun.


OP here, same, pic of of my skiller, I realized I hate combat and the competition it comes with in this game, I just wanna chill


really just need to login and grind something. maybe cooking next. got like ten hours of food to get through.


lol I always laugh at the screen names the guild comes up with, what happened to dogwizzer?


I think the game was too fast for him


rest in peace


I need to think of a project/goal to get me back into the game. Just got sort of burnt out eventually when I last played. My skills are all from the 50-60 range, any wizzie advice?



I rarely play. My skills range from mid 40ish to 70ish with my highest being farming of course. It's probably best to just do a few levels a day + daily stuff for money as well as establish short term goals for expensive skills like herblore. For example, getting enough money in X amount of days to spend X amount of money on X skill instead of trying to take it all at one time. Still, I can barely bother to level skills that require constant attention like thieving.


Any newbies like me playing now?


30 more days until ny membership is up and most of my goals are unmet and I don't think I'll be able to make the 5-6 million to get a bond. It was an okay first year I guess


I like to play OSRS really intensively for like 2-3 months of the year, then drop it for the other 9-10 months. It's a nice game to come back to and see what's new, but since developers are so slow about adding new content, it's only worth doing once a year or so.

I get through so many podcasts and audiobooks while I'm brainlessly mining or blood rune crafting.


My membership finally ended. Not sure if I want to do a round two on my character. There's still so much to do with him. Quests are by far the best content I've experience so far. I want to beat these quests like I never could with my original account.


It has been a month since my membership ended. I haven't been on since. The thought of grinding 300 hours for a 99 sounds repulsive to me tbh. Maybe one day, I'll get membership again, but not now. Membership prices increased and I'm at a point in my life where it's not a good idea to get it via bonds. Bonds by the way, scare me. They're 5.5 million now in OSRS but they're 46.8 million GP in RS3. I fear, in OSRS, they're going to become so expensive that it'll take longer and longer to get a bond because the bond price will continually increasing while gp/hr will not increase. It seems unstable as bond prices get more and more expensive. I'm probably near the point where I can make one million gp in an hour. It would still take 5.5 hours of work to cover the cost of one bond, and by then, I would probably be back at 0 gp, needing to grind for more money. I'll probably be fine though since some of my skills won't take that much money to level up, like herblore, which I've calculated would take something like two million max to get to mid 70s.


jagex has always been horrible with game economics, there is not enough gold sinks so prices just keep increasing endlessly


You guys should come play vidyascape
It's free of charge 2006 server and also free from normalfag



is it scripted well?


>2.25x experience rate
This alone proves they are kneeling down to impatient zoomerds


where's even the signup page wtf


its a private server you just type in a name and password an it registers u


File: 1653688406156.jpg (199.57 KB, 1226x1600, 613:800, bd766212ec10572d5d6a8a76ed….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yes it's scripted very well. I think the server is almost nearing completion now.
There's only a few things remaining to be added to have a perfect 2007 time capsule. The devs have been working on it since 2014.

there is no grand exchange and with a maximum of 30 regulars on peak hours, everyone on vidyascape is pretty much playing ironman simulator, so even with 2.25x it is still a lot harder to level up some skills compared to osrs.

you just download the client and type a username and password.

My ign is insomnis if any wiz wants to add me


gonna addf u. my ign is wiz i'm ultimate ironman no bank mode


Are any other wizards maxed in this game?
During my entire 4k hour journey I never made a friend, and my max party was just me alone in my POH. I have 1B bank currently. Would like to get some of the cooler gear but the best money is from raids and I just cannot stomach the idea of being in a voice chat with people.


why did you do it


always wanted it since i was a kid.



This game is full of woketards and oddly most people seem to speak using some american ghetto and negro vernacular. Is there a way to mute everyone?


that's just the internet in general


File: 1656468658745.png (477.34 KB, 1366x705, 1366:705, teaks.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

I been sitting down for around 10 hours a day and grinding woodcutting for the past week. It's insanely easy, just sit by the PC. I don't know how long I can keep it up, but I've done like 3m xp now is all. An account not in the hundreds of millions aren't shit IMHO. I'm shooting for 2k total before I (probably) take a break. Pic is doings. I will be here for another 65 more hours or so until I hit 90.

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