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Has anyone heard about these? What do you think about them? Personally I don't really get it. It has something to do with blockchain but I don't understand where the money is coming from in the first place or why they would let you earn it by playing video games but apparently it's a thing that exists. Maybe it's just people are all putting money into the game from various things and then it becomes like an actual in-game economy with "real" "currency" and you only get paid if you are any good. Could be an interesting way for wizzies to get money since we can dedicate more time to grinding and getting gud.

Pic related is from https://www.illuvium.io/

Looks like some sort of pokemon clone but the pokemons are all NFTs and you can earn ethereum or something.


> I don't understand where the money is coming from in the first place
GPU and CPU power s used to generate the hashes which construct these altcoins. Modern games are given full reign over either so they can mine while you play, at the expense of performance and hardware longevity.

Some games, software, and viruses do this without even telling the user, it's just that these guys are marketing it and have implemented the currency as a gameplay mechanic.


nft, crypto, blockchain… all of this is giving me a headache. As if the trading and casino-tier shit wasn't cancerous enough.


it's probably like 1 cent an hour for you and way more for developers, another pyramid scheme like those "watch ads on your phone for money"


not worth it at all, with games like runescape or world of warcraft you can make way more money farming gold


im fine with play to earn games. hint: most games can be play to earn, the developers just ban everyone for doing it. but still people have been earning a living playing runescape or wow or guild wars and farming gold… for a long ass time. the only difference now is that they spin up a new cryptocoin (GameCoin) or an nft (CharacterToken)… and to play the game you need to buy a CharacterToken… and the GameCoins you earn are garbage that everyone dumps onto the market until it becomes worthless and you cant even recoup the initial costs of your CharacterToken because the whole thing is literally just speculation and schemes shilled by shady people on twitter, not a real videogame

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