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Anyone here watch speedruns?
People make fun of them but I think many can be entertaning to watch.
I like the ones where you have to kill at least some enemies to progress instead of bypassing everything, no glitches, and no stupid stuff (like walking backwards or looking down to save time).
I watched one of Dino Crisis 2 recently and it was pretty fun.

The worst part of speedruns is they skip all cutscenes but I understand why it's done


kinda boring unless they show off some cool tricks or glitches, though if the glitches just completely break the game it’s not that fun either, needs a balance


Only for the games I've played myself. If it's a game I didn't play then it's very likely I'll watch a no commentary playthrough of it instead.


I only watch it for games I already played too, for games I never played I prefer longplays.


i prefer longplays as well, speedrunning makes some games look retarded


I love watching speedruns. It's this weird emotional mix between seeing people use pretty hard core computer science, reverse engineering, mathematics, and statistic to theorycraft, and then amazing autistic pilots pull off amazing technical feats–followed by the realization of the just monumental waste of talent. I get this weird contrast of feelings between feeling like societal progress is happening, but knowing it's not, every time I watch a Summoning Salt video.

I think about the Windwaker speedrun the most (embed related). The amount of technical prowess to pull off the sploosh-kaboom trick is on one hand so amazing and matches if not exceeds the complexity of decrypting the Enigma machine (I don't think that's hyperbole, these guys are reverse-engineering and using faults and cyclical patterns in the RNG function), but then the realization that it's SPLOOSH-KABOOM FOR ZELDA WINDWAKER FOR THE GAMECUBE is this punch-in-the-gut about a whole generation's completely wasted potential.


I prefer the one where the streamer shuts the fuck up all the way and doesn't speak a single time throughout the entire game. That is, where there's no visible streamer and it's based on technical achievement.


I still do like GDQ simply for something to have on in the background for a week. There's still usually quite a few good and interesting runs they do. Although I'm not a fan of the ones with females, trans people with weird creepy voices or obnoxious dudebros making unfunny jokes all the time. That's when I turn it off.


So in other words, you watch GDQ but leave it off all the time?
I had to go for the obvious joke, soz.


I think this video is the epitomy of "Our society is shit that people like this aren't working for NASA, and instead playing Super Mario 64."


>We needed manipulate the RNG variable here, so we invented a way to actually travel back into the past IRL so that you can make a different set of actions at the beginning of the game which will set the variable the way that we want. This allows us to save 2 seconds in beating the game without pressing the Up button …


yes i am a nihilist


I do, but mainly for background noise when I am going to sleep. I've been into Left for Dead speed running since people are still finding new exploits for the game. The Resident Evil ones are kinda intense too since the whole game is based of RNG and helps mix it up. It's too bad speedrunners are a different species of human though, but I shouldn't judge too much.

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