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Dead Rising 2 introduces this medicine called Zombrex. Dead Rising loves conspiracy theories in general. This relationship with the Zombrex is very important. Chuck Greene' daughter is bitten by her mother and needs a dosage of Zombrex every 8 hours to prevent her from being a zombie. Already we know zombies are metaphors for capitalism or metaphors for superstition;they are a primal fear of our realization that we live in a predator vs prey based world and our social relations are built entirely off these fundamentals. When the "infection" spreads to a point of mass zombie outbreak, it really is a meta commentary on humanity's perpetual downfall. Nietzche preaches an idea of nihilism that his view in the world is the view of subsequent generations. You see a true "monster" or icon of fear is both a realized state of predator/prey. This further extends into memetics and conceptual "willpower" what boils down to is that a trauma induced by a predator forces a prey into a emotional unstable state where unless they get constant medication (bandaid fixes) they can't resume a comfortable life. This drives our thinking into a fear/reward system where every reward is rejected simply on the basis that it perpetuates a cycle you want to escape, that's why T.K. after receiving the first dose freaks out. The cyclical nature is even reflected on the political scale, where protestors protest against cruelty of zombies, where that the government is providing the bandaid under the corpses of thousands of dead zombies. We can essentially flip this conversation into saying, we have cultivated a society that has underwent so much genetic trauma that we are living in a zombie epidemic filled with psychopaths. These psychopaths are not to assimilar to MkUltra victims. MkUltra was actually a entire success, brainwashing is viewable and when the scientists managed to reduce patients to a child like state of gurgling, what they didn't know was that they were simply mimicking their archon elders. While this may have seen like a completely off the wall tangent notice how it's applied in other media this looping of conspiracies, teletubbies instills the archons with the establishment of the fifth teletubby and the Sun God Noonoo(a child) which is the idealized mental state of a God. When Chuck Greene comments that T.K. is weaker than Katey after the injection this was a multi faceted comment because both T.K. and Katey were essentially subjugated into willingly following hypnosis by their prime predator.


I never played vanilla DR2 but I played the shit out of Off The Record, the expansion where Chuck is replaced with Frank. It frees you from being a cuck looking for zombrex for your child succubus. Great game, lots of fun. DR3 had none of the charm of the previous games.

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