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File: 1654309835726.png (161.69 KB, 1215x776, 1215:776, ImgOps iqdb


Playing Cataclysm:DDA once again, waiting to see new features from when I last played. Using a square font in my terminal, will probably replace it because uppercase vs lowercase is hard to tell apart.
I'm roleplaying as an old man.


How does one learn C:DDA. I always end up giving up shortly after trying.


Like an infant: before you walk you must crawl. Just mess around a while.


With cheats (debug menu)


never engage in melee unless you're dying anyway. even with max dodge and max melee skill and good armor, zombies can crit u and it clleaves through the armor like nothing and gives you an infection.


This game is actually pretty damn easy if you know what you're doing and you can even savescum in it too. It's pretty easy to get yourself killed but only if you're careless, since its turn based. What I like most about CDDA is its post-apocalyptic atmosphere, I've played many similar RPGs but this one gives you the most intense feeling of hopelessness and loneliness (with the right tilesent and soundtrack).
Bad advice. Melee is pretty strong in the game, and it's pretty hard to find a gun early on. When you don't have any armor you should use spear or a similar weapon. You can craft gambeson which provides good protection against weaker enemies. Just learn what enemies to avoid early on, like wasps, for example.


Yeah, I'm gonna give it another try. It's just all the complexity that makes it hard for me.


Are you the wizzie that made those cataclysm videos?
You called the viewer a bitch in the first one then apologized for having poor social skills in the second (i can relate).
If so could you make more? They were pretty funny and I still rewatch them from time to time.


No I'm not op but ur post made my day thanks


Wiz Wizington I presume, you're welcome, thanks for the laughs.


pls look forward to a mc comeback


File: 1656672214817.png (192.06 KB, 1316x772, 329:193, 43443434.png) ImgOps iqdb

Made a new character. He's a serial killer pyromaniac that had to escape from prison to survive. I've been lucky so far and found a bunch of useful stuff early on, a crowbar, a baseball bat (which is now a nail bat, one of the best early game weapons), riot armor in prison, cargo pants, backpack, a bunch of books etc.
9 str, 12 dex, 9 int, 10 per
Being a serial killer he's a good night raider too, he has nigh vision, weak scent and light step so raiding cities is fairy easy (at least the outskirts), especially with that nail bat.
He lives in a pump station close to a city but not too close so it's safe and of course there's a water source right inside the building which is amazing. There was a spider lair nearby but I've burned it. Now that I'm (relatively) prepared I'm gonna start leveling crafting/interaction skills like health care, tailoring and applied science and maybe some electronics too.


I found the game randomly when messing around on my alternate computer. I thought about you then. It looks to be the kind of game where you need to know everything to play, and by that time, it's really easy. It seems hard to craft things and get the stuff to craft it if you're a beginner. I might look at tons of videos and guides before continuing with this game. It would be nice to settle down somewhere and have people come to me for help (if possible). Then, with time, I could have town of my own or something. Sounds cool.


I want to play Cataclysm. Which one should I play? Bright Nights or Dark Days Ahead?


that graphics pack looks really really good


File: 1676455113780.png (246.67 KB, 1899x1068, 633:356, 2023-02-15.10:01.png) ImgOps iqdb

Today in cataclysm:dda…
While looting a campground (no zombies here) I went into a tent to take some things and a robin happened to be inside the tent. I shut the tent's flap and beat it to death with a lug wrench.


good job wiz


I'll try out Bright Nights tomorrow and tell you.
I definitely recommend the experimental build of DDA though, rather than the stable release. It's not hard to compile yourself. I'll explain the process tomorrow also.


File: 1678251774865.png (442.99 KB, 1907x1066, 1907:1066, cddatoday.png) ImgOps iqdb

In my current run I managed to clear out all the zombies in this town on day 1, simple home mechanic start. I did it with: a fire axe, very good melee weapon you can find in fire lookout towers; 17 steak knives I carried around and threw at zombies to weaken them before hitting them with the axe; a glock I found, had quite a few bullets. I have only 4 bullets left afterwards. My char walked around playing a harmonica to get the zombies to come to him, and afterwards I played it walking by houses so my char would hear any zombies inside.

Right now (not during these screenshots) I have a police robo in my town trying to arrest and tase me, ever ever since I broke into a museum and it set off alarms.

https://cataclysmdda.org/experimental/ OK apparently you don't need to compile it yourself. In fact, the new stable version just released so you may as well play that. https://cataclysmdda.org/releases/

Also I played Bright Nights and: it has less features. Apparently it has less of a realistic focus. Not worth playing IMO.

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