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>tfw 34 y/o and have to solo queue because I have no interest in getting in discord with a bunch of teenagers or early 20 somethings
>even if I did want to do that, if they found out I was 34 I would get ridiculed
Wish I didn't enjoy playing zoomer games like Apex or DOTA. Videogames can be a good cope into your 20s, but if you're still playing them in your 30s you are a huge fucking loser and there is no one to play with.


play single player games then? fucking idiot, you're no better than the "zoomers" you shit on when you use the same exact lingo that they use, go "cope" somewhere else, faggot


go back to /v/ with your retarded buzzwords



I'm a couple years younger than you but I agree that Zoomers are dumb conformist faggots most of the time and extremely predictable. They are way dumber than your average millennial you used to play games with and repeat the same shit over and over again.

If you tell them your age they will say "where are your children" or some shit like that, it's so obvious. Your problem is that you enjoy their short lived meme games, you are less likely to meet these faggots on other games. CSGO and Siege for example have a whole lot of 25+ yr olds and theres plenty other good online games that share the same crowd, even on COD I encounter a lot of millennials. It's also better to avoid discord entirely unless you know a very specific server without the faggotry.


>if youre still doing things you enjoy in your 30s you are a huge fucking loser
um, no?
id say youre a loser for playing a dogshit ugly trash meme game like gaypex but thats about it
also i used to play with a guy in his 50s or 60s and literally nobody cared


>and there is no one to play with.
I have never played online or co-op with anyone, and I will probably never


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I did arena sometimes with people on my wrath wow server and people are wierd as fuck. You lose a couple of matches and then they stop playing. One bad week and they leave your team


New gaymin friends have been near-impossible to make because of how flaky everyone on the internet is these days. The only time I've managed to make online friends since the push away from server browsers towards matchmaking has been in MMOs, but unless you're a charismatic chad (i.e. non-wizard) you're probably not gonna be a consistent part of any 4-man splinter groups that go off to play other games. Like getting picked last in PE class all over again, except this time it's for something I care about. I'd love to be able to find a group to play through 4player coop games that doesn't evaporate after a week again. But those days are over.

>if they found out I was 34 I would get ridiculed

literally never had this happen to me though

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