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I want to go get a playstation 1
How should I try to get one. I recently acquired a playstation 2 and I don't really care about having a playstation 2. So should I sell the playstation 2 and go buy a playstation 1 or do a trade off with someone. The reasons why I rather have a playstation 1 is childhood memories and I heard the playstation 1 is easier and cheaper to repair than a playstation 2.


ebay? garage sales if you're lucky? I doubt you would find it at a goodwill.
Comparing PS1 and PS2 on ebay it seems like you could hope to make $40-70 by downgrading.


This looks good, its price will probably exceed $100 though by the time the auction is up. I'd say sniping isn't so useful, you should just enter the highest bid you would possibly want to buy it for (the actual price is second highest bid)


Actually, I'd enter that auction myself if I had ~$70 to spare. Probably not a big enough bid to win though.


Thanks for letting me know what I am getting myself into take care of yourself and be safe fren


You are aware that the PlayStation 2 can play PlayStation games, right?


I'm aware of that. I also am aware that it can also play DVDs. The only downside is that I heard it's not as easy to fix and I can't use a game shark for the playstation one games on the system.


Why not just use epsxe with a Ps1 controller and USB adapter? Probably cheaper than buying a ps1.


>PS2 can play the games
>PS3 can play the games, and you can still download games from PSN
>same goes for PS4 & 5
>Emulation exists
There ya go


i was under the impression that ps3+ use emulation to play ps1 games. but some models of the ps2 also use emulation so you have to check. and even then, the ps2 isn't perfect at playing ps1 games

so yeah it's completely understandable why someone would buy the original hardware if they are a retro enthusiast or emulation purist or a collector.


ps2 has a bunch of teen-oriented fps shooters and that's basically it. I tried playing my shelf months ago and it was just James bond garbage, le special forces garbage, le army garbage and the star wars battlefield games. Dark cloud was different but repetitive.


>and that's basically it.
Your small collection isn't representative of the majority of ps2 games. A console with probably the most extensive and varied game libraries of any console.


there is a youtube video showing a x second clip of gameplay for all ps2 games

ive watched it, its like 8 hours long or something stupid. so i have the authority to say you are wrong. it is closer to 50% sports and 25% racing games.


The playstation has the biggest catalogue of any console ever so or course it has a lot of garbage and shovelware, every developer wanted a piece of the cake. But there are plenty of great games too, saying it has some first person shooters and that's it sounds very stupid, like you're describing the xbox 360 instead.


playstation 2 I meant


why are you replying to me? i know what games the ps2 has. i dont care about that bozo's small collection. it is in fact mostly sports and racing and i'm not wrong and there's nothing wrong with that, all consoles likely have that as a majority.


not trying to be rude or mean also.


I just replied to the wrong post

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