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have you ever played this game before? is it good or bad? (I watch some videos about it but it seems meh) but the graphics, the lore and the ambiant make me want to play it.
I tried to find something about the story but couldn't, can someone tell me about the story, pleas?
thank you


I'm impressed that this was made in rpgmaker. Reminds me of that /tg/ miniatures game with the people trying to build a stone age settlement in an alternative dimension where everything eats them


I've played it I like the dreadful atmosphere but I couldn't get into it as much as I feel I should've. Maybe it's the coin toss mechanic. I don't recall much of the story basically you appear in the dungeons of fear and hunger and the only way out is forward. There are new Gods trying to "replace the old world order" or at least that's what one of my screenshots says.


Oh wow, there's a rape scene in this game where they also break your legs if you get caught by prison guards


>I'm impressed that this was made in rpgmaker.
astognish, I wish I could understand how rpg maker works


some of you guys resemble negative energy entities that suck the fun out of every thread


what do you mean?


are the negative energy entities in the room with you right now?


how about fear and hunger termina?


I've been playing both games lately. I think Termina is overall a mechanical improvement over the first game but it also has some new issues. It has a kind of XP system where you can cut off enemies heads and sacrifice them to earn Soul Stones, but doing this requires a rest at a save bed and advances time. The big problem is that the increased map size and limited rests makes for a lot of long backtracking back and forth without saving, and runs between get really long. This means dying or re-doing anything is a huge pain compared to this first game. Also all the pre-programmed events and stuff create a lot of glitches. I was locked out of most endings on my first playthrough because a character I needed to kill just disappeared or didn't spawn for some reason.


the problem of the game (and is why I don't want to buy it) it's because it is a rpg game a la jrpg. so by this I mean a game where only num ers matters firstly (but I also know theres this coin mechanic in the game that makes the game more in inverving), secondly theres this another mechanic during battle phase that I call strategic hot (you can select any part of the body to hit with 1n attack). The game is mainly played, obviously, for its story than gameplay. And I think thats the main purpose of games made with rpg maker: to tell a story. the gameplay is here just to run the story.

>why fear and hunger (termina too) made me interested in it?

Because of the art and charadesign use, its dark and beautiful, If there is people lile me out here who likes dark fanatsy /grim/dark ambient games, this is one of the game you should play.
But I woun't because of the gameplay and it also looks like chaotic.
So for now I will wait for fear and hunger 3 to truely see if this is a game series worth it

(you're the one who replyed to my post, I appreciate and because of this I want you to k ow my feeling about F&H series. let me know whats on your mind about it)


Your impression is accurate, the combat is not very good and the games are more played for the story and art style. Especially in the first game, combat is very unbalanced and even basic enemies can destroy you, so it's better to try to run past enemies and avoid combat for most of the game. There are also some annoying things. The game is designed to be unfairly hard, and many things can be overcome once learning how the game works, but sometimes random chance just ruins your playthrough. I think both games are on The Pirate Bay, so you can torrent them and try them out if you don't want to buy. I think they can be fun despite all the unfair stuff, its kind of like gambling when you die and retry and hope for better random items or results in combat.


I enjoyed it for the first couple of hours, but then the difficulty becomes more annoying and repetitive than anything


>rpg game
Wiz, I…
>a la jrpg.
Not a JRPG, is a roguelike.


Wiz, I…
what?, if it's not a rpg whats that?

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