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Hello my fellow sorcerers, with the Steam sale up I come looking for suggestions on things that have *some* player interactivity, competitive or otherwise.

Let me elaborate in case you need further input:

So real people suck, therefore I thoroughly enjoy diving into game worlds, but the problem with that is that once the main quest is done and you've beaten a single player game, there's barely any reason not to uninstall it and buy/pirate a new game and this is rather unpleasant for me. This is where the added replay value provided by competition/"community" comes in.

Good examples of games you can truly dedicate years to in the manner I mean are:

1. Fighting Games in general, but mostly SF and Tekken because there are thousands of sweaty players dedicating daily hours to them, BUT, this comes with the caveat of needing to have a high tolerance for frustration from losing and/or sucking unless you're a prodigy or enjoy grinding hours on end in the lab (I mostly don't)

2. Pokemon, or better yet Monster Rancher. Relatively niche communities with solitary players that sporadically gather strictly for competition or for sharing knowledge. This completely removes the performance anxiety of fighters, at least for me, and they're a good experience all around

3. Permutations of already solid single player experiences, e.g., Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children which is an amazing Tactics RPG with 100+ hours of campaign AND available PvP (and Coop) elements to extend the game's life exponentially

With all that out of the way, do you have any other ideas that wise wizards could invest their time and money into?

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